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No I'm not really a rapist it's a joke, but we'll get to that in a minute. You can call me Spencer or Spenc or Hey you Douchebag, just kidding on that last one I hear that enough from Izzy. She's been on me to get an account here so I'm finally giving in. I've been in to this thing called Fan Fiction since I stole one of Izzy's notebooks and read some of her stuff. It was almost worth the geography lesson I got afterwards. ~ flashback~

"Spencer is that my green book?"

"Why yes it is."

"Gimmie it"


"Hey Spenc what's the capitol of Thiland?"




I shudder to think about it. In retrospect I should have seen it comming the girl is EVIL. Ok so less about her and more about me. As mentioned call me Spencer or Spenc, only my grandparents get away with calling my by my first name. I have a twin Isabelle (BellaDonnaSpencer) I'm sure you've seen her about. My hobbies include FanFiction, I guess thats a given, and collecting Tshirts. Which brings me to my pen name. I have this Tshirt with all the Cereal Characters, Cpt Crunch , the trix rabbit, ect all roped and gaged on the front and you can see this menaceing shadow falling over them with Cereal Rapist across the bottom. I hope to have something posted soon so be on the look out.

Random Funny Link Not exactly a song for the kids but my sister nearly pissed herself laughing.

Everybody seems to have funny little random things on their profile so I give you One Of The Many Times Our Mother Freaked

Mother: "I just don't understand how your father and I managed to raise two such UnGodly creatures just what were you thinking?"

Me: "Before we knocked the racoon out or after we stuffed it in the bathroom?"

Mother: "BOTH!"

Izzy: "Well before it was "Hey how funny would it be to knock that racoon out and sutff it in the bathroom on the bus. After was WOW! It WAS funny to knock that racoon out and stuff it in the bathroom."

Dad: "You know Honey, I think you may have had a little too much Communion wine when you were pregnant."

Now Lets do some quotes.

Izzy: (yelling at the tv) "Oh come on any idiot knows the TIE stands for Twin Ion Engin."

The guy who dumped her: "I'm sorry. (stands up) I can't date a girl who knows that much about Star Wars."

" The sun never sets on those who ride in to it." Shock Treatment.

" FLEE FAT ASS! FLEE!" Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

" Junior your mental retardation dosn't count as a handicap." Jimbo. Lonestar State of Mind.

Izzy: "Hey Spenc, if you have sex with a vampire is it considered necrophilia?"

Izzy: "What is it with guys always wanting to sleep with cheerleaders? Is it some deeply repressed desire to screw a vegtable but you're afraid that if you get caught with your Mr. Happy is a bowl of mashed potatoes you will become a social outcast?"

Sin: "IzzyCat are you drunk?"

Izzy: "Well...Yeah..but that dosn't make the question any less valid."


Well here I am all nice and graduated, strange isn't a college degree supost to make you feel more mature? Guess they were wrong about that one. So I've packed my bags. I've got my plane ticket in my carry on and I've got a twin flipping out at the idea that we're going to be on complete opposit sides of the globe. I had hoped to get the last chapter of "The Prank That Never Ends" up but I got busy and didn't. So I guess you'll just have to bear with me and wait just a bit longer.


In an effort to cheer my sister up I took her OC's Darkcloud and Silvershot out to play. The result. Sittin at a bar. It took me a while to land on that title I was going to call it "Hey Izzy Look At Me!" then it kinda hit me. When she cooks she sings this song by Rehab called...Yep you guessed it Sittin at a bar. And the rest is history..

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