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04-10-2009 ..Totally ignore the fact that the last time I updated something was practically a year ago. A lot of things happened. Got myself put into the ER three times, began writing something that I'll eventually publish, ..actually had to work to pass certain classes (By pass I mean get a hundred average, my parents are.. kind of demanding), find a job (still in the process of just that), and everything else that makes up my life. Cosplay is in there somewhere, too. Looking back on my writing, I'm kind of shocked at how bad it actually was. ..So yeah. Maybe I won't be as scatter-brained with my writing anymore. AHAHAH.. yeah right. That'll be the apocalypse if that happens. In any case, please feel free to bash my head with a keyboard until the sad excuse I call a brain comes gushing out.

And every single day
A part of my soul is fading
But now, by letting go somehow
Unshackled and unbound
Im calling out your name, I'm fading
So save me from what I've become

Artist: Decyfer Down Song: Fading

It's a good song. Reminds me of my friend that had his life taken over by drugs. FUCKDRUGS, mayn.

About Me_

Name's Trisha, well actually no that's just my nickname, but if you really want to live to see another day than you'll just call me that. Miss V, Miss Twisted, and Trish are also accepted. ;p

My Love_

PM's! (Not PMS, 'cause that's just a bitch.) I have to admit, some of you guys make me literally 'ROFL'.

Strawberry Pocky.

Mindless Self Indulgence, Maximum the Hormone, ATB, Senses Fail, L'Arc~En~Ciel, Breaking Benjamin, The GazettE, Alice Nine, Luna Sea, Gackt, Skillet, Escape The Fate.. And about a thousand other bands out there..

Drawing. Doodling, basically anything art-related.

Books. Fanfiction.

Angst-y types of writing.

Sunglasses, jewelry, caps.

Gel pens, especially the ones that are multi-colored.

Explosives. (They're cool, okay?) Abandoned houses too, seeing as I take an opportunity to explore them with my friends. At night.. when everyone's sleeping. Ahah..?

Butterflies are also little beauties. (I like them when they're dead, though. Thank-you-very-much.)

Reviews and constructive criticism.

Yep, they're just your average things. Lawls.

My source of loathing_

Labels. (You know, the ones that society almost automatically slaps on you?)

Bugs and insects in general.

Snakes, (..and any other reptile other than a turtle or komodo dragon.)

Chain letters that tell you to do something because someone will kill you if you do otherwise.

Liars, scammers, and cheaters. (They're basically in the same category.)

Pompous bastards. Seriously, you're not that 'freakin hot.

Edward Cullen. (I do like the books though, it's just that Stephenie Meyer makes him seem like a god or something. He's not. Might I also remind you he is just a fictional character? Did I ever tell you someone told me off in Barnes and Noble because--let me quote her--"He's like, freaking hawttt, how could you like, not love Eddie? Are you mental?" I was very displeased. I'll tell you another thing, she was lucky that book shelf wouldn't budge. But really I'm not saying I don't enjoy the books, it's just.. just too perfect for my taste. Don't bash me. 'Mmkay?)

..and then we have what I hate the most. People who talk while they're in the process of chewing they're food. All I can say is, I have a stapler. I'm not afraid to use it.

My Favorite Movies_

Underworld. The sequel, too.

Ghost Rider.


Kill Bill.

Sweeney Todd.

V for Vendetta.


The Little Mermaid. (It's a 'freakin classic, man.)

My Favorite Books_

The Twilight Series.

Wicked Lovely.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Harry Potter Series.

Just Listen.

Wicked Series.

Masquerade, part of the blue blood novels series.

Sleeping Freshman Never Lie.

Demon in My View.



Cage of Stars.

..and a hell lot of other books that I can't remember. XD

My Randomness_

Guitar hero+Pajamas=Love.

I reside in New York.

I've got magical abilities that enable me to trip over everything, including myself.

I can break almost anything without any effort what-so-ever. (I've even broken an unbreakable comb, by accident.)

Shiny things are distracting.

I can be the loudest and quietest person in the room.


I, surprisingly enough, have a life. Though I've spent most of it on the computer.

Shower time is my singing time.

Water is better than anything else you could drink.

Multi-tasking is not one of my abilities, sadly..

High heels are my enemy. (I'm talking about the one that are thin and can poke somene's eye out, mind you.)

I think more than the average person.. or do I? 0;

I'm bilingual. Rawr.

I'm.. slightly sadistic. (It started around the age of seven or eight, I believe. A kid was drowning 'cause of something I did, and I found it most amusing. What do I have to back that up? SHIT HAPPENS. ;3;)



Roses are blonde and violets are red: Editing chapter tres.

Untitled:...Uh, yeaaah. About that.. You're 'gonna kill me for this but, I'm rewriting it. -Runs away from angry mobs-

Nothing to be afraid of, right: DELETE. DELETE. DELETE.

Demoltion lovers: Next chapter being edited & first chapter being edited.

Yukidoke: I've become obsessed with Loveless, again. (For like the fifth time..?) So you may see this updated. Just maybe.

The City is at War: ...

Stories to come:

We're not falling in love; Just falling apart - Interconnected with 'The City is at War', from the POV of Axel and Roxas. AkuRoku. AU. Crime. Character Death. (Lovely.. isn't it?)

The Halo Effect

Your Love is My Heart Disease- RikuSora. AU. Sora.. Riku's besfriend. He's always been there for him, no matter the circumstances. But now, Sora's been diagnosed with something incurable. Will Riku be there for him? Or.. will he not be able to cope with the fact that Sora may die? Major Angst.

There She Goes Again- Minor: KaiRoku. Main: SelKai, AkuRoku. Wedding bells are ringing, but why is the bride running away from the church?

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