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I will be honest here because I feel the need to be. I haven't been writing as much fan fiction as I used to be. I'm not going to stop but I think a time for change has happened. Soon I will be making another account and re-writing The down Fall of Draco Malfoy. I'm sorry to say that not all of them are going to be redone but there are somethings that are better left in the past. Anyone who wants to know my new name can pm me any time they like, but I need my writing to be for me now rather then something to simply help me with my personal life when things get out of hand. This will be the last time I will be up dating this profile but the stories on here will be finish. Thank you to everyone who reviewed, every word, good or bad, meant very much to me.

Thanks, Haraldzidla.

I love to write things about women power and I have found myself writing ones about girls from different houses becoming friends and I should have more like "The Down fall of Draco Malfoy comint out soon. I want to thank everyone who reviewed this story with 34 chapters I got over 24,000 hits and 204 reviews so far, a person best of mine that has made me love this story. It was written in over over a year due to a short break that I took because of my nan and grandad sadly passing within a week of one another. The idea came to me when a good friend on mine got her heart broken, I thought about all of the things that I would like to do to him and then "wham!" I had a story!

I will be doing more soon but I seem to be having some trouble thinking of what to do next and the words are not finding me, since "The Down Fall of Draco Malfoy" the passion seems to be fading and its sad : ( please if you have any ideas then let me know, I miss writing!

6/5/09 - I want to say a big thank you to everyone for reading "The Downfall of Draco Malfoy" it now has 211 reviews, my personal best and over 30,000 hits, something that I never saw coming! Thank you everyone, it really has made the story mean so much to me!

My favouate Harry Potter charactor pairings are:


Blaise/Ginny - some times, kind of gotten over it


Hermione/Sirius (In time fics ONLY)

Harry/OC (But it has to be a good one)

As you can tell I love Hermione getting with bad boys lol!

My least favourate pairing are:

Hermione/Harry (Ewwww)

Hermione/Ron (But I will jusy have to live with it!)

Ginny/Draco (Harry Potter likes red heads, not Draco!!)

I am open to different pairings but hey I like what I like!

If you can read this message, you are blessed, because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Amzanig huh?

Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you can read that please put it in your profile.

This is a true story.A girl died in 1933.A man buried her when she was still alive.The murder chanted,"Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her.Now that you have read the chant,you will meet this little girl.In the middle of the night she will be on your celing.She will sufficate you like she was sufficated.If you post this on your profile,she will not bother you.Your kindness will be rewarded.Lucillia.

Please copy and paste this onto your profile if you believe, as I do, that the things listed below are horrible and inhumane.

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.

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I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.

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Here are some things about me that mean nothing to any one but me:

I love Harry Potter.

I love to eat when I read (Since finding this site I have put on weight!)

I think that Draco Malfoy is what every girl goes into the world to look for but unforunatly I realised a long ago that he was never going to be any thing other then ink on paper.

I hate people that think that are better because they can spell like gods.

I thought Sirius Black should of been played by some one that was hot!

I have three brothers and two sisters, and my sisters have five kins togeather and I have one mum and one dad.

I think that Dumbledore being gay is fantastic!

My favourate book is the third because Volderemort is NOT in it. God knows I love the evilness of the guy but a change of pace is good now and again.

The 5th, 6th and 7th books made me cry. The 5th and 6th because some one died and the 7th because as I read the last word I realised that I was never going to open a Harry Potter book and not know what was going to happen.

I am a sucker for romance.

I once ask some one why peanuts tasted like peanutbutter.

I some times wonder why, when you open the front of a Harry Potter book and look at the crest of Hogwarts, Draco's name is in there. (I now know this, thank you trysomethingnew, you made me happy hehehe)

If I could have any power I would fly.

I believe that there is some one for every one.

I day dream of what fan fic to write in class and instead of taking notes, I am writing them!

And I LOVE reviews

I have wrote my first ever story, Yay!

I want to thank every one who helped me by reviewing the story, you were all sure a great help!

My second story is now up and it is called "The down fall of Draco Malfoy, it is some thing that just came to me and I knew that I had to write it, it is about women power really and I think it is fun to write about who had been really funny the school for all of these years!

Please read, it is, of course a Hermione and Draco romance!!

While I am writting "The down fall of Draco Malfoy" in the mean time I have also been writting another one called "The Maranders, the witch and the time turner" I think that the titel speaks for itself. It is my first every Sirius and Hermione fic and it is a one set in another time. I hope that you are all going to like it, it should be posted soon but I am trying to get this on done first.

If any one had any questions about my storys or maybe have a story that they want me to write then let me know and PM me, I will welcome all ideas, even if it is a one shot or some thing. I ahve yet to do one and I would like to.

Please read, it is, of course a Hermione and Draco romance!!


much love and hugs,

Haraldzilda ; )


My stories:


One day Hermione starts to get letters from on unknown sorce telling her that they always think about her, will Hermione be able to find out who this person is? Why is it that only she can read what is one the piece of paper? Does Ron really like Pansy Parkinson? And to top it all off she had to work in potions with Draco Malfy for potions...but he is kinda nice...right? - Completed HG/DM GW/BZ

The down fall of Draco Malfoy

It was about time that some one put Draco Malfoy in his place and now a few girls are going to do some thing about it, Draco Malfoy, with out money, friends and his reputation can only lead to his downfull and Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson and twelve other girls from different house are just right for the job. But does Hermione know what she is getting herself into? Are there some lessons that the past can teach her? - Completed HG/DM

The Perfect Malfoy

Hermione Granger had everything- the brains, the simple beauty and the friendship of Harry and Ron but like every girl she wanted something more, something that she thought only she could find. The perfect guy. So when Pansy, Ginny and herself are forced to work togeather on a project of their choise there could only be one answer- to try and find him. Simple right? Add a sneaky Malfoy, one pair or Slytherin boys with their own mission and the war closing in on them there is nothing simple. - In progress HG/DM BZ/PP

Aparecium - Does Ron get the girl?

A one shot of what happened after, Hermione and Draco seems to be getting there happly ever after, Ginny is trying to get every one to exsept her love for Blaise, Harry has a secret that he will not even tell Ron and after weeks of looking and her and wondering what if will Ron finally be able to get Pansy Parkinson to go on a date with him? - soon to be posted! RW/PP HG/DM GW/BZ HP/? (why spoil it?)

The marauders The witch and The time turner

When Hermione has a fight with Harry and Ron in the summer holidays and Ginny tried to cheek her up, all hell breaks lose. As Hermione looks at some of her old things and Ginny breaks it and tried to fix it what will the result be? Have they really gone back in time? Why does Sirius keep looking at her like that and were does Ginny keep on going off to? HG/SB GW/RL - too be posted


Rebecca Boyd used to believe in magic and fairy tales, but when the one person who taught her to believe, her twin sister Alice is sadly taken away from her along with her parents will she ever be able to believe again? For eight years she moves from forster home from foster home intill one day her she stops believing. When the goust of her twin sends her into the only thing magic she will look at, the Harry Potter books will there be some one there that can safe her? Or better yet will her believing one day save tha magic world that her and many others have to come to love? OC/Harry - Will be coming out very soon, first chapters already written!

Believing in the darkest of times.

Rebecca is back and this time things seem to be better then ever, with her newly found step parents and little sister behind her she finds that life has never been better...exsept there is no Harry Potter, just ink on paper and sad memorys of the boy she loved...but when the magic world starts to catch up to her again she wishs that she had stayed home. With her sisters life in danger, Harry not be allowed to know who she is and a dark mark on her arm will life really be able to get any better?

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A Diamond in the Rough: Part 1 by Moonchild707 reviews
Bella Swan is a timid first-grader at Forks Elementary who lives in dread of her abusive, volatile father, Charlie. With no friends and no one but her teacher to love, Bella finds her life irrevocably changed by the arrival of Miss Hale—a gentle, golden-eyed lady from the local high school. Rewrite of the original. Loosely based on true events. Rated M for dark themes.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 24 - Words: 127,430 - Reviews: 2373 - Favs: 1,758 - Follows: 939 - Updated: 3/12 - Published: 6/20/2009 - Bella, Rosalie - Complete
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