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Hello there!

Progress on my main story “Experimental” has been going well. Now with my notebook to keep my thoughts organized I have been making progress with the storyline, characters, and the story itself. Also I have an official Beta Reader to help me weed out all the silly nonsense, grammatical errors, etc. I am still busy as usual, but I am now making time for story writing. I feel as if I need to write more. Once again I apologize for not putting up more chapters sooner but I would rather be putting out quality stuff then crap. Suddenly, my life got a whole lot more complicated. I’m hoping for a calm period soon, or me being able to catch up with the speed of life.

Anyway I am proud to announce that I am almost done with a promotional trailer for “Experimental” and I am thoroughly thrilled with it. It started out as a small fun project and ended up being a big one. I will post a link when I finish. :3 [I only have one more picture left to re-draw! So, hooray for that. Link will be up shortly.]

Experimental” logo and cover design – [Link]

"Experimental" Trailer - [Link]

Dramatis personæ [Character Descriptions]

Sasha Jamala Jookiba: Illegal genetic experiment Ligress female. Jumba’s final and most advanced creation.

Dark Sasha: Sasha's Dark Eco form, courtesy of Baron Praxis. She has horns, black and red feathered wings, large incisors, hefty body, and dark purple fur.

Spirit of the Tigress: not much known about this entity sleeping within Sasha. Later she finds it balances out Dark and keeps her at bay so Sasha can concentrate when upset. She manifests herself as a giant, faintly glowing ectoplasmic tigress.

Ashe: Borg assimilated ligress female. Sasha’s genetic twin sister.

Mirror Sasha: Ligress female. Double agent working for The Romulan Empire and The Galactic Federation. She has acid burns on her left paw and the left half of her face.

Aybarry: Changeling Female. Secret agent for the Galactic Federation.

Malone: Unknown feline hybrid. Assassin sent after Sasha by an unknown group.

Fang: American Lion male. Sasha’s genetic father.

Songa: Tigress. Sasha’s genetic mother.

Xiann: Guardian cat god. He has a large hefty body, black fur with huge flame red mane. Xiann is Kito’s right hand man.

Kito: Overseer of all cat gods. Kito has white fur, a slightly creamy mane with crimson tips. He keeps track of all the other gods and goddesses, as well with sharing the watch on Mazuku with Muerte. He keeps everything in check, his lioness Maja helps him with this task, and sometimes she’ll take over for him.

Maja: Cat Goddess of Luck and Compassion. She takes side command over the gods and goddesses with Kito, her mate and closest friend.

Mazuku: Cat god of destruction. He is highly dangerous and regarded as the future destroyer of the universe.

Wenduku: Cat god of misery. He comes in two forms, adolescent and adult. He has bay patterned fur in both forms. He can appear in whichever form he desires. He mostly lumbers in the overworld or Neh’lorth.

Muerte: Cat goddess of death. She uses her fangs like the Grim Reaper’s scythe. She is also the caretaker of all deceased cat souls. She inhabits the underworld, known as Mat’lorth.

Ciaran: Mongoose/ferret hybrid male. He bounds in a slinky fashion, his resting position is a quadruped arched position.

Kane: Ottsel male. Friend of Sasha. Was previously humanoid.

Asheya: Ottsel female. Friend of Sasha. She lost her right hind leg and has a bio-mechanical replacement.

Sidney: Striped Ottsel Male. Friend of Sasha, and likely one of the last of his kind.

Gil Tolm: Cardassian male. Gil is a writer.

Kala Tolm: Cardassian female. Kala is a multimedia artist.

Anen Jattzli: Feline male. Anen is the ship’s Galley Officer.

Macü Sōh: Reo-Raxian male. The ship’s Bartender.

Crewman Suk: Russian Blue male. He is a Crewman first class, part of the repair crew and he knows a little bit about medical help too from his wife.

Crewman Sheek: [My friend’s character. She is letting me use her for my story.] Irken female. Crewman Third class. Part of the repair team.

Petty Officer Hars Broht: [xx.trelane’s character. She is letting me use him in my story.] Bolian male. The sub-leader of the repair team, subordinate to the Chief Petty Officer.

Chief Petty Officer Stoo: Irken male. Chief Petty Officer.

Ensign Meeka: Irken female. Chief Operations Officer and part of the bridge crew.

Ensign Tom: Lombax male. Part of the repair crew and he is stationed in Engineering. He also monitors the core.

Ensign R’Tem: Caitian male. Chief Navigator, Chief Helmsman, and the Flight Controller. He is also part of the bridge crew.

Ensign Tōnn: Reo-Raxian female. Communications Officer and part of the bridge crew.

Lieutenant Tāhnna: Reo-Raxian female. Chief Science Officer, the Head Stellar Cartographer, and part of the bridge crew.

Lieutenant Brax: [xx.trelane’s character. She is letting me use her in my story.] Bolian female. Brax is the second lieutenant in Engineering, under Mira.

Lieutenant Mira: Lombax female. Mira is the head honcho of Engineering.

Lieutenant K’Mar: Caitian female. Intelligence officer, the Morale Officer, and part of the bridge crew.

Deputy Krae: [My friend’s character. She is letting me use him for my story.] Irken male. One of many of the Deputies aboard the Moskau. They are subordinate to the Chief of Security.

Deputy Jiaa: Andorian female. One of many of the Deputies aboard the Moskau. They are subordinate to the Chief of Security.

Deputy Talys: Bajoran female. One of many of the Deputies aboard the Moskau. They are subordinate to the Chief of Security.

Deputy Naja: Feline female. One of many of the Deputies aboard the Moskau. They are subordinate to the Chief of Security.

Commander K’Trel: Caitian male. Chief of Security, Chief Tactical Officer, and part of the bridge crew.

Nurse Suk: Calico female. One of Dr. Y’vael’s skilled nurses. Husband to Crewman Suk.

Doctor Koeven Y’vael: Kweltikwan male. Chief medical officer.

For more pictures and information about my characters, “Experimental”, etc, PM me or visit my art sites.



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