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I love JORISH (John and Trish)... They are the best WWE couple ever though they're an off-screen couple.

By the way, check out Jorish's pictures:

I love watching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).


John Cena- The Doctor of Thuganomics, A 3-time WWE Champ, 3-time WWE United States Champ, and a former tag-team champ. One of the GREATEST superstars in the bussiness.

Triple H- The Game, The King of Kings, The Cerebral Assassin, and a 11-time World Champion and 1/2 of D-Generation X.

Shawn Michaels- The Showstopper, The Icon, The Main Event, The Heartbreak Kid, A 3-time WWE Champion and Intercontinential Champion, A 4-time tag-team champion, former world heavyweight champion, 2-time Royal Rumble winner, 1/2 of D-Generation X. People loves him because he acts childish. He's gonna be a Hall of Famer someday.

Bobby Lashley- He's got a great power and speed. (Out for injury)

Cody Rhodes- Son of WWE Hall of Famer: Dusty Rhodes.

Hardcore Holly- From his name. He is truly hardcore.

Jim Ross- He is a great commentator and a WWE Hall of Famer

Jerry "The King" Lawler- He knows how to enertain people and he's a WWE Hall of Famer.

Ron Simmons- Damn!

Randy Orton- The only reason I like him is because of his blue eyes. But he is really arrogant if he's in WWE because of his storylines. But, he is a good person outside the ring.


Batista- A half Greek and half Filipino wrestler. And he is also one of the greatest World Heavyweight Champion ever.

Rey Mysterio- He is an underdog. SMALL BUT TERRIBLE.

Hornswoggle- Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son and Jonathan Coachman's rival.

Matt Hardy- He's been through hell, but he WILL NOT die.

Ric Flair- WOO!

Theodore Long- SmackDown GM! Wish him all the luck for his (I don't know what you call it)

Edge- He may act like a total crap. But, you know... he is a great guy

The Undertaker- The phenom.


CM Punk- ECW Champion!!!


Jeff Hardy- He's on drugs! Eww...

Carlito- He is NOT cool people.

Jonathan Coachman- He sings "I'm too sexy for this shirt" infront of the mirror when he thinks nobody is watching him and he gets fooled out by Hornswoggle

Santino Marella- He complains for not being in the WWE 500th issued magazine of WWE. Well, what the hell has he done after loosing the Intercontinential title? And he only won the title with help from Bobby Lashley.

Snitsky- Yucky teeth.

Trevor Murdoch- He's nothing but a fat ass.

Lance Cade- He looks like a beast and he was hoping that he was Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son.

Umaga- He can't seem to shut his mouth. All words coming out from his mouth are all crap.

Deuce and Domino- They suck!

Finlay- He only depends on his shillelagh. What the hell is that all about?

Jamie Noble- He flirts with the general manager!

The Great Khali- He's only a giant. Ok? He's big and once he falls it's hard for him to rise up.


Trish Stratus- Stratusfaction! A 7-time Women's champ, a former Hardcore champ, A 3-time WWE Babe of the Year and the RAW Diva of the Decade. She is one of the Best WWE diva ever.

Lita- The Walking Kiss of Death! I miss her. People! She is NOT a HOE. She was only called a hoe by John because of his storyline with Edge. She is one of a kind.

Stacy Keibler- I miss her so much! She never came back to the WWE after Dancing with the Stars. Well, I just wish her all the best in her career.

Candice Michelle- She's gonna put everything she's got on the line to regain her title. I wish her the best with her surgery.

Stephanie McMahon- The Billion Dollar Princess!

Kelly Kelly- Winner of the 2007 WWE Divas' Halloween Battle Royal.

Ashley Massaro- I don't know why she was suspended by Vince for just spilling a coffee on him. It was an accident. Come on!

Melina- She has one of the greatest entrance in the WWE.

Victoria- She's cool and she can dominate

Mickie James- She ain't a psycho no more.


Torrie Wilson-Grunner- Something about her just pisses me off. For me, she's a flirt (no offense). I mean she's married to Peter Grunner (Billy Kidman) and she's hooking up with Nick and she's also flirting with John who is married to someone.

Maria- I don't know why... I just don't like her.

Layla- I just don't like her hairstyle. (Sorry)

Beth Phoenix- She is the self-proclaimed "Glamazon." Just because she injured Candice for 6-8 weeks it doesn't mean that she dominates the women's division.

Michelle McCool- Gosh! I really don't know why I don't like her.


John Cena/Trish Stratus - If both of them were in WWE and they were paired up, they would make the golden couple. I mean they're both champions who held their title for almost a year. And Trish is John's favorite diva.

Paul (HHH) Levesque/Stephanie McMahon- They are happily married in real life and they have a daughter named Aurora Rose Levesque who was born last July 24, 2006.

Randy Orton/Stacy Keibler- They make a cute couple!!! (But, they won't be together because Randy is married to Samantha.)

Randy Orotn/Candice Michelle- Just imagine them together (Remember: Both of them are married. Candice Michelle is Candice Michelle-Beckman!)

Matt Hardy/Ashley Massarro- I think they look good together.

Adam (Edge) Copeland/Amy (Lita) Dumas- Believe it or not, I do like their love team but I didn't like their actions.

CM Punk/Maria Kannellis- I may not like Maria, but I surely like her and CM Punk's love team (Too bad Maria asked for space from CM because she wanted to focus on her career)

Dave Batista/Christy Hemme- I like their team because they know how to entertain the crowd. (Too bad Christy's in TNA)

John Morrison/Melina Perez- They're a great couple in the WWE. (I don't know if they're still a couple now)


John Cena/Torrie Wilson- Get over them! Torrie Wilson is NOT anymore a Wilson she is already a GRUNNER. Yes! You heard me she was married to Peter (Billy Kidman) Grunner. But, they broke up and now Torrie is CURRENTLY DATING Nick Mitchell (Mitch of The Spirit Squad). So, get over them. Jorrie doesn't exist!

John Cena/Maria Kannellis- Also! get over them! CM Punk is the guy who holds Maria's heart! (though they broke up, they still love each other.)

John Cena/Lita- John and Lita only sees each other as FRIENDS! Yes! it's true they are friends. (John called Lita a hoe because he was forced to do that. Alright?)

King Booker/Queen Sharmell- They were the most annoying couple in the WWE (They're not anymore in WWE. They resigned!)

Jeff Hardy/Trish Stratus- It's true that they were on, but all that changed when Jeff left the WWE which means he also left Trish broken hearted. So, Trish doesn't have that space anymore for Jeff.

Chris Jericho/Trish Stratus- They were only paired up on air, but they never hooked up in real life.


Love Always Finds A Way

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