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Greetings... and welcome to my page...

About Me: I love to play video games. I love to write. And I am dreadfully obsessed with Knuckles the Echidna. Hahaha. (Get it? DREAD-fully? ...Never mind.) And I obviously also have an insanely unpredictable sense of humor-- one that is sometimes obsessed with puns, sometimes horribly morbid. Haha.

Gender: ...Please tell me you can figure that one out on your own. My name's not ironic or anything. Haha.

Name(s): The full name that I am mostly known by online would be KTEchidnaGirl. So, if you wish to find a way to shorten that, then you may. Otherwise just EchidnaGirl, KTEchidnaGirl, KTE, K-TEG, EG, or Echidna works nicely. (Ha, and yes, I've heard all of those before.)

Age: 16

Favorite Colors: Red, Black, Violet, and Lime-Green (in that order)

Favorite Animals: Short-beaked Echidna, Vampire Bat, Chameleon [preferably Veiled Chameleons, but any will do] (Again: in that order)

Favorite Video Game Characters: Knuckles the Echidna, Falco Lombardi, Espio the Chameleon, Shadow the Hedgehog, Leon Powalski, Link [um, the Hylian? XD, Rouge the Bat, Charmy Bee, and, um... Treecko.

Favorite Books: Ender's Game, the Harry Potter series, New Moon, the Cirque du Freak series, and any Agatha Christie novels (though especially And Then There Were None)

Favorite Movies: Batman Returns, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland(2010 remake), The Knowing, and all of the Harry Potter movies

Favorite Music: Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Within Temptation, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet

Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (It's so refreshingly different... It's amazing. And, I can run around playing with all those crazy masks for hours on end.)

Religious Views: I'm Christian, yes. But I'm also very open-minded, and I do not believe in judging others in any way. In fact, people who try to judge and shove religion down other peoples' throats seriously get on my nerves.

Okay, so on to the more important/relevant stuff.

Favorite Video Game Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Favorite Couplings:

1. Knuckles and Rouge!! (Forever and Always. Love them!!)

2. Espio and Wave (Yeah, this is probably the weirdest couple I support... And it's about unrecognized in the Sonic community. Probably for good reason, since they've never actually met in the series... But, oh, well! I think it would be amusing to see them meet. Purple POWER! :D )

3. Charmy and Cream (Really, they're both adorable! I could see it working.)

4. Vector and Vanilla (So different... But they're so cute! And, of course, his everlasting crush on her is rather evident. XD)

5. Shadow and Amy (I don't really know why, but I like them! They don't have much contact in the games, but when they do, they're friendly enough to each other... And she was the one who managed to change his mind about killing the world... XD)

6. Shadow and Knuckles (They actually do have quite a lot in common, and I think they work really well together. I just think that the couple needs to be better sufficiently explained in most fanfiction so as not to appear slash-y. As long as it makes sense, though, I'm all for it.)

Neutral Couplings (I have no strong feelings for these. Don't hate them, but don't absolutely love them.):

1. Sonic and Amy (Sure, it's obvious... If Sonic would just take time to notice her more -- which is unlikely, since he's a self-absorbed jerk... *clears throat* Erm, sorry. Haha, as I was saying...)

2. Jet and Wave (They argue a lot, but they're really kinda funny... It's possible, I guess... If you view Jet as a relationship kinda guy, which I normally don't...)

3. Shadow and Tikal (They're both from the past. Both experienced extreme loss... I think they're cute! XD That doesn't sound so neutral, but whatever.)

4. Tails and Cream (They're always very polite to each other. And they definitely seem to care about each other. A relationship is possible...)

Couplings I HATE (Seriously, I [FOR THE MOST PART] won't read anything with these in them. Sorry, but I just can't stand them...):

1. Rouge and anyone who isn't Knuckles

2. Knuckles and any strictly Archie universe character (I definitely have my reasons. And I'm not uneducated about the comics, I just don't go for most of those characters.)

3. Knuckles and Tikal

4. Knuckles/OC (Not to hate on OCs, but... Yeah.)

5. Sonic and Sally (I just really don't like Sally's character...)


-If the situation is explained well enough to make me believe it -- and yes, I'm fairly harsh when it comes to "well enough"-- then I may read the story. And may actually like it quite a lot. (Basically, if the circumstances and reasoning behind the couple is understandable and/or rather cleverly played into the story, then I might rather like it.

-If the couple actually makes sense and their personalities aren't changed much (except to feed the circumstance -- face it, if there are extreme circumstances, then we'll see sides of the characters that we aren't used to seeing just through playing the games and such) then I'll always give it a chance. I pride myself on not being very prejudiced, so I'll always give it one chance.

... I also like the Star Fox series, my favorite characters being Falco and Leon. :D

Haha, I'm rather fond of Falco's remarks, insults, and his all-around arrogance. I find it refreshing to have a character who actually questions orders. XD

And Leon is simply a slightly insane, sadistic, masochistic, rainbow and flower-loving chameleon! What's not to love?

On another note, I like the anime Shugo Chara, but the only couples I really support there are Amuto and Miru. Yay!

Hahaha, and most recently, I've become a fan of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland fanfiction! So, yay, again!

And, as of exactly three three months and a week ago... I am a Batman series fanatic! :) I LOVE Scarecrow!!!

Well, I am a writer, partially by choice, partially by force of my imagination (meaning that if I didn't write, then I'd have all these stories up in my head, driving me ten times more insane than I already am). Haha, but, seriously, writing is one of my strongest, most ever-present loves. I write all types of stories, poetry, lyrics, whatever. Haha, and I do write by request, as well. ;) Yes, that does mean that I take requests for stories here, though, at the moment, I'm only looking to take on oneshots, or, at least, short stories. Still, if, for some insane reason, you want to hear a story from me on a certain couple or a certain circumstance or just whatever, feel free to request it. I do answer all Private Messages whenever I get the chance, and I'll be glad to discuss any idea with you.

If you're looking for some fantastic Sonic writers, then I'd highly recommend any of the wonderful story-makers on my "Favorite Authors" list, as well.

Stories in Progress:

Unforgivable -- For this one, I'm writing as inspiration comes. The story's recently become quite personal and relevant to some things in my life, so it's also become a bit more difficult to write. However, I will update whenever I can seem to get the ideas into writing. Actually, I'm planning on updating very soon. But, I'm working on updating and editing all the chapters that are already up...

Three Forever -- Yes, this story actually will be continued. However, when it will be continued is the question. I do have the ideas for it, but the delivery isn't really decided yet... I need to re-immerse myself in the wonderful terror that is Tails Doll -- but that might not happen for a long time. I've considered taking the story down until that time comes, but I really hate it when other authors take their stories down, incomplete or not. So, I'll leave it up...

What Happens in High School -- This will be my most active story over the course of the next few months, and, as can already be predicted, it may end up being the longest story I will ever write on this site -- we'll see how it goes. The concept? Like so many of the other high school stories out there! Putting Sonic and the gang into a high school. The inspiration? Why, my own high school experience, of course! Prepare for all the drama that high school has to offer... Mixed with some characters of my creation that I hope stand out from the crowd a bit. It's high school with all the twists and turns noteworthy in my writing...

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