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Greetings from Alderaan...or Cardassia Prime. Whichever you prefer.

Well, here's a basic profile of me...yaddah...

Real Name: Can I get back to you on that?

Date Of Birth: July 9, 1988

Place of Residence: Somewhere in the Canadian west coast, yep.

Hobbies & Interests: Computers, Digimon Star Trek: TNG and DS9 and Voyager to some extent, Digimon, computers, WW2 history, reading WW2 novels (some novels), the Dominion War, Star Wars, the history of war (I swear I'm not a warmongering person, though), Iron Chef, cooking, writing, acting and definitely computers.

Favourite Digimon Character: Tai, Matt, Joe, Willis, Davis, Takato, Henry, Rika, Ryo, Kazu, Takuya, Koji, Kouichi, JP

Favourite Digimon: Whatzhisface-mon...I'll think of something.

Favourite Starfleet Captain: Captain Izzy--because he's the only one who willingly breaks the Prime Directive

Favourite Starfleet Officer: Lieutenant Ryo--because he's the best there is!

Err...yeah, I seem to be choosing the DTK characters here. Well, if it had to be another officer, I'd definitely say Starfleet's most memorable android, Data.

Stuff about me:

Basically, I'm a guy from Vancouver, who leads a pretty normal life. I like computers a lot, as well as sci-fi, and Digimon's pretty much the only anime I religiously followed. My favourite season of Digimon would have to be a tie between Tamers and Frontier. I really liked Tamers for its technological approach towards Digimon, though it may have confused some of the younger viewers, when the Monster Makers started talking about algorithms and quantum bubbles. Plus, Mr. Yamaki when he was still Anti-Digimon also reminds me of Agent Smith. I also like Frontier a lot for its lighter-hearted approach, which brings back fond memories from the original Digimon Adventure, back when we were following the adventures (no pun intended) of Tai, Matt and co.

For Star Trek, my favourite would definitely have to be The Next Generation. I found DS9's stories, while some were dry and boring, to be thought out and consistent. I particularly liked its Dominion War stories, and if I had to choose my favourite series finale, it would have to be DS9's. It was the one that gave me the most sense of closure and finality. TOS had no finale...well, not counting "The Undiscovered Country," TNG's finale was well-done, but gave you a "continuing on..." feeling. Voyager's finale, while it was good, seemed rather rushed. DS9's I liked the most, especially towards the end when they showed flashbacks of some of the character's experiences over the course of seven seasons.

Moving on, I recently started watching "Codename: Kids Next Door." Though it seems like the series is geared more towards a younger audience, I find myself enjoying the show. It brings back nostalgic memories of when I was 10 (when I was a total undisciplined brat and hated school, etc.). Plus, I also like the way the episode titles are Operation: ... and then followed by a word, that's actually an acronym. And, about that little side-note there, I'm not saying I love school now. Let's just say, I like it more now than I did back when I was 10.

Moving on again, I write mostly DTK now, but I'm slowly planning on writing new installments of "Evening News with the DigiDestined" as well as finishing up "Izumi's Midsummer Nightmare." I'm also thinking of continuing other fanfic projects I've put on hiatus for so long. But, my longest-running project has to be Digi-Trek Koushiro (DTK), which has been "in-production" for 2 years and begins its third season next spring.

Anyways, if you're new to my fics, here's a basic heads-up of my current project, DTK.


This crossover series of Star Trek (TNG universe) and Digimon follows the escapades of the crew of the almost legendary starship Koushiro; a Galaxy-class ship in command of the 7th Fleet Reserve Reserve. With the foul-mouthed and obnoxious Captain Izzy Izumi in command, the Koushiro travels through the galaxy, trying to keep the peace, since some sort of conflict breaks out all the time.

However, due to Izzy's incompetence and lack of good command skills, getting the job done takes longer. In spite of this, the job still gets done thanks for the tireless work of Izzy's first officer, Commander Henry Wok, and Izzy's Tactical Officer/Chief of Security, Lieutenant Ryo Akiyama...but, they couldn't have done it without the help of the Koushiro's staff, of which all are kids part of the Young Starfleet Officers Accelerated Training Program--all of which the kids from all the Digimon seasons are part of--with the exception of a couple of kids, though.

With their multi-mission Galaxy-class starship ready to go, the crew of the Koushiro set out into space, to boldly go...and break the Prime Directive, like no one has done before.

DTK's Ken-Dominion saga has recently ended, and...I'm now in the process of thinking up a new long-term storyline for the ship and crew. Nevertheless, new episodes will keep getting posted up...whenever I get around to them.

Other projects on-hiatus I'm seriously considering reviving:

Evening News With the DigiDestined

Like the title says, it's the evening news...with the DigiDestined! Follow the DDs as they bring you the most up-to-date news in Real World and Digital World affairs, internal political shakeups, and whatnot.

Izumi's Midsummer Nightmare!

A parody of William Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Watch the Digi-crew (mainly 03 and 04, I think) act out their version of the Shakespearean classic, with odd cast appointments such as Grumblemon as Puck and JP and Koji as Demetrius and Lysander respectively, along with Takuya as the disgruntled father, Egeus.

Well, that's about it...if ye ever have any questions, or whatever, don't hesitate to e-mail me at maniacalmatt[at]

Curse those address-collecting bots...

Quote of the Week:

"Well, Iā€¦there has to be a perfectly logical explanation. I refuse to believe I have been following a Solid for all these episodes." - Weyoun, DTK

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