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Poll: What warrior names do you like best for my story? Please vote one name for each cat! Vote for the warrior names of Sunkit, Moonkit, Stormkit, Rainkit, Sootkit, Lilypaw, Birchpaw and Pinepaw! I was wondering what my readers wanted them to be called! Vote Now!
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The Three Powers of the Sky Series

Book 1: The Beginning- When ThunderClan's medicine cat receives a strange prophecy, three kits are born to the courageous Cougarheart and sweet Skyflower. There is the big but gentle Stormkit, who acts like his father, there is Moonkit, the sweet, shy tortoiseshell she-cat, and there is Sunkit, the small but feisty tabby orange she-cat. When random cats are being murdered and no one knows why, the blame is placed on their father. But the kits know he's innocent. More and more cats die as the three kits grow to be old enough to be apprenticed.

Book 2: Rising Danger- Moonpaw has finally been apprenticed, but only she can enjoy her apprenticeship. Stormkit has disappeared after he chased Sunkit out of camp into a storm, and Sunkit has a broken leg from the WindClan battle and her apprenticeship is delayed. Even so, Moonpaw wasn't apprenticed in the way she preferred. Doing as her mother would like, Moonpaw became a regular apprentice instead of following her dreams and becoming a medicine cat apprentice. Stormkit finds himself in a kittypet's den and stays with the sweet Mau, the strong Blizzard, and the peculiar Silver. Sunkit fights her inner conscience, a strange voice inside her head, and confuses herself over the fancies of two toms. As the three kits grow up in different situations, the mystery of the murderers only grows.

Book 3: Dark Forest- coming soon to

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