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If you think no one knows you exist, try missing a few car payments...

Greetings all... I wouldn't say to myself, that I am a writer. I usually write to release ideas stuck in my puny head before they are lost in the darkness of my heart. With all this writing, it helps me over the years to express my crazy imagination and put it all down into a live picture of words. (also helps me to become crazily expressive on SAT essays and stuff)

I love to draw also. I give you my account on DeviantArt. So check it out if ur bored or like art. Lately I have changed accounts and switch my penname. Sorry if I confused you (to those who know me).

Edit: I will and probably not be on Fanfiction as much as I use to. I'm burden with the present and the future along with school who is very homework-happy. I plan on becoming an animator or concept artists (trust me, I'm creative, creating wierd quirks and things, even though my account above just show dragons and wolves. Those are just usual requests or trades from people)



Name: Dork

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Drawing, writing (or at least learning), working up a story, trying to work out drama, making my friends laugh, and just trying to have a good time before stepping into the real world.

Favorite thing to do: Talk, write, draw, and being a goof-ball.

Favorite animal: I would have to say, my very first favorite animal was the cheetah.

Favorite Music: Variety, so broad that I am not going to attempt writing what I like. (soundtracks, rock, metal, country, pop, Christian, Hispanic, ect.)

Location: Somewhere in the universe on a planet called earth, there lived a girl...

Genre of Writing or Entertainment: I like thrill-pack books/movies, adventures that contain love and lot of conflict, and impossible situations that seem to be hopeless but in the end make it out. And oh yeah, LOVE IRONY!! Never what you expect.

Are you glad that you can stop writing this bio: ... Did I actually write that?

My Style of Writing:

I like to just simply write a story instead of writing an essay of reviews about the chapter I just wrote about unless of course it is a must-have-to-post note. I like to mix irony and try not to be cliche. I love putting reality into my story and try to think about everything. I try not to be so boring and blan... I know those type of stories. I do not do LEMONS! Find someone elses story who has lemons, but me, ECK!! No. I do welcome Flamers however. I need something to laugh at every once in awhile. Critics are very much welcome cause that is the only way I will improve.

I best write in the past tense. But, I try to mix it up I guess and write about the present tense as well. I try to build my vocabulary as well, but right now, it isn't broad. I miss-spell things as well (natural mizz-speller herey!) so expect that in any fanfic I write. As for my daily writings, I do rps with my friends which is one of the benefits I have. They help me learn from mistakes, understand what is over-used, and sometimes help me with real-life situations. I'm super-grateful for them. Well, that is it, I'm chowing out!

The Fanfics:

(what you've all been waiting for when scrolling down this dumb page)

I HAVE NOTHING!! YAY! I might start one up soon though.


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