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Heyyyyyy! My name is [nope, not gonna reveal that. Personal security and all that shit, I am [again, not gonna reveal that] years old, and my address is [okay, do you really expect me to say that?].

What I write for: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies.

What I enjoy: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, Once Upon A Time, Keepers of The Lost Cities, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Girl Meets World, Riverdale, and Charmed (CW's version).


The Vampire Diaries/The Originals -

Ships I like [Klaroline (love this!), Delena (love this!), Kolvina (love this!), Freelin (Yaaas! My bi babies!), Annora (My lesbian babies rock!), Bonenzo (I'm pretty neutral with it), Beremy (I'm pretty neutral with it), Janna (I like it, but I'm not a hardcore shipper. I wouldn't hate if it didn't happen), Stalerie (I like it, but I'm not a hardcore shipper. I wouldn't hate if it didn't happen), Stebekah (I'm pretty neutral with it), Kalijah (I'm pretty neutral with it), Klamille (don't hate, I'm pretty neutral, but Cami feels like a replacement for Care), Rebel (I'm pretty neutral with it), Mabekah (I'm pretty neutral with it), Haylijah (I'm pretty neutral with it)]

Ships I don't like [Stelena (If Elena really loved Stef, she wouldn't have ditched him for his older brother), Steroline (I liked them as best friends. Dating ruined their whole dynamic), Bamon (Bonnie's too judgy of Damon. This is just my opinion so don't hate), Ramon (Rebekah and Damon had no understanding. It was literally just sex, nothing else.), Datherine (Eww, no. She clearly states that she likes Stefan better, anyway.), Stefarine/Statherine (Nope. If she loved him, she wouldn't have tried to burn the people he cares about in hellfire, just saying.), Klautherine (Why? Just why? Are we forgetting that Klaus tried to kill Katherine for 500 years AND killed her entire family *except Nadia, of course*?) , Klena (Again, why? Klaus killed Elena's aunt, tried to kill Elena, made the guy Elena loved at the time turn it off, made the guy Elena loved at the time feed on her, drained her of blood, and did a bunch of more things I'm probably forgetting to mention. So why would Elena love him?), Kolena (When did they ever interact? Except for when Elena killed him), Kololine (When did they ever interact?), Defan (I feel like this ship has to be addressed; Defan is THE MOST disgusting thing I've ever heard of. They're brothers! BROTHERS!), Klefan (I'll admit, Klaus and Stefan probably would have worked in the 1920s, but Stef's not that person anymore. Klaus kept wanting him to be something he's not anymore. Plus, I'm pretty sure they're both straight), Konnie/Kennett (They had one meaningful conversation, and Kol did check Bonnie out once, but they've had no other interaction), Maroline (If Matt loved Care, he would've accepted her even after she turned), Forwood (No. I shipped them in the beginning, but I feel like Tyler got too engrossed with revenge to love Care. At first it was nice, but it grew into something purely sexual), Lilenzo (had potential, but the writers didn't do anything with it), Denzo (had potential, but the writers didn't do anything with it. Plus, I'm pretty sure they're both straight), Elijionette (don't like it.)]

Legacies -

Ships I like [Posie (It was cute!), Hosie (have so much potential! I hope the writers explore it), Handon (totally works!), Hizzie (have potential! It would be interesting to watch happen), Jafael (Josie and Rafe have potential), Lizbastian (cute! I was a little turned away from it when Seb kept calling Lizzie the wrong name, though), LizG (Yes! It would be so cute!), Josade (OMG YES)]

Ships I don't like [Jandon (ugh, no), Landfael (they're like brothers, in my opinion. Don't like it for the same reason I don't like Steroline), Losie (Ugh! NO WAY! They're sisters, that's disgusting. Don't like it for the same reason I don't like Defan), Lizfael (Just don't see it happening. Especially after Rafael told Lizzie that their sex meant nothing).

Once Upon A Time (I haven't watched this show in a few years, so there's probably going to be a lot of ships I'm forgetting to mention and I won't include a lot of the ships I do remember. I haven't dived that deep into the fandom either. I watched the show, but didn't go into the fanfics or anything like that) -

Ships I like [CaptainSwan, SwanQueen, ReginaHood, Rumplebelle]

Keepers of The Lost Cities -

Ships I like [Fitzphie, Keefie, Bexter, Beafie, Fihn, Tamfe]

Ships I don't like [FitzKeefe, Bianam, Sopham]

Harry Potter

Ships I like [All of the ships that were endgame]

Ships I don't like [Ships that weren't endgame]

Percy Jackson

Ships I like [All of the ships that were endgame]

Ships I don't like [Ships that weren't endgame]

Girl Meets World

Ships I like [Rucas (love!), Ziley (had potential), Filey, Rilaya, Joshaya, Smackle]

Ships I don't like [Charley (Charlie, you poor lovestruck idiot), Charaya (when did they ever interact? It's mostly cannon), Lucaya (reminded me of siblings), Zaycas (they were best friends, and I don't think it would work), Rosh (I was surprised that this was even a ship! People please, he's her uncle! Gross!), Faya (had a brother/sister relationship), Smucas (ehh, they didn't really have ship-worthy interactions in my opinion. Plus, I think she's way too cute with Farkle!)]


Ships I like [Bughead (adorbs!), Choni (yaaas!)]

Ships I don't like [Barchie (they had more of a brother/sister relationship), Varchie (shipped at the beginning, just didn't work), Grarchie (I will never support pedophilia!)

I'm neutral with the ships I have not mentioned.


Ships I like [Galvacy, Parggie, Melco (OMG SHIPPPPPPPP)]

Ships I don't like [Haggie, Hacy, Harrel, Harrity]

Side Note:

I just feel the need to express my dislike for Tyler Lockwood (The Vampire Diaries). There aren't even words to express how much I hate him. I wanted him to die ever since season 5. The only seasons where I didn't mind Tyler were season 2 and season 3.

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