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Ooookay. So you're here. Which means you wanna know about me, or wanna find something to blackmail me, or you wanna murder me. So, for those who choose options number one and two, read on...

Name: DeadRat309.

Age: It's a forbidden topic... really...

Sex: Where? Where? Can I see? (sparkle eyes). "It means your gender, you twit!" "Oh... Oh... I knew that." Well, at least I'm trying to convince my parents that I'm a freaking boy. But nooooooo, they just always blink innocently: "Dear... You are a girl...". No fair! They touched my manliness!

True identity: King of the Underworld. Lord of the human world. Naru-chan's husband. A twit. And a dead rat.

Adress: Hell. Sometimes I pay a visit to Heaven, but God completely and utterly despises me. That's why I've been going there more frequently (grins)...

Appearance: I'm freakishly handsome. No kidding. Rats are handsome, I tell you.

Favourite mangas: Naruto! Masashi-sensei rocks! And D.N.Angel, and Hikaru no Go, Death note, Shin Angyo Onshi, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Please save my Earth, Devil and Devil, Saiyuki, Hajime-chan ga ichiban, Omake no Kobayashi-kun, Gakuen Alice, Yami no Matsuei, Fullmetal Alchemist, blah, blah, blah... I'll send you a fax later...

Favourite anime: Naruto, Hikaru no Go, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Kyou Kara Maou, Sukisyo (Sukisho).

Favourite food: Chocolate. Chewing gum.

Favourite color: Black. Yes, black rules the world! And white, thanks to Kraddie-kins from D.N.Angel... Dark blue also suits my taste.

Other favourite things: Shounen-ai (hell yeah!), myself, money, uke. I'm great seme you know? Ask Naru-chan.

Favourite couples:

Naruto: SasuNaru (FOREVER OBSSESSED! But Sasu-kun refuses to share his kitsune with me! No fair!).

GaaNaru one-sided.

KyuuNaru one-sided.




D.N.Angel: DarkKrad (Forever obssessed, yeah right...).

SatoDai (They're just damn cute).

Hikaru no Go: AkiHika.

Deathnote: MelloNear (whistle).

Yami no Matsuei: TatsuTsu. Tsuzuki's a cute uke if you ask me...

Harry Potter: JamesSeverus (I've been driven totally crazy by this pairing. Admit it, they're a very hot couple. Especially with a perverted James-seme and a downright cold, sarcastic Severus-uke XD).

HarryDraco (You've seen this coming, no?).

HarrySeverus (No, seriously. Not SeverusHarry, it has to be HarrySeverus. I truly love this twisted pairing as a side pairing to JamesSeverus).

Kyou Kara Maou: Yuuram (Squeezes Wolfram to death. Such an overly cute little spoiled brat. I love him XD).

Maouram (Of course... I've always prefered the Maou to that idiot named Yuuri).

Sukisyo: YoruRan (Absolutely yes. They remind me a lot of the DarkKrad pairing... which is smexy like Hell XD.)

SoraSunao (Much as I hate pink, I find Sunao-chan kind of cute).

ShamanKing: HaoAnna (For the first time, my most favourite pairing of a series is nothing related to shounen-ai... shocking, but yeah...)

YohAnna (What!? Hao is totally hot, but Yoh's cute, too XD).

Ouran High School Host Club: HikaKao. (Yes, damn it. Kaoru is my favourite type of uke after all. Who wouldn't want to rap... I mean play with a sugary sweet boy like him?)

KyoTama (Uhm... Just plain sexy. That pervert Kyoya and the innocent Tamaki... XD).

And now, for those who choose option number three. (chuckle evilly)... First thing, just put me somewhere full of pink. I'll die even faster than you can blink. Or, try making me read stories about these couple (if you hadn't been killed yet): NaruSasu (No... Naru-chan's sexy on bottom...), SasuSaku, NaruSaku, ItaSasu, Dark Risa, KradRisa, SatoRisa (Absolutely not! This, is the reason why I don't like the D.N.Angel anime), and of course, KradDark (Again, Krad look sexier on bottom to me XD). Finally, put me on a dress... Now congratulation on becoming a DeadRat murderer...

A picture of Krad from my fic "He's my girlfriend" by .your corrupted angel. Thanks!

B-day present from Astrid/ Shira the fluffy llama. Lots of love!

My gift for DarkKrad fans.

Moonlight fairy - A gift pic from Averine-chan. Seriously, Averine, if I ever die from nose bleed, I'm so gonna blame you XD.

B-day pic from The Lantern. Love ya, lil sis.

The second B-day gift from Astrid/Shira the fluffy llama. If only you knew how much I love you.

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