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AutTumns ShaDoW:

[Formally known as:

Darkend Memories

Ice Winter Eyes




Hells bells its been awhile. I give all you luvvies cyber hugs and kisses. You are my Muses, seriously, that and music. A persons music is a window into their soul. Believable right? I think so. Well lets see I've been on this site for about seven years now and been through a lot of ups and downs in my life. Sometimes that can get in the way of my updates but I try to update as much as personal life allows.

Now, as for reviews since many have different views on them here's my two cents: I love reviews, personally they really spurn me on to do even better for the next chapter. As a person who hopes to one day have her own books on the shelves, I appreciate every persons thought or comment they have to say. That being said, reviews are always appreciative and helpful but I am not going to beg or grovel for them.

Anyways I update my profile as much as I can to keep you all up to date. If you have any questions or would just like to message me click the PM button above and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

*Gestures at info below*

About Me:

Age:22 (23 in November)

Started on fanfiction: 16

Birthstone: Topaz

Most hated veggie: Broccoli

Favorite food: Gyros

Favorite color: Aquamarine

Favorite desert: Strawberry cheesecake

All time favorite books read/being read now:

Sweet Evil trilogy by: Wendy Higgins (Looking forward to Sweet Reckoning)

Nevermore trilogy by: Kelley Creagh (Looking forward to reading Oblivion)

The Bloodlines series by: Richelle Mead ( Looking forward to reading Silver Shadows)

Rocked by: Cora Hawkes

The Forbidden Game trilogy by: L.J Smith (Looking forward to reading The Resurrection

Fated by: Ms. Claudia Gray

The Left Behind series: Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

Just a silly drabble for girls who've fallen for guy characters in every teen book. [Feel free to paste if you agree.]

Every girl wants a guy like Edward Cullen to be courted. (Twilight)

Every girl wants a guy like Kaidan Rowe to rock their world in every sense.(Sweet Evil)

Every girl is drawn to a guy who has an unfathomable shade of eyes to decipher like Julian the Shadow Man (Forbidden Game)

Every girl wants a guy with mystery like Patch and be wrapped inside angelic wings. (Hush, Hush)

Every girl wants a guy like the Summer Court King Keenan to treat them like a Queen. (Wicked Lovely)

Every girl is drawn to a guy like Varen to listen to the dark, poets heart. (Nevermore)

Every girl wants a notorious boy like Adrian Ivashkov and dreamwalk with the artists ability. (Bloodlines)

Every girl wants a man like Dimitri Belikov to be her masculine warrior in times of need. (Vampire Academy)

Every girl wants a Damon Salvatore to make them feel alive. (Vampire Diaries)

Every girl wants a guy like Travis to sit with them on a dock at sunset. (Unearthly)

Every girl wants a guy like James to save them from their sickness (Night World: Story of Poppy)

Every girl wants an Ash to trace the stars with them. (Night World: Story of Mary-Lynnette)

Every girl wants a Draco Malfoy to be challenged against. (Harry Potter)

But mostly, every girl just wants a bad boy with a good heart.




THE FORBIDDEN GAME IV: A ROLL OF THE DICE: Back on hiatus for the time being.

HUSHED WHISPERS: Chapter six is in progress as of 10/23/13

The only HUSHED WHISPERS characters for viewing, the rest I leave to your imagination.




PASSWORD: hushedwhispers


Written by: Me

The tears no longer fall

But I can hear the darkness call

I can feel my skin growing colder

No longer, will I get older.

My heart has taken it's last beat.

No longer, will I bleed.

My reflection glances back at me

An inhumane beauty I see.

I, forever trapped in a souless body.

I, falling into the abyss of death

As he said--

"It was meant to be."

Pain no longer affects me

Because of you, I no longer breathe

No longer, can I feel warmth.

No longer, can I hear my heart beat.

Your eyes held no remorse

Filled with nothing but greed.

Soon as you got what you wanted

My life was gone, left to remain haunted.

Though the years have gone by

From you I still hide.

Though I've finally escaped you--

I'll always fear.

Fear, someday you'll find me

Fear, I'll sense your presence near.

My love for you has withered.

Dear to me, you are no longer.

From whence you turned me, I became stronger.

No longer the prey

But condemned in the skin of a Hunter.

Beautiful, yet never aging

Frozen and unchanging

With no light to shed

I've been left to dwell in eternal darkness

As an immortal--

I am one of the Undead.


Written by: Me

I once fell

As if under a spell

The music bound me

The way you played was haunting

So much life and story to tell...

I began to wonder if you were even real

Whenever your eyes held mine I could feel the appeal

Your words were like a caress against my skin

Once a girl a guy could never win.

The songs you played and the look in your eyes

The twist of our lips sparked fire and ice

If I could've taken the pain away would you've been alright?

Maybe if I had let you hold me tight...

Driven by a darkness that encased you,

Your peace and my fear when I'd embrace you

The art you could create within a span of time

The beauty of all those intricate lines

It'd become a story within itself from your mind

A tattoo and then a picture frozen in time.

Entranced for a time was I with you

Until the day came when a heart broke in two

Once I was the girl only meant for you

'Till one night before Valentines it became two.

The tears were endless, a massacred face

Like a rose that has shriveled atop a grave.

What was said and done cannot be taken back

I said my goodbyes and I started to pack.

Rain and snow fell down that day

As I passed your shop my heart gave a wave

Left a letter on the base of your guitar

Where my face had been painted--

The moment you stole my heart.

It's been a few months from within that time

The ache has faded, the tears have long run dry

The memories remain some short, some vast

Some from your witt and some from my sass

You accepted every part from the very start

Came without abandon to win my heart--

Only to find me with a solid guard...

Looking back I know how that must've been hard

And when the time came it was too late to blame

You left too quick and fell without shame.

And now here I sit looking back from there

Knowing once upon a time there was an artist--

Who showed a writer

What it meant to care.

Important Note for Story Images:

The Dawn of Time: No copy infringement intended.

The Forbidden Game IV: A Roll of the Dice: No copy infringement intended.

Two Words: Dead Meat: No copy infringement intended.

I'll Stand by You: No copy infringement intended.

I'll Never Leave you Hermione: No copy infringement intended.

Hushed Whispers: Created.




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