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Hello. Take a look around and let me know if you like what you see.

Thanks to those users that have supported me:

Tristan-the-dreamer for reviewing my stories, supporting my stories and giving me ideas, and for writing great Victor fics. Also for being one of my first friends on here. (Ah, a million and 2 thank you's to this great person!)

Let me tell you more about Tris. She is... Oh, she's frikin' amazing. She has read like... All my stories, she's supportive, she's an amazing writer and she does what she loves! She's an awesome friend and she rocks! I can't find words to describe my thanks to you Tris; you do so much for me! And it's true; not many people like me. To be able to make friends online that you can lean on; it's a miracle. It sucks that she's offline so often, but I understand her situation. When she comes back, I will have to thank her three million times and a half!

And I am glad that you admire me, Tris... It means so very, very much. I couldn't do this without you. All I can say is thanks. I hope I am able to keep inspiring and striking interest and pain (in a good way) into the hearts of my readers, and I will not give up. For taking time out of your day to take the floor on my behalf, it's... Awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!

Ahem... Anyway.

The Nameless Merdog, who has reviewed many of my stories and many of their individual chapters. Though her reviews are breif, they encourage me to write better. For talking to me too! We share many similarities which is cool!

Kyogou for replying to the reviews I sent and for being another one of my first fanfiction.net friends. She has a new name now though, I can't remember...

Legacy Now for faving my work, chatting with me, and reviewing my TC westerns. Also for being supportive and a friend!

Misa for reviewing my Rinken's Wrath throughout the whole story and for faving my work!

TCGeek, Crazy Girl Person, and In The Beginning for writing great fics for Trauma Center and for inspiring me to write better!

And TCGeek for reviewing my work! It means so very much!

Thanks everyone!


Trauma Center Neko Saga: Complete. It is My Victor's Impenetrable Bond, Life in the Neko Tribe, and Rinken's Wrath combined! That's why it's... So long. Anyway, I will accept reviews but will not be changing my story in any way. I want to learn from my mistakes and take responsibility for them. Critique is encouraged, and know I will take it all into consideration, but I will not be changing any part of it.

(There are many typos I tried to fix, but fanfiction.net refuses to take my corrections. If you need any help, and if you will please bear with this typos, that'd be great. PM me if you have any problems at all.)

Stigma Rodeo: Status complete because it was a oneshot!

The Wild, Wild West: Status: In-progress. Again, no predicted length. I am having so much fun with this!

An Inaudible Cry for Help--Status: In progress. No predicted length.

You Deserved Her--Status: Complete, another oneshot, yay! And it was a pairing fic, and also a challenge fic. Deathfic too... All bundled into one! But it's already got reviews, so that's awesome.

Immortal--Status: Complete. It was a challenge fic, my second pairing fic, a deathfic, and a oneshot! It was so, so hard to write... but I like how it turned out. I am biting my fingernails, hoping I didn't ruin someone's life by posting it.

Tragic Partings--Status: Complete! Oneshot deathfic pairing fic DerekxAngie for TCGeek! It said it was rated M but it was supposed to be teen. It's teen because of the violence... But it's really not THAT bad. You have been warned though! (Sorry Merdog! I fixed it!)

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Reclusive Researcher Meets the Brown Recluse reviews
Victor loved spiders. But he wouldn't be so fond of them after a most unfortunate encounter with this one.
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Its very existence opposed everything Derek had learned in medical school. It was to be hidden from the world because its existence opposed the ethics of American society. But to Derek there was something compelling about them; about her.
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