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Author has written 9 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Naruto.

Read and enjoy. :)

See that picture there? I REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT.

Not really much to say here, let's keep it ambiguous.

A thank you note to my readers: I never, ever thought in a bajillion years that my oneshots would ever be this popular. Thanks for the support!

Story Status:

Chronicle of Seasons: Sigh, still hoping it will tie up in a good way. It'll be a while.

Illogical: Done! The, not so much.

Kuchiki: I lack the motivation to continue. Apologies...I deleted this story: don't want any one waiting forever. And to the readers who enjoyed this, I'm sorry, I am. Hopefully I can get something else, but I doubt it.

Managers and Other Side Jobs: So popular...I don't get it... XD

Saltines: Now a two shot!

Crossing the Middle Line: Finished. The first multi-chapter thing I have successfully finished. I would like to thank the power of an outline.

Hm, on Naruto pairings, let me say this: not a big fan of Sakura Sasuke. So, don't expect to see too much interaction between them in my writing...sorry 'bout that. :/

New story ideas?

Antelope Runner: Show business is survival of the fittest. And seeing as country-hick Tenten doesn't even know how to get on Tokyo's subway, she has virtually no chances of living. It's a jungle out there.

Trash Heap on Stilts: Howl's moving castle spin off. Working on the brainstorming bit.

Things that mildly irk me in FF

1. Caps: Why do writers feel like putting things in ALL CAPS is equivalent to screaming or loud voices? It is just as effective in lowercase, and it will not give some readers headaches. Of course, sometimes they can be used; but in a yelling match, it's not needed. Trust me.

2. Bolding, underlining, italics: Please don't make each of them equal different things, like written letters or inner thoughts--I don't really care to read that information before starting a story. It's enough to write "the spirit says" "they think". Characters can think things without being underlined. I can understand it's a spell/incantation even when nothing's done to the text. So make it easier for yourself, and just type :)

3. Missing commas or other forms of punctuation: Enough said.

4. Descriptions that really are too long: Three paragraphs describing an outfit are not necessary. Trim down your words! It'll make it easier to read, and allow a bit of room for the reader's imagination.

5. Changing tenses: If it's past tense, keep it that way. Don't change halfway, in the beginning, or at the end.

6. Lots of !: Exclamation points are to be used sparingly. Limit yourself, please. Periods are also great, so don't leave them out.

7. Your You're: PLEASE don't mix these up! They are different.

8. Mary Sues: They shouldn't exist. If they do, we need to eradicate them. IMMEDIATELY.

9. Reviewers who think that not signing their names and blowing insignificant holes in your fic with harsh, condescending words is ok: self explanatory. If you're going to say it, please say it with respect and courtesy of a reader who is just trying to improve the writer. We do need to be set down from our high-horses sometimes, but a good balance of praise and criticism is necessary to not come off as rude. Please and thank you.

10. Writing for the sake of reviews: To those authors who write, and then set a quota for reviews in order to finish the next chapter...I know what it feels like. Getting a review feels like the best thing in the world, and it can get addicting. Heck, I want reviews all the time. But there are definitely many readers out there who love the story but don't review because it's not needed. The story is just that good. There is no need to write just to get reviews, because in the end, you're just posting your own ideas and writings out there because you want to show off your work. I know of so many good fanfics which don't get the love they need, not because the story or plot is bad, but because some readers have a taste for something else. Just know that your writing is always a reflection of character. Don't need to get everyone's opinion, as long as you're proud of it. Chug along!

11. Stories which start out with alarm clocks: I'm sorry. Just so sick of these. It's already in every manga. Start a story off with a bang!

That's about it, as more things pop up I'll add them on.

Thanks a ton for reading! Hopefully I won't disappoint in the future.

-Miss S

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