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I changed my plan of having Kyo remember Tohru. BECAUSE remember Tohru asking Hatori to make sure Kyo DIDN'T remember!??!?! Yeah... I thought so. So, that's basically it. KEEP READING!!!


Okay, I officially started a new story called: When Your Heart Goes Missing. It's rated "T" and I hope to really get it going. I'll try to update Here In My Arms soon... mmkay? But, please read and review my new story.

BTW: it's a Furuba fan fic!

Alrighty then.

Just so yah all know: I'm NOT telling you anything IMPORTANT about myself. BUT: I will tell you other things... mmmmkay?

Hi. My first name is Fenna. Last name: NOT GOING TO TELL YOU!!! So, get over it. But you CAN contact me, via either email:


Or, AIM:


I'm only able to access them on the weekends. So, if you email me during the week, don't expect to get a reply until at least Saturday. Mmmmkay?

Alright. My favorite color is green. Which happens to be my eye color! They're reeeeally green - like almost lime green. They're weird. I hate them / sometimes love them.

I'm short. I'm only 5'3", and I hate it! (Gosh I hate a lot of things don't I? lol.)

I have six brothers and sisters: Erica, Marlee, Lindsey, Marianne, Alexander, and Liam. they are constantly bugging the hell out of me, myself being the oldest. Ahh the weight of responsiblity... I hate it. GOD.


I'm 18 years old, and my Hometown is: Bremerton, WA. But I DON'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE SO GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND ME!!!

I'm sorry. I seem paranoid don't I? Well, that's because I kinda am. But not that much.

Alright, I LOVE manga. I just got into it though which you can tsk tsk me all you want. I hate myself for it enough. I don't have that much money for me, and my mom won't give me money unless it's an emergency, so, you can tell that she won't buy me my manga's... poo... Well, my ALL TIME FAVORITE is:

Fruits Basket!!!! It was the first one my friend Shawna ever got me to read. Next was: Ouran High School Host Club, Absolute Boyfriend, the fourth and final is: Full Moon wo Sagashite. I haven't had the chance the read as many as I'd like to, since Shawna is so DAMN PORTECTIVE OF HER MANGAS. (She thinks I'll ruin them. HAH as if.) So, I really just go by her recomendations. And besides: I can't get them ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Arrgghhh...

I also read 'word' books, as Shawna calls them. I L-O-V-E Twilight, and Maximum Ride. Those are probably my favorites, and I have others, but no one writes good fan fictions for them... poo...

So, yeah.

I'm currently working on a Fruits Basket fan fic: Here In My Arms. Here's the summary for what's happened in the 15 chapters I have up so far... (It's more like a synopsis... but whatever...)

SET AFTER 12TH VOLUME: and that's all I'm going to say about the story. If you're interested and want to read more: THEN DO IT!!! And don't forget to review! It makes me happy! god, I'm mean, not telling you a single thing! HAHA.

I actually just started a NEW fanfic for Furuba as well, called, When Your Heart Goes Missing. I like it so far, and it seems a lot of people like it as well! Thanks reviewers!

I'll give some shouts to them:

Daninator who reviewed for all of my three chapters! I like to see other people besides myself who do that!

Kyonkichi-san who also reviewed for each chapter! Thanks!

Autumn Scorpia who is one of my bff's ever! OH! And go to her profile and read her stories too! Her new Furuba one is really good.

Lynette-san who also reviewed for each chapter! Thanks!

(WOW! That's a lot of every-chapter-reviewers! I fell so loved!)

There's more but I'm too lazy to put them here right now. I'll get to it eventually. So don't feel offended if your not up there. You will be... eventually... Heh.

Alrighty. Let's talk some more, shall we? (I'm amazed you read this far! I must be important!) So, let me annoy you with my all time favorite things!

1. Dots (the candy) and Snow Caps! OH!!! And 100 Grands! OH! and Razzles! (God I love candy...) XD

2. Thunderstorms! I love the rain! And I want to be kissed in it! Like... AH!! The Notebook! I heart that movie... ((sigh))

3. The words "ack" and "ick" and "heh" and "EH?!?!?". I use them too much.

4. HOTTIES!!! Like this kid in my health class! Alex... ((drools obscenely)) He's H-O-T-T!!!

5. Books! And Manga! And Anime! And... something else...

6. Tennis! I can play too! I'm very proud of my undefeated season as 1st Singles on my school's team! GO MEEEEEEEEE!!!

7. Lists. I heart making lists. I make them for EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING!!!

8. Shoes!!!! They're shoes, I'm a girl, do the math!

More of this later!

Now! For things I hate!!!!!!!!!!

1. Peanuts in chocolate. Ick.

2. Golf. I have tried to play and I CAN'T DO IT! And besides, on TV? SNOREFEST!!!


(You're not getting rid of me thay easily!)


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