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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Tuck Everlasting.

Harry Potter 8
was on hiatus for quite a long time, but is now finished.
except, i might be whipping out an Epilogue sometime soon;
so keep your eyes open!

An Everlasting Promise
is now complete.
o'm actually quite happy with it. i think i ended it in the right place.
if i were to have continued on..i think it might have been more of a drag.

if you feel like checking out some of my original works: click here

Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to send a message or review. (i love to talk!)



Team Edward or Jacob? - Edward!! ..with a side of Jake :)
Vampire or Werewolf? - Vampire
Live forever with the one you love even though its not safe for them, or leave them thinking its for the better? - my heart absolutely broke during this part, so..for the sake of my, selfish, well being...forever with the one you love.
Favorite Twilight character? - ah, i love Emmett! ..but of course, i want an Edward. who in their right mind doesnt?
Least favorite Twilight character? - i'm gunna have to say...Jane. she's eeeeevil!
Favorite couple? - Edward/Bella (a duh)
Least favorite couple? - Bella/Jacob
Would you rather have super strength, super speed, or read minds? - read minds
Favorite Edward "trait"? - his intensity and honesty...the gloriously gorgeous part is just a pleasant bonus ;)
Who do you like better? Female Twilight characters, or male? - male!!
Favorite book in the series? - ah! hard one. either Twilight or Breaking Dawn. i like beginnings and endings.
Least favorite book in the series? - New Moon (too much Jacob, too little Edward)
Do you like the romance or the action better? - romance (i'm incurable)
Favorite line or passage from the books? - "and we picked up where my dream left off"
Are you looking forward to the movie? / What do you think of the movie? - i fell in love with it...but it was absolutely too short!


Do you actually like Harry Potter?: of course!!
Who's your favorite character?: ronald :D
Why are they your favorite?: he's hilarious and crude...and dorky. (rupert grint might have something to do with it, also :P)
Do you think the guy that plays Harry is hot?: not particularly.
Opinion about the 5th movie?: too short, not enough detail
What is your favorite Harry Potter spell?: Wingardium Leviosa!
Which is your favorite twin, Fred or George?: you can't have one without the other
Are you sad that Dumbledore dies?: i cried...sobbed uncontrollably, actually
Do you think that Harry and the crew are going to go back to Hogwarts?: ahaha. read my story Harry Potter 8 and find out! :p
The Hookups:
Ron And Hermione?: perfect!
Harry and Ginny?: a little boring, but i can't live with them apart
Hermione and Malfoy?: disgusting!!

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