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Author has written 36 stories for Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Harry Potter, Escaflowne, Lords Of The Underworld series, Life With Derek, Jurassic Park, Merlin, CSI: New York, Sonny with a Chance, Twilight, Criminal Minds, Glee, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Star Trek: 2009, Alice, 2009, Naturally, Sadie, Spectacular!, Sherlock, Hansel & Gretel, Doctor Who, Jessie, That '70s Show, and Father Brown Mysteries.

Disclaimer: If it's posted up here I can promise you that I do not in fact own the characters, they belong to whoever created them. All I own are the OC's (and almost all of my stories have one... in fact I can't think of one story that doesn't have an OC) and the plot I've created. I usually forget to put this in my Stories, so I'm putting it here. I own NOTHING.

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In Progress

Father Brown and the Baxter Twins - Father Brown Mysteries - Sid/OC - Current: Chapter 6

A girl has appeared in Kembleford. She claims she has been a victim of kidnapping, held hostage and tortured for days before she found a way to escape. The Police have decided that she was taken because of her familial ties to a London Crime Lord but Father Brown suspects that something more sinister is at play. With Sid's heart on the line Father Brown must prove that this girl is far from what she says she is.

Out Of Time - Merlin - Arthur/OC - Current: Chapter 34

A BBC Merlin fanfiction about a modern girl named Addison who gets sent back in time, all the way to Camelot. Now living under Arthur's protection things start getting more colorful once Merlin shows up.As time goes on the lines between the good and bad, magic and mortal, and past and present start to become blurred and there's a good chance that Addison might not survive it.

Point Place Siren - That 70's Show - Hyde/OC -- Current: Chapter 3

Steven Hyde finds himself high one night and hearing a voice that calls to him. This leads to a hot encounter with a beautiful female that is gone when he wakes up again. His friends don't believe she exists and Steven is starting to believe that too until a girl shows up on his doorstep and things only get crazier from there.

That Next Generation Fic - That 70's Show - Based on the Original Group's kids -- Current: Chapter 2

The original group had kids. This is the story of Steven Hyde's son Junior, Eric and Donna's twins, Chelsea and Christopher, Jackie and Fez's Daughter Lynn, Kelso's younger son Todd and of the neighbour girl Sarah. Watch as these kids go through similar dramas that their parents went through, like figuring out life and what real love is, bouncing from relationship to relationship, forging real friendships and fooling around with drugs and other fun things.

The Dragon Priestess - Vision of Escaflowne - Van/OC -- Current: Chapter 7

Brooke has never been popular, the only one in her family to survive a car crash and depressed to find herself all alone in the world. Wishing she could have the family she always wanted, she finds herself magically faced with the one who could bring all of that to her. Van has been mostly alone for most of his life, finding himself transported to a strange world, he finds a girl who amuses him just a little too much then a king to be should find. On an impulse kiss Van and Brooke are taken back to Van's home planet of Gaia where Brooke and Van learn that they can do anything as long as they stick together. Not to mention that Brooke has powers she never thought she would had. Turns out life can be much more awesome then either teenagers could ever think.

The Grey Witch - Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - Hansel/OC -- Current: Chapter 6

After the fight with Muriel the siblings and their new friends are going traveling to irradiate the witches plaguing the world. That's how they come across the Grey Witch, a witch with both the power to be evil and good, who stands on neither side and chooses to let her sisters do what they will as she lives peacefully in her lavender covered cottage. Finding someone like her useful the siblings decide to strike a bargain, only to find that Hansel's getting closer to her than Gretel wanted. Can she save her brother before he looses himself to this devil in disguise?

The Lost Daughter - Dr Who - 11th Doctor, 10th doctor -- Current: Chapter 4

This is the story of a little girl who gets lost, only to be found by the one person she's hiding from. Thrown out of her comfort zone this little girl is trying to out run time and two doctors all while growing up to be exactly what she feared she would be. But with the help of her friends and maybe the doctor she may be able to save herself and everything she holds dear.

The Secret Child - BBC Sherlock - Based on Mycroft's Child -- Current: Chapter 6 (Finished, but some chapters will be coming later)

On the night that Sherlock and John went to Appledore things got a little interesting. A child walked out onto the deck, a child that claims to be Sherlock's kid raised by Mycroft's arch-nemesis, Anne Ashton - renowned assassin and skilled thief. But is she what she says she is? Sherlock doesn't think so but Mycroft doesn't quite get it, until the child's kidnapped and it's up to them to get her back. But will they once all the secrets are out?

On hold

Call Me Chessii - Alice 2009 - Hatter/Alice

Everyone knows the story of Alice, but no one remembers Chessii. This story goes through how with the help of the Cheshire Cat, a teen-aged girl with purple hair, purple clothes, purple tail and ears and a knack for rhymes and riddles, Wonderland was won again, how poor Chessii was betrayed, and how she got her revenge. She only wanted to be loved... and this time she was going to make them love her.

Darkest Rebellion - Lords of the Underworld - Sabin/OC

Sabin is surrounded by loving couples, Ashlynn and Maddox , Anya and Lucien, Danika and Reyes even Aeron was with the Demon Legion. Everyone had some sort of happiness now a days and he had nothing. Sabin wanted nothing more then to find he one he was meant to be with. Then Torrin, Keeper of Disease, is summoned to meet the new head god Cronus, who gives him a weapon with a major catch. This weapon is a Creation Goddess, a woman who has the power to create and destroy and is in a sense all knowing. Years before her spirit was sperated into three major parts and now she has to get them back to be restored to her proper form and power. Her presence with the Lords turns their lives more upside down then they would have ever expected as she worms her way into everyone heart, earing a special spot in Sabin's heart.

Forbidden Magic - Merlin - Merlin/OC, OC/Arthur

Merlin has come to the conclusion that he needs help, and quickly decides that he needs to enlist the help of a slayer, little does he know that a witch of that callibur is not avaliable in his time, but in a future one. And that was how Crystal Lee ended up under his control, somewhat. Crystal is uncoventional, rude, loud, and unbeleiveably powerful. Merlin gets her to promise to take care of Arthur, who has taken an interest in her for the obvious reason that she was attractive. As Crystal and Merlin fight the evil magics after Arthur they get closer and closer, but then again she's also getting as close with Arthur. Will Uther ever find out that she's a slayer? Will Crystal help defeat Nimeuh? Will Crystal ever choose between Merlin and Arthur? Read and find out *REDOING*

Lost To The Music - Glee - Quinn/Puck -- Finn/Rachel -- OC/OC

Roxanne AKA Rocks was a tomboy to the max, but she wanted to be more of a girl to impress Devlin Winterbourne, her best friend and ultimate crush. However her violent streek leaves the principal looking for a more creative way to punish her. Finally Principal Figgins decides that the best punishment for Rocks is to be a mandatory member of the Glee club for the rest of the term, a good three months or so. During her stay with the Glee club Rocks makes new friends learns how to be more like a girl and teaches the naysayers not to mess wth Rocks and her friends. But as she progressively becomes more girly Devlin realizes just how much he took his old best friend for granted and can't wait till her mandatory sentence with Glee is over. Rocks decides that she likes Glee, likes the new her, and likes how guys are suddenly interested in her, and to Devlin's horror she decides to join Glee for good. What lengths will Devlin go to in order to get his best friend back? Can Rocks get the other lost memeber to see the light and who they really belong with? Will Rocks and Devlin get together?

Quest For The Third - Percy Jackson Series - Luke/OC

A Green haired girl appears in Camp Half-blood in need of Percy's help. Though he doesn't know her, or trust her - seeing as her and Luke are madly in love with eachother - he's drawn to her, there's a bond between them he just can't seem to explain. Soon Percy realizes that she's been lying to him, lying to everyone. As it turns out she's nothing but fraud, a faker, a piece of something bigger that was only using him to get to her own means, but even then Percy needs to help her. But when it comes down to it, will Percy be willing to risk it all to help a girl everyone wants dead?

The Spectacular Nikki Spade - Spectacular! - Nikko/OC

Nicole Spade was the daughter of two of the most Famous Rockstars on the planet, when they died, Nicole Spade cut short her tour, stopped recording and all but dropped off the face of the earth. Three years later, Nikko's broken up with Courtney, he's awkward within the Spectacular! Group. Just when he thought his life had hit rock bottom a little light dropped into his life, in the form of a very drunk girl, a damsel in distress that he very willingly rode to the rescue of. Nikki was very thankful for Nikko's help but didn't want to get attached, none the less every Friday night, when Nikki was drunk out of her mind she ended up back where she felt she was safe. At Nikko's house. A bond forms between them, but will it survive the new of Nikki not being so truthful about who she is?

Wish Upon A Star - CSI: NY

When a girl is carted into the hospital in a shopping cart by her German Shepherd Taylor and his team is called in to investigate. they soon establish that she is connected to a murder at a well know mafia bakery. As they try to unravel Starlet's interesting past, they find out that good natured girl has been living on the streets before being taken in by the mafia and lived through an unnaturally painful past for someone as happy and nice as her. None really know what happened in her past but all are hoping to find out and reunite her with her street knight in shining armor.


A Hockey Player's Guide To life - Life with Derek - Derek/OC

All through Derek's life he's followed a set of rules, the only rules that have meant anything to him, The Hockey Player's Guide. These rules told him how to behave with his teammates and taught him what was considered right and wrong on the ice and with his friends, and of course these rules alos applied to his life outside of the Hockey Arena. Derek and Casey are in First Year at Queen's, Derek has a hockey scholarship and Casey a dance. Derek's teammate and Roommate Adam, soon becomes his bestfriend but when Derek meets Adam's twin sister Amy, all of his principles and the Guide to proper team etiquette come into question, espeically when Rule number one is Never Date A Teammates Sister.

Anything But Problematic - Life with Derek - Derek/OC

A new girl moves to London Ontario from New Brunswick, Kyra is quiet and is constantly followed by her German Shepherd, Alpha. In New Brunswick she was a star Cheerleader, she was a swimmer and a skater, but for some reason all of that seems to have changed, and no one likes it. As if that's not bad enough, Derek notices that she has seven different boyfriends and suddenly for the first time in his life Derek is contemplating asking out a girl he would most likely have to share. But first he'd have to get past his girlfriend Sally. As Derek gets to know Kyra he realizes that the girl is shrouded in secrets and mysteries that he's just dying to unravel, but everything just starts to get so very problematic.

Everlasting Enemies - Twilight - Edward/Bella -- eventually Edward/OC

Raven Faye was strange, she slept outside the school on a picnic bench before school started, she wasn't in school when the sun was out, she was constantly tired, she was constantly with her dog Nick or her cat Jann, and seemed to be Edwards mortal enemy. At first Bella sees Raven as a friend, but as Bella gets closer to Edward she realizes that Raven's so much more strange then she realized. Especially when she figures out that Raven is not only a Slayer that specializes in Vampires, Her dog is actually an rare form of werewolf tha this supposed to be extinct, and her cat is really a cat woman. But what was the most shocking of all was that she was Edwards lover at some point in Edward distinguished past. Though Bella's somewhat threatened by this, both Raven and Edward are adamant that there is nothing there between them. When Bella's life is threatened Edward calls on Raven, who's powers are waning to help keep Bella safe, but only one of the girls will come back, but who? -- COMPLETED -- PART TWO COMPLETED

Green Blooded Hobgoblin - Star Trek (2009) A.K.A Movie

After an attack on a Tedorian ship, a child is found floating in space. She is beamed aboard and is found to be alive. As the last living Tedorian, as all others were wiped out by a civil war, she is brought back to the Starfleet Center for Science. Not much is known about the Tedorian race, so they opt to study her to learn as much as they could about the dead race. That was how she met Spock. Now, nine years later, the nineteen year old Teresa, is Spock's little secret. Teresa doesn't like living in the Starfleet Center for Scienceshe doesn't like the scientist, and wants to travel space on the Eterprise with Spock - the only living being that she will in fact communicate with. When Spock does the unthinkable to her, Teresa runs from him, triggering her repressed agressive side and triggering a war that no one saw coming. Hiding away upon the U.S.S Enterprise, Teresa meets Kirk, and becomes quick friends, making Spock once again acknowledge emotions in the face of a Universal War. COMPLETED

I Just Wanted You To Love Me - Criminal Minds

Reid is being stalked, or he could be being stalked. Every year, around his birthday, Reid gets a book by the rising author Raven A. Stallcroide that is signed by the author and includes a note. This year the note is much more personal then the others, and is accompanied by calls from silence. When the author is kidnapped by her ex boyfriend, a serial killer who has escaped from prison, the BAU is called in to investigate. But as the investigation ensues, Reid is forced to face his past as Raven A Stallcroide turns out to be someone closely linked not just to Reid but his past. Can Reid Save Raven in time and fix what years of mistakes and neglect has wrought? - COMPLETED

Mackenzie With a Chance of Falling - Sonny With a Chance/Mackenzie Falls - Mackenzie/Mikayla = Chad/Sonny

Late one night Mackenzie gets a phone call, as it turns out a mysterious girl has washed over his Falls and is in need of some medical attention. Of course no one knows who she is, so they're taking her to Mackenzie's. At first Mackenzie finds this unknown girl a hinderance, but soon finds that she's just what he needs to make his life less boring and much more liveable, even if she doesn't know who she is. Dubbing his new friend Falls, Mackenzie gives her everything he could, realizing that someone meant for her to meet her doom at the cold and cruel hands of his falls, until one day he finds out that she's actually Mikayla, from the poor town just a little way from the falls, and she has a fiancee. Mackenzie doesn't trust this fiancee of hers and will do anything to make Mikaya his again, but there are people plotting against him. Can Mackenzie win Mikalya before so marries the wrong guy, or will she come to meet with the one who wanted her to drown? - COMPLETED

Protective Services - One Tree Hill

Haley has been through a lot lately, she found her husband kissing the nanny, fired the nanny, and kicked out her husband, then had to tell her little boy Jamie that he wasn't going to see his Nanny Carrie again, and Daddy wasn't living them anymore. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse someone moves in next door, and is already causing slight problems like having a dog that can jump over their five foot fence. As things get more and more complicated in Haley's life, the new girl Lynn becomes a sort of distraction and though Haley has no idea yet, Lynn will be her savior.

Resurrecting Rivalries - Twilight - Bella/Edward

[Sequel to Everlasting Enemies] Edward has left Bella, Edward thinks that Bella is dead, he's going to kill himself. Desperate the Cullen family tracks down the Black Fallen a person of extreme power who is supposed to help. But when this person turns out to be someone from the past that isn't really happy to have Edward back in her life. But when Bella gets into trouble she comes to rescue again, will everything turn out better then the past or will Edward choose her for once? -- COMPLETED --

Return of the Dark Cloud - Merlin - Arthur/OC

Rewrite of the Druid episode - Years ago Uther heard of the one called 'Kurani' tracking down two druid couples Uther arrested them and had them killed only to find out that it was their five year old girl was the 'Kurani' all along. In return for not hunting down her and her brother, the girl promised to never return to Camelot again. Eleven years later her brother is captured once again and his sister comes to rescue him. Seeing the power she has come to gain, Uther decides to ask for her help when a demonic knight comes back from the dead and soon her and Arthur become close, close to never want to lose her, not after he's found her once again. -- COMPLETED

The Sea Brought Crumbling Changes - Gossip Girl (books)

Nate left for most of the summer to sail around the Carribean with his on and off girlfriend Blair, who still doesn't know that he didn't graduate from highschool. Coming back home was something he was dreading, can you imagine the shock Nate was faced with when he finds out that his parents adopted a teenaged girl his age while he was away. Is that supposed to be a message or something? What will a girl like Raven do to a bad boy like Nate? Will Nate be able to fight away her obvious girlish charm? Will Raven get beat up by Blair or Serena? Well it's finished so read and find out! -- COMPLETED

To You I'm Devoted - Harry Potter (Books) - Cedric Diggory/OC

Dumbledore seems to think that Harry needs help with the whole fight against evil and Voldemort and all that jazz, so he calls in help. A Wiccan by the name of Aria Rayne, the last of her species, probably the most powerful witch in the realm. Cedric watches and wishes, for the first time in his life, that he was Harry Potter. Sure he's got the girl Harry wants, and everyone thinks that Harry's an attenton whore, but Harry has Aria and Cedric wants her. If only she's stop calling him the badger boy. -- COPLETED (unless I decide to add a few more chapters, so if you want it to be continued review and tell me or PM me)

Two Worlds - Jurassic Park 3 - Eric/OC

Eleven years before Eric crashes on Isla Sorna a couple's boats crashes on the reef close to the island, the only survivor an infant child who is taken in by a group of raptors. When Alan and the others come to the island they are surprised to find the now teenaged girl lurking around the island, offering help in whatever way she can. She proves to be more helpful then they thought. -- COMPLETED

Vampire in Chuckle City - Sonny with a Chance - Sonny/Chad

(I LOST A BET) -- Chad and Sonny still aren't together, and this week both the Falls and So Random are getting Celebrity guest stars. So Random, is having Robert Pattinson on their show, but he is far from the charismatic sparkling vampire Sonny expect, Robert is depressed, seems he just got out of a bad relationship. Over at the Falls things aren't so peachy either. The Celebrity guest star is none other then Chad's ex, Kimberly Berkley the singer song writer, who also seems to be attempting to get over a bad break up. It isn't long before there's a clash between the two celebrities, secrets are exposed, tempers flare and suddenly both Sonny and Chad are stuck in fake relationships... and this time not with each other. Will they ever fix this? Or will the situation stay sticky and confusing?? -- COMPLETED


An Anticlimactic Battle - Twilight (Aria Crossover) - Ship = N/A

A Short fanfiction in which my Half Slayer, Half Vampire has a run in with the Cullens while attempting to go on vacation and ends up Kills them. If you like the Cullens do not read this fanfiction.

Conflicted - BBC Sherlock - Sherlock/John/Molly

Sherlock is determined to figure out why John is acting so strange but he doesn't like his findings, or his reaction to the situation. Does this mean that Sherlock Holmes may fancy his flatmate? / One shot / John/Sherlock

Everlasting Torment -Twilight - Edward/OC

This is a story set before Everlasting Enemies, it's a one shot and it gives a little insight on the way Edward Cullen and Raven Faye interact with each other, they're in school arguing with each other rather loudly and violently and causing a ruckus. It is meant to be funny, Jan and Nick are mentioned as are some of the other Cullens, Bella is not yet present.

Her Big Fat Wrong Wedding - Jessie - Jessie/Luke

Jessie has left for Hollywood to try and make it as an actress, five years later a heartbroken - but completely grown up and famous Luke - gets an invitation to a wedding. Jessie's Wedding. Obviously this is not cool but is there anything Luke can do about it?

The Dream Catcher - Twilight -Ship = N/A

A little bit of Comedy revolving around that stupid dream catcher scene in the third movie.

The Sandwich Girl - Naturally Sadie - Hal/OC

A story in which Hal meets a rebellious new girl and bonds with her over sandwiches.

Useless Mix ups - Harry Potter (Aria Crossover) - Ship = N/A

Aria has returned, and this time she's run into Harry. Seems her Vacations can never go right. This time she decides to save the young boy from the Terror he's gotten into.

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The Hardest Truth by KristosLilly reviews
It's not so complicated after all... Or, in which Bradley Fine realizes something that shakes him more than a bit. A drabble, written for a challenge. Rated M for cursing.
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Sometimes you need to redefine what is wasting police time.
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Frozen Tears of My Heart by Michika0Amaya reviews
He stopped, frozen in place from the sight. Blood stained the snow a deep red as it fell. Metal was crunched and thrown everywhere but Van hardly noticed. His eyes were glued to the sight of honey hair still inside the crushed metal
Escaflowne - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 23,320 - Reviews: 63 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 11/17/2014 - Published: 3/12/2008 - Hitomi K.
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The story of how a simple night out and drunken antics change Rose and the Doctor's relationship forever. Events unfold through the eyes of various characters and switch between the present and previous days -Fluff (Short Chapters)
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Square Peg Round Hole by Alice I reviews
Something has been bothering Merlin, and Arthur wants to know what it is. On a trip meant to discover what is ailing Merlin, Arthur learns more than he bargained for. Note that all of my stories are Friendship only - NO SLASH!
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Mia doesn't find Lilly when she goes to apologise to her on the upper courts, but the person she does find needs just as much convincing as her best friend. M&Ms will help with that. O/s.
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Alice, 2009 - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,874 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 94 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 3/24/2010 - Published: 2/27/2010 - Hatter, Alice H. - Complete
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