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Author has written 15 stories for Naruto, Law of Ueki, Death Note, Avatar: Last Airbender, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Final Fantasy VII.

Filipina. Engineering Student. GAMER. Final Fantasy Fan. Otaku. Narutard. Rock Addict. Aspiring Artist. Occasional Cosplayer. Photography Hobbyist. MCRmy SOLDIER. LM.C Wonderholic. Escapist. Determined to be a Videogame Designer. Current Ruler of the World That Exists Only In My Head.


I don't read/write anything shounen/shoujo-ai or yaoi/yuri.

I love stories with a new twist or an interesting point of view.

College and Video Games have taken up a lot of fanfic writing time - especially college.


My Tumblr page: http://kalereiyozora.tumblr.com/

My deviantART:http://kalereiyozora.deviantart.com/


Fear and Regret [FINISHED]

-my first ever fanfic. I'm not really that happy with it now, but hey, I was still getting the hang of writing. I think I improved even a little in the later chapters.



:There is a bit of Kiba-Ino, Shikamaru-Temari, Naruto-Hinata, Neji-Tenten and Asuma-Kurenai.

More Than Words Could Ever Say [ON HIATUS] (Sequel to "Fear and Regret")

-this continues the story of Fear and Regret.


:Fugaku Uchiha - Sasuke and Sakura's son. He's named after Sasuke's dad. He's a curious little five-year-old and keeps trying to make his father actually tell him about their clan. He hates the phrase 'you'll find out when your older', because that's what Sasuke always says to answer his questions. He's top of the class, has an official fangirl club, and has fire-type chakra. He looks a lot like Sasuke, except that his eyes are green, like his mom's.

:Sora Nara - she's Temari and Shikamaru's daughter. She has blonde hair and brown eyes, and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She's one of Fugaku's friends, and apparently likes him, as she's seen blowing away all his annoying fangirls with her giant fan imported from Sunagakure.


:All the pairings for "Fear and Regret", Kakashi-Anko, and some implied Fugaku-Sora.

I Lost My Fear of Falling [FINISHED]

-Originally a oneshot - I think I might've stretched the story a bit too much. Anyway, it's not really one of my favorites, I think it was a bit too much of a teenage romance type story.


:Kaito Fujiwara -he's got black hair, dark eyes, and a lot of money. He's top of the class and the student-body vice president. He usually gives Ai and company rides on his Mercedes. He's the heir to his family's company, and his parents are in London. He doesn't really like them.

:Ayame Sasaki -she's new to the school and kind of a loner, but she helps Ai out and becomes her friend. She never leaves without her PSP, and she loves to dress in black, red, and that studs. She's random and unpredictable, and is somewhat a tomboy. Her 'death-glare' is famous. She has flaming red-hair that's longer in the front, and short and spiky at the back. She has purple eyes.

:Miko -she's a memeber of the student government, and does various stuff for Kaito. She's a pretty minor OC.


:Ueki-Mori and Kaito-Ayame.

Drenched [ONESHOT]

-This was my first oneshot. I'm happy how this one went. It's pretty simple really, but when I read it again, I think I made it too sappy, I think I didn't get Sasuke's character quite right.



The Day He Died [ONESHOT]

-I wrote this one after finishing the Naruto chapter after Tobi explained everything to Sasuke.


:Sasuke-Sakura, Naruto-Sakura. Doesn't really focus on the romance though.

The Traitor's Requiem [ONESHOT]

-I killed Sasuke again in this one. It's like a continuation or different version of 'The Day He Died'. It was kinda fun using flashbacks. It felt like a real funeral-type episode to me. It was kinda sad, but at least his death was meaningful. If Sasuke does die in the series, he at least deserves an epic meaningful death.


:Sasuke-Sakura, Naruto-Sakura. Doesn't really focus on the romance though.

Percentages [ONESHOT]

-It's really hard to write for Death Note. The characters are so complex that it's hard to keep everyone in character. I did enjoy writing this fic, even if it really wasn't that funny. At least I got some experience.

Sayonara, Sensei [ONESHOT]

-I killed two of my favorite characters in this one. Kakashi and Sasuke. Well, Kakashi didn't actually die in the manga (thank God). I liked writing this one alot, because it's just so tragic, and expresses some of my views on why Sasuke is doing what he is doing.


:Sasuke-Sakura and Naruto-Sakura. Doesn't really focus on the romance though.

Forsaken [ONESHOT]

-Zuko and Mai are my favorite characters, and also my favorite couple. They're so complicated, but they look so good together. I love that they totally broke the 'opposites attract' and 'badguy-goodgirl' rule. This is my only fic with no character speech. It's just a narration, but I'm happy with how it is, and the fact that I pulled it off.



In The End We Fall Apart [ON HIATUS]

-Well, I just really, really wanted to right something for Death Note. Matt is a very interesting character for me, mostly because we don't really know much about him, so it leaves room for a lot of imagination. This is going to be a short multi-chaptered story, just for me to experiment.


:Cissnei -one of the kids at Wammy's. She's Matt's age and came the year before Mello left. She has brown hair and eyes. She's quite optimistic. Not much else to be said, in fear of spoilers. Oh, and she named herself after the Turk with the shuriken in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. She knows stuff about videogames too.

The Persistence of Memory (formerly Melodies of Life) [FINISHED]

-I've always wanted to write something for KHR! Since the series has so many interesting characters...well, since Hayato is my favorite, I find it more enjoyable to write about him because well... he's complicated and interesting... and he's got a whole back story to fill. I really like where this one is going... I just hope everyone else does.

This is actually the fanfic I've thought out the most - the final chapters have already been mostly written, waiting for the 'bridge' chapters to be created. This is my favorite, longest, (and most well-recieved) work.


:Giovanni -seventeen years old, black hair, green eyes, one of Hayato's former bodyguards (well, sort of. he's been with them since they were little), and now a minor subordinate to his dad's mafia family. He really cares about his former young master, but will tease him occasionally. He considers him to be a younger brother, and he kind of has a thing for Bianchi. He's also a very good sniper.

:Giuseppe -another of Hayato's former bodyguards, thirty-something, tall, black haired, and is more serious and formal in speaking. He takes his job seriously, but has a soft spot for his former Young Master. He can cook a mean Italian breakfast, and seems to be one of Hayato's dad's most trusted subordinates.

:Hayato's Father - I decided not to give him a name, so they will almost always be referring to him as 'father' or 'master' or 'boss' depending on the situation. He's well meaning and is trying to make up for all the lost time with Hayato. He's the boss to his own mafia family, and he's kind of old, somewhere around the fifties.

:Antonio - red haired, tall, former subordinate to Hayato's father, one of those who've defected from the family. He wants to prove that the family doesn't need to rely on its alliance to the Vongola. He's somewhat an arms-freak.

:Franca - in her early twenties, light-brown hair cut short, straightforward and a bit arrogant, one of the defectors from Gokudera's father's family. She saved Hayato from being pummeled by a horse when he was little.

:Natsuki - since Haru's name means 'spring' I got her friend's names from the other seasons. Natsuki, from 'natsu' meaning summer - so of course, she has a sunny personality, and is somewhat a tomboy. She's always had to take a guy's role in their school plays, since Midori Middle is an all-girl's school.

:Akiko - again, taken from a season 'aki' meaning autumn - as such, she's calmer. The typical smart and responsible glasses-girl. She's also directing the school play.


:Hayato-Haru - currently being shipped.

:Tsuna-Kyoko - because the will of the Tenth will never falter.

:Tsuna-Haru - one-sided, like in canon... until Haru loses her memories...

:Takeshi-Haru - almost happened. it didn't.

:Ryohei-Hana - though only mentioned.

:Ken-Chrome - a very teensy little bit.

:Giovanni-Bianchi - one-sided.

Holding My Thoughts In My Heart [ONESHOT]

-I've had pieces for a Cloud-Tifa story gathering dust on my file folders for a long time, it was when I needed to write a literary piece for our Journalism project that I finally got to finish one.



A Reason For Being [ONGOING]

-Actually, this was one of the scenarios I've worked out for "The Persistence of Memory"; Gokudera inheriting his mother's illness - but inspiration was pulling me somewhere else. I still thought that this would make a pretty good story, and so with the help of a friend's challenge, this no-longer a oneshot was born. This is one of my most romance-drama-inclined stories... I guess this is where all the extra cheesiness for "The Persistence of Memory" will go.



What Has Become of Us [ONESHOT]

-Not gonna lie, the TYL!5986 bug has been bugging me since I started on the epilogue for "The Persistence of Memory" so I finally came up with something. I wanted to try being more subdued - more pensive, more thoughtful... to portray an ache and a longing and to write something kind of sad. I dunno I guess A Reason for Being being where it is (in the middle of Gokudera and Haru's relationship) kind of prompted me to write something where the feelings were there, but this time they decide not to act on it. It's complicated haha - also, it's nice taking a break from multichapter fics. I haven't touched the "New Story" button in years!





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