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I have always been rather curious about pieces of fiction that have it where people go under some kind of Mating Cycle/Heat or the ones where they have Soul Marks. I don't believe in soul mates, but the notion in fiction can be written pretty interestingly. I wrote my first fic because I was getting tired of the fictions where they were just one-shots or one long romance where the Omega-like character would not accept who and what they were as a person who could have children (Although, I may do something similar to the latter in the future). Yes, I get that in our day in age we have biotech that can prevent pregnancy or birth, but the way these kind of people live as if it's a given to rely on those kinds of things are not only lazy but kind of pity-inducing. They are tossing their own uniqueness as being able to have children and a possible legacy out the window because of what? A job or money? They can say it's about control, but the moment someone relies on that stuff, they just confessed to not having any control at all.

Well, other than waxing poetic about sexual philosophy, here are some Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy series that I like:

Fandoms I Like:

-The Martian Chronicles by Ray Radbury (Book)

-Stargate SG-1 (TV) *One of my all time favorite SCI-FI shows.*

-Smallville (TV)

-The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins (Books)

-Sword Art Online (Anime) *Yes, I'm aware of some of its flaws.*

-Both DC and Marvel (Comics)

-Star Wars *Not Disney Content. Though, Rogue One wasn't half bad."

-Fullmetal Alchemist (Both Animes)

-The Seven Deadly Sins (Both Anime and Manga)

-Re:Zero Starting Over In Another World (Anime) *Has you at the edge of your seat and wanting more when an episode finishes.*

- Transformers (Movies) *Yes, I like them. Sue me.*

-Fringe (TV) *One of my all time favorite SCI-FI shows too.*

-Dollhouse (TV)

*There are many others I like, but these are the ones that first came to mind.*

*I don't actually condone all of the actions or events in my writing. After all, these are characters that can represent different schools of thought. Just keep that in mind as you read.*

Fic Summaries and Warnings:

1. Good Breedings: An Anthology-- Uzumaki Naruto has an understated and secret professional service for the entire Shinobi Nations. The travel perks are pretty nice and the sights are cool. Yet, this is only a side job. His Tou-san thinks he should settle down soon. After all, it's not healthy for an Alpha to reach a certain age unmated. Will tell kind of pairing each chapter. *A/B/O Dynamics; Fantasy Biology/Anatomy; Omegas Are Simple; Intersex; Dirty Talk; Dubious Consent; Heat Inducers; Dom/Sub Undertones; Restraints; Claiming Bites, Rituals, and Bonds; AU/Canon Divergence; VERY SMUTTY*