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This is Allegro Rao, now currently in his final year of school

Age: 18

Religious Orientation: Hindu (Non practicing)

Favourite Color: Blue

Favorite Book (So Far): The Count of Monte Cristo

Currently Playing (A lot): Persona 4, Pokemon Black/White, Tales of Destiny

Games to play in the future (A lot): Pokemon Black/White, Final Fantasy IX and XII, Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, Onimusha 3, Tales of Innocence

Games I wish to PLay on: Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces F

Currently Reading: Tale of Genji- 1976 translation by Edward Sidensticker, Robotech: The Macross Saga: Doomsday Omnibus, Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spiderman Book One

Hoping to read: Journey to the West-Translation by WF Jenner, Tale of Genji translated by Arthur Waley and translation by Royall Tyler. Robotech: The Masters Saga Omnibus, Robotech: The New Generation Omnibus and Robotech: End of the Circle. I aso look forward to reading Batman: Dark Victory and Batman: Year One.

I am also hoping to read: Essential Xmen volume One and Two (Phoniex Saga for the win!).

That's quite a lot to know isn't it! xD. Well those are 'some' of my interestes and an indication of the kind of character I am. I took/am taking a break from fanfiction for the time being as I think of how best to refined the stories (improvements in Grammar, style e.t.c) For the Digimon Fanfic I have titled 'Operation Digimon'. It'll run in four volumes the total number of episodes being 54. Hey that's that the total episode count for the original series. I also for this intend to do a 10 chapter prequel as well. Chapter One has already been uploaded but because of school e.t.c I dont think I'll have the time to do Chapter Two for a while. By January 2011 (Which is gosh darn Soon!) Chapter two and a regular run for the series should be up:

Operation Digimon: Emergence. Length: 12 chapters. Short, each about 4.000 words).

Operation Digimon: The American Alliance. Length: 12-26 chapters of 4,000 words. 26 chapters to allow for expansion in content and story.

Operation Digimon: Reclaim the Digital World. Length: 12-26 Chapters of 4,000 words

Operation Digimon: Lucemon's Apocalypse. Length 12-20 chapters of 4,000 words each.

In volume One each chapters is an episode. Starting from Volume two about two-three chapters will make up an episode. I am still aiming for the end result of 54 episodes regardless of how many chapters per ep.

Planning Schedule:

Operation Digimon Volume One: Finish around March 2011

Volume Two: Start soon after and finish around summer 2011

Volume Three: Start summer and finish around September 2011?

Volume four: Finish by end of 2011