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Bio of Lisa


I should start this by saying hello to every pathetic person who reads this. My name is Lisa which you should obviously already know. I’m only 13, but I’m very mature for my age. I’m a girl, and have brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m very short if you consider 5’ 4’’ to be short. I currently live in Port. St. Lucie, Florida, which is the most boring city in the world. I used to live in Miami, and plan to move there again someday. I have the biggest ego, am very arrogant, have short patience and temper, and I have an attitude but who ever said that was a bad thing? I love writing, and playing soccer, and my greatest pastime is singing. My absolute best dream is to become a singer, and then retire to become a best selling world-wide famous author.

Favorite Anime

Anyway, I love all type of anime, but my all time favorite is DragonBallZ. I collect the magna, magazines, (Beckett DBZ), and every single tape that comes out. In fact, I have about 55 tapes in my collection. In my room, I have a Vegeta poster, and a DBZ quilt that has Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Frieza on it. As you can tell, I’m very obsessed. Yu Yu Hakusho is an awesome anime, and I really love the plot. But DBZ's better. *smirks*

My Fanfics

I have 24 fanfics, which are all various genres. My favorite genre to write is angst. Who could survive without the angsty goodness of a great read? The genres I have written are as follows; Angst, action/adventure, drama, humor, horror, and romance. I’ve written one romance fanfic, four action/adventure fanfics, four drama ones, two poems, four humor, and ten angst fics. My fics mostly center around my two favorite characters, Goku and Vegeta. My favorite story of mine has to be ‘Shades Of Danger’.

Favorite Characters of all time

Goku and Vegeta are merely the best characters of the whole entire series. Period. Being the last two saiyans, they have a lot of power, pride, and strength. Goku is the hero-type, happy-go-lucky, slow and smart, a martial arts master, and the main character, while Vegeta is a villian/good guy who has the biggest ego, is a master at fighting, and has grown so much. Apart they can be defeated, but together their unconquerable. They are best friends, and the biggest rivals. Their two of a kind, and the strongest fighters in the universe. My love for them will never stop, and they’ve just simply always been cool.

My Best Friends

I have many best friends, but only a few come to mind when I write this section. I first need to start this, with a great DBZ fanfiction writer, a fun friend, and a wonderful web mistress. Her name is Kaz Valkyrie. She’s always been there for me, through thick and thin. Always e-mailing me, introducing me to a mailing list called DBZHQ, and giving me advice and reviewing most of my fanfics. She’s always been supportive, and words can never explain how much that means to me. Thanks so much Kaz... you’re awesome.

Brittney/The Brat. The ‘best friend’ anyone could ever have. Even though we always fight, and I always taunt you, you know me the best out of anyone. Even though you know all my faults, you like me for who I am anyway. Brat, I can’t explain how much you... don’t mean to me. You’re a pathetic, stupid brat, who is a weakling and a coward. You’d honestly think I’d waste a shout out to you and it’d be nice? You’re crazy... Lylas, brat.

And last, but certainly not least, my twin sister, Gina. She is my best friend, and I love her so much. I care about no one more than you, and I’ll always be there for you the way you’d be there for me. Just like Kakarot and Vegeta, (*coughs*) we’re the best of friends, the worst of enemies, and the biggest of rivals. I’ll beat you some day... I promise that. I’ll never give up, and I’ll surpass you one way or the other. You can count on that.

Spotlight on fics:

“You will never defy me again!” The steel table smashed onto his body with strength that was far too great for him to withstand. His thirteen-year-old body shook in response as the bruises imprinted across his back throbbed and burned against his insides. He had little time to stand on his feet before the cold, thick white tail coiled itself around his ankles and spun him around with superhuman speed, forcing him into miserable nausea. Blackness overcame his sight and the last he remembered before he passed out was crashing against the twisted and broken steel table and turning his head to see a slow trickle of blood initiated by one of the table legs that had pierced through his left shoulder.

This is a small excerpt of one of my most favorite fanfics. It's called 'Tramatized', and it's by the very talented author by the name of Stef-chan. It's a B/V A/U and the main genres are Drama and Romance. Don't get that fooled, there's plenty of action and an extreme load of angst. The whole fic takes place in Vegeta-sei. Trust me, this may seem like every other B/V A/U, but your mistaken! The plot is unique and with a twist!

When Vegeta is abused for twenty years by both his father and Frieza, he develops split personalities. Will Bulma be able to break through this trauma and teach him how to love?

Sounds awesome, huh? Give it a chance! You'll fall in love with it!

Fics on hiatus:

Pay Attention- Hey, I love this fic as much as my reviewers do, but I just don’t feel inspired to work on it right now.

Camp Out- The excuse for this, is that I simply haven’t written more.

Dare the Z fightersI have more fanfics to worry about right now.

Updates: August 30th

Hey! Long time no talk, huh? Sorry... now that's High School's starting, I'm just alittle busy. Listen, I'M SO SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED ABUNAI UNMEI YET! I'm just busy writing Yu Yu Hakusho fanfics, and with High School, it's almost near to impossible. I will eventually finish it. I have to... DBZ's the love of my life, and I have to finish that fanfic.

I will tell you, that you still have to wait awhile. A long while. I told you guys that it would take a long time... but it will someday get up. I'm going to be busy with Sennenki 2003. Shades of Danger is submitted in the horror category, and I really have to revise that fanfic to win this year. Also, if anyone has any DBZ requests, like a poem you'd like me to write, be sure to e-mail me at: OR IM me at lisaloveslnkprk

I really miss talking to you guys. And I really miss DragonBallZ. But... I saw the Broly movie! IT WAS SO0O AWESOME!! THE BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! ^_^ Literally! I indefinitely recommend it! Watching it just revitalized my love for the show, so maybe I'll just get off my lazy butt and start writing Abunai Unmei again. Please never give up hope, just like I never will. It will be up soon.

Talk to you guys later!

~Lisa a.k.a. VegetaGokuLover~

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