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February, 2015

Hello Faithful Reader? Yeah, it's me. joy. I know, it's been awhile. Sorry about that. I had a really good time on my trip. What? LOL. No, it didn't last a year and a half. But even before I left, something bad had happened. Not bad like at the end of "One Less," but bad nonetheless. I ran out of steam. Lost my inspiration. Couldn't write a thing for months. It was like my muse just... ran dry. Dry like the Sahara. Not that I've ever been to the Sahara, but I read, you know? (grin) I'd stopped writing and was depending on reviews to eventually get me kick started again. It didn't happen. As August turned to September, I got closer and closer to running out of pre-written sections. I think I mentioned it in one of the posts, that you were catching up to where I'd stopped writing. I had 15 pages or so written but not published when I went away. I really thought getting out of town would do me good, that I'd come back restored and ready to pick up where I'd left off.

It actually worked. Somewhere out there, during more 7,000 miles of travel through two countries, one unceded territory, 14 states and one province; while on two planes, two taxis, a cargo truck, four trains, two subway rides, a charter bus, a ferry boat, and a mile or two on foot, I found my muse. I know. Crazy, right? It was a fabulous trip. Once in a lifetime, for sure. Anyway, late in 2013, not long after I got back, I started a new story. Two, actually. No, really! I had a couple of really great ideas, all of a sudden. I couldn't help but start putting words to paper. Well, not paper, but you know what I mean. The muse grabbed me and threw me in that direction, and life was really good for a while. You know what it feels like when the words are flowing so fast you can hardly keep up? No? You don't? Well it's the best high I've ever experienced. What? I know, wild life I live, right? LOL. But really. It's like, the story is unfolding in my head in technicolor and Dolby sound, and I've GOT to get to my computer so I can see what happens next.

Then, just as suddenly, the muse abandoned me like a babe in the cold. Couldn't finish those, couldn't finish this one. Yeah, I know. It's sad. One of them is just a couple thousand words. The other is about 75,000 and still progressing, though slowly. Still, where there's life, there's hope.

What was that? Oh, yeah. That's not what you want to hear about, is it? You wanna know if this call is to report any updates for "Jihad," don't you?

Well, it is. That's actually why I'm calling. I started working on it again this week. Yeah, I know, it's great. But don't get too excited. It's slow going, and it's certainly not flowing like it usually does. It feels kind of forced, actually. But I decided it was time to finish it. I'd left you hanging long enough. And besides, I want to know how it ends, too.

I'm not going to post anything right away, because the last thing I want is to abandon you again. You do understand, right? I'll get it finished before I post another chapter. Might take awhile. I know, not what you wanted to hear. But at least when I post something more, you'll know it's done.

So hang in there, my friend. Words are coming. The end is in sight. I promise.


January, 2013

Well, in case you missed it, I posted Chapter One of "Jihad" right before Christmas. Not an overwhelming response, but a few returning readers, and enough new ones to justify continuing to post. I blame it on the holidays. Y'all've been really busy with family and friends (I hope).

Jihad is at this writing about 80% complete. I'm still writing regularly, and the climax is approaching. I will be posting a chapter every four or five days. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you as the chapters appear.

Welcome back, and welcome to the new adventure. Hope you all enjoy the ride...


October, 2012

Hello, Friends, and welcome back!

Not that you went anywhere, but unless you're really bored, you probably haven't been here reading this profile in a while. That's okay, neither have I.

It's been a long, long year. I haven't been writing steady, but I have been writing. I'm about 80% done my next novel, approaching the big finish and eager to start posting. But as I learned with "One Less," it's not wise for me to start posting as a way to get out of a writer's ditch. It just makes y'all wait too long for the end.

Still, I'm excited about it, and I wanted to let you know it's coming. It stands at 105,000 words, and will probably be about the size of Lying Eyes when it's all done. I'm eager to get going, so look for me in a little while. Maybe before the holidays.

Until then, keep reading, and keep reviewing. Reviews make writers happy.


P.S.: Oh yeah, the new novel's called "Jihad." It's not what you think.

August, 2010

Hello Friends:

The first chapter of "One Less" was just posted. I'm thrilled to be getting dang near done with it, and I've finally reached the point where I'm sure it's going to be finished. But it's NOT DONE YET. So, like the story says, if you're afraid I might give up before it's over, don't start reading.

This one is different than Lying Eyes. It's plot-driven, though there is quite a bit of character insight. Mostly, it's Gibbs. I love the character, and love exploring the "what ifs" in his head. As in the last one, there isn't much Ziva. But I've tried to include her more this time. This novel will resemble a mid-season, nothing that supports the overall story line, just a good story episode. I hope you can enjoy it.


Another note, the day after the one above...

Holy Cow! My email box has been flooded with requests for Lying Eyes since I posted the first chapter of One Less. I think people must have thought I died or something. :o) Since the fanfiction thief has been dealt with by both Amazon and CBS, and since as far as I can tell no one else has had the evil heart to try what she did, I'm going to re-post Lying Eyes in its entirety over the next little while. So if you're looking for it, it'll be back. Enjoy!


May, 2010

Hello Readers:

So now it's May. I obviously didn't get One Less up by the end of the year. As I mentioned to many of you privately, the story is more plot-driven and less character-driven, so it's coming MUCH harder than Lying Eyes, which virtually wrote itself. Still, I haven't given up on it, and I fall asleep most nights going over the "what's next" in my mind. Which is actually kind of too bad, because what should be going through my mind is rules of law and my rapidly approaching Bar Exam. That's right, I'm just about to graduate law school, and the state Bar looms large in my near future. So, I guess I'm back to hoping to get my new novel done soon, but warning you that you shouldn't start looking for it until after the end of July. It's definately my hobby, not my livelihood, much as I'd like it to be.

Hope some of you are still here when it's finally done.


October, 2009

Hey y'all: Good News!

I know I promised you my next novel, "One Less," almost two years ago. So it took a little longer than I thought. But it's finally, almost, nearly on the way. I'm writing the final chapters now, and hope to begin posting before the end of the year. So HOORAY for me, and I hope all who were waiting are still waiting. Come on down and bring your friends, 'kay?


January, 2009


On January 1, 2009, I removed Lying Eyes from this website. It came to my attention that someone (who shall remain nameless) was stealing NCIS fan fiction from the 'net and publishing it for sale at major sales outlets as her own work. In addition to being just plain WRONG, I worked very hard on this novel, I'm very proud of it, and I want people to know it's mine. I guess I'm selfish that way. I will leave chapter one up as a place holder, and if anyone wants to read the rest, please email me at: joykatleen (AT) aol (DOT) com and I will gladly supply the rest of it privately. It is a shame, with all the traffic this story was getting, that I had to do this. But one person's theft and fraud spoils it for all of us. joy

(I now return you to your regularly scheduled profile reading)

Note after posting Lying Eyes chapter 6: (Written in late November, 2007)

I've recently been eavesdropping on conversations in another online community where people are all hot and bothered about the difference between gen fiction and het fiction and not being warned when one is about to become the other. I can't say I'm positive where the line is: does casual comments about someone's love interest make it het? Or does there have to be a sex scene? And if there has to be sex to make it het, how graphic does it have to be before the story becomes 'romance' as opposed to just drama?

Since some people seem really passionate about it (no pun intended) I'll say this about Lying Eyes: There is romance between Jethro and Hollis. But it's absolutely canon, and nothing you wouldn't see on CBS at 8 p.m. I like the Hollis character (for which I know I am in the minority of those who speak on these things). I think Jethro deserves real love at this point, something more than just instant passion. The writers at NCIS set it up, I'm taking it forward. But the romance is just part of the story as we look deeper into Jethro's head. It's not mushy, and it's not detailed. Think Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp. No Harlequin here. But, if you're one of those who can't stand even a little love in your drama, consider yourselves warned.

(My original profile)

Hi! Thanks for looking at my profile.

Lying Eyes is my first published fanfic, and the first one I've ever completed, though I've been writing bits and pieces of stories for my own entertainment for years. I'm a single mother of a teenage boy (thanks for your sympathy) in California, United States. I'm in graduate school, studying law. So needless to say, I don't have a lot of time to play. But when I do have time, I write.

Why NCIS? I started watching NCIS in March of 2007. I had heard of the series before then, but I had assumed it was another CSI spinoff, and I refuse to watch spinoffs. (I still don't watch NY or Miami.) I read a very well-written crossover fic involving NCIS, and decided I wanted to see what these characters were really like. So I bought the episode "Hear No Evil" on iTunes, which was the earliest episode available. I figured I ought to begin at the beginning, right? A glitch down at Apple resulted in me instead receiving the episode "Call of Silence" about the Medal of Honor Recipient who tries to confess to murdering a Marine. In that one episode, I fell completely and totally in love with those characters. I mean, Gibbs was so perfect in that episode. I immediately ran out and bought season one on DVD and watched it over the course of the next couple nights. I decided right away that I wanted to be Abby. Not because I thought Abby was especially cool, but because Abby had Gibbs. Since then, I've become mildly obsessed, even going so far as to attend the NCIS FanFest last fall, so I could tour the studio. I had a blast, but the entire weekend I couldn't shake the feeling that I was acting like a total geek. I mean, going to a convention for fans of a TV show? Geesh. Anyway, I still love NCIS, still wish I could work for Gibbs, and have spent most of my summer and fall writing this story. I started posting in November of 2007, and was amazed at the positive response to each chapter as I posted it.

It's now late January, 2008, and I posted the final chapter a few days ago. All I can say is, WOW. You've all been so great, and so appreciative. I have started another novel, but I won't post any of it until it's virtually finished, because like most of you, I can't handle it when a writer spins a long, involved and engrossing story that never gets finished. So look for me back here later in the year with my next epic, "One Less." Until then, keep reading and reviewing. We all like to hear how we're doing.


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