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Author has written 7 stories for Gunslinger Girl, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Stargate: SG-1, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, and Gundam Seed.

I have been a fan of anime for years and I have now decided to try my hand at fanfiction. Please let me know what you think.

If anyone is looking for a more cerebral look at anime you can check out my anime science blog at

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Story Status

I have not declared any of my stories dead at this time but I have been focusing more on my Gunslinger girl story and my Harry Potter Nanoha one shots. I tend to write when the idea strikes me and when I have time so it can be a while between updates sometimes and I apologize for that.

Story ideas that I would like to see done and that I do not think I have the ability to write myself

Strike Witches

I would like to see a strike witches story where Mio is called out on her bullshit and death seeker tendencies. Specifically I think it would be nice to see Yoshika refuse to fight but still help the witches on the grounds that she is a pacifist. Additionally I think it would be refreshing to see her call Mio out and demand she tell her everything. It is my opinion that Mio knows exactly what happened to Dr. Miyafuji. Also if Yoshika blatantly told Mio that she knows the Major is trying to train her to use the Shin Repuzan, and refuses to take part in her games. (I got this from what is most likely a mistranslated line in the English dub of episode 12 of Season 2 in the final battle. Mio tells Miyafuji to not let go of the Repuzan, despite what it will do to her).

Additional plot devices that could be part of their own story or added to the above idea include.

Erica acting the way she does in an attempt to make Trude feel something other than sorrow over her sisters injury.

Charlotte threatening to tear the high command a new orifice for placing a young child (Luccini) in a war zone and takes over as her surrogate mother.

Discovering that Sanya indulges Elia's behaviors because of her magic blocking Elia's clairvoyance and as such Elia can not foresee Sanya's death like she does with all of the other witches.

Fairy Tail

I would like to see (and it may exist) a good story where Lucy can be a bad ass with her existing magic and not given other non cannon power boosting abilities (dragon slayer magic). The way I see it she can summon spirits so she must have a massive amount of power and could be a bad ass if trained. An interesting take could be Jellial switching targets from Erza to Lucy since she has less combat training and more power. Additional ideas could include a Marijane who is still willing and able to mix it up in battle instead of having to be pushed.

The second idea I have is that instead of Juvia being a highly powerful water mage and self described Rain woman, she is actually a water elemental. An interesting place to reveal this could be her battle with Meredy, where she unlocks her full power.

My third Fairy tail idea is to increase the amount of time Lucy spends traveling before she meets Natsu. During these travels she would meet Wendy, and befriend Juvia. The first major change would be that she would go after Bora (that fire mage who is hypnotizing people in the town where she meets Natsu), because he is the jerk who dumped Juvia and hurt her feelings. Being friends with Juvia would change the Phantom lord arc. Also Wendy would think of Lucy as a big sister.

Other story ideas that I think I could write

The many travels of Shinji Ikari

The basic idea here is to have Shinji dumped into different universes by the 12th angel and he has to help the universe he is dumped in before heading back. Having Shinji gain special powers in these stories would be aceptable.

Idea 1- Shinji and his Witch

Shinji is dumped into the Strike Witches Universe during the initial Neurio assault on Karlsland. Bereft of his Eva he still tries to help and ends up saving Chris and a number of other refugees by subconsciously activating his AT field which now works outside of his Eva. He is immediately swept up into Karlsland military and placed in Trude's unit. Hanna and Trude fight over Shinji, while Minna, Erica, and Chris think Shinji should just go out with Trude. In the end it will be EVA unit 1 stomping the Neurio.

Idea 2- Shinji and his cyborgs

Shinji is dumped into the Gunslinger Girl universe during one of the first generation cyborgs weekly tea parties.

Idea 3- Shinji and the Mages

Shinji is dumped into the Fairy Tail universe. This particular story has many possibilities, however the one in my head right now takes place at the end of the Tenrou Island Arc. As Fairy Tail prepares to fight Acnologia EVA 01 is dropped on his head. More than a little scared by the giant dragon Shinji punches it across the planet before EVA 01 falls apart and he falls into the arms of Fairy Tail. After hearing his story the women of Fairy Tail adopt him and induct him into the guild.

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