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Thank you to those people who voted for me in the 4th Annual Kim Possible Fan Fiction Awards (The Fannies). I am deeply honored!

Pretend you are browsing in your favorite bookstore looking for new reading material and you notice a very thick looking volume by a first time author. It is very reasonably priced (8-), but a story that exceeds two hundred thousand words naturally causes some trepidation, so you flip the book over and see the following reviews on the back cover:

CajunBear73: "I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first production posted on this site. From your first introductory chapter of Kim and Ron dancing all over the place from denial to exploration of their feelings for each other, to the final after-action-report of the Diablo mission and their history together, it was quite the journey those two made to reveal that they loved each other very much.”

David R. Genrich: “Sir, you produce the finest Kim/Ron dialogue that I have ever read.”

Earl Allison: I don't think anything I can say would do this epic the justice it deserves. It fit so well into the KP-universe, taking such pains not to go against canon, that I am simply amazed."

Laura Crossing: "You have done an incredible job of expressing all the unspoken emotions between Kim and Ron with dialogue, descriptive body language and interjecting private thoughts."

Motorized-Sasquatch: “It’s the mark of good writing when you sort of know what's going to happen next, but the words on the page are so powerful that you forget it for a moment.”

MrDrP: “I can place it among the best KP fan fics on this site. This story had it all: a complex and compelling plot, characters I cared about, humor at all the right moments, romance, action, and some very enjoyable cliffhangers.”

Mr. Wizard: “I believe this is the best wrap up of the Night of the Diablos that I have read. Wonderful summation of their preceding lives up to that point. You make a great case as to why they got together, and to some of us the more important argument that they would stay together.”

Noncynic: “You did very well fitting your story into Canon. You did extremely well depicting the characters as more realistic then the show did, with it’s necessary limitations.”

Rye.Bread: "This story incorporates Season 4 material-but it surpasses the dumbed-down Season 4 Ron on so many levels. This is profound stuff. This is human characterization on almost on a Shakespearean level... Kim's heroine status is not compromised to make Ron look more impressive. Ron is not cheapened for humor's sake."

Screaming Phoenix: “This is what Fan Fiction is all about. This is why it exists and why if it didn’t it would have to be invented. No show, no matter how well intentioned, could show the passion, the rich characterizations, and the attention to detail that this has.”

ShadowBlade989: “I gotta say, this story was absolutely amazing. By far one of the best I've read on this site. Especially the way you managed to tie everything in with STD.”

Slipgate: "One of the happiest and most wonderful bits of Kim and Ron pairing I've ever read."

Unwrittenaria: "Easily some of the best Kim Ron banter in the whole site. Everything builds up to an unbelievable climax. Can't be recommended enough. It also 'fits' into canon rather seamlessly, which given the nature of the crossover elements is definitely praiseworthy."

If you decide to take a chance on this story, I hope you find the time well spent. Examples of other stories by me can be found here.

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Three weeks after "Emotion Sickness" and three weeks before "So The Drama" Kim and Ron go on a mission unlike any other. The world's only Kim Possible/Gilmore Girls/Cthulhu Mythos Crossover is now complete.
Kim Possible - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 28 - Words: 194,593 - Reviews: 475 - Favs: 179 - Follows: 89 - Updated: 1/24/2009 - Published: 3/28/2008 - Kim P., Ron S. - Complete