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WAIT-Please do NOT just skip this section if you've somehow stumbled across it. Chances are you got here because you read one of my stories and were curious, or you were just plain curious...Eh, yeah. My point is that if you read nothing here, just read this: I'm an offbeat anime author that loves to write, and I'd also love it if you'd enjoy my stories. I can't promise that I'll update weekly, 'cause then I'd be lying. But please bear with me if you're interested, and stop by once in a while to see if things have changed, kay? Adieu and PEACE OUT~~

Now, if you decided to continue reading my profile-allow me to introduce myself! I am Saffyre Neko, formerly known as Dark Raven. My name has been changed to fit my favorite color which sapphire is-indigo-and to honor my current love in the anime/manga world, Kyou Sohma, the cat god! C'mon, y'know you love him! I'm sorry to say I have no Kyou-related fics up yet, but don't worry, you'll be sure to find plenty of him under my list of favorites. To know more about me, keep readin'...

My Bio:

Name: None of ya business!

Age:16 and proud of it!

Sign: Cancer, year of the earth snake

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gray-blue

Gender: Girl

Heritage: Mostly European, generally Irish and Dutch

I Live in: California, USA

Hobbies: TV, internet, video games, art, music, anything anime

Personality: Unique, kinda shy, quiet, talkative,friendly, insane

One of my quirks: I thought until recently that LOL meant lots of love (random I know...)

FB Character I'm Most Like: Hatori and Yuki

FMA Character I'm Most Like: Alphonse Elric and Maes Hughes

IY Character I'm Most Like: Kikyou (please don't hate me) and Kagura

YYH Character I'm Most Like: Kurama (Suichii)

DBZ Character I'm Most Like: Android 16 and Dende

Favorite Bands: Basically most rock, pop and some metal. Here's a list: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton, Dream Theater, and a VERY long list of rock bands, so I won't even try to name them all...but among my favorite, I would have to say they're Sting and the Police, and the Who, to name just a couple...

Anime I've seen: Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, DB, DBZ, DBGT, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai X, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inu Yasha, Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, Cyborg 009, Code Lyoko (Although it's really a french show, but I'm putting it under this category because did too), Cowboy Bebop,One Piece, Pokemon (A LONG time ago).

Number of Anime Movies I Have: Forty two! A small number compared to some others, but I'm still proud of it!

Number of Manga I Have: Eh...five. I need to seriously work on my manga collection...

Favorite Anime: Full Metal Alchemist and Fruits Basket! HELL YEAH!

Something Completely Unfair: There are only 26 episodes of Fruits Basket! That's only four DVDs! WHY DOES AN ANIME SO AWESOME HAVE TO BE SOO SHORT? ;;_;;

Favorite FMA Characters: Edward! He rocks and he's soooo hot! Such a perfect blend of angstiness, temper tantrums, cheerfulness, and overall sweetness all in one character! What more could you ask for?

Favorite FB Characters: Kyou Sohma! He is the EMBODIMENT of hotness and he's so irresistable! Plus, he's a cat, and they're my favorite animal! Yuki Sohma is also very handsome...

Favorite IY Characters: Inu Yasha! He is cool 'cause he's sooo sweet and gentle even though he acts all tough and rowdy. (And he pretends to act dense)

Favorite DBZ characters: Trunks and Juunanagou (Android 17), of course!

Favorite YYH Characters: HIEI! So cold, yet so loving under his tough exterior...well, at least that's what I think. Kurama/Youko Kurama is awesome too, though my second favorite.

Favorite Couples: DBZ:Trunks/Pan (Mirai or not...I don't care), Pan/Juunanagou, Juunana/Juuhachi YYH: Hiei/Yukina (I don't know why I like the brother/sister incest...I just think Juunana/Juuhachi and Hiei/Yukina are adorable together...and I'd rather read stories of them if they're not related) Also, Botan/Kurama - They're so kawaii! I also love many other people paired with Hiei, including Keiko, Shizuru, young Genkai and Kagome from Inu Yasha. IY: Inu Yasha/Kagome and Inu Yasha/Kikyou. FMA: Hmm...Curious, I don't have any favorite couples in this anime...although I do think Edward and Winry are cute together...I also like strange couples like Edward/Lust, etc... FB: Kyou and Tohru totally rock as a couple! It's so obvious they have feelings for each other and their personalities fit so well. Tohru/Yuki is also sweet, but that would mean Kyou would be rejected! ;_; He needs her way more than Yuki. Lastly, I sorta like Kyou/Kagura...but only because Kagura looks like me! ;;)

Favorite Genres: Romance, Humor, and romance tragedies. I also looove angst (no idea why...).

Least Favorite Couples: Anything Yaoi, I don't think it's gross, I just don't like it. (Although I have one Fruits Basket story with yaoi under my list of faves, but that's because it's an overall awesome story)Also mixed generations/most incest like Yusuke/Atsuko.

'Kay,well that's basically who I am...Please read my other stories on In the mean time, come here to find stories I recommend and I promise you they won't be a waste of your time. THANKS TO ALL READERS AND REVIEWERS!

One note about my stories: My sincerest apologies to all those loyal readers out there, but I will no longer be posting stories other than poems and one-shots. I've found that it is incredibly hard for me to finish the stories I start, so the only way I can really be good to all of you is to post stories that are already complete. Thank you for understanding.

A MORE RECENT NOTE (2/13/06)--Yes, I am back and ready to update with poems! I also have a couple one-shot ideas for Full Metal Alchemist. I sincerely hope I'll be able to get it to you. Anyway, be ready for updates! Love to ya all~~

My Fanfics and Their Current Status: Note: My stories will all be found on in full (As in nothing will be edited) I'm sorry but I have to do this to prevent those a-holes from taking them down again and from losing reviews. I LOST 66 REVIEWS AND I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! I would put up some kind of protest, but it would take too long before would actually do something about it. Ugh...anyway, these are my stories...

1. Things the YYH Crew Would Never Say-As one of the reviewers said, this fic contains random scenes of hilarity! There are 50 pages worth of it. The story is on and

2. My Last Breath-one-shot and Completed-Hiei/Yukina, bittersweet ending. PLEEZ RNR. This story is on, and also here-but it's edited. (GRR!) Go to for the un-edited version.

3. Deep Thoughts: A Collection of YYH Poems-These are a bunch of poems from different characters point of view. So far there are four of Hiei's POV, one of Yusuke's POV, two of Yukina's POV, one of Kurama's, and one of Kuwabara's POV. I plan to add more as soon as I get some reviews. Hope you'll like! This story is also up on

4. Scars of Regret-These are angst poems from Edward Elric's point of view. I'll update the sooner I get reviews! I'm proud to say this is my first FMA fic!

My Stories Coming Up:

More poems and various one-shots. I will no longer be adding details here. You will simply have to be surprised!

As you may have noticed, I will not be putting my future stories, or any updates for that matter, on There are two reasons for that: First, I've been having a lot of trouble just getting on that site for some reason (no, there aren't any parental controls), and second, because of the flamers. Most of them seem to read stuff on that site, and they're so damn annoying. Hope you understand, and read my other stories on Media, instead! Thankies -


Stories you should read:

DBZ: 1. My Love For You is Insatiable by dragon agility, an awesome T/P.

2. Let Love Be Your Energy by dragon agility, takes place after story above. Also very good.

3. Be Careful What You Wish For by b-chan, a humor fic and it'll guarantee to make you laugh until your ribs hurt.


1. No More Denying Love by Hinotama999, an AU and it's an odd pairing-Keiko and Hiei. I'm not exactly a K/H fan, but this is an awesome story. If you have an open mind, read this! It's definitely not a perfect 'and they lived happily ever after' story-so give it a try!

2. Choose Your Own Adventure: Hiei Teacher of Power by DarKitsuneFire132-A very good Hiei/you fic. Hiei is as cold as ever, but you still find a way to get to his heart! A must-read, gals!

3. cyoa: Curse of the Black Pearl by Shadow Fox2- A Hiei/you or Kurama/you fic. If you happen to love YYH, Kurama and/or Hiei, and Pirates of the Caribbean, this is an awesome fic for you!

4. CYOA: I Hate Everything About You by MetallicMistress79-A terrific Hiei/you fic still in the making. It's mysterious, dark, and leaves you wanting more! A must-read!

5. Back At One by Anime-Alee-This is another awesome fic, but if you don't like incest or pretty intense lemons, skip this one. Though I'd just say too bad for you 'cause you missed out! Read this Yukina/Hiei fic, I guarantee you'll want more.

6. Her Guardian by Youko Starr-this story is one of the best I've ever read. The pairings are Yukina/Hiei, Botan/Kurama, Yusuke and Koenma. OK, I really don't care for same-gender relationships, but that is only a minor part of the story. But this story is moving, amazing, original and there's always something new happening. To read it in full, search for this story on or on Starr's site. LOL, and Ja ne-Saffyre Neko

P.S.-For more story/author recommendations, simply look under my list of favorites. You'll find Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, and Fruits Basket stories that are more than worth reading. Enjoy!

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