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Yea!! New icon it's Ryokou from 'KB Stars Double Crossed' She's so cuuuute and I'm so happy with the way she came out.

Who am I? I’m Jean Valjean! Okay, maybe only on the third Tuesday of each month…The rest of the time I'm a madwoman.

For the most part my pairings are het...but there are some other arrangements that make sense to least one I've written briefly about in 'KB Stars Double Crossed.'

I really have to get back to 'KB Sakura's Story' (T_T) ... There are characters who haven't even been introduced there who've been popping up in 'KB Stars Double Crossed.' And one of them is going to need a fair amount of explanation soon...and the proper place is with Sakura.

Konoha Babylon stories are intended to be internally consistant - pairings & next generation characters. Sooner or later all the sub stories will intersect and become one easier to track (I hope) story. Unfortunately recent events in the Naruto manga Have forced my hand blatantly into the 'alternate universe''s one thing when you write them in before they's another to keep them as an active part of your story telling. Oh well...c'est la vie...or is it c'est la mort in this case? Hmmmm.

Anything else I write will be subject to whim, crack idea or lord knows what...

I also Try to keep my 'KB' stories within the realms of what is currently established in Kishimoto-sama's world... no sport cars, moon rockets and school uniforms...except in end credits...when mine roll maybe they'll be there.

ladyviolathornhaven is my Beta - She's as crazy as I am, but in her own delightful way...and she's moderately bribeable.

Other Story Ideas that I might choose to act on:

Konoha Babylon: Sundays - Neji learns more about his father's adventures from Hizashi's old teammate Noboru. (Sequel to 'KB:Hokage's Request')

Konoha Babylon: Flawed - Can a girl created solely to become the next link in a powerful chain find her own worth when her father considers her to be a failed experiment and her grandfather thinks she's a monstrosity.

And for some reason I have the urge to write some tales involving the members of the original team Ino-Shika-Chou.

And at least one more M-rated re-visit of one of my upcoming Stars Double Crossed moments.

Anime Faves: Naruto/Shippuden, Azumanga Daioh, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fushigi Yuugi, Battle Athletes, Pokemon (I’m sorry but it can make me smile when I’m out on a sick day from work) and the insane School Rumble. (Although I've watched a lot of stuff)

Manga Faves: Naruto, Yotsuba, XXXholic, Ouran Host Club, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Red River, Skip Beat and the hysterical Yakitate JaPan. (Although I read a lot of stuff)

Character Male Faves: Hotohori, Chichiri & Tatsuki (Fushigi Yuugi), Kakashi, Kabuto, & one other who I will not name for I’ve been writing a lot about him and will be posting in the future it’ll be obvious…trust me- and no it's not Neji, nor does his name begin with the letter 'K'. (Naruto), Kusanagi (Blue Seed), Tuxedo Kamen(Sailor Moon), Renji, Urahara, Toushirou & Uryu (Bleach), Harima (School Rumble), Haruka (Tactics)

Music: I am totally eclectic, my mix can go from Anime songs, to Showtunes to Pop to Goth to Country to Rock to New Age to Classical at the whim of randomization…I love it.

I draw as well. (So does my Beta in fact she's started a Rambling Blind Sasuke site on DeviantArt.)

I’ve actually been posting on DeviantArt. Here we go:

Rambling Blind Sasuke (from 'I have no eyes but I've seen the light')

The beginning of 'Konoha Babylon: The Hokage's Request'

From 'Konoha Babylon: The Hokage's Request' and other short appearences(so far) - my OC -Satou Chisa

From 'Konoha Babylon: The Hokage's Request' and other short appearences - my OC-Matsumura Arika

From 'Konoha Babylon: Stars Double Crossed' - my OC -Barahanataba

Ino making a comment to her Penalty Date (from the last chapter of 'Konoha Babylon: The Hokage's Request'

There are also a coulple of other Naruto & Bleach pieces there. In particular my Happy Birthday comics that I'm proud of. I try to Improve every time I draw something.

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