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Hi my name is Katherine i am sixteen years old and i currently live in sunny Suffolk. I am in year nine going into year ten very soon, now nearly finished with year eleven lol. I have blue/grey eyes, naturally blond hair but i dye it brown but have now dyed it to my original colour blonde. I am a giant at around 5ft 8, and well that's me i guess.

I read a Lot of stories on fan fiction but i haven't yet had the courage to write one.

All the stories i read or write (whenever i choose to write a story) are about hsm i am a fan of the stories people write and everything.

I am a fan of many of the authors of HSM on fanfiction, some of them just seem like the book writers of the future.

ooh my days i just wrote the first chapter of my first story i am well excited aah.

i absolutely love Zanessa and Troyella.

A little about me

Age: 16

D.O.B: 14th feb 1994

Gender: Female

Siblings: 3 brothers


Residence: A house

B/F or G/F: i have a boyfriend who i love very much :)

Friends: my life

A Lil More Personal

Hair Color:At the moment it is blonde :)

Eye Color: blue/grey

Weight: dunno, and if i did i wouldn't tell you

Height: 5ft 8


How Many B/F's or G/F's Have You Had:? dunno i don't generally keep count

How Many People Have You Hooked Up With: 2


Food: cereal bars

Colour: black and pink

Number: 14 or 7

Age: 18


Day Of Week:Tuesday

Place To Be: the beach

Sport: Football, Basketball, rugby, trampolining

Guys Name: Tom

Girls Name:Summer

Animal: Cheetah

I do apologise to all my readers who have been waiting years for an update, but my life has been really hectic and my old stories i have kind of lost inspiration for, i'm sorry about the wait but you will have to wait longer, summer will probably be when i start writing again when i will have all the time in the world. i'm sorry guys :/ .

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One Year Contract by CosmicButton reviews
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My Older Guy reviews
She was a sixteen yr old girl. He was an ex-LA Laker star at 23yrs old. Their relationship was illegal but as far as they were concerned love could conquer any law. TxG
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