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Decided since it’s been a while, that I’d post up a new profile.

So I am kazenoyouni, Super Slacker Extraordinaire (as my readers will attest). I am notorious for going long gaps between updates, but I always finish! (Trying, anyway).

Female cat-owner with Future Crazy Cat Lady in the works. I exist to work, sleep, and watch anime/read manga. Writing done in spurts (often at work, where I spend long stretches in front of a computer- read as ‘most of my life’). I get to work ridiculously early because I hate traffic, but this is good for you, because I can write! (Not that I always do, sorry.) Though this kinda makes it awkward for me to write smut-ish-ness.

You may have noticed by now, after reading a few of my stories, I am one of those all-over-the-place kind of writers. Basically, if I wanna read it, I will write it, and maybe share it with you all. Random story ideas flood my mind constantly. I don’t much think about trying to have a consistent type of story or whatever, and often I find myself throwing plans out of the window when the characters I write say ‘screw that, we’re doing this instead!’ So I’m pretty much a go-with-the-flow-eh-whatever kind of writer. If I can see it all come together in the end, I can say I’m happy (which sometimes happens whether I plan for it or not, kinda scary, lol).

As such, we get cracktacular stuff like SA, drama-ish stuff like Storms and Ayakashi, etc etc. I may have a sort of ‘stylistic consistency’ or whatever, but I probably couldn’t identify one if you put my own stories in front of me (like, seriously. sometimes I come across something in my computer and it's like, 'what? I wrote that??'). Meh.

I can do general outlines, but nothing solid, because my characters like freedom. Apparently.

By the way, I’m going to Tokyo in December, after ten years of trying desperately to go back. Yay!

In the interim, I hope to have something to post every week until I leave (that’s the plan, anyway). I even made a schedule! (That’s the slightly OCD accountant in me.)

Below you will find the best I can manage to include the comic version of Storms. It is incomplete (unfortunately). I would super not mind if someone wants to try a new go at it now that Storms is (OMG) complete. Just let me know :)

http semicolon double slash storms dot smackjeeves dot com slash comics slash 804253 slash 1

Do I seriously have that much to say about myself? Like, what the heck?

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