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W'sup guys?

I'm Gp75, some of you from Wikipedia probably know me as Gp75motorsports. Anyway, I heard about this site three days ago and signed myself up after reading some HOT SpyroxCynder stories. Being competitive, I began to think up a storyline and the first thing that entered my mind was LegendarySG. So if you've got anything to say about LegendarySG, post it on its forum on this page or on my talk page at Wikipedia.

Now, for you LegendarySG fans out there, I'm going to give you some stuff on the series itself. Firstly, the theme song is Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin. After all, LegendarySG is going to have that huge season finale involving the three biggest qualities of the entire series-guns, dragons, and rock 'n roll! Secondly, the series name (and the characters) is under FDL-free documentation license-so if anyone wants to use the LegendarySG name to write a fanfic, go right ahead, but the only catch is, unless I find your fic exceptionally good, it's not going to be in the official continuity. And here are some stats for my OC's:


Age: 14

Height: 6'2

Weight: 5000 lbs.

Color: Iridescent purple and gold

Body type: Standard-Hardened diamond-coated titanium backed with Kevlar, 3"-thick full-calcium bones

Eyes: Amethyst

Wingspan: 4'7

Land speed: 210 mph

Air speed: 160, 000 mph

Personality: Serious. A monster on the battlefield and in the air, he got nominated into the Super Special Corps at age 12.


Age: 13

Height: 5'11

Weight: 4000 lbs.

Color: Black with a chrome pinstripe on her head and chrome triangles running from the tear well along the cheekbone and down along the jawline, then back up to the tear well.

Body type: Standard/slender.

Eye color: black

Wingspan: 4'8

Land speed: 300 mph

Air speed: 240, 000 mph

Personality: Being raised for the Dark Master's use, and formerly being an adult, her firsthand knowledge of adult fighting, along with her quiet demeanor and upbeat attitude make her a serious target for the boys.


Age: 13

Height: 5'10

Weight: 6000 lbs.

Color: Green with black spines and horns.

Body type: Standard/fat

Eye color: Emereald

Wingspan: 4'9

Land speed: 210 mph

Air speed: 145, 000 mph

Personality: A rough past and the fact that he can't seem to be accepted because of it has transformed him into a bully.


Age: 8 months

Height: 2'6

Weight: 400 lbs

Color: Iridescent blue

Body type: Standard

Eye color: Sapphire

Wingspan: 1'3

Land speed: 50 mph

Air speed: 10, 000 mph

Personality: Perpetually happy, but not oblivious of life's difficulties.

IDA terminology

Occasionally, there's going to be some IDA terminology in there. So here's a handbook of the stuff, in no particular order.

P#-#: Stands for Platoon #, Officer Rank #. The lower the number, the higher in rank. The LSG crew is P1-1 through P1-5.

Duo-layer circle: a formation in which the IDA completely surrounds the target, but instead of one wave of officers, there's two.


Split div: Where every officer in a platoon splits up and takes on the enemy from different angles. Very dangerous formation.

Split div curve: Where everyone splits up, as in to perform a regular split div, except they actually curve back in to each other. Still not usually wise.

1/2 V: Where one dragon leads, with another one off to their side and back.

Full V: Where one dragon leads, with two others off to their sides and back.

Direct spearhead: One leads, with the rest of his platoon close behind in the shape of a spear, moving toward the enemy directly. Also a good ground attack.

Indirect spearhead: Like the direct spearhead, except this is used to launch a suprise attack from the side.


J-Dub: Used to refer to a gun or other product made by Jania-Wylsen Laboratories, Incorporated (JWL). One example could be, "Don't mess wit' him, man. He got a J-Dub!"

High-Alt mask: Used to refer to the special mask that must be worn to fly at such speeds. A typical high-alt mask will have two radio transmitters, two battery packs, a heat tracking radar, a special radio, five batter status lights, two line-of-sight recievers (when you look at them, it brings up the holographic radar), two filtered breath tubes, two emergency oxygen generators (capable of sustaining unconscious life for two weeks), and a megaphone/radio toggle on the right side of the mask. It might be interesting to know that everything in the mask must be balanced to the millionth of a pound, otherwise the G-forces generated at such high speeds will pull the dragon off-course. One of these masks, therefore, sells for roughly 5,000,000.

And while I'm at it, I've got a race of dragons, too. I'll probably invent more as I go.



Description: Very deadly. Nothing can stop one. They're purple with gold spines, stomachs and tails. Also they grow chevrons on their cheeks during adolescence, a sign thet they're at their most dangerous. Very rare because only one is born every 24,000 years.


DragonForce-Through the Fire and Flames ( for when Cynder finds "the blackest plain in Hell's Domain (from the song) in Live for Him: It's Cynder's Fight Now.

Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams ( and DragonForce-Trail of Broken Hearts ( when Cynder finds Eve's prison in Live for Him: It's Cynder's Fight Now.

Disturbed-Inside the Fire ( for the plot revelation in Live for Him: It's Cynder's Fight Now.

Alright, so here are my stories. Keep in mind I write about dark themes a lot so some of them may not be suitable for kids (e.g. Live for Him). Enjoy.

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