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Okay, here goes. I'm new to fan fiction, and a huge Daredevil fan, which means that I'm basically only going to write stories belonging in that fandom, at least as far as I know now. I'm pretty sure I can't write action stories, and I'm probably not very good at crime either, so most of what you will be reading from me will be Matt Murdock out of costume, although that might change. I enjoy writing comedy, but am currently (February 2008) working on a longer story about Matt and Foggy in college which will have more of a serious tone than some of my previous fics. There will probably be funny moments as well, how can there not be?, but the overall story is more of a drama piece.

When it comes to writing the characters, I'm very particular about sticking to accepted canon, and only adding new information when comic book history draws a blank. As for writing Matt's senses, I try to adhere to the original four heightened senses + radar (not a combination of his other senses, though what it is exactly remains unknown), without going overboard, and pushing them to ridiculous extremes (such as violating the laws of physics).

When it comes to the origin story, I tend to subscribe to a mix between the original, that is that Matt's father dies while he's in college (or law school), and the later addition of Stick being the one to help him work out his senses. In the original origin story from the 1960's, Matt is fifteen when he has that fateful accident which is restated in some other places as well. I used to think that MWOF reduced his age, but since I got the Frank Miller Omnibus Companion I've learned that it only looks that way. In my own little DD universe, Matt had his accident during the spring of his last year of junior high. I kind of have to decide these things so that all my fics actually stick to the same version. A little nuts, I know. LOL

Okay, that's all you need to know. Please read and review. Oh, and I should add that English is not my native language. If I'm doing my job right, that shouldn't be noticeable, but if I mess up somewhere, feel free to let me know. I won't take offense.

UPDATE (05/21/2008): If anyone is wondering how Lost and Found (my college fic) is coming along, here is some info. Chapters 1 and 2 are finished, chapters 3 and 6 are basically finished except for some minor details. I need a better ending for chapter 3 and the dialogue in chapter 6 needs to be revised. Chapters 4 and 5 are half-finished (I wrote them, they just need some fairly extensive revisions, and some things need to be changed around). Chapter 7 is plotted out in my head, but needs to be put down on paper. That will have to wait until I finish the previous chapters. I want to completely finish the first eight chapters before I start posting individual chapters and I probably won't add everything all at once. Since I can't stick to my own deadlines, I won't make any promises for when I'll reach this goal, but three weeks from now sounds realistic and I might even get it done before then, now that Perspectives is out of my system. I also harbor dreams of writing a proper in-continuity Daredevil novel one of these days. But, that will have to wait.

UPDATE (06/09/2008): Wow, the above non-deadline looks like one I might actually stick to. I will publish the first two chapters of Lost and Found on Wednesday June 11. Yes, that's a promise. After that, I'll post a chapter once a week even though I have ten chapters completed. That might seem cruel (assuming that people want to read them, that is), but that will give me plenty of time to finish the whole thing without major breaks. I've already hit the 30,000 word mark, so this is a very long story which I've so far loved writing. I hope that shows and that the characters will feel true to themselves despite the very non-superhero - but 100 percent canon compatible - setting.

UPDATE (12/26/08): As you may know (if you follow my stuff), I finished Lost and Found. I will keep churning out fics to post here, but you may be interested to know that I also post to the Theatrical Muse community on LiveJournal with a Matt Murdock pup (or character). The link to the site for this character is

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