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Name- Jill ( no nicknames)

My email-

My Live Journal- BellaCullen07

My Web Page-

Birthday- August 9 (I will not tell you my age, you can guess for your self)

Currently- Tennessee- my birth place was in Ohio

Nationality- mom's side: German (Hungraien- i don't now how you spell it) and dad's side: English

How I look

Hair- long, brownish, with hints of gold and blond

Eyes- they change- blueish more green with hints of gold around my pupil (vampireish, I know)

Height- 5"4'

Little Facts

I love to read

I always have music on whether I am doing homework or just reading, playing on the internet, ect.

I can rarely leave the house without a book (usaully Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse), IPOD, cell phone, and a pony tail holder. Even though I only put my hair up maybe, once a month, I always seem to need one when I don't have one.

I have an annoying habit to correct someone if they use improper grammer, but I overlook grammer errors in my writing all the time

I am constantly writing fanfiction for the Twilight series. I currently have five written stories.

I despise the show, Moonlight. I believe it's a rip off of Twilight and they should be sued. I watch it any way, because it is fun to make fun of the horrible acting and dialouge.

I am extremly clumsy, like Bella, I am always falling or triping or hurting myself. Unfortuenly I am never saved by Edward or any for that matter.

For whatever reason, I can't spell! I miss spell all the time. Sorry, just get used to it!

I can never eat the skin of an apple, if possible. So I use a potato peeler to peel off the skin before eating it. (Just a random fact there)

I am told daily how I never look or act my age. People believe I am always three or four years older.

I can't stand foot tapping, pencil tapping, pen tapping, ect. But I do it often, so I can't complain most of the time.


Ice Cream- chocolate mixed with Strawberry and Peanut Butter and banannas

Days of the Year- most fridays, New Years, Thanksgiving, and My birthday

Subject- Depends what I am learning in the subject. Math- Almost anything, Science- environment, space, and weather, Geography or Social Studies- learning about the Civil War and Revolutionary War, and different cultures (especially the Europeans), Language Arts- about anything, especially writing essays.

Music- mostly rock- A.F.I., All American Rejects, Armor for Sleep, Audioslave, Blue October, Coldplay, Cold, Evanscence, The Fray, GodSmack, Greenday, Linkin Park, Lostprophets, Majorie Fair, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Seether, Three days Grace, Rush, Taking Back Sunday, Snow Patrol, Yellow Card, & Vertical Horizon, Flyleaf, Nightwish, Within Tempation, Motion City Soundtrack, Hinder, One Republic, Paramore, GodSmack, Shinedown, Debussy, Buckcherry, and Papa Roach. I am a MUSIC FREAK!

Movie- Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter Movie, Ratouille, National Treasure, Star Dust, Nemo, Princess Bride, too many to name!

Authors- STEPHENIE MEYER, Lemony Snicket, J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks, and Alexander Potter.

Books- Me and Mr. Darcy, Pride And Prejudice, The Whole Twilight series, The series of Unfortunate Events, Tresure Island, Golden Compass, CSI books, True Believer, The Rescue, The Choice, The Year of Disapperances, The Host, and Infamous Army. Any of Robert Frost's poems.

Candy- anything chocolate- expect snickers or Twix.

Colors- Depends on my mood that day, but mostly blue or black.

Animal- dogs, cats, red pandas, snow lepords, polar bears.

Vaction spot- Forks, WA or anywhere on the Olympic Pennisula. (not just because it is where Twilight takes place, it is beautiful up there, I love the rain, cold, and trees!) Martha's Vineyard and Boston.

Food- Most of anything my mom makes, she is a great cook!

Restraunt- Again too many favorite, but I have to Mclaster's Deli, Texas Roadhouse, Ruby Tuesdays, and most defiantly Crakel Barrel, Carabba's (I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong), Crispers.

Season- Winter, love the cold and snow, not that we get much in the south.

weather- Rain and cold. I don't like the sun too much or the hot.

I just wanted to thank a few of my wonderful, deciated reveiwers. There are so many of you, but these are the ones that have really stood out to me. Thank you, all of you. You are all so kind and sweet. They make my day!! Thank you agian.

BellaMarieSwanCullen (you always know how to make me feel better, top reviwer), aggiez, confusednikki24-7, School Librarian,CrestFallenLovesEdward1993, Vampiressuck, Crazy Lady, loulou11288, The Magical Girl, Leria, SpunkyMonkey5712, iloveme5895, Pirate-princess1, bitemenow, UAtwilightfan, Musicsoul17, Woodland's Cloud, m-d-b2007, ForgetMEalways, TrueLove 4ever, missjakeblack, CookieLove92, IsabellaSwanCullen, AshleyCullen17, and many more. You guys are wonderful, keep it up!!

I also want to recomeed a few of my favorite stories that I love to read- Life's Litte Choices, New Life, It All Comes Tumbling Down, The Perfect Day, Fair Trade, You've Kept Me Waiting, Forgotten Love, Hitched, Being Schooled in Love, April 1912, The Girl Next Door, and many more.

Important Info on Stories

I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates on Moved on almost and Gray Skies Forever. I know that is has been months since an update has been posted and for that I feel awful, but I haven't got a lot of time latley, any day really, to focus on them. So for those stories, I will be finishing writing them first then post them. That way you will recieve regular updates. I am sorry for the inconvience and hope that you understand my desicion. Please stick with me. I will try extremely hard to finish them by the end of March, hopefully much sooner, but I will not make promises, so I am giving myself a long date. Hope you understand, thank you so much for all you reviews and words of encouragment. I really do appericate them. Thank You!!



Stories' home page

Playlist for FF stories and SM novels

Picture for Three Minutes In A Closet

(This is only until I create a page for them on my website)

Bella's Corest

Bella's Skinny Jeans

Bella's Heels

Cast-(remember that they are vampires in my stories, so the char. I pick out will not have topaz eyes, pale skin, or incredibly beutiful features, sorry, I get them as close to my image in my head as possible)

Main characters in all stories (pretty much, who I think would play the part well in the movie or who I most imagine as the person)

Bella Swan

Edward Cullen

Esme (I really think that she could be the perfect Esme, but if you look up the pictures on her imbd, it doesn't look like her, so I hope this picture is good enough)

Carlisle (always pictures him as Carlisle, he just fit!)

Alice Cullen

Rosalie Hale (I think this is a perfect model that would fit Rosalie)

Jasper Hale (because I can't find anyone else that fits the part well, he is going to be the one. I mean, he does fit it okay, I would just rather find someone a little better, until then...)

Emmett Cullen (again, until someone better, this is who is subbing)

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