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I have now decided that I am hopeless. Countless times I have come to this fanfiction site and stared at my main two stories 'Death isn't my style' and 'Guardians of the planet' and been discussed. You see, I started both of these stories so many years ago, four or five I believe. I can't even continue to be completely proud of them. They are both filled rim to rim with spelling and grammatical errors. Today I came and thought about updating, but I just couldn't. The only two options I have left for them now are to either Give up and trash them, or take them down and revamp them. I'm leaning on the second one. After all, they still do both hold a dear place in my heart.

However, I'm facing a second problem. Every time I write fanfiction I feel a bit of guilt for writing using someone else’s characters. As an author myself (I don't post my real stories on the web) I know the emotional attachment one develops to their characters. I feel like I've stolen characters that are not mine and re-designed them, which is not really fair.

But that doesn't mean I'm quitting. I'm working on redoing Death isn't my style. I'm going to correct some plot holes, grammar, spelling, basically EVERYTHING. Also I'm going back to take out to cheesy bits, and the bits that don't match up to certain characters. Also, I plan to make Elena sound less whiny, lol.

Send me an e-mail if you have any comments or idea. I'm generally a social person, so I am always open to have a conversations.


Denise Gow

--Ok, now the original bio--

Name: Leea_Silver (Duh)

Age: 17

Gender: Female!

Birthday: January 12, 1988.

Location: Canada.

Nationality: Canadian (:P Yes, I own a pet beaver, lol, just kidding. Those things are vicious)

Writing style: Everything. but my favorite category is Fantasy.

Interests: Oh my... Ok, here are all the things I am a fangirl of:

Games: FF1, FF2, FF4,FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF10-2, Kingdom Hearts, FF tactics advanced, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Baten Kaitos, Shaman King wolf, Hack Sign, Dark Cloud 1, Dark cloud 2, Lost Kingdoms, Sims2, Fire Emblem:P

Anime: Inyuhasa (probally spelt wrong) Advatar, Advant Children, Hamtaro, Hack Sign, Gundam Wing, well.. I could go on forever..

Manga: Chobits, Hack Sign, Crescent Moon, Inusha (again, spelt wrong) Love Hina, Shokoden, Tsubia, XXXacholic, Narato, One piece, Shaman king, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many more.

Enjoy my writing. The more reviews I get the more I write. Oh! And please e-mail me, I love getting e-mails.

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