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The heart of a writer comes from their feelings and emotions with a vast imagination to fill the void of a blank, white page. Characters develop from parts of a personality and stories are shaped by dreams and vivid fantasies that are brought to life through a writers touch. Histories are created and events shape the character into a world molded from our own minds.

That is the beauty of being a literary writer.

Update: May 16 2018

I AM BACK. I got married to a solider so life has been crazy. I miss writing and more free time I am hoping to get back to my stories within this weekend. I apologize for the long delay all I can say is life can get crazy and when crazy twists and turns come your way it can take a while to adjust to the ride. And for any of you that have been there I suffered a long writer's block.


THE FORBIDDEN GAME IV: A ROLL OF THE DICE: Currently undergoing revision

HUSHED WHISPERS: Going to be continued until venue of publication begins.

THE OTHER LAND: Going to be continued until publication begins.

A Touch of Fire: Chapter three has been written just need to type out.

Just a little tidbit about moi:


Started on fanfiction: 16

Birthstone: Topaz

Most hated veggie: Broccoli

Favorite food: Gyros

Favorite color: Aquamarine

Favorite desert: Strawberry cheesecake

I am in love and have never been happier.

Favorite novels:

Sweet Evil trilogy by: Wendy Higgins

Nevermore. Enshadowed. Oblivion by: Kelley Creagh

Vampire Academy series by: Richelle Mead

Bloodlines. The Golden Lily. The Indigo Spell. The Fiery Heart. Silver Shadows (spin off) series by: Richelle Mead

Nocturne by: Syrie James

Rocked by: Cora Hawkes

The Forbidden Game trilogy by: L.J Smith

Secret Circle by: L. J Smith

Nightworld series by: L.J Smith

The Darkangel by: Meredith Ann Pierce

Fated by: Claudia Gray (For any Titanic lovers high recommend).

Evernight. Stargazer. Hourglass. Afterlife by: Claudia Gray

Marked. Betrayed. Chosen. Untamed. Hunted. Tempted. Burned. Awakened... (honestly stopped after lost interest). by: Kristin and P.C Cast

The Iron Fey saga by: Julie Kagawa

Wicked Lovely. Inked (rest got too boring) by: Melissa Marr

NEED. Captivate. Entice. Endure by: Carrie Jones.

The Left Behind series: Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

THE FORBIDDEN GAME IV: A ROLL OF THE DICE: Chapter Thirteen: Dark Reality to be posted soon.

HUSHED WHISPERS: To be decided.

The only HUSHED WHISPERS characters for viewing, the rest I leave to your imagination.




PASSWORD: hushedwhispers


Written by: Me

The tears no longer fall

But I can hear the darkness call

I can feel my skin growing colder

No longer, will I get older.

My heart has taken it's last beat.

No longer, will I bleed.

My reflection glances back at me

An inhumane beauty I see.

I, forever trapped in a souless body.

I, falling into the abyss of death

As he said--

"It was meant to be."

Pain no longer affects me

Because of you, I no longer breathe

No longer, can I feel warmth.

No longer, can I hear my heart beat.

Your eyes held no remorse

Filled with nothing but greed.

Soon as you got what you wanted

My life was gone, left to remain haunted.

Though the years have gone by

From you I still hide.

Though I've finally escaped you--

I'll always fear.

Fear, someday you'll find me

Fear, I'll sense your presence near.

My love for you has withered.

Dear to me, you are no longer.

From whence you turned me, I became stronger.

No longer the prey

But condemned in the skin of a Hunter.

Beautiful, yet never aging

Frozen and unchanging

With no light to shed

I've been left to dwell in eternal darkness

As an immortal--

I am one of the Undead.


Written by: Me

I once fell

As if under a spell

The music bound me

The way you played was haunting

So much life and story to tell...

I began to wonder if you were even real

Whenever your eyes held mine I could feel the appeal

Your words were like a caress against my skin

Once a girl a guy could never win.

The songs you played and the look in your eyes

The twist of our lips sparked fire and ice

If I could've taken the pain away would you've been alright?

Maybe if I had let you hold me tight...

Driven by a darkness that encased you,

Your peace and my fear when I'd embrace you

The art you could create within a span of time

The beauty of all those intricate lines

It'd become a story within itself from your mind

A tattoo and then a picture frozen in time.

Entranced for a time was I with you

Until the day came when a heart broke in two

Once I was the girl only meant for you

'Till one night before Valentines it became two.

The tears were endless, a massacred face

Like a rose that has shriveled atop a grave.

What was said and done cannot be taken back

I said my goodbyes and I started to pack.

Rain and snow fell down that day

As I passed your shop my heart gave a wave

Left a letter on the base of your guitar

Where my face had been painted--

The moment you stole my heart.

It's been a few months from within that time

The ache has faded, the tears have long run dry

The memories remain some short, some vast

Some from your witt and some from my sass

You accepted every part from the very start

Came without abandon to win my heart--

Only to find me with a solid guard...

Looking back I know how that must've been hard

And when the time came it was too late to blame

You left too quick and fell without shame.

And now here I sit looking back from there

Knowing once upon a time there was an artist--

Who showed a writer

What it meant to care.

True Love's Kiss

[Prince Phillips POV]

poem by: Me

I held your hand and frosted lips

That was sealed with just one kiss

A blood red rose held close to your chest

Your golden hair my hand caressed

I prayed and hoped true love would prevail

And dreaded it would be to no avail

Alas! Your eyes suddenly opened to mine

I felt my heart suspend in time

Your lips then curved into a soft grin

As if you’d known we would win

My Sleeping Beauty you have now awoke

Before you leaned over without a word spoke

'Twas in that time suspended in bliss

We shared together, true love's kiss.

The Glass Heart

Written by: Me

The heart speaks of echoes

Sadness, madness, anger, and pain

It beats within each thud

A remembrance of life

All the same

With the symphonic illumination of love

Like that of a purity of a dove

The blood runs faster

Burns hotter

Pulse quickens

Moments become stronger

Lungs expand

Love behads

The heart begins anew

A time of truth

Sparks like a livewire

Alights into a fire

Thrives into life

The heart is alive

Quickens, breathes, beats—


Cracks begin to slowly splinter through

When the glass heart shatters into two

Like a seam that slowly splits

Sinking into the deep abyss

Darkness slowly conquers the last of memories bliss

The beats slow

Slowly shrinks

The rhythm ceases

As the silence rings

Pain is born

As the feelings are torn

A deep seated ache

Where love once waited

Is a rememberance

Of a time untainted

Forever there

Never to be completely abated...


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Broken Hearts on Canvas by ImmortalObsession reviews
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Misc. Books - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 962 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Published: 5/5/2003
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

"I can't let that happen." Her voice carried a shaky edge, mirroring the small trembles that wracked her petite, 5"3 frame. She'd been on her own this long. For as long as this little being breathed Alison would keep running for as long as it took to keep him away from his father. 'Caleb Morley will not find you.' Caleb/Alison/Rafe Jr.
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I was going against a real enemy. And a real challenge. But I wouldn't let that deter me. I couldn't. I was not known as Crazy for nothing. Fighting was in my blood. The anger, fear, pain, fury, and hatred had been injected into the cells that made up the anatomy of me the second my life had been taken at sixteen years old. CHAP 1,2,3,4! NEW ADDS!4/7/17-4/12/17
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The bare plains of his chest became visible and the barely outlined tattoo she knew would be engraved on his backside that flexed with every, taught muscle when he walked. Details. All intricate details she knew too well as he appeared before her once more. Oh god... maybe I am crazy. "Shane…"
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Forbidden Game series - Rated: M - English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 15 - Words: 30,806 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 56 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 10/28/2015 - Published: 2/27/2008 - Jenny, Julian, OC
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Tale as old as time. Songs not always rhyme. 'Beauty' enslaved to the Beast...ONESHOT for now.
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I'll never leave you, Hermione: REVISED reviews
Based on pg. 146 excerpt from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. "Harry wondered whether they had fallen asleep holding hands..." A Ron&Hermione. Inside look on behind the scenes of Ron and Hermiones growing feelings while in the midst of their perilous journey against darkness. ONESHOT. REVISED AS OF 7/22/2016
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