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Hey, FarSideOfTheRoom here. Sorry to all of my wonderful fans who still favorite and review, I've been on a bit of a hiatus as I went through my freshman year of college. But I missed you all and my stories, most of all Celia, too much. So I'm hoping to get some stuff posted that I hope you guys will like. Thanks for sticking with me.

Stories and Stuff:

Some info on my stories:

Posted Works:

Keeping Up the Pace is my main focus; everything else is oneshots, and it's by far my favorite. Chapter 30 is up, and chapter 31 is written, so that should be up soon.

An Entirely Different Matter has just gone up, that's a Harry/Ginny that I've had written for a few months, but never got around to posting it. It's a simple oneshot, but I like it.

You'd Be a Million Beaches is another cute Harry/Ginny drabble, it was actually a challenge for a writing circle that I'm in, but I liked it, so I thought I'd post it.

Finally my Dramione went up. Just an Attraction is a Dramione where Draco contemplates why he likes "the mudblood." Something I thought up in math class.

I've posted my other Dramione, called Nothing Could change that. The plot's a little hard to describe briefly, but there's intensity, funny moments, and funny Blaise one-liners.

I finally put up As Close as She Was Going to Get. It's a Ron/Krum/Hermione love triangle type thing. It's completely ADD and another great invention coming from not paying attention in Algebra II.

Also, I have a Harry-centric fic called Unbreakable Vow. It's a huge Harry monologue where he talks about his friendship with Ron.

I've posted my Harry/Ron mock-angst fic called My Maroon Sweater. Basically Harry and Ron are keeping their relationship a secret from the Weasleys, and Harry thinks they should tell them. Silly drama and slight hilarity ensues.

I've posted my songfic using the song "Wait," from Sweeney Todd, which I LOVE, so it's using a bit of an unconventional pairing, so we'll have to see how receptive people are to it, but it ought to be good. I'm excited.

And speaking of songfics, I'm working on a Remus/Lily NON-PAIRING friendship songfic. He tells her that he's a werewolf, and she freaks out. The song is "A Helping Paw," from Lucky Duck.

I have my Arthur songfic up, it's called Sorry-Grateful, and uses lyrics from "Sorry-Grateful," from Company.

While we're on the subject of songfics, I have one more up, called Everything You Ever. It's based off of the song with the same title from Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, and it's about the battle for Hogwarts. It should be a three-part thing, but that may or may not happen, depending on how inspired I am, and if I sit down to work on it.

I'm also beginning to delve into the writing world of Twilight. I posted chapter 2 of Pack of Immortals, which is a story co-written between my and three of my friends. It's OC/Edward, OC/Jacob, OC/Emmett, and OC/Leah. It out to be pretty weird, so keep an eye out for it.

Speaking of getting into other fandoms, I've begun writing Ouran High School Host Club fanfictions. It's anime and absolutely awesome. I wrote a Kyoya/Haruhi for the 24 hour challenge between me and silverlastsforever. Basically we have 24 hours to write a fanfiction with the information given. Kyoya and Haruhi start dating when Tamaki finds out and dissaproves, Kyoya gets forced into an arranged marriage, and Haruhi gets kidnapped by the Zuka Club.

I've posted the second chapter of Harry Potter and the Fancy Tuna, which is my Harry Potter/Ouran High School Host Club crossover. It might be a little while before that one gets updated, because I've been working on other things, plus I've reached that chapter 3 slump, where I get to chapter 3 and can't figure out how to get where I'm going. Once I get past it, then it should be moving along fine.

Not-Yet-Posted Works:

Speaking of Twilight fanfictions, I've been meaning to sit down and work on a Bella/Jacob. It's called Between Reality and Dreams. It's set near the end of Eclipse, after Bella realizes she loves Jacob, and decides to be with him instead.

I'm working on a Harry/Luna, called Not As She Expected. It's about how Ginny crushes on Harry, then moves on, and Luna realizes that she likes Harry. Relationships ensue. Potential drama, potentially multiple chapters, or just really long.

Eventually I'll write a Harry/Charlie. I told a friend I would write her a Harry/Charlie Christmas drabble fluff, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.


In your face


In your FACE

Yeah, that's my friends and mine's new greeting.

Me besties silverlastsforever, troutie87, and witchdivasirenqueen all write, and you should read their stuff. Witchdivasirenqueen writes angst and slash and proety. Silverlastsforever writes stuff with actual plotlines. And me, I write fluff. And Troutie87, is something of a combination of me and silverlastsforever. So between the four of us, you've got pretty much all the bases covered. Their stories are amazing, and Lyra (The Fine Line, a story by silverlastsforever) will be making appearances into Keeping Up the Pace, and Celia shows up in The Fine Line so read them both!

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