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I like Legends Star Wars, Ben Skywalker X Vestara Khai, Classic Ben 10, Ben Tennyson X Charmcaster, & Anime! I like a lot of Anime, Manga, Light Novels & Hentai!

I am a big fan of fantasy stories & mythology. Comics & Video Games are okay.

CHALLENGES (PM me with a link if you accept)

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun:

1. Iruma X Ameri X Clara X Kerori X Elizabetta X Eiko X Gyari X Amaryllis X Raim X Paimon X Gaako X Haruno X Konatsu.

2. There are 16 rings for the 16 sins, Vanity & Melancholy were a part of the original 8 sins until they were replaced by Envy in 590 AD; Genetic Modification, Human Experimentation, Polluting, Injustice, Causing Poverty, Financial Gluttony & Taking Drugs were added in by the last pope in '08, but were removed by the following pope.

3. Lemons & Or*ies.

Jackie Chan Adventures:

1. Takes places after the end. 2. Drago doesn't appear.

3. The 8 Demon Sorcerer & 10 Oni merge bodies & Team up:

Tarakudo & Ikazuki, Oni General 5, being the leader & 2nd in command of the Oni would stay independent,

Shendu & Oni General 1 would merge, as Shendu is most familiar with the Ninja Khan, Tchang Zu & Oni General 2 would merge, as they both have claws,

Hsi Wu & Oni General 3 would merge, as they both have wings & are flyers & Bat Khan would fit the sky demon,

Po Kong & Oni General 4 would merge, as she’s obese & 4 uses Sumo Khan,

Bai Tza & Oni General 6 would merge, as they both have serpentine bodies & Squid Khan would fit the water demon perfectly,

Dai Gui & Oni General 7 would merge, as land crabs are a thing, so Crab Khan & the earth demon fit,

Xiao Fung & Oni General 8 would merge, by process of elimination, so Frog Wind demon & Shadow eating Mini Khan it is (Po Kong wouldn’t be willing to share her food, humans, with the Mini Khan to ensure that they’d grow if she merged with 8 instead),

Tso Lan & Oni General 9 would merge, as Tso looks like an insect, with the tongue & Mandibles, so Mantis Khan fits.

To Love-Ru:

1. Rito becomes confident & uses common sense. 2. Rito X Lala X Momo X Nana X Run X Kyōko X Yui X Rin X Mea X Mikado X Risa X Nemesis X Shizu X Haruna X Tearju X Saki X Eve X Amazon Queen X Azenda. 3. Lemons & [email protected]$. 4. It is revealed Lala’s Charmian charm activates only after becoming 17 because she’s a hybrid.

No Game No Life:

1. Sora X Azril X Emir-Eins X Jibril X Laira Lorelei X Miko X Stephanie Dola & More. 2. Lemons & Org!3$. 3. Plum, Nyi & Izuna become main characters. 4. Plum finds more males in hiding. 5. Takes place after Volume 10.


1. Takes place after the trials of Apollo 2. Percy, Annabeth & Piper become the 15th, 16th & 17th Olympians. 3. Bianca & Zoe become goddesses. 4. Percy X Annabeth X Aphrodite X Artemis X Bianca X Calypso X Drew X Eris X Hestia X Khione X Nemesis X Nyx X Piper X Rachel X Reyna X Styx X Thalia X Zoe. 5. Lemons.

Assassin's Creed:


1. All Hidden Gauntlets have Hidden Blades, Poison Blade with Poison Dart, Hidden Gun, Hookblade, Phantom Blade, Brass Knuckles Rope Launcher & Pivot Blade. Shoes also have a Footblade. Modern Hidden Gauntlets also have Razor Wire Blades too. 2. Some Hidden Gauntlets can have Two-pronged Blade, Trident Blade or, if Modern, Composite Blade. Modern Two-pronged Blade can be Shock, too. 3. Assassin Spikes, Noise Darts, Rope Darts & all known types of bombs, including Trip Mines, appear.

4. Modern Assassins have 2 Gauntlets & a multi purpose reverse fold long umbrella that has a sword in the center of the shaft that can be removed at the push of the left button, a .22 long rifle on the left that is fired by the bottom button dispensing casing into the fabric when umbrella is folded, the fabric having a zipper at the bottom to remove the casings, a retractable dagger at the tip of shaft that is released by the right button, also can turn 90 degrees to function like a scythe by holding the same button.

A. U.S.A. Civil War & Wild West:

5. Takes place during the American Civil War & later skips to the 80s to 90s in the Wild West with the same Assassin as the Protagonist.

B. WWII & Indian Revolution:

5. Takes place in India during WWII & Indian Revolution where the Assassins try to liberate India from Britain & fight against both sides of the war due the Templars controlling both sides.

Blue Exorcist:

1. Rin knows his origins from the start & is raised training in all 5 Meisters & how to control his demon powers. 2. Shura knows she's Hachiro's descendant, but convinced him to train her in his demon powers & remove the curse on her blood line, developing a father-daughter relationship. 3. Rin X Shiemi X Shura X Izumo X 9 tailed fox spirit X Lena X Neue X Yoshikuni. 4. Manga takes priority, with anime, movie & games mixed in. 5. Lemons & Org!e$, no incest! 6. Izumo manages to control the 9 tailed fox & befriends her.

Demon Slayer:

1. Tanjiro knows the truth behind the Breath of the Sun & has mastered it by the start of the series. 2. All of siblings either become demon slayers, or end up like Nezuko, including Sun immunity. 3. Each of the 5 main styles has 2 derivative styles that has 1 derived style from them & all will be mastered by Tanjiro & his siblings. 4. Tanjiro X Daki X Kanao. 5. Akaza, Daki & Gyutaro get redeemed & live. 6. Yushiro is the reincarnation of Tamayo's husband, but she doesn't realize it yet. 7. Muzan sends all 5 remaining lower moons after Tanjiro at once, after Rui dies.


1. The Frozen & Spiritland Tribes appear, with Frozen having white cards. 2. Skopolon & Oraklon are revealed to be spirits. 3. Spirits form an alliance with the M'arrillians, because they're immune to mind control & want power. Their leader defrosting Aa'une, and proving to be his equal in power, but a superior strategist. 4. Hinya-Iha notifies the 4 other tribes & request their aid against them. 5. Tom X Sarah. 6. Kaz X Jycella. 7. Peyton X Shinwan. 8. The main 4 were 16 during season 2, but 19 now. 9. Lemons.

Persona 5:

1. Philemon warns Ren Amamiya after he meets the fake Igor, and gives him advice on what to do, but mostly acts as an observer. He tells him about using Persona with the same Arcana when talking to people, and gives vague advice to point Ren in the right direction. He also encourages Ren to read up on the different kinds of decks. 2. Shiho is convinced by Ren to stand up to Kamoshida, thus doesn’t get assaulted or jump. 3. Shiho awakens her persona, Lust/Hunger/Jester Persona, at the same time as Ann, joining the thieves. 4. Includes events of Royal, Q2 & Strikers.

5. Characters without Arcana are assigned ones from the Etteilla (like Takuto), Thoth (like Zenkichi) or Visconti (like Sophia) decks. 6. Confidants are formed as soon as possible, and maxed out by the Enlil & Yaldabaoth fights, if possible. 7. Ann & Shiho start to date Ren first, sharing him, but eventually allow others to join the harem. 8. Ren X Ann X Shiho X Tae X Sadayo X Chihaya X Ichiko X Makoto X Hifumi X Futaba X Haru X Sae X Mika X Lavenza X Sumire X Sophia X Alice, in that order. 9. Lemons & Orgies after Enlil’s defeat, but only after maxing out Rank 10 (Romance).

Full Metal Alchemist:

1. Characters exclusive to 2003, Brotherhood, Video Games & Sacred Star appear. 2. The Homunculi of 2003 & Brotherhood co-exist with the Brotherhood ones being called Originals & 2003 being called Replicas for this list. 3. Dante is recruited as Father’s 2nd in Command, due to her discovering body hopping. 4. Father moved the stones of Lust, Greed & Gluttony into the Replica bodies creating a symbiosis, like Greed & Ling in Brotherhood.

5. Replica Pride was created from those that died from receiving King Bradley’s stone & serves as his body double. 6. Original Envy chose Replica’s appearance since he’s the only Original younger than his Replica. 7. Ed X Rose X Winry X Clara(epilogue) X Janice X Sophie(epilogue). 8. Lemons & Org!e$. 9. Lust still defects, but Replicas, Sloth & Wrath, do as well.

10. Replica Wrath gives Ed his Arm & Leg back. 11. Greed, Lust, Replicas, Sloth & Wrath, survive.


1. Takes place after all the series, including Appmon & Manga, with them all happening in the same world at different periods in time with regular memory wipes. 2. Hierarchy from strongest to weakest is: Susanoomon(the ancient Gaiamon), Lucemon Shadowlord, Ogudomon(Dark Area Gaiamon; hold position in spite of its weakness to the pure), Lucemon, 10 Legendary Warriors, Gaiamon(collective of a digital world combined), 3 Celestial Digimon, 6 Great Demon Lords(counting ZeedMillenniummon as Lilithmon, Daemon Ultra & OmegaArmamon Burst Mode as Barbamon) & Royal Knights & Olympus 12, counting Plutomon, as equals.

3. The Digital World from Adventure is ruled by Homeostasis, Drasil rules the one from Data Squad & every different world has its own Source Computer. Lucemon is the Source Computer of the Dark Area. 4. Lucemon is the only 1 of a kind Digimon. He had amnesia in Fusion. 5. Omnimon in the Royal Knights is the one from Adventure. Same with Magnamon & UlforceVeedramon(Zeromaru). Omnimon was under mind control in the manga. Galantmon is the one from Tamers, minus Takato. 6. Appmon appear alongside regular Digimon. God Grade can function as ZERO-ARMS for Mega or Ultra Levels. 7. All forms of digivolution appear, but Digifuse is treated as worse than DNA.

8. Ultra appears & Burst can be stacked on top of it. 9. Each Digimetal was made by one of the Legendary Warriors: Light by AncientGarurumon, Courage by Ancientgreymon, Knowledge by Ancientbeetlemon, Love by Ancientkazemon, Friendship by Ancientwisemon, Reliability by Ancientmegatheriummon, Sincerity by Ancienttroiamon, Kindness by AncientVolcanomon, Hope by AncientMermaidmon & Dark by AncientSphinxmon. They all created Destiny & Miracles, then the 7 Demon lords created some of their own. Lucemon created Vanity. Lilithmon created Desire, and Beezlemon created Guts.

10. Takuya is stated to be the strongest Digidestined & Marcus is the oldest living DigiDestined & strongest overall outside the Warriors. 11. Marcus leads DATS as Commander-General in his late 80s. Yoshi was his wife, but now he & Keenan are the last Digidestined prior to Fusion. Fusion & Appmon DigiDestined are now employees of DATS.

12. Lucemon uses the Code Keys to combine the D-Reaper & Leviathan(Appmon) into Lilithmon via their lust for power, Apocalymon(Adventure) into Leviamon via its envy of others, Quartzmon & all movie antagonists into Barbamon, Titamon into Daemon & all other major antagonist from the past series, like Dark masters & Etemon, into Belphemon & various wild mindless Digimon into Beezlemon via their hunger.

13. Marcus’s grandson & Tayuya’s descendant is the main character. He can become Agunimon & has a Ladydevimon that can become a Minervamon, Lilithmon or Mastemon(partial slide evolution mixed with mega evolution), Lilamon that can become a Rosemon, Lotusmon or Rafflesimon, Veemon that can become UlforceVeedramon or Magnamon, Agumon that can become Wargreymon or Shinegreymon & Guilmon that can become a Galantmon. He also has an assortment of Appmon & Digimetals.

14. MC X Ladydevimon X Rosemon X Venusmon X more. 15. Lemons & Org!3$.


1. Vincent X Catherine X Katherine X Rin(female form) X Ishtar. 2. Lemons & Orgies. 3. Rin is a shapeshifter trapped as a man while amnesiac. 4. Ishtar is Catherine’s aunt.

5. Catherine is a demon goddess hybrid due to her mother ruling the Underworld. 6. Catherine comes clean after he asks about Steve. 7. Rin comes clean after getting his memories back & becomes a woman for Vincent. 8. Katherine tells him she’sn’t pregnant as soon as she finds out. 9. Catherine comes clean to Katherine in her dreams & asks to talk about Vincent. 10. Vincent goes on the space trip with the girls for free due to using Rin’s Saucer. 11. Katherine gets into Fashion & Catherine lives with them among mortals like in their Alternate endings but they’re with Vincent. 12. Vincent & Katherine get married first like in her true ending after they return from the space trip. Vincent & Rin get married months later.


1. Takes place after the manga ended, but the OVA happened on their way from the Mall. 2. Kohta missed & by luck Rika rescued Asami. 3. Kyoko managed to push Teshima off before being bitten & only screamed out of terror & managed to escape. 4. Tadashi, Kyoko, Rika, Asami & Takashi's mom join his group at the same time.

5. Miku was revealed to a virgin, despite being a flirt, before joining the cult & she, Taniuchi & Kawamoto were essentially forced into the or*ies under threat of being tossed out during the apocalypse, but eventually left after losing faith in Shido after losing the bus upon arriving at Shintoko. This leads the 3 to join Takashi's group while the rest are killed in one way or another.

6. Takashi X Rei X Saeko X Kyoko X Rika X Shizuka X Miku. 7. Kohta X Saya X Asami. 8. Taniuchi X Kawamoto, they can join either harem or not, but they must be together.

9. After Rika joins, Takashi has them all go through basic training under her to avoid getting killed. Kohta gets ripped in the process. 10. Takashi was named after Tadashi.

11. Can Rika give them better guns, like a Barrett M82A1 (Sniper Rifle used to land the 2nd, 6th, 9th & 15th longest recorded sniper kills; the A3 getting the 13th), McMillan TAC-50 (Sniper Rifle used to land the 1st, 4th & 5th longest recorded sniper kills; TAC-338 landing the 10th), KPV-14.5 heavy machine gun & AGS-40 Balkan (The most accurate fully Auto grenade launcher) attached to a vehicle turret, Anzio 20mm rifle (Sniper that uses the same ammo as the KPV), Kord machine gun(nick named the sniper machine gun, because of range & accuracy) & a few AA12s for good measure.

12. Lemons & Or*ies

Street Fighter:

1. Takes place after 3. 2. Ryu X Juri X Chun Li. 3. More focus on the elements of Ki. 4. M. Bison is all the evil Rose abandoned in attempt to become pure, but she forgot this until Ryu forced Bison back in her after V. 5. Remnants of Shadaloo & S.I.N. now working for the Illuminati. 6. Ryu has complete mastery of the Satsui & Nothingness.

7. Ingrid is the Goddess of Emotion & creator of the Psycho & Soul Powers, representing Negative & Positive emotions respectively. 8. Rose trains Menat, Ed, Falke, Cammy, Abel & the rest of the now free Dolls & Neo Shadaloo to find balance between the Psycho & Soul Powers. 9. G is the ghost of an American explorer turned god that possess the sum total of human knowledge, including Martial Arts abilities. 10. G makes Dan a decent fighter & helps him master the Psycho, Soul, Satsui, Nothingness & Dantian powers, but is still weaker than Ryu, Ken & others. 11. Sakura & Sean are rivals, due to their mentors being rivals. 12. Chun Li was trained in the Satsui & Nothingness by Gen. 13. The other 2 masters of the Psycho Power are named.


1. Takami realizes there's nothing she can do to keep her kids out of the plan & she gives him the Raiden Duo to start off with. (Inspired by Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning).

2. Minato's Sekirei: Hikari, Hibiki, Musubi, Yashima, Matsu, Kuruse, Yahan, Yomi, Ikki, Yosuga, Akitsu, Kusano, Homura, Tsukiumi, Kazehana, Yume & more. (Inspired by Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning). 3. Yukari's Sekirei: Oriha, Shiina & more. (Inspired by Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning). 4. Takami restoring Akitsu, aging up Kusano & finding some way to restore Yume. 5. Characters exercise rationality & common sense.(Inspired by Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning).

6. Minato gets into college on his second try.(Inspired by Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning). 7. Seo doesn't get any Sekirei, nor does he become an ally. 8. Bashing on anyone that used force or coercion to even attempt to get Sekirei. 9. Mikogami never gets redeemed or becomes an ally. 10. All Sekirei forcefully winged will have their ties with their Ashikabi severed to start over again. 11. Minato will have a spine thanks to his Sekirei.(Inspired by Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning).

12. Minato will have the MBI cards & have a mansion.(Inspired by Ashikabi of Thunder & Lightning). 13. Chiho X Uzume. 14. Lemons & Org&*s.

Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple:

1. Kenichi X Miu X Rachel X Renka X Kaname X Kisara X Mildred & her disciple X Brown & her disciple X Raichi X Yui X Lona X Octavia X all of the Valkyries X Tsukasa X Yuka X Raki's Disciple X Chihiro X Izayoi X Female 8 fist of Loki's Ragnarok X Kaoru X Kiyoi X Kōgyoku Dō X Kuremisago clan disciples X Yinlin Chou X Makoto Himeno X Shigure.

2. Rin X Raki. 3. Kenichi overcomes his fear of weapons & becomes great at them & Ninjutsu under Shigure & convinces Apachai to teach him Boran. 4. Kisara adding Capoeira & Tang soo do to her Nyankwondo, as it & Taekwondo are foot heavy martial arts! 5. Ga Ki, type of Ki used by Elder, being Dou & Sei safely mixed together, without side effects, & something all Legendary, possible advanced grand, masters can do, but is too difficult for most Grand masters. 6. The Nanken team being apart of the Phoenix Alliance.

7. Kenichi & Miu take over the Kuremisago clan, because her mother was the rightful heir. 8. Yuma learns Bufu, due to its similarities to Sumo. 9. Kii doesn't get redeemed & Shigure gives Kenichi the sword she took from him. 10. Lemons & o#@!es. 11. The executioner blades get as much appearances as the 1 Shadow, 9 fists. 12. Kenichi gets strong enough to defeat the 8 blades, except for Rin & Yogi, by himself by the end. The same being true for Him vs Alex, Cyril, Diego, Ogata & Ro.

13. Akira, Agaard, Rin & Kenichi's masters are promoted to Advanced & Mikumo & Saiga become Legendary. 14. Kenichi is Grand Master by the end & he & most of his harem, especially Miu, Renka, Shigure, Kisara, Raichi, Tsukasa, Rachel & Kaname, are Legendary by the Epilogue. 15. Saori is Shio's sister, but she thinks he's dead and he doesn't know she's married & has 2 kids.

Power Rangers:

Turbo - Lost Galaxy - Wild Force - Dino Thunder Crossover

1. Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster, Galactabeasts, Wildzords & Biozords conversing with each other, comparing adventures & sparring amongst themselves.

Mighty Morphin (Regular & Ninja) - Zeo - Turbo - Space - Dino Thunder - MegaForce Crossover:

1. Rangers with Many forms test their Master Morphers out against each other & training enemies in preparation for Emperor Mavro’s Invasion.

Mystic Force:

1. Octomus the Master has Morticon kidnap the Rangers’ families. 2. Morticon learns about Nick’s adoption & Necrolai figures out who he is. 3. After the families are rescued, Nick learns about his origins, Calindor’s betrayal & Necrolai tricks him into breaking the seal on Calindor to revive him while Morticon is still imprisoned. 4. Nick will learn about his ability to merge with Fire Heart soon after Leanbow seals the Octomus inside himself. 5. Nick will have control of Catastros & Brightstar after Leanbow seals Octomus inside himself. 6. Octomus’s last act before being sealed inside Leanbow is to Revive Imperious & Morticon as they were his strongest Soldiers outside the 10 Titans.

Jungle Fury:

1. Dai Shi has the 5 Fingers of Poison rescued as they’re the strongest in his Army after the Overlords, their servants & the Phantom Beasts. That means forcing the rebellious Naja, who has 10 reviving claws, to obey. 2. He has the 3 Overlords resurrected as soon as he decides to involve the 5 Fingers. He also has them rescued, because, despite their treachery, they & their servants are his most powerful soldiers, except for all of the Phantom Beasts. 3. The Rangers gain Megazords combining Their 3 individual forms into 3 Zords. Tiger Shark Ape Zord, etc. 4. All 8 of the Phantom Beast Generals are revived. 5. Once all the Phantom Beasts are released he sends the 5 Fingers & all of the defeated, but rescued, Overlord servants at once. 6. The Overlords attack the Rangers one on one & are defeated by their individual Zords.

7. Dai Shi will use Zocato & Rinzin at once. 8. Dai Shi will absorb all of his fallen soldiers powers into a container to give to one of his Rinshi so he can possess it after Jarrod rebels & regain his Phantom Beast King form for the Final Beast War before returning to his true form.

Rosario Vampire:

1. Add Ririko & Tamao into the harem. 2. Kyoko as a Main/Supporting Character. I just want to her to be shown interacting with Tsukune over the phone regularly.

3. Something loosely based on the manga with anime & game elements added in, with characters from the One-Shot, as bullies from Tsukune's old school.

4. A harem ending by the first season, except Yukari just no. 5. The Headmaster actually telling Tsukune the truth & training him during the Anti-thesis incident to prepare for both them & Fairy Tale. 6. Tsukune befriending the siren triplets from the games, as just friends & people to get relationship advice from. 7. PE & Art teachers dying horribly.

8. Outer Moka being the compassion Inner abandoned inside of a clone of her mother to explain how the 2 Mokas merged, like the Epilogue implied. 9. Have her mother just be observing as a 3rd personality that shares Outer's memories, but isn't Outer out right.

10. Have the 2 Mokas fuse, so the Outer body can go to her mother completely by the end of season 1, so she can train Moka & Tsukune over the break. 11. Have lemons & or*#es in season 2. 12. Tsukune's parents learning the truth & Kyoko's parents appearing. 13. Name the Issa Shuzen impostor.

14. The last 2 men that were the 4 kings of the PSC are named. 15. Ageha's mate of fate is named & what happened to him is explained. 16. It being said that all witches are geniuses & Ruby, being a genius among them, already has multiple PhDs & is almost as good at math as Ririko.

Soul Eater:

1. Start from the encounter of Soul & Maka vs Blair. 2. Have Blair run away with Soul & them bond while he tries to find her weakness, learns the truth & falls in love allowing her to keep her soul. 3. Soul x Blair x Maka x Succubus, eventually, possible x Crona, but not until Medusa's defeat. 4. Attributes of both the manga, games & anime, with manga taking precedence. 5. Maka discovers being part scythe when first meeting Stein & using Medusa to become a Death Scythe. 6. The 6 rat witches being used to make Éclair, Thompson sisters, Pot sisters & Jacqueline into Death Scythes. 7. Tsubaki using Greed, or the Toad witch, to become a Death Scythe, since Sorcerers are just male witches. 8. Kid & all the Spartoi Scythes & Crona vs Asura

9. Eibon, Excalibur & The Great Old One of Power choosing to replace Crona on the moon after the Boob debacle & have to repent for the creation of Asura by fighting him forever, as Power said that their negligence made him what he is today. 10. Vajra being the strongest Death Scythe, except Soul, Maka, Tsubaki & Thompson Sisters.

11. Kid, Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki & Crona replacing Death, Eibon, Excalibur, Power, Vajra & Asura, respectively, as The Great New Ones with the rest of Spartoi becoming the new Legions, with Thomson sisters as his guards. 12. Mifune lives. 13. Crona, the only Meister-Witch hybrid, will use magic spells. 14. Soul keeping Black Blood, but eating Ogre like in the anime, Maka's White dress representing Soul's new control 15. Lemons & [email protected]!es. 16. Focus on unique souls, like Grigori, Large & Mighty, & Meister, like Utility, Genius & Ultra 1st-Rate, & Wavelengths, like Healing, thread structure & Menace.

Food Wars: (some ideas come from Toriko & other peoples Fanfics)

1. There's a special Shokugeki requiring a meal consisting of an Appetizer, Salad/Fruit/Veggie, Soup, Meat, Fish/Seafood, Poultry, Starch, Dessert & Beverage (a main dish can be anything. my idea is more specific.) 2. Soma X Erina X Ikumi X Mayumi. 3. Etsuya gets expelled at the end of the 1st year, like in Zancrow's Nouvelle. 4. Azami waits until the 2nd year to start trouble, with Asahi blackmailing him into letting him help, like in Zancrow's Classique.

5. The One Shot takes place between Ikumi's defeat & Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp, with Etsuya taking Julio Rossi's spot immediately after the One-shot, because Julio took it from him shortly after the beginning of the Year. 6. Asahi is a good brother out to sabotage his father & protect Erina. 7. Asahi, Erina & Ikumi helps out at Yukihira's from time to time. 8. Asahi will be Headmaster after Azami is banished, because Erina is too young. 9. Ikumi & Asami will be members of the Elite 10 by the 3rd year if not sooner. 10. Kazusato will appear during the Karaage War arc.

11. Kazusato's Wife, Mother & Father in Law died of the same birth defect of the heart that killed his daughter & that'll be a plot point involving Soma having hospital appointments twice a year to make sure it doesn't happen to him. 12. Azami will not be redeemed. 13. Shoko & Julio Shiratsu will be more flushed out. 14. Shiratsu & Rossi Saotome will have a rivalry going. 15. Cross Knives is revealed to be a superior version of Perfect Trace. 16. Soma learns Sword Dance from the twins, Armed, Blood, Circus & Sadistic dishes & 6 Grills from Asahi's Noirs. 17. Erina has Akira's sense of Smell & Ikumi's sense of touch on the lips. 18. Lemons & [email protected]#.

Ben 10:

1. Takes place after Omniverse ends. 2. Ben some how ends up in Ledgerdomain alone with Charmcaster. 3. They team up to liberate it from Addwaitya, giving her redemption & make her the new love interest. 4. They then fight the Negative 10 after that led by Zs'Skayr with Transl & Vilgax(army of droids, bioids & Psyphon's gang) as Co-2nd: Mummy from OG series that was sent to the Null by Ben, Yenaldooshi that got away, Darkstar, Albedo, Dr. Psychobos (with the Waybads), Aggregor & Malware, who was implied to be alive after Vilgax turned him into armor. 5. Sunny joins the good guys. 6. Anodites are naked like in UAF.

7. Ben gets an Anodite form, not in the omnitrix, but from a near death experience without the omnitrix & learns Magic from Charmcaster. 8. Ben gets an Ultimate Biomnitrix With Potis Altiare function to boost the ultimates further, Updated Retaliator Armor without the Rage effect, Bioids stolen from Vilgax to transform them while fighting in his Anodite form with the Retaliator Armor. 9. Albedo has all that stuff previously mentioned & uses an Ultimate BiNemetrix on Vilgax's Bioids. 10. Ben getting Ascalon as a Worst case scenario. 11. Ben finding Skurd in Ledgerdomain by accident after getting the BiUltimatrix: Picture Ultimate 4Mungousaur in the armor with diamond swords.

12. Elena redemption & origin of Nanochips revealed. 13. Introduce aliens exclusive from the commercials & plays, like Invincible, Rocks & Shadowman. 14. Charmcaster gets a pet that Azmuth can give an Ultimate BiNemetrix to. 15. Ben's mother is revealed to be a descendant of Bazel, but doesn't know. 16. Introduce the Aliens the canon writing team mentioned when one said Alien X wasn't Ben's strongest transformation. 17. Ben X Hope X Elena. 18. Lemons & Threesomes. 19. They combined Hope's Magic Items & Elena's technology to design Technomancy weapons & Vehicles.

One Punch Man: 2 different ones with the following

A. The Continuation:

1. Set after the Neo Heroes Saga. 2. Saitama loses all his power & has to train to regain them. 3. Saitama trains under Superalloy Darkshine, Tanktop Master, Bang, Bomb, Atomic Samurai, Flashy Flash, Nichirin, Amahare & Zanbai to regain his former power, becoming stronger than he originally was in the process.

4. Fubuki becomes the number 1 of A class. 5. Saitama X Fubuki X Tatsumaki X Psykos. 6. Lemons & [email protected]!e$.

B. The Reboot:

1. Set at the beginning of the story. 2. Adapts the anime, but Goddess Glasses, Gale & Hellfire appears. 3. Saitama X Mosquito Girl X Fubuki X Swim X Tatsumaki X Tanktop Girl X Do-S X Eyesight X Asami X Noria X Mizuki X Twin Tails X Raptora X Reptera X Goddess Glasses X Psykos X Suiko. 4. Lemons & [email protected]!e$.

5. Characters that use 1 weapon in one version, but a different one in another, like Asami with Tonfas & a spear, will use both. 6. Lin Lin is Suiryu & Suiko's younger sister. The Flashback they've in the hospital was back when Lin Lin was too young to train. Lin Lin trained under a master on the other side of their family. 7. Atomic Samurai's disciples & Noria both witness Pig God drinking Evil Natural Water.

8. Awakened Garou, Boros, Orochi, Golden Sperm, Geryuganshoop & Tatsumaki are all above Dragon level, with Geryuganshoop being barely stronger than Tatsumaki, due to removing friction. 9. Orochi & Golden Sperm being stronger than Geryuganshoop, but not significantly so. 10. Psykos-Orochi is slightly stronger than base Orochi & Psykos combined power, but significantly weaker than Boros, with Awakened Garou being slightly stronger than him.

11. Boros & Geryuganshoop survive, rescue their comrades & try to rebuild & leave, but live in city-Z in hiding in the meantime. 12. Saitama finds out, but leaves them alone, so long as they don't attack anyone. 13. Saitama regularly spars with Boros. 14. Geryuganshoop trains Fubuki to get stronger.

Naruto: (some of these are ideas from other authors)

1. Anko, Yugao & Iruka being Kushina's last genin team, before she was put on Maternity leave & Anko returned to & went with Orochimaru, with Kurenai as the sole survivor of Kushina's previous genin team & both of Anko’s genin team mates under Orochimaru being promoted over her, thus her transferring over to Kushina’s team to continue her studies with 2 fresh from the academy. Loosely based on "The Oath" by theGhostflyer, which had Anko Kurenai & Iruka as Kushina's team & Imperial-samaB's Naruto ANBU-maki had Yugao as her student.

2. Going over events during the time skip, including all Filler, Movies & Video Game lore from "Strength of the Uzumaki" by Baku97.

3. Naruto actually being given Nature Release training, weapons training & ,his clans specialties, Sensory & Sealing training by Jiraiya & access to his chakra chain Kekkai Genkai during the time skip from "Strength of the Uzumaki" by Baku97. Or sooner, like using the clone training during the Chunin exam to learn multiple jutsu, instead of just summoning.

4. Naruto having an inheritance left by his parents, including Hiden, from both "Strength of the Uzumaki" by Baku97 & "A New Path To Power" by Phanthomas. A lot of sealing Jutsu, like Reaper Death, would be considered Hiden, because the Uzumaki were famous for it. Chakra Suppression Technique was, because Itachi could use it, but Heal Bite, Mind's Eye of the Kagura & Adamantine Sealing/Attacking Chains were definitely Kekkai Genkai.

5. Naruto being in an arranged marriage to Mei & Samui before he was born & them helping him train for the 3rd Chunin Exams from "A New Path To Power" by Phanthomas. Danzo & the other 2 forged a letter from Hiruzen to Mei lying about Naruto's death before he was born from I don't know who.

5.5. Suggestion not required. I think they could've done the same to Kushina's students. 6. Since Kurotsuchi can use Dust & Lava, that should mean Mei can use what ever Earth, Water & Fire make & Wood, due to having a triple affinity for Earth, Water & Fire. Maybe Naruto could point that out to her.

7. Kurama donated his chakra to the Kurama clan, that being the source of their genjutsu & where people got the idea to weaponize the tailed beasts from. Shukaku, being the one to create curse marks, also be where people got the idea to weaponize them from.

8. Naruto becoming a Chunin, after Tsunade becomes Hokage & eligible for the Jonin exams after defeating a tailed beast, the Shukaku. 9. Shino becoming a Chunin, along side Shikamaru, for everything he did after the Sasuke vs Gaara match was interrupted.

10. Mei & Killer B fighting the second Hokage, while A & Might Guy fight the first & Orochimaru fights the 3rd. 11. Guy has to use 7 gates & A has to use his father's Hell Stab to defeat Hashirama & are still too exhausted to move after the fact. 12. Mei & B defeat the 2nd Hokage, but are too late to save Sarutobi or kill Orochimaru.

13. Tsunade is Kushina's teacher & Naruto's godmother. 14. Kurama tells Naruto about the Rinnegan & Tenseigan before the time skip, or the 3rd exam & says a Hyuuga can get the Tenseigan by opening all 8 inner gates without dying. 15. Naruto learns Sage Mode & other jutsu over the time skip.

16. Naruto X Hinata X Tenten X Yakumo X Koyuki X Mei X Samui X Hokuto X Haruna(daimyo) X Tsukino X Shion X Amaru X Shizuka X Haku(rule 63) X Fuka X Tayuya X Yugito X Hotaru X Guren X Sasame X Kotohime X Hebihime X Yamame X Chiyo(princess) X Emi X Fubuki X Kagura(game) X Isaribi X Momiji (Tanzaku) X Ryuka X Ryuzetsu X Okyo X Susuki & more, so long as they don't get in the way of canon ships.

17. Lemons & [email protected]!es. 18. Konan becomes a big sister/aunt figure after Pain's death. 19. Naori is revealed to be alive & tries to turn Sasuke against revenge. 20. After learning about the land of Whirl pools, Naruto is determined to keep cultures from disappearing, like having the Fuma clan develop his weapons in the Village of Artisans & encouraging the Daimyo to have Samurai trained to protect them, etc.

Black Clover:

This idea popped in my head while watching this video: htt ps://ww w.youtu /wat ch?v=Ul02yF60P o8&list=PLPYCa4CMwi6tIwyfD0gDebFhStU2ivooi&index=57 (remove the spaces)

1. Asta has no magic, but befriends one of each spirit, because there's implied to be more than 1 of each, early in life. 2. Asta keeps his physical training. 3. He still gets Licht's Grimoire, since he has no magic & is Liebe's brother, but can still use Spirit magic, so long as his spells don't touch his swords, as his spells come from the spirits & not his own body, so unless he Spirit Dives the swords won't negate their magic.

4. Asta is as strong as Broku said he would've been if he was born with magic, minimum. 5. He's a 5 in Sensing & Control. 6. He surpassed his limit & learned to use Healing(don't know how Earth can heal anything), Barrier(Earth is stated to have the strongest Def. of the 4), Communication, Creation, Curse, Reinforcement, Restraining, Seal, Transformation, Trap(Don't know how wind could've traps) & Weakening magic.

7. He can't spirit dive with Salamander & Undine at once, same for Sylph & Gnome. He can't Spirit Dive while using Anti-Magic, especially Black Asta. 8. Spirits can't bond with someone with magic different from their own. 9. Asta still gets Ki. 10. Mana is called Reishi in Hino, where Yami is from. 11. At least one of Asta's spirits knows the whole story behind the elven massacre and Lucifero and his mother & will tell Asta.

12. Asta's spirits recommend his friends to other Spirits, but Magna is too weak for a Salamander. 13. Zagred possessing Vetto during his 3rd eye opening to explain why he acted so differently than the other 2, when they opened their eyes. 14. Asta learns both types of Mana Method from Heart Kingdom & Zora over the time skip, as well as Ultimate Magic from Patri.

15. Asta gets a harem consisting of Noelle, Mimosa, Rebecca, Vanessa(Post-Witch's Forest), Mereoleona(Post-Zagred, but starts being interested in him after the Volcano training), Sally (Post-Zagred), Secre (Post-Zagred) & Lolopechka(During the Time-Skip). 16. Magna & Sol start dating post-Tournament. Gauche & Grey get together while training to rescue Yami from the Triad. 17. Nozel & Dorothy have been dating in secret before they're introduced before the story. 18. Lemons & O*ies.

19. Sol is an Amazon. 20. Asta's grimoire can absorb the magic of those killed by his Anti-magic, giving him Word Soul Magic, all of Zagred's spells & ability to make new ones.

21. Sally gives the Black Bulls magic items to make them stronger. 22. Sally, Valtos & Rades join the Black Bulls as a part of their sentence. 23. Follows the Manga, Light Novel, Anime and Video Games.

Rave Master-Fairy Tail:

1. Starts with Natsu & Erza walking back from being arrested after Lullaby where they meet Zeref & he restores Natsu's memories & explains everything involving Fairy Tails creation, the Balam Alliance individual member, Tower of Heaven, Edolas, The Empire, Avatar, Erza's mom, Gray's father & Ultear, etc. & he plans to take back his wife's body to Tenrou island by force if necessary.

2. Natsu & Lucy are distant cousins, both Haru & Ellie's descendants & Erik is Shuda & Cattleya's, Reina was resurrected, married Hamrio & became the ancestor of Gray, Gajeel & Bisca. Flare was trained as Atlas's Dragon Slayer, thus Natsu's cousin. 3. Zeref gives Natsu the Rave Stone after burying Mavis at her grave. 4. Zeref has Invel & Bloodman train Ultear, Gray & Lyon, Irene train Erza & Dimaria trains Mira & Elfman

5. Zeref & Natsu takes over Tartarus & Grimoire Heart forcing them to end their evil & take control of the dark guilds to deal with corruption in the government, like the magic council. 6. Ultear reveals the truth to both Lyon & Tower of Heaven survivors on Natsu's orders & Zeref restores Ur. 7. Natsu is the Prince of Fire Dragons, All Dragons, Alvarez(August is infertile) & King of Demons. 8. Natsu & Erza confess as they & Zeref return to Fairy Tail.

9. Dragon Slayer, except Royals can only have one mate, but Natsu is expected to've at least 5 to continue the Royal line. 10. Natsu X Harem: Erza, Mira, Cana, Ultear, Brandish, Dimaria, Kyoka, Seliah, Akula, Millianna, Briar, Mary (Avatar), Minerva, Sorano, Swan, Sonya, Éclair, Selene, Youko, Hakune, Kiria, Jenny & more.

11. Capricorn & Silver are released from their suffering. 12. Contains Story Elements from the movies & Video Games. 13. Using White & Black magic negates each others negative effects as they're 2 extremes of magic & Natsu eventually learns both.

14. Gildarts & Serena are equals, most members of the 12 & beginning Natsu are as strong as the Wizard Saint's combined, Irene & August are twice that, Zeref, Igneel & Acnologia are stronger than the 12 combined & can destroy the planet, The 5 Dragon Gods are stronger & can survive planet destruction, but the 18 Battle gods & their leader Ankhseram are even stronger & are the final Antagonists

15. Natsu uses the money given for him, Gray & Ultear ending the Moon Drip to rebuild his house & move several books on Lost & Forbidden magic from Tartarus & Grimoire Heart into his Library, so he can get stronger & learn God & Devil Slayer magic. 16. Gray learns God & Dragon Slayer magic & the other slayers complete their trinities of god-dragon-devil from Natsu's books. 17. Cana learns Arcs of Trees & Embodiment from Natsu's books & Crash from her father. 18. Mira learns Human Subordination Magic.

19. Natsu has Magnolia & Sun Village relocated to Alvarez after Zeref dies & unites Fiore(returned to being Dragnof under Erza), Veronica, Stella, Guiltina & Alvarez under him bringing Dragons & Demons into the Empire & mass produces 4th generation Dragon, Devil & God Slayers to deal with the Dragon Gods, Rebellious, Battle Gods & more.

20. Fairy Tail takes place over 700 years after Rave Master. 21. Natsu can use Star Raver & Ravelt. 22. Gray & Gajeel get Silver & Gold Claiming & discover Platinum claiming.

23. Lemons & [email protected]!es.

Akame Ga Kill:

1. Tatsumi X Mine X Leone X Akame X Esdeath X Sheele X Cosmina X Suzuka X Seryu X Mez X Chelsea X members of Elite 7 & Group of Terror, not Poney.

2. There will be characters with multiple Teigu. It's rare, but not unheard of! Wave wielded Mastema & Grand Chariot, though he almost died & Lubbock used Shambhala & Cross Tail, but not at the same time, in the manga! This shows the danger comes from using 2 at once. 3. Shingu will the be mentioned. They mightn't've the weakness of using 2 teigu, since they'ren't teigu.

4. Tatsumi gets Trisula, if Natala isn't rescued, Adayusu, Incursio, Belvaac & a teigu that is speed enhancing boots. He's implied to be Superhuman before transforming, so it fits, as only super-humans can use 2 teigu simultaneously. 5. Mine get Prometheus on top of Pumpkin, if Tsukushi isn't rescued. 6. Lubbock get Sidewinder, if Green dies, & Shambhala on top of Cross Tail.

7. Leone get Balzac on top of Lionelle. Her healing powers could counter the negative effects of using 2 & she'll be Superhuman from Suzuka's training! 8. The Trap Teigu, Sound control Teigu & 2 Danger Beast controlling teigu & the 12 that didn't appear in the manga will be named. 9. Esdeath will add Black Marlin to her Demon Extase, unless you decide to spare Liver. 10. Cosmina will get Scream & the nameless sound teigu on top of Heavy Pressure.

11. Some centuries after the Manga events Incursio separated from Tatsumi's body & continued to evolve until it gained sentience & the ability to time travel twice. The anime is the first time & it was dormant until after Tatsumi's death again. The second time it revealed the future to Tatsumi (as a child), Bulat (after receiving it, so he can give it to Tatsumi after rescuing his 2 friends in time) & Akame (just after joining the Elite 7).

12. Akame manages to rescue several members of the Elite 7 & Group of Terror, and they join Night Raid. 13. Tatsumi can restore people's memories of the old timelines, via Incursio. 14. All Jaegers, but Stylish, & Night Raid members live. 15. Suzuka & Mez teaches Night Raid & the rebellion how to manipulate their bodies, and get the ingredients for the Kraken broth. 16. The story will focus on Tatsumi most of the time. 17. Tatsumi's harem will help out during the events of Hinowa ga Yuki. 18. Lemons & [email protected]

19. Liver will only defect if Tatsumi restores Esdeath's memories during Liver's fight with Bulat after the other 2 die. 20. Kurome will replace Yatsufusa with Shamshir after reforming. Their comrades controlled by her receiving a proper burial. 21. Poney X Najasho. 22. Mez will get Big Leaguer. 23. Akame will duel wield Kiriichimonji & Murasame, with Rongo Rongo for out of battle use.

24. Suzuka learned Alchemy & other forms of biology from Dorothea before Dorothea was imprisoned & becomes the medic of Night Raid as the wielder of Absordex, Perfector & Spectator, using Spectator's Clearsight to see inside their bodies & use Perfector for surgeries with a blood donation from a victim of Absorbdex giving the patient the same benefits of the user. Suzuka already being superhuman will be able to use them without issue.

Hunter X Hunter:

1. Both Animes, Movies & Games are included in the timeline. 2. Gon & Mito are invited to the Zoldyck manor by Maha Zigg Zoldyck. 3. It is revealed Gon’s Mother was Isaac Netero’s Great Granddaughter & Beyond is his clone. 4. Maha & Isaac were best friends. 5. Beyond has been stealing all the child support Ging has been sending Mito & his goal is to keep all of Gon’s share of Isaac’s inheritance.

6. Beyond will try to kill Ging in the Dark Continent, while also getting an easily manipulated Prince of Kakin on the throne. 7. Maha sends Gon to help with the relief in Meteor City in exchange for restoring his Nen. 8. Gon helps the Phantom Troupe with relief efforts & reconstruction to learn empathy & the greys of the world. 9. Maha teaches his Nen techniques to Killua while Gon is in Meteor City. 10. People of power kidnap & dump their bastards & mistresses into Meteor City.

11. Chrollo & Feitan are revealed to be cousins & Kikyo’s nephews, via her half siblings. 12. After his compassion training, Gon pays the entire Zoldyck family 1 Billion Jenny to kill Beyond. 13. Maha teaches Gon & Killua how to harness On, while Zeno tricks Mito into wishing Gon’s Nen back via Alluka. 14. Kalluto’s hatred of Alluka is revealed to be jealousy of the attention Killua gives Alluka. 15. Gon ends his training by training with Linne to obtain Isaac's Nen abilities via written records of his. 16. Gon reignites his relationship with Palm.

17. 5 Year Time skip occurs where: Gon becomes a 3-Star: [Hunter of Fantastic Beasts, Unidentified Beast Hunter, Card Hunter, Lost Hunter, Poacher Hunter & Sea Hunter, Kurapika & Killua become 3-Star: [Blacklist Hunters, Crime Hunters, Hacker Hunters, Lost Hunters, Poacher Hunters & Terrorist Hunters, Leorio & Alluka become 3-Star: [Botanical Hunters, Cute Hunters, Disease/Virus Hunters, Poison Hunters & Sea Hunters, Kite becomes a 3-Star: [Ruins Hunter (as he was trained by Ging, who was a 2-Star), Peleograph Hunter, Music Hunter, Treasure Hunter & Stone Hunter] & Palm becomes a 3-Star Hunter of some kind.

18. The Post-Time skip starts with Gon & Palm waking up in bed together due to Killua yelling at them. It is revealed their alarm clock needs new batteries. They’ve conquered all uninhabited parts of Lake Mobius, including the New Continent & have built a new Shigen-ryu dojo there for training Hunters, along with one in Meteor City for the same purpose.

19. Gon reforms the Pure Paladin Squad with Killua, Alluka, Kite, Kurapika, Leorio & Palm & leads the final expedition to the Dark Continent. 20. Hunter x Hunter is revealed to be set placed in a 4th world linked to the YuYuHakusho worlds.

21. Yusuke Urameshi, now at peak Raizen level with Sacred & Demonic Energy, stumbles upon Gon over the time skip via traveling across dimensions & arranges for him to train with Isaac & Meruem restored to their prime from beyond the grave, via Koenma & are revealed to be High A Class Spirits, but most of what lies on the Dark Continent are S Class.

22. Don is revealed to be Ging, Mito & Gon’s Ancestor & immortal wanting to die. 23. Don is the strongest living thing in the world, and is the final villain continually threatening Gon’s loved ones hoping he can kill him. 24. End of series characters are noted to be slightly weaker than Team Urameshi were at the end of their story by Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama & Kazuma.


1. Follows the original story mostly, with hints of reboot & games here & there. 2. Aurelus were White Ones/Clear that guard the Cores & got power from them & Ajit is Joe's pen pal & helps with the website. 3. Game is the old game, but with both Game cards & Cores & Evo cards provide a temporary evolution, but they've to evolve naturally first to use them. Ex.: Delta Dragonoid can temporarily become Hyper Delta Dragonoid & so on. 4. Angelo & Diablo in New Vestroia.

5. Shun's father's father being a rich guy, like reboot. 6. Hydorous is a student of Jaakor, like the other 2. 7. Wynton & Lia will be recruited during the Regulars incident between episodes 37 & 38, like the game they appeared in & Lightning being adopted by Alice during New Vestroia, with Howler being Hydranoid's friend & her new Guardian.

8. Dan X Mira X Fabia at least, but Viper, Mylene(post-rescue from inter-space), Lena(post-Gundalia), JJ Dolls & more would be nice too. 9. AAAnimus as Masquerade's puppets.

10. Haavik as a Gundalian rogue soldier gone mad & invaded earth during Magmel's trouble, but defeated easily by Dan. 11. Hurranians as Vestral's allies & Eva-8 joining the Resistance. 12. Shun wouldn't let Sellon manipulate him into turning on Dan. 13. Dan tells his friends when he leaves to train & the Dan vs Shun BS doesn't happen in Mechtanium, because they trust each other. 14. Nonets & Fury reform under Gunz.

15. Bakugan Inter-space is recreated after Mech part 1, as it's a place where Vestals, Nethians, etc. can come together. 16. Zenthon & Titan survive, so Drago can've 3 Mechtagons. 17. Traps don't disappear after Vestroia & they combined with battle gear, so Drago & Helios & use Battle Gear & Traps, including the mechanical ones.

18. Drago uses Mobile Assault with Battle Gears & Nanos, because they shouldn't be mutually exclusive. 19. Fabia appears in part 1 trying to recruit a Dragonoid against Dharak, but sticks out due to how different her cards are. 20. Ren tries to recruit the resistance in part 2 but fail. 21. Guardian bakugan stick around & don't leave after each season.

22. Spin, Dice roll & other bakugan styles stick around & aren't Season exclusive. 23. None of the 6 original Vexos die, nor does Hydron. They can be defeated & return as Brainwashed Gundalian puppet, but no death. Season 2 was too fond of killing off good characters. ex. Death bomb victims being shot to Gundalia by accident. 24. Dan keeps the energy sword from New Vestroia. 25. Lemons & [email protected]!es.

Iron Man Armored Adventures:

1. The Avengers have multiple bases based on their MCU bases. 2. Tony is a college student. 3. It is revealed that Black Widow was in the Red Room during World War 2 & fought alongside The Howling Commandos on occasion. Forming close bonds with Bucky, Captain Canada(Wolverine) & becoming Captain America’s fiancé. 4. After Steve thaws, Tony gets them out of Shield, as he learned the truth about them & Hydra.

5. Black Widow captures Whitney, because she is possessed by Yogthulu & The team searches out Dr. Strange for the exorcism. 6. Pepper & Tony realized the romance was not working, because he still had feelings for Whitney. 7. Tony X Whitney. 8. Mandarin appears as an ally & helps locate Dr. Strange & fight against the Enchantress.

9. Enchantress tries to destroy New York to get Thor’s affection via kidnapping, but Whitney, as a fellow Yandere, talks her out of it, with her & Thor joining the Avengers after.

10. Ezekiel Stane gets control of the Technovore & uses it to combine The Iron Monger & Titanium Man into a Titanium Monger Armor. 11. Ezekiel recruits Rhona to his side, but she unwittingly releases an AI Tony created as a child, V.I.R.G.I.L., that he sealed using 2 other AI, H.O.M.E.R. & J.A.R.V.I.S., resulting in their destruction. V.I.R.G.I.L. takes over The Titanium Monger dubbing himself Ultron.

12. Tony’s Creates AI to run the Avengers databases named P.L.A.T.O. & uses the remnants of H.O.M.E.R. & J.A.R.V.I.S., a synthetic vibranium body created by Ultron & The Solar Gem from the Commando, the Human Torch, to create Vision. 13. Tony creates H.E.L.E.N., Friday & Karen for different purposes. 14. Dr. Strange possesses both the Mind & Soul Stones. 15. After Thanos is defeated Thor becomes the guardian of the Space & Time Stones, Hercules the Power Stone & Silver Surfer the Reality Stone.

16. Tony trains under Dr. Strange in magic after Whitney is rescued. 17. Loki gets his hands on the Infinity Sword & Ego Stone after his Heel-Face turn & keeps them away from the others to prevent Nemesis’s return. The Sword just being the condensed energy created from her death, a disintegrator surpassing the Ultimate Nullifier.

18. Quicksilver joins the Avengers after Tony funds a cure for a comatose & dying Scarlet Witch, rescuing him from Magneto in the process. 19. Scarlet Witch X Nightcrawler.

20. After waking up possessed by Chthon, Scarlet Witch is exorcised by Dr. Strange & Loki, with Loki taking Wanda to explore the universe & train her to control her powers.

21. Wanda & Pietro’s original biological father was a power hungry psychopath that killed their mother, but she had a relationship with Magneto while on the run from her husband & used magic to add his DNA into the mix also.

22. A map of the universe with all of its pocket dimensions & layers will appear. Overspace on top, The Space with the most pocket dimensions, including Yggdrasil, next, Microverse below that & Underspace at the bottom, with a few pocket dimensions, like the Dark dimension & Hell orbiting from the outside.

23. Living Tribunal’s faces represent Equity, Necessity, and Vengeance. Eternity & Infinity represent the continuation of Life/Time & Space respectively while both represent Necessity. Death & Oblivion represent the end of Life/Time & Space respectively while both represent Vengeance. Galactus represents Equity. Death of Death is the multiversal Death & the Black Winter is the multiversal Galactus. 24. Galactus is stronger than all non-abstract entities in the universe. 25. Ant-Man joins the Avengers.

Fate Series:

1. Ainsworths help the Matou, Tohsaka & Einzbern create the Holy Grail War, incorporating Class Cards & Mirror World on top of 7 servants. 2. The First Holy Grail War in the 1800s was the one in Tokyo that is loosely based on Fragments of Sky Silver, and the second taking place 8 years later based on Prototype.

3. The 3rd had Marisbury Animusphere as the Tohsaka master, his mother being a Tohsaka, with Solomon as his servant. They won, but lied & said it was a failure after wishing for the money to found Chaldea. 4. Darnic & Nazis steal a replica of the Greater Grail around this time, but the Einzberns kept a spare, just in case. 5. Merlin intervenes near the end of the 4th with Irisviel gaining control over the Holy Grail, not the other way around.

6. Merlin trains Shirou in his dreams & opens up portals for him from his prison, acting as a fast travel for him top possess multiple magic artifacts, including Ea, Ig-Alima, Sul-sagana, Merodach, Excalibur, Clarent, Florent, Enki & more. 7. The original 2 classes were Ruler & Beast, but Ruler was divided into the 7 traditional classes to deal with the beasts & were further divided into 49 extra classes. 8. Sub-classes, like Alter Ego, aren't classes but traits separate from classes that also affect the servant.

9. Shirou & Miyu are raised by Kiritsugu knowing about Illya & Chloe. Chloe being Illya's twin taken away by Acht & trained to kill & replace Illya if she deserts. 10. Medusa runs away with Sakura upon being summoned before Shinji can do anything. 11. Merlin warns Shirou & Sakura about Angra & Gilgamesh. 12. Merlin convinces Iris to remove the limit on servants summoning allowing 1 of each classes, except beast, to be summoned by tempting her with grand-kids via Shirou impregnating resurrected servants.

13. Miyu summons Temptress Adult Carmilla before any other servants are summoned. 14. Merlin tells Shirou who the false Archer is including the memories of both his & his Alter's past to educate Shirou on what not to do. 15. Iris uses her power to give Atrum & Kirei Heart Attacks, killing the former allowing Luvia to summon Medea, while Kuzuki is married to her descendant with a daughter named Ami, but Kirei survives but he doesn't kill Bazett or get Lancer as a servant.

16. EMIYA is dispatch by Shirou, Artoria & Medusa on day 1, then Rin is recruited to their side to protect. 17. Shirou's harem: Sakura (day 1 of the war), Medusa, Artoria, Rin, Luvia, Carmilla, Medea, Scáthach, Fem Gilgamesh, Francis Drake, Bazett & more. 18. Merlin opens a portal freeing Scathach as neither a master or servant. 19. Chloe is the master of Faker, a female homunculus of Gilgamesh created between the 2nd & 4th war designed to have all of his powers & abilities, but died before they could be used.

20. The First Magic is the ability to convert energy into any form of matter or reverse without limit & Fourth being able to gain absolute understanding of an object by being near it, Trace & Projection being inferior versions of these. Merlin teaches Shirou both, with Merlin being the one that created the 4th while imprisoned. Shirou's magical savant-ism is the reason this is possible, despite being unable to learn most forms of magecraft. Shirou then uses them to create something that mass produces mystic codes, like a printer or coin manufacturer, to boost his comrades, while also making weapons for them. He even copies Magic Crests, such as creating an exact copy of Rin's for Sakura.

21. Merlin does everything he can to make Shirou as broken as possible before the 5th War, so he can bring Zouken & Jubstacheit can be brought to justice for what they did, despite Shirou's lack of circuits. He divides his consciousness in his sleep, allowing him to physically astral project and attend all 13 classes of The Clock Tower, Atlas, The Wandering Sea, Spiral Manor, Summit Court & be trained by Merlin himself. He had Shirou travel to certain locations to obtain Rainbow Mystic Eyes, and at least 1 face, with the ability to bestow a jewel version of each onto others, from at least one of each of the following: a God, Angel, Fairy, Nature Spirit, Daemon, True Daemon & Outer God. He also had Shirou try to make them familiars/allies if possible. Shirou can see Runes because of this. He only got defense & perception eyes and the defense is limited to illusions, vision based magecraft, like Medusa's eyes, & protection of others. He also had Shirou sharpen his Swordsmanship until he mastered both Infinity & Void, Tsubame Gaeshi & Ishana Daitenshou, respectfully. Despite all this, Archery is still his specialty, but he intends to learn the Spear from Scathach.

22. Merlin escapes his imprisonment returning himself, Artoria & Drake to the living world, while using the power of the destroyed grail to permanently revive the female servants in Shirou's harem. 23. Apocrypha happens concurrently with the 5th war, with Fake happening soon after. 24. Shirou uses the alias of Ritsuka during the events of Grand Order.

25. The Rank of Mystic Eyes goes: Rainbow(highest), Jewel(Lowest comparable to divine beings), Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze & you chose the rest. 26. Jubstacheit arranged for Illya to receive both his crest, Kiritsugu's & his Father's crests, but Shirou eventually copies the new crest onto Chloe after they both desert.

27. If Tamamo Vitch is one of the Tamamo nine, doesn't that make Amaterasu the true beast of collection? She's referred to herself as an Evil of Humanity in CCC. In Take Off! Super Dimensional Trouble Hanafuda Epic Battle, Tamamo calls Manako a beast of humanity, but that could just be a reference to her status as the master of 1 of the 2 6th beasts, 666. In Grand Order, Gilgamesh calls BB a new Evil of humanity, but since Tiamat is an aspect of Kingprotea, he could be feeling Tiamat on BB, like Tamamo did on Manako. Merlin is also referred to being similar to a beast, but that could just be due to being around Cath Palug. In UBW, Gilgamesh calls Angra Mainyu an evil of humanity, but he'd've to win the grail to become a beast. This works as there are 2 unknown beasts, V & 666's counterpart & Vitch is one of them & by definition Amaterasu is. That makes them:

1. Goetia (Pity)

2. Tiamat (Regression)

3. L. Kama/Mara (L. Depravity) & R. Heaven's Hole (R. Lust) (Both: Pleasure)

4. Cath Palug (Comparison)

5. Unknown (Possibly Amaterasu (Collection))

6. 666 & Unknown (Possibly Amaterasu (Collection))

7. U-Olga Marie

Note: 5, 6, or 7 represents Shame as the Grand Assassin refers to the beast of shame. Given he's Muslim, that's probably 666 & its counterpart, by definition.

My Hero Academia:

1. Shirakumo was turned into Kurogiri while still alive, thus retaining his original personality buried under Kurogiri, because Garaki was the one that declared him dead.

2. Theoretical combined countries that almost did happen in history did happen by the time quirks appeared with the old countries functioning as local governments. Those include Britain-France Union, including Pan-Celticism(Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall & Isle of man), Czechoslovakia-Poland Confederation, Balkan Federation(combining the historical one(Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania) with the Hungary & Romania fusion, Hellenoturkism(Greece & Turkey) & Turkish Croatia), Iberian federalism(Spain & Portugal), Indian reunification(India, Bangladesh & Pakistan), Nordism(Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Finland & Iceland), Gran Colombia(Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador & Panama), United States of Africa(all countries of Africa now one Empire), Maphilindo(Malaysia, the Philippines & Indonesia). American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico & United States Virgin Islands are now the 51st-55th states.

3. Midnight is Daigoro Banjo's descendant & used his diary & deductive reasoning to deduce All Might's secret around the time he took Deku as an apprentice.

4. She & Rumi (the most Athletic hero that discovered it at the beach, because Deku kept calling him All Might & her ease dropping) come up with a diet & work out plan, including breathing, altitude & flexibility exercises to minimize the kick backs further than in canon. Rumi being trained as a Professional Trainer & Nutritionist, due to her obsession with exercise & fighting, does most of that, while Midnight helps him overcome his shyness & self doubt that he still suffers from in canon & gets All Might to contact everyone that knows the secret for help with training, allowing Deku to remove the lightning and get more power out of each percent and Rumi becomes the gym teacher under the condition Lunch Rush cooks within her strict diet designed for hero training. She also runs a self defense class after school & clubs that is split into 6 classes, 2 per day, that all hero students have to attend but available to non-hero students, with it being randomized, so students from all grades will be in each class. (most of this part comes from Primordial Vortex's Quantity of Quirks Chapter 2: It's Always Bunny in Musutafu & chapter 6: Critical Overcharge) Mt. Lady is brought into the fold shortly before he receives the quirk, earlier than canon, because it is revealed she's Hikage's descendant, and she helps him train it for a month until the Entrance Exam. It is revealed her hair is naturally blonde & blue vertically striped, but she dyes it, as a call back to her original design. Miruko teaches him Muay Thai, Lethwei, Taekwondo, Capoeira & every grappling & throwing move & kick imaginable, while All Might teaches him Boxing. Muay Thai, Lethwei & boxing are considered 3 of the 11 most dangerous Martial Arts in the world IRL, so they're perfect for a crime fighter.

5. Deku becomes a confident strategist that is tied with Toga as second best in the series after Momo (after she overcomes her issues), beating Nezu in Chess & Shogi regularly, Photographic Memory & can use 40% Superpower, Blackwhip, Float & Danger Sense by the time he enrolls in U.A.. 6. He unlocks the remaining 3 quirks later, but won't use them until they're revealed in the manga. 7. All Might arranges for Stain to be allowed to teach self defense & Weapon usage to the public with Deku as a weekend student. Stain specifically teaches Joint locks, Arnis/Escrima/Kali, Ninjutsu & other Kobudō. Arnis/Escrima/Kali is another one of the 11 most dangerous Martial Arts.

8. Hisashi Midoriya, born Shiguraki, is All for One & Deku will Unlock it (Dr. Garaki lying about him being quirkless) as a blank slate by the time he fights Muscular after unlocking the rest of O4A & using it to depower him & other villains. 9. All Might owning all known hero schools in the series & more under different aliases & all the changes Rumi made to UA became standard for the rest. 10. Ochako & Yui are distantly related to Mt. Lady on the non-Hikage side & each other on both sides, and Ochako will develop gigantification as a second quirk later in the story. 11. Deku jumping down Eraser Head & Hound Dog's throat about what it means to be a hero, calling Eraser Head a fake hero, & them being unable to expel him. 12. Everything from the manga, One-Shots, Anime, Movies & Video Games will be featured.

13. Deku X Harem: Midnight, Rumi, Toga, Camie (real), Curious, Ryukyu, All Female Pussycats, Bubble Girl, Mt. Lady, All Class 1-A&B girls (but Pony & Kinoko), Nejire, Melissa, Mei, Yuyu, Burnin, Fuyumi, Saiko, Sirius, Kashiko, 13, Slice & Nagant. 12. Deku meets Garaki after waking up in the hospital after defeating 9 & orders him to give him copies of 9’s weather manipulation, Magnetism, Power (2 copies if A41 stole it from Pankration for Hood, so he could return it, or only 1 if Garaki got it from a Blood sample), Liquification, Super Regeneration, Warp Gate, Warping (both teleportation quirks have their ups & downs) & more.

14. To be more detailed Deku refers to the stockpiling quirk as Superpower & the quirk to pass all your quirks onto another as One for All, as they're technically different quirks.

15. Deku's A41 quirks are: Muscular’s Muscle Augmentation, 9’s weather manipulation, Overhaul, Wolfram’s Muscle Augmentation, Magnetism, Power, Rocket Thrust (Tartarus prison riot during the war with the league; There are 5 brothers with this quirk, meaning Izuku can give it to 4 other people), Eruption, Glide & Slide (Riot; 3 users, so he can give it to 2 others), Liquification, Super Regeneration, Warp Gate & Warping, minimum.

16. Toga has 2 quirks, being a distant cousin of Twice, & was born with the ability to duplicate herself only, but is too crazy to use it willingly. 17. Toru & her parents are split personalities of Toga & she knows everything they do, but doesn't know how. 18. Denki is the son of the Amplivolt user & a spy for the M.L.A. 19. Neito is a clone of Garaki, given a failed replica of A41 & the spy. 20. Professional heroes need a bachelor degree, hence why Mt. Lady started at 22 & Hawks is a genius for starting at 18, and teaching heroism requires a doctorate in the subject. 21. Deku's costume contains a mixture of the Orange from the concept art & green from the final design. 22. Katsuki grows closer to his concept personality as the story progresses.

23. Deku's comrades will be upgraded by his A41, after Mr. Shield figures out how to overcome the limit safely:

Eijiro Kirishima: Hardening, Blade-Tooth, Rocket Thrust, Reformed Slice (One of the many villains that seem to be victims of society that could be reformed & become a hero; She actually cares about other people, like her teammates, despite 9 & Mummy being irredeemable psychopaths): Slice, Mummification,

Midnight: Somnambulist, Gas, Queen Bee (The villain factor has ties with All 4 1, because of Number 6, so from Garaki; It’s all about controlling others, like her theme as a dominatrix; It’s either her or Shinso & I don’t think he’d want it on name alone), Reformed Chimera (Same reason as Slice; He is a victim of discrimination against mutation type quirks): Chimera, Daigo’s Beast quirk, Brown Bear, Rocket Thrust, Whale,

Tetsutetsu: Steel, Swordkil’s Sword Quirk, Wolfram’s Metal Manipulation, Rocket Thrust, Mezo Shoji: Dupli-Arms This quirk goes well with almost all mutation & transformation types, so this is a long list), Nobu’s Displacement Quirk Something that requires touching for a guy with multiple arms), Octopus, Rocket Thrust, Transforming Arms, Tool Arms, Long Leg, Clones If Ectoplasm dies & wants to give it to Izuku before he passes), Hitoshi Shinso: Brainwashing, Erasure If Eraser Head dies & wants to give it to Izuku before he passes),

Nejire Hado: Wave motion, Fierce Wing After Izuku learns of how Hawks came close to redeeming Twice only to stab him in the back, Izuku declares him a fake hero & taking his quirk & giving it to her, because it complements her the most), Tomoko Shiretoko: Search, Ibara Shiozaki: Vines, Leafipulation,

Shihai Kuroiro: Black, Smoke (Garaki; His powers are stealth based), Glide & Slide Speedy take-downs in the cover of smoke), Sen Kaibara: Gyrate, Fan He’s already spinning, so why not), Momo Yaoyorozu: Creation, Dust She already makes things from her body), Glide And Slide Increased speed for a relative averaged runner).

24. M.L.A. swears loyalty to Deku not long after the fight with Stain, because Curious witnessed it, following several meetings & interviews with him. 25. Gigantomachia swears loyalty to him, so long as it doesn't override his father's orders, after Overhaul's defeat & Garaki sending him to test Deku, believing he will inevitable turn villain.

26. Izuku using all of his predecessors' moves & his original attacks being named after cities & prefectures in Japan. 27. Bisexual Bakugo X Eijiro X Tetsutetsu X Pony X Kinoko.

28. Lemon & [email protected]!es for Deku's harem only.

Danmachi: (few of theses inspired by "Heroes" by "The Four Crosses")

1. Takes place after Volume 16. 2. Bell & Ryuu learn Syr/Freya's secret & Bell asks Freya not to kidnap him & she agrees. 3. After Bell tells her off against kidnapping him, she focuses on winning him the old fashion way & tells him the truth about how much she helped & endangered him. 4. Bell & Hedin are shown to be friends after the incident & he & Ottar are the only 2 to like Bell at first, but the brothers warm up to him after he thanks them for making the necklace Freya gave him for the war game. 5. It is revealed that Hogni was the one to reject Bell when he applied for Freya familia, hence why he's scared of him & Bete did the same for Loki. 6. Tiona's middle name is Elna, while Tione's is Elma.

7. Maxim is alive, now level 9, & will become a father figure to Bell & love interest to Riveria & Ex of Freya. 8. Empress & the Vice Captains of Hera & Zeus are alive & will come to Orario at the same time as Maxim, both were level 7, but now 8. Nobody knows they or Maxim are alive. 9. Freya apologizes Maxim for using him & releases him to pursue his own happiness while she focuses solely on Bell, eventually Haruhime & Ryuu too. 10. Bell unlocks his Aunt's spells through genetics & training with her & Riveria. Realis Phrase allows him to create more Magic Slots as needed by using resolve to overcome natural limitations, including learning, granting Photographic memory.

11. Maxim, Empress & the VCs join Hestia at Zeus's request & their Familia descendants born shortly before their parents died join Hestia also. 12. The 20-ish amazons, 5 Dwarves & 1 Cat girl from post Apollo are the previously mentioned descendants. 13. Level 4s from Hera, the ones too weak to fight the Dragon, return to join Hestia too, since all Zeus members are canonically dead. 14. Erebus, Zald & Alfia faked their deaths, so Zald & Alfia could spend 1 more year raising Bell before they died & he knows what they did. Alfia is still alive & will reappear, earn a pardon, a long with the rest of Erebus familia, & join Hestia.

15. Aphrodite acts as a buffer to keep the girls (mostly Hestia, Lili & Freya) from doing stuff that will alienate him & vice versa. She will join the harem after first meeting him & be buffered by Alfia. The other known level 7 in the world, and the Knight of Knights are one person, her captain, but the rest are low levels. 16. Realis Phrase is revealed to Bell.

17. It is revealed that all of Bell's stats max out at X 1500 before he can level up, including boosts he gains as he levels up. That would make him relative to Ottar, immediately after he reached level 7, at level 5, because 999*5*6=29,970, versus Bell's 1,500*5*4=30K. SS going from 1,000 to 1,199 & SSS going from 1,200 to 1,499. X denotes forbidden, while S denotes excellent in Japan. 18. Realis Phrase guarantees Bell new abilities upon level up & removes the 1 ability per level up restriction & can bestow his abilities & skills onto others temporarily through being inspired by him, or trusting him, to explain how Freya used his luck in the casino, as resolve is contagious.

19. Bell will learn how to use a sword from Aiz & Maxim, Ottar's teacher, spear from Anya, Finn & Allen's predecessor & Archery from Allen's predecessor & Hera VC. 20. Freya, Eina & Loki & Hestia familias learn what happened both when Bell was chased by Amazons & as Toad's prisoner. 21. Because the Hestia familia is growing stronger & helping Miach, Dian Cecht kidnaps, tortures & tries to kill Bell, but Freya intervenes. 22. Apollo will return to help Dian Cecht & break Toad out of prison once she is arrested for her crimes, Freya & Loki familias intervene & Toad dies horribly. Miach gets all of Dian's remaining assets & members. 23. All the Ishtar Amazons, but Toad, are revealed to be unregistered members of Hermes familia.

24. Bell arrived in Orario a week early & was supposed to join Hermes, but Falgar, or Nelly messed up & rejected him by accident. 25. It is revealed that the gods can breed with mortals & each other, but Hermes tricked them into thinking it was illegal to tell the mortals this. It is revealed Njord is Freya's dad & Kali/Parvati is Ganesha's mother & Shakti was named after her. Persephone is revealed to be Demeter's daughter, instead of just her captain. 26. Airmid is revealed to be named after Dian's daughter & Miach's sister.

27. Hermes trying to sabotage Bell's relationship with Freya & Loki familia, except Ais, as he wants Bell to be the hero that bring Zeus & Hera back to power by slaying the One Eyed Dragon, with Ais as the damsel in distress, but this gets him returned to heaven by Erebus & all former Ishtar members, but Toad, join Hestia, with Aisha becoming VC as she & Ryuu are the 2 most qualified & Ryuu would refuse to leave her goddess, & the rest of Hermes familia join Erebus as Hermes last request. 28. Evilus will be flushed out more with multiple Familia acting at the same time, one having multiple level 6s on the verge of 7. 29. Bell unites Ganesha, Freya & Loki against Evilus, like Erebus predicted.

30. Hermes reveals that he kept everyone supposedly killed by Alfia, Zald & Erebus else where & they return to Orario. 31. Evilus creates exact copies of the Leviathan & Behemoth & Bell gets trapped having to fight them both alone, as all other adventures in Orario that went to help are forced to watch. 32. Bell X Ais X Aisha & the 3 Amazons, besides Lena, that helped kidnap him X Semira X Tiona X Bache X Argana X Chloe X Fear X Laura X Marie X Ray X Haruhime X Eina X Freya X Artemis(how she returns from heaven is your choice) X Cassandra X Daphne X Helun X Laurier X Ryuu X Calypso X Aphrodite & more. 33. Lemons & Or&(es. 34. Level 100 of the Dungeon is linked to the bad afterlives & Divine Realms, where the monsters come from.

35. Typhon, Cronus, Hyperion, Atlas, Porphyrion/Eurymedon, Alcyoneus & Damysus use Evilus to create a portal into the World. They lead Evilus with plans to summon more imprisoned Evil Gods to help, like Surtur. 36. Nyx is revealed to be Zeus's spy in Evilus, like Erebus was, while Baldur, the god that regularly abused Loki's mistress & children, is Evilus's spy in the guild, working as Ganesha's partner in protecting Orario. 37. Chloe & Lunoire are inspired to leave the Hostess of Fertility by Ryuu & Anya doing so & Chloe becomes the Captain of Njord Familia in Melen, while Lunoire becomes the Demeter Captain in Orario.

Pokémon Journeys:

1. All elite 4, except Unova & Alola, are at least in Ultimate Class & all Champions but Iris, counting both Stephen Stone & Wallace, are in Master Class. 2. Revealed Leon's & Raihan's victories were because of Chairman Rose's cheating behind their back, dropping them to ultimate 9 & 10! 3. Kanto-Johto elite 4 being Lorelei Willodean, Bruno, Agatha & Karen with Lance as the Champion & tied for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the world with Cynthia & Palmer after Leon's demotion. 4. Wallace & Stephen tied as Co-Champions of Hoenn & same number on the Master Class.

5. Diantha being made 6th in Master Class after Leon's demotion. 6. Ash was revealed to unconsciously suppressing his skill to regain the joy of battle against Tobias, until Alain released him, & then Suppressed himself again after XYZ ended, but they both remove his limits & are equally matched with him & each other currently.

7. Ash is revealed to be 18, as a day in Johto marks the 1 year anniversary of Ash beginning his journey 10 months & 10 days after his 10th birthday on April 1st, according to Pokémon the animation, & every league happens once a year & for Charles Goodshow to make the trip to each one they must be held at different, but similar times. Given that the preliminaries are 4 days long followed by 2 days rest & rounds of the top 16 onward, lets say each league lasts 8 days. That means each region takes about a year for Ash to compete in the next League, not counting Orange. Ash would be 17 going on 18 by the end of Alola.

8. Ash decides to take on the Galar Gym Challenge & Sinnoh-Galar Frontier at the same time as the World Series. 9. Ash got Pidgeot & Primeape back off screen before B&W.

10. All of Ash's Rivals & Travelling companions return, but only Serena travels with him, Goh & Chloe. Kiawe trains with Kabu to be a better fire type trainer, Mallow travels with Cilan trying to become a better Chef & food connoisseur, Misty, Tracey & Lana are trying to get closer to Water Pokemon, Brock is a Pokemon doctor helping out near the Battle Frontier with his on vacation GF Lucy, Max & Bonnie are Pokemon trainers traveling together after Max challenged the Kalos league during S&M while Clemont & Sophocles studying at a local space station to be an engineer & astronaut respectively, Lili & Gladion are traveling together after finding their father, May is traveling with her BF Drew & Dawn is traveling with her BF Kenny. Everyone Ash defeated prior to leaving Alola are either in Normal Class or not participating.

11. Ash & Serena have been dating since the end of XYZ, but Ash slowly forms a harem, with Anabel(on vacation), Angie(D&P), Miette, Bea, Nessa & Marnie joining the group & harem. 12. Showcases & Contest in Galar with Serena & Miette taking on both. 13. Ash get Greninja back & can Bond Phenomenon with Infernape. 14. Alain or Tobias OKO all of Kiawe's & Gladion's Pokemon to show they were never a match for Ash.

15. Max level is 255, all elite 4 have Pokemon in 200s & Ash's Pikachu, Charizard, Sceptile, Infernape & Greninja are at least 170. 16. Pokemon only have move limits in gym & league battles, not counting Orange Islands. 17. Ash takes on Bea & Allister for both badges in a 2v1, each using only 1 Pokemon at a time, battle & does the same for Gordie & Melony & gets to beat them without much effort.

18. Bond Phenomenon maxes out a Pokémon's stats like Mega evolution, with no decreased stat, & boosts all of the Pokemon's moves, like Z-moves & Gigantamax combined & is the ultimate bond of trainer & Pokemon that Mega, Z-moves & Gigantamax is trying to replicate, as each only has a portion of the power & requires an outside source(ME stone, Z-crystals & Dynamax energy) to work.

19. Pokemon Live! was a dream by Giovanni, but his past with Delia did happen & his gang was him training to take over Team Rocket from his mom. 20. Ash develops his psychic & aura based powers. 21. The Original Dragon of Unova helped defeat Eternatus in the past, because the heroes of SW&SH were the kings of Truth & Ideals.

22. Lemons & [email protected]!#s. 23. Silver(make up a better name) appears with an Eevee & Clefairy out of their poke balls at all times, as Ash's main rival, with the 2 trainer from Pallet that gave up on their journeys back in Kanto that got the Charmander & Bulbasaur from Oak as his travelling companions. 24. Silver is Giovanni & Ariana's son.

25. Ariana, Archer, Petrel, Proton, Carl, Sham & Grey are Team Rocket Executives. 26. Giovanni forms Team Rainbow Rocket by breaking the other Team Leader & Executives(including Manga original characters) out of prison & N, Guzma & Piers opposing them, but Giovanni has MechaMew2 & Eternatus.

27. Mega Evolution & Z-moves being used in the the battles, with Ash's Charizard becoming Gigantamax Mega Charizard XY & adding the Firium Z to G-max Wildfire into ZG-max Wild Inferno & Snorlax using ZG-max Replenishing Pancake, Gigantamax Mega Gengar using ZG-max Never Ending Terror, Dynamax Mega Lucario using All-Out Pummeling, etc.

28. Ash using the Original Dragon & Nekrozma to battle Eternatus & MechaMew2. 29. Pryce is mentioned as Giovanni's grandfather. 30. Pikachu evolves into a hybrid of regular & Alolan Raichu with peak stats of each & will evolve into Gorochu later & can still use Gigantamax, 10M Volt Sparksurfer & Catastropika. 31. Bea's Machamp has both No guard, Guts, Steadfast & Fissure. 32. Pokemon can get moves exclusive to 1 generation & multiple abilities.

33. No use of Non-held items, like potions in battle. 34. IVs, EVs & AVs are mentioned & all of Ash's Pokemon prior to B&W & Krokodile are maxed out in all categories of EVs & AVs, ignoring the 510 limit, with all his Starters, including Pikachu, & Krokodile having max IVs, too. 35. Giovanni sees Jesse as a cousin, because their moms were best friends & has been giving her tough love to help her. 36. James & Jesse are competent. 37. Meowth regains the ability to use moves & has an ability to change from Alolan to Galarian & back. 38. Alain's overpowers Kiawe's Charizard's Inferno Overdrive with Ember showing their vast difference in level.

Star Wars:

1. Ben Skywalker & Vestara Khai as the main characters. 2. Takes place where the books left off. 3. All Legends sources, TV shows & games are canon & anything that doesn't involve the sequel trilogy is canon too. 4. Ben & Vestara eventually form a Je'Daii order with Sith elements by the end. 5. Their sons go under cover in the Jedi order at a young age when the One Sith attack leading their grandchild to be raised as a Jedi to not contradict Cade's story.

6. Ezra & Sabine have formed a Mandalorian clan of force users with non-force members too. 7. Ezra's son & Starkiller's daughter are together romantically & are main characters. 8. The numbered inquisitors were only the original 10, counting the Grand Inquisitor. 9. Asajj Ventress is a tittle, not a name, to explain the differences in continuity they're 3!

10. The Asajj that disappeared on the Bright Flight returns as an ally & bring cryogenically frozen clones, including Alpha-17. 11. The Senior Commander, 4 Regimental Commanders, 16 Battalion Commanders & 16 Majors of the 501st will be named. 12. Upgraded battle droids as allies, like upgraded Sniper Droideka Oppressors & upgraded B3 & BXs! Carbonite-Incinerators.

13. Ben leading a Mandalorian-Dashade-clone-droid army against the Jedi Killer & his army of artificially grown Sith pure bloods, Taung, Kwi & clones of Durge. 14. Maul survived being shot by Owen, only to leave & believe Obi-wan left as well, but died for good 14 years later in Rebels. Drell Kahmf incompletely cloned parts of Maul's brain from chunks of it & Maul's spinal cord that broke off during his fall after episode 1!

15. Kira Kenobi is the daughter of Obi-wan & Satine's bastard & Sheev's child. 16. Leia dies off screen. 17. Jedi Killer is a user of both the light & dark sides. 18. Jedi killer has members of his army possessed by ghost sith, like wearing Nihilus's armor, or having Tenebrous's Maxi-chlorians forced inside of them. 19. Vestara tortures Sidious's holocron for sith teachings. 20. Ben & Luke studied a Holocron made by Depa Billaba teaching them Vaapad, as Windu refused to.

21. Windu survived his fall, but died during the Vong war by the Jedi Killer, who took his light saber. 22. JK has both Windu's saber & a ghost fire blade that is his preferred weapon, as it's duel phase & they adjust its length from Shoto to club mid battle. 23. Six armed people using six Saber staffs & Irek Ismaren like armor to be beaten by Ben using 1 sword proving 1 sword is all you need. 24. Irek Ismaren to be confirmed dead by the hands of JK.

25. Vestara eventually duel wielding Anakin Skywalker & Darth Vader's 2 lightsabers. 26. More obscure force powers. 27. Luke being mentioned retrieving Obi-wan's light saber from Vader's castle & Ben eventually duel wielding it with Yoda's from Yoda's home. 28. Anakin Skywalker's force ghost helping out. 29. Ahsoka as an ally in the story.

30. Bendu as a teacher to Ben & the others. 31. Multiple death star sized cloning facilities with clocking tech used by JK to grow his armies. 32. The Evil clone of Starkiller, as JK's enforcer. 33. Vestara tries to join the One Sith early on, but decides against it before even meeting them, due to hearing about them & their methods. 34. Sabine having the Dark-saber & the Mandalore's helmet. 35. Sith Alchemy blades & Magic appear. 36. Mandalorians having Cortosis mixed in with their armor.

37. Null & Alpha troopers appear! Remember: people age slower due to medicine, some rich non-force sensitive humans live to 300 & one force sensitive human lived to 800!

38. Starkiller being the original with amnesia, not a clone! 39. An epilogue of Cade joining the Je'Daii order after the end of his legends adventure with Ben & Vestara welcoming him & explaining why the order didn't stop the One Sith.

HIGHSCHOOL DXD: 2 different ones with the following

A. The First One:

1. Issei has the Boosted Gear, Divine Dividing & True Longinus. 2. Saji has all of Vritra's sacred gears & eventually gets Fafnir's dagger from Aza.

3. Issei learns about the supernatural at a young age & wants peace, the occasional spar with someone strong & a harem.

4. Issei is trained young by Aza., Sirzechs & Gabriel to promote peace.

5. Issei's harem: Raynare, Kalawarner, Kuroka, Rias, Akeno, Yubelluna, Ravel, Yasaka, Tsubasa, Gabriel, Coriana, Tiamat, Asia, Koneko, Ravel, Rossweisse, Xenovia, Irina, Ingvild, Isabela, Marion, Bulent, Elmenhilde, Roygun, Mirana, Le Fay, Jeanne, Verrine, Viser, Katerea, Latia, Lilitifa & more.

6. Saji's harem: Sona, Momo, Ruroka & more. 7. Kiba's harem: Reya, Tsubaki, Tosca & more. 8. Raynare & Mittelt are Aza.'s daughters.

9. not harem: Kunou(too young) & Grayfia(happily married).

10. Ajuka, with Aza.'s research, invents new non-living Malebranche as a counter to the Sacred Gears after Kokabiel's defeat. 11. Lemons & Or*ies.

B. The Second One:

1. Takes place after the current story, with it revealed that Great Red faked his death to avoid dealing with them. It makes no sense that something that exists in the void in between 2 universes, could be defeated! It & Ophis should be unopposed as the end all & the only reason their tied with 666 is because none of their strength, nor The Dragon Emperors nor the Biblical God could be measured! GR & O are strongest followed by DE & then 666 & BG!

2. Ingvild leaves Issei's peerage to start her own area as an ultimate, so Ravel can become queen & Asia can be a duel Bishop thus stronger, but Ingvild is still a part of his harem. 3. Bennia be traded over to Xenovia, so Xenovia can be a knight of 2! 4. Rossweisse becomes the Rook of 2! 5. all of Issei's pieces are mutation pieces.

6. Fairy Pieces from unorthodox chess games are added in: 2 Amazons, 2 Empresses, 2 Princesses, 2 Jesters, 2 Archers, 2 Mann, 2 Camels, 2 Centaurs, 2 Dabbaba, 2 Ferz, 2 Giraffe, 2 Grasshoppers, 2 Kirin, 2 Nightriders, 2 Phoenixes, 2 Threeleapers, 2 Zebra, 2 Lame Zebra & 16 Berolina Pawns that can promote into Berolina pluses & then Sergeants! It'll come with a 16 by 16 board with the pieces set up:

1st row: 4 Berolina, 8 pawns, 4 Berolina

2nd: 4 Berolina, 4 pairs of new pieces, 4 Berolina

3rd: 8 pairs of new pieces

4th: 4 new pieces, 8 traditional back row pieces, the same 4 new pieces in reverse order, so the middle functions as a mirror with the only difference being the king on 1 side & the queen on the other

7. Issei performs a miracle & breaks the rule that pieces of different kinds can't be traded & gets Yubelluna as his Amazon of 2.

8. All of Vali, Genshirou & Issei's pieces are 1 of a kind, meaning 1 Bishop of 2 pieces, 1 Pawn of 8, etc. that's 24 servants each, instead of 63! 9. No servants that represent more than 1 type of piece.

10. Akeno & Kuroka discover they're the reincarnations of the dead gods Freya & Aphrodite, there were 2 different Aphrodites in the myths, so one can be the reincarnation of both.

11. Unorthodox Suits, Colors & Cards:

Cups, Coins, Swords, Roses, Bells, Acorns, Shields, Leaves, Crown, Anchors, Rackets, Wheels, Moons, Stars, 4-leaf Clover, Tears & Waves;

Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green;

Soldier, Knight & Lord

12. Akeno has 2 peerages, Evil Pieces & Fallen Brave Saints. 13. Kuroka & Koneko will have their pieces removed & become pure NekoShou, so they can reproduce, but will stay as Issei's familiars, with Koneko's familiar also becoming Issei's.

14. Samael as the main villain, with Satanael from Slashdog as the one that released him, & Zaorama Nebiros leading him to the 12 Malebranche & Samael forcing them to submit to him, then releasing all the evil Dragons & Kokabiel, so the supporting cast has someone to fight, while the Main characters focus on the Malebranche.

15. Samael & Satanael release 666 after the evil dragons are defeated, as a distraction to escape with the remaining Malebranche, but Issei, Vali & the rest help kill it, so the Satans & Gods can come back! 16. Issei vs Sirzechs full power sparring. 17. Genshirou gets all of Vritra's sacred gears & Fafnir's sacred gear from Aza.

18. Issei kills Samael, Vali kills Malacoda, Tobio kills Satanael, Genshirou kills Barbariccia & Orochi(not at the same time), Sairaorg kills Zaorama & the rest don't matter.

19. Ajuka uses their remains to create a Malebranche system without sentience that can empower devils & their comrades. 20. Tannin is granted the tittle of Dragon king again.

21. Rias, Sona & Seekvaira get boosted by Ajuka's Malebranche. 22. Seekvaira acts as the one platonic female friend Issei has. 23. Issei combines the 2 Ascalons into 1 & duel wields them with Excalibur & the Ascalon prototype on his tail. 24. Issei gets Tiamat & some hell hounds as familiars & Akeno gets the 9 headed Hydra. 25. Issei has o-r-g-y.

26. Roygun actually having to earn her redemption & become apart of Issei's peerage. 27. Genshirou has o-r-g-y. 28. Raynare & her comrades are resurrected & revealed to have been brainwashed by Satanael. Raynare & Mittelt are revealed to Aza's daughters & they & Kalawarner become Akeno's face cards & help with the evil dragons & Malebranche. Raynare & Kalawarner join the Harem!

29. Akeno's Fallen mode eventually has 12 Fallen angel wings & 2 devil wings, she should've at least 8 FA wings by the start, because of how strong the Evie would've pushed her far. 30. Irina also has 8 wings & will eventually get 12.


1. Black Cat's father murdered Uncle Ben, like in the Spectacular Spider-Man. 2. Black Cat's grandfather, as a child, memorized the Super Soldier Serum, because hydra tricked him as a boy, like her father did in the '94 series. 3. Black Cat's father & Grandfather found all the Super Soldier Serums from the Weapons Programs, Winter Soldier, Red Room & more.

4. Black Cat has her luck powers, Captain America Serum & eventually gets cat powers & Golden Sentry Serum, without the split personality. 5. Peter x Felicia x Jessica Drew x Carol Danvers x both Firestars x Ava Ayala x Gwen Stacy x Maryjane Watson x Emma Frost x Sophia Sanduval x Amora x Aphrodite x Silk x Kitty Pryde x Rogue x Silver Sable x Jennifer Walters x Michelle Gonzales x Laura Kinney x Carmilla Black x Satana x Jenny (Succubus) X Selene Gallio X more.

6. Gwen Stacy & MJ die, but are resurrected as clones with spider powers. MJ also having water powers, like the '94 clone. 7. Peter & Eddie create the synthetic symbiote based on 1610 version, while peter is bonded with venom, classic version. 8. Spider Gwen has Synthetic carnage powers, with no side effects. 9. Flash Thompson is the ideal host for classic venom & Eddie gets Anti-venom.

10. Peter gets Legion(symbiote) & the 2 nameless symbiotes he was bonded to in 616, Hercules's Symbiote from the poison incident, Wrist Morpher(unlimited) & Spirit of Vengeance from Ghekri Ngi(the Wakanda gorilla god of judgement) & killing Zarathos. Amora giving Peter a Dreamstone out of love. Peter gets his Asgardian stingers.

11. Cat's Eye Investigations with Black Cats, Typhoid Mary & White Rabbit as members. 12. Cletus having the first 3 616 Carnage symbiotes at once & adding the Grendel, All-Black & Wraith Exolon sword later on. 13. Carnage teams up with Dreadface, Void Knight, Big Mother, Zzzxx, Karlin Marcus, World-Killer, Killer Thrill, Mister E & the rest of the Hive & Exolon. 14. Jubilee gets Carnage's unnamed offspring symbiote. 15. Andrea has Mania & Scream.

16. Storm, Nightcrawler keeps the symbiotes they were bonded to during the poison incident. 17. Tarna becomes an ally with her symbiote. 18. Laura getting the symbiote the alternate Wolverine was bonded to during the poison incident as it was from the main universe. 19. Carmilla Black keeps her symbiote.

20. Loki helps him kill Mephisto, with Hela & Satana splitting his power to become the duo that rules hell after getting rid of Beelzebub. Tony helps too after overcoming his trials in the ancient past.

21. Jessica gets the 3 Toxins(2 clones of the OG from a Video Game), Silver Sable gets Payback, Carol gets Agony(purple is the closest to blue), Angel Jones gets Phage(bonding with pyromancers is shown to remove the weakness to fire), She-Hulk or Rogue getting Lasher Or Sleeper(because green), Felicia gets Raze and Earth's Antibody Symbiote created by the celestials(like Earth-X) & Liz & Ava getting Riot or Scorn.

22. Poisons recruiting the Xenophage. 23. Miles Morales, Hobie Brown & Oliver Osnick becoming Peter's apprentices. 24. Norman & Carnage create the Sinister 132 to kill Spider man, but Carnage is using them to revive Grendel & Big Mother. 25. Amora uses the Twilight Sword & Mirror of Mysolljh. 26. Gwen uses Jarnbjorn.

27. Thor is the King of Asgard, is in constant Rune King mode, wields Mjolnir, Destroyer armor, Odinsword, Blood Colossus, Skidbladnir, Starjammer, Iron gauntlets & the Thor force. 28. Loki wields the Armor of invincibility, Arrow of Hoder, Axe of Ymir, bifrosticon, Caskets of Darkness & ancient winters, Gem of Infinite Suns, Raven's Eye/Ravenseye, 7-league boots, Eir-Gram, Gram & Laevateinn. 29. She-hulk wields the berserker staff, Blood of Ymir & Blood Axe.

30. Amora is this cycles Freya & Lorelei is Frid, the storm goddess. 31. Jessica gets Närangan Blade. 32. Angel Jones gets Twin Swords of Sprague. 33. Silk gets Codgel.

34. Loki gives everyone crossing rings. 35. Storm keeps stormcaster. 36. Carol gets thunderstrike. 37. Liz gets Undrjarn. 38. Ava gets her bow from the ultimate Spider-Man show & the rest get weapons too. 39. Peter gets the Mind & Soul stones, Strange gets time & space stones, Thor gets Reality & Chaos King Hercules get Power.

40. Characters with different powers between universes have all the powers. ex. Dazzler having sound-light conversion(616) & Atom splitting(1610) powers & Juggernaut's magic giving him a lesser mutation that gives him enough strength to reclaim the gem. 41. Lemons & Or#[email protected]

Mortal Kombat: 3 different ones, with b. being a sequel to a.

All of them:

1. Takes place after MK11 ended, Aftermath was a dream & Lui Kang's ending is canon. 2. Lui Kang restores the old timelines & revenants & kills all of Kronika's counterparts.

3. Each timeline has a time keep & another version of Kronika. 4. Hour Glass Time travel works by downloading your memories to your younger self & freezing the current timeline. 5. Every timeline before the only 2 we've seen ended with everyone in heaven or trapped inside the One Being(Hell). 6. Lui Kang makes Jade & Kotal into Elder Gods at Kitana's request, because Kotal & Jade are a set now, & Kenshi, because he has an Elder God skin in X mobile.

7. Revenants have all the powers of their live counterparts, but can't oppose their master's will. Wraith's lose their living power in exchange for shadow powers, but still lose their agency. Spectres maintain their free will & original powers, but gain hell fire & become increasingly aggressive. Zombies are souls from the living world placed in corpses. Shang Tsung & Onaga can only create Zombies & revive someone completely. Quan Chi can perform every type of Necromancy, but Zombies. Shinnok can do all of them & taught Quan Chi & Onaga.

8. Kahn is the title of the Ruler of outworld. Shao was the former guardian deity. Kahnum is both the location the Kahn rules & the Kahn theirself, as they rule their land as a brain would a body. 9. The hourglass can only manipulate a limited number of people at a time.

A. Mortal Kombat 8

10. Takes place between Taven bestowing the power of Blaze onto everyone, in an attempt to depower everyone, & Raiden resetting time at the beginning of MK 2011.

11. Taven's ending where everyone is actually empowered by Blaze is canon & all mortal wounded characters before that are healed by it. 12. Some Armageddon endings, like Scorpion's & Sareena's, are semi-canon as a result of everyone receiving Blaze's power. 13. Taven unites what's left of the Forces of Light & Scorpion against the Dark.

14. Kitana x Lui Kang happens. 15. Kitana, Lui Kang, Jade & Kung Lao convince the Shokan & Mileena to defect to the Light. 16. Sub-Zero & Sareena helps Scorpion rescue his family from Quan-Chi, with Noob & the 5 demon girls guarding them. 17. Sub-Zero X Sareena happens. 18. Post-MK11 Raiden purifies his younger self & gives him the ability he uses at the start of 2011. 19. Nitara defects to the Light against Shao Kahn. 20. Khameleon convinces Chameleon & Reptile to join the Light.

21. Sindel convinces the Centaurs to abandon their grudge against the Shokan & join the light. 22. Anyone not shown dead in the beginning of 2011 can survive & will be rescued by either Elder God Lui Kang, or through the combined power of Shinnok & Cetrion, and set up the sequel. 23. Kotal died due to Shang's experiments between 3 & DA.

24. Johnny x Sonya happens. 25. Shinnok sends his memories to his 2011 self. 26. Quan-Chi found Onaga's spells before MK1 but kept the tattoos hidden.


10. It is revealed that 2011 Kitana had her memory of the original Mileena erased after the second one was completed & she was killed off.

11. Kronika made it to where the second Mileena was completed long before Kitana discovered the Flesh pits & destroyed them, like in the original timeline.

12. The new Elder Gods & Johnny(MK11 timeline) lead the new forces of Light, including resurrecting both Mileenas from the current timeline & Sonya.

13. Armageddon Shinnok & Cetrion uses MK11 Ermac to restore MK11 Shinnok & he restores his Cetrion & frees Shao Kahn & Onaga from the Netherrealm to form the new forces of Darkness.

14. Mileena the Younger x Tanya. 15. Ends with Cassie saving the day & the Elder Gods returning the MKA characters to their timeline, whether Living or dead


10. Elder Gods create a new timeline from the very start, demoting the old ones, so they don't get in the way. 11. Shao, Shinnok & Cetrion are imprisoned in the Netherrealm before Shao can become Kahn & Onaga is smited. 12. Lucifer is warned & Quan Chi is fired & imprisoned.

13. A Titan gathers the souls of Shao, Shinnok, Cetrion, Onaga, Kronika, Daegon, Quan Chi & Shang Tsung & creates Ermac from them. 14. Ermac slaughters Hanzo's clan disguised as Sub-Zero & then resurrects him to slaughter the Lin Kuei.

15. Elder Gods restore him after its just him & Tundra left, sending them to retrieve Earthrealm Warriors of Light, including Kai & Shujinko, before sending them to Edenia to recruit Pure Edenian Princesses Mileena the Older, Younger(Mid to Late 20s) & Younger's lover, Tanya, Outworld to recruit a lot of warriors & Netherrealm for Sareena & Ashrah, then going to the lesser realm outside of the main 6 to recruit Nitara & the Saureans separately.

16. Fujin, Taven & Lucifer are the guardians of their respective realms, with Argus becoming an Elder God. 17. Lui Kang & Kitana's child is a Warrior God that travels between the realms as needed to help their guardians. 18. The Earth & Water Gods of Earthrealm are Inari & Suijin respectively. 19. Gods follow the policy that the amount of divine intervention is inverse to free will, because it removes the consequences for mortal actions & thus rarely intervene.

Dragon Ball:

All of Them:

1. World’s Strongest Tree of Might & Lord Slug takes place after Cold’s death, but before Cooler’s Revenge. 2. God Ki is bestowed by the gods, and Goku & Vegeta never got refilled after the Tournament of Power, with them only being slightly stronger than SSJ3s when they fought Broly II, Moro & Granola. 3. The only true Saiyan transformations are Ape, 1-5 & Evil, with the rest being the result of failed mastery, Mutation(Legendary), God Ki or adapting to a new technique (Ultra Instinct).

4. False SSJ is the result of not fully mastering SSJ & not consistently being able to pull it off. 5. Rage is the failed attempt at SSG after absorbing god Ki from fighting a god, like SSB Vegeta & Zamasu. 6. Evolved is SSB Powerhouse, while true SSGSS2 is SS Orange, with SSGSS3 being SS Indigo, SSGSS4 being Dark Blue fur with SSG colored hair on the head, SSGSS5 being Black. 7. King Piccolo survived his fight with Kid Goku by absorbing all of his children, but was in hiding.

8. The Black Star Dragon Balls are restored when Kami Piccolo forces King Piccolo into fusing with him & Vegeta separating Nail from them. 9. The Son of Katas name is revealed after King Piccolo is absorbed. 10. Goku got addicted to God Ki to the point of apathy, so Whis whipped his memory of everything after the fight with Beerus.

11. Xeno characters are GT era characters. 12. Pilaf Gang in Super are revealed to be clones with fake memories. 13. Evil Buu was just a weakened Kid Buu that escaped.

14. Golden Frieza is his race’s God form bestowed by training on his home world’s abandoned lookout, taking in the god Ki unknowingly. 15. The heroes figure out it is possible to do the dance after putting on the Potara by being fast enough. 16. Demon Race is the corrupted Shinjin. Dark Transformation is a failed Demon God Transformation.

17. The Dark King is the Grand Demon Supreme Kai, while the Demon King is the leader of the lesser Kais, despite Debura being a golden Shinjin, because his nephew was able to become The Dark King. 18. All Supreme Kais are golden Shinjin, but must first serve as a lesser kai, if the position is available, & then aid to the current Supreme Kais.

19. There is a Supreme Kai of Time per universe & the Time Nest is between the main part of the universe & the Demon realm, with the Destroyer’s planet being directly above it at the edge of the mortal universe. 20. No one can undo Zeno’s erase, unless he allows it. 21. Goku taught Gohan & Goten all of his techniques after Kid Buu's defeat & Uub prior to GT. 22. Every time Gohan goes Mystic, his strongest non-divine transformation’s power level, becomes his Base power level.

23. Super Saiyan 4 is an 8x multiplier that unleashes one's potential, like what the Grand Elder could do. 5 is a 16x multiplier. 24. Potara fusion is the added power of the fusees times any number from 25 to 50 depending on compatibility, while Fusion Dance is 12 to 48 times the weakest fusees power depending on compatibility. 25. Planet Tuffle/Vegeta/Plant remains as Earth's 2nd moon.

A. Based on AF:

26. Takes place after Toyotaro’s AF, with Super, Movies & all of the games being canon. 27. Vegeta separates Majuub into Uub, Fat Buu, South Supreme Kai & Grand Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai into Shin & Kibito after Xicor’s defeat. Elder Kai becomes the Grand Supreme Kai, with the former Grand Supreme Kai serving as the North & West Supreme Kai & Shin returning to the East Supreme Kai position.

28. Gohan after training produces no aura, even in SSJ5, and after undergoing the god ritual to fight Beerus, he becomes the first person to go into Orange, then Indigo immediately after. He also learned basic UI & UE from watching Beerus during the fight. 29. Gohan & Pan are the main characters. 30. Pan is a Legendary Super Saiyan. 31. Trunks uses Tapion’s sword & Goten, Gohan, Pan & Uub use a Power pole.

32. The Son of Katas is brought back after Dende finds the statue used to create the Black Star Balls allowing Katas’s Son to deactivate them after Porunga revives him.

33. Gohan, Goten, Uub & Vegeta teach everyone Instant Transmission. 34. A Revival of C happens when Androids 1 - 7 & 9 - 12 go to another planet to wish back Cell, who revives Cooler, with Cell getting a god form where his Green turns Gold & purple turns SSG red & Cooler adds his Golden form on top of his 5th form. Pan defeats both of them.

35. The Son of Katas is stronger than everyone not using God Ki, except Gohan & Fusions. 36. A Revival of B happens when Broly I, Bio-Broly, Baby & Bojack are resurrected by the unknown villain that cloned the Pilaf Gang. Goku returns to earth for good after defeating them, as Gogito, the ultimate fusion. 37. It is revealed that Future Trunks & Mai were actually handed off to Chronoa at the year they were from.

38. It is revealed that the villain was a part of the group of Majin that poisoned all of the trees the Shinjin come from in the multiverse and that’s why nobody replaced North Kai after his death. 39. The Gods hold another tournament with all 12 universes to find the best mortals to help the gods deal with the issue. Gohan wins & is made the leader. Both Trunks participate. 40. The Majin & Demon Race create an army of Artificially created Saiyans, Tuffles, Cerealians & other extinct species.

41. The survivors of the army move to earth. 42. An attempt by the Namekians to use Porunga leads to Shadow Dragons. 43. After they’re defeated, The Z-Fighters Instant Transmission across the universe leading to all Dragon Balls being deactivated. 44. Goku & Vegeta leave for the destined fight to the death mentioned in Online. 45. Gohan uses SSGSS5 to kill Beerus earning the title of Destroyer, thus being in constant SSG from then on, as the last chapter.

46. Gohan becomes the strongest mortal, and becomes the God of Destruction after Videl’s natural death, with her living at the Destroyer’s planet instead.

B. Based on Hero’s Legacy & A.:

47. Katas’s Son & Nail are the leaders of the Namekian survivors after Mira’s massacre. 48. Goku Jr.’s love interest is a young Makaioshin. 49. Zeno decided to rebuild the 6 lost universe from scratch with new Kais & Destroyers sometime after Gohan became a destroyer, Universes 7 & up have 6 added to their number. 50. Goku Jr, Vegeta Jr & their cousins (descendants of Goten & Bulla) are all 1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 human.

51. Magic & Technology play a major role in the story, with Tuffle - Cerealian hybrids working at Capsule Corp. 52. Earth has Shenron, Porunga & Toronbo to call upon, but can only use them for emergencies. 53. Goku Jr. & his cousin use Power poles, while Vegeta Jr. uses Tapion's sword. 54. Old Kai retires, with Grand Supreme Kai retakes his position, with Shin being the North East Supreme Kai & Kibito being the West Supreme Kai.

55. Earth has colonized Plant, Mars, Ceres, Ganymede, Europa, Titan, Enceladus & Charon.

One Piece:


1. There are 7 aliases for admirals based on the 7 colors of the Rainbow & the legend of Momotarō, with Sengoku being the previous Aokiji & Zephyr the previous Fujitora, because of the Blue Tie Sengoku always has in flashbacks & Zephyr's purple suit. Admiral candidates are Vice Admirals that come up with their own aliases until they are promoted. 2. Xebec fought the 3 Admirals of his time, Sengoku, Zephyr & OC, with Kong at once by himself prior to God Valley. 3. Luffy will get a different fruit from Shanks, because I believe in the theory that the Gum Gum fruit caused Luffy's Physical & Mental stunted growth, because Dragon is 8ft 5 & Garp is 9ft 5. Luffy shouldn't be so short.

4. Garp gave up on Luffy becoming a marine after explaining to him about the Celestial Dragons & what they did to Sabo. 5. Garp taught Luffy & Ace the Rokushiki, Haki & about the Rocks crew & everything about Meitos & devil fruits after Sabo died. 6. Life Return requires Rokushiki mastery to use & Luffy knows it. 7. Garp taught Luffy & Ace about all of the Warlords, Yonko & their affiliations, so Luffy knows about Fisher Tiger, Vegapunk & their team, because Jinbe & Kuma. 8. Luffy's maternal Grandpa will be the one that made the straw hat & helps train Luffy, because he's a dying pirate from Ohara that Garp told to stay away, but decided to return sometime after Sabo death by complete chance.

9. Luffy knows about his family. 10. Luffy accidentally eats a 2nd & 3rd, at least, fruit (one of each type in the next sentence), from his MG's stash after mastering the 6 powers. Garp then takes Luffy to see Vegapunk, who determines any superhuman can eat 15 Devil fruits: 1 Ancient, 2 Mythical(because there's more mythological creatures than extinct animals known), 3 Logia, 4 Regular Zoans & 5 Paramecia. 11. Teach being born with the innate ability to use the 6 powers is what is weird with his body.

12. Luffy's MG gives him The Gum Gum fruit, which he got from Shanks not long after he left, & a Carnivorous Ancient Zoan, but makes Luffy promise not to eat them until he's older, when his brain is fully developed, because Carnivorous makes people more blood thirsty especially the undeveloped mind, and we already know what the Gum Gum fruit does to mental & physical growth. 13. When his Grandpa dies, Luffy inherits his devil fruit, Meito & Yoto collection, keeping 2 double edged pole-arms for himself, one side is a Billhook, the other is Bec De Corbin for one, the other being a double edged spear on one side, trident on the other, along with 2 triple bladed claws-trench knife hybrids. They'll be kept in a sack in the same barrel he took a nap in.

14. Trace was Ace's nickname growing up, because he can't draw, and Smoker is called Smoker the Chaser, because of his determination to chase down pirates. 15. Gion is Garp's Niece and the highest ranking officer stationed in East Blue. Belo Betty is Luffy's Maternal 1st cousin. They help Garp train him & Ace, with Betty teaching them Ryusoken, a Martial Art Dragon created by combining Rokushiki with other Martial Arts. 16. Luffy will train his crew in the 6 powers & Haki & make them memorize the DF & Meito encyclopedias. 17. Strawhats refer to Awareness & Armament Haki as Mantra & Ryou respectively for brevity.

18. Luffy, Nami & Koby crash on Silk's island on the way to Orange Town recruiting Silk after defeating Galley, then Ann & Balloon in the next town after defeating Spiel & getting Marchen from the townsfolk & a giant Meito Axe, like the one from Nami's concept art. (Note: Galley was never confirmed to join the Strawhats in the Original One-shot, only someone that looked like him in silhouette). 19. Spiel wants Balloon's blood to create potions to put devil fruits inside his ring, so he can use their powers & regain his ability to swim by taking the rings off & putting them in a Seaprism lined box. 20. Marchen being Luffy's ship after Silk & Ann join, but becoming a side boat until it breaks with the Merry.

21. The "Best 3" refers to the 3 pirate Captains in East Blue with a bounty over 10 Million: Arlong, Krieg & Buggy(though Buggy doesn't care, because he knows how insignificant the East Blue is, and Kuro is presumed dead.) 22. Sanji will use twin revolvers when fighting from a distance. 23. The crew will have disguises to collect on the bounties of Kuro, Arlong(dead), Baroque works agents & Foxy under the guise of finding them after the Strawhats beat them.

24. They steal back all the money the Marines Arlong bribed, took from Nami & leveled the marine base & stole all the Eternal poses they used to navigate from East Blue into the Grand line, along with both a Paradise & a New World Log Pose. 25. Carina joins after Arlong's defeat. 26. Usopp makes Luffy, Sanji & the girls knife shoes. 27. Honey Queen can turn into any natural occurring syrup, because of how her logia is named in Japanese. 28. Zala, Marianne & Mikita join the Strawhats over the course of the Alabasta saga.

29. Luffy kills Mr. 5 in Whiskey Peak & recruits Mikita immediately after 5 tried to kill them both & Robin & Banchi join after they faked Igaram's death. 30. Mr. 3 & Goldenweek elect to not fight them until during Drum island. 31. Ace shows the crew Blackbeard's wanted poster, as it was implied that he had one, the bounty was just 0, meaning the government knew he was a pirate & wanted the public to know, but he was deemed worthless by the government. 32. Usopp will have a real 5 ton hammer by Alabasta, 10 ton by Thriller Bark, but saves the real one for Moriah & Oars & 100 Ton with a reject dial post-time skip. 33. The Climatacts will be red, like they were originally, except for the 2nd Sorcery.

34. All of the Vinsmoke Sibling, including Sanji & Reiju, inherited their father's intelligence, and Sanji will help Usopp make the Climatacts before they enter Paradise and invents Food Dehydrators, Sous Vide Machine, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Air fryer & more. 35. Magic is extremely rare & seen as inferior to devil fruits to the point of being nothing but a myth, but is the origin of devil fruits & cursed blades. 36. Luffy's harem: Nami, Silk, Ann, Paula, Mikita, Robin, Hancock, Carina, Nojiko, Marguerite, Baccarat, Honey Queen, Ann(Stampede) & Shyarly's Employees & more. 37. Lemons & [email protected]!es. 38. Gasparde, & Simon if you decide to introduce him, are revealed to be Special Paramecia that think they're logia, but aren't. 39. They Kill Eneru during Skypiea & Nami gets the Rumble fruit, awakening it over the time skip due to her ridiculous knowledge of the weather, & goes back for Maxim on her way back to Sabaody & keeps the Maxim on Thriller Bark unless needed.

40. The Strawhats go to the moon before leaving Skypiea because of rumors & recruit the robots, but they stay with Maxim. 41. Everyone can use all 6 powers & Observation Haki by Enies Lobby. 42. CP 1: Tax Collectors, CP 2: Investigating Tax Fraud, CP 3: Investigating minor revolutionary cells, CP 4: Investigating mutinies of minor islands (like Orange Town or Syrup Village), CP 5: Investigating the rumors of bigger threats, CP 6: ???????????????????, CP 7: ??????????????????, CP 8: Investigating the marines for traitors. 43. There's 80 official Wazamono, like in real life (ht tps ://e n.wik iped ia.o rg/ wik i/Li st_ of_Wa za mono) (remove the spaces), but any weapon that turns black permanently due to armament will become a Wazamono, with Ace's knife being an unofficial one. 44. Zoro will not use Shusui, but take his body back to the freezer on the Sunny, to take to Wano, before moving to Thriller bark's freezer during the end of the time skip.

45. Bullet joins Shanks after failing to rescue Ace, because he knew Roger’s relationship with Rouge, meaning Stampede never happens. 46. Zoro recruits Perona over the time skip & teaches her swordplay. 47. Dragon, Ivankov, Sabo, Robin & Sanji raid Impel down before going back to Sabaody, so Bentham & his 40 billions, 200 split among the 5 officer agents evenly, can join the crew post-time-skip. 48. Nami, Nojiko, Zoro & Perona relocated the Tangerine orchard onto Thriller-Bark during the last month of the time skip & Nojiko joins the crew. 49. Hancock will teach Luffy Future Sight, Adv. Armament & help awaken some of his fruits over the time skip. 50. Nami’s Sorcery climatact producing iron cloud, allowing her to have a spear, or improvised whip & do all 4 divine challenges at once. 51. Jinbe & the Sun pirates join the Grand Fleet, with the Whitebeard remnants & their allies, instead of joining the crew. 52. Zoro will eventually get 3 swords per grade, 12 in total & Yubashiri won't be destroyed, because Zoro will have Observation by that time and know not to cross blades.

53. Usopp uses a bow with trick arrows, a modern sniper rifle of his own design and a kanabo on top of his slingshot & Hammers. 54. Perona brings Thriller Bark to Sabaody & Nami turning it into a Sky island that floats above the Sunny post-Fishman Island. 55. Sanji x Viola.

56. This is my timeline of the canon events of One Piece with all the non-game stories that could fit, please use it as a guideline, but feel free to change things to fit your interests: Monsters, Strong world episode 0, Romance Dawn Flashback, ASL Flashback, Novel Law, Novel A, Post Alabasta Flashbacks, Romance Dawn, Orange Town, Island of Rare Animals, Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack, Syrup Village, One Piece: the movie, Baratie, Arlong Park, Loguetown, Episode Special 1, Warship island, Jango's Dance Carnival, Clockwork island, Reverse mountain, Premier Show 2007, Whiskey peak, Little Garden, Drum Island, Alabasta (with dream soccer king being Luffy's dream the day before arriving on Alabasta), Chopper's Kingdom (when Robin was hiding in the Cabin, except when they were in it & she went to the bathroom), Post Alabasta, Luffy Pirates 4-Panel Theatre Luffy's version, Goat Island, Special 2, Dead End, Rainbow Mist, Jaya, Skypiea, G-8, Pirate Baseball King, Cursed Holy Sword, Orchestra of the Sea, LRLL, Ocean's Dream, Special 3, Movie 6, Foxy's return, Movie 7, Water 7, Enies Lobby, Post-Enies Lobby, Ice Hunter, Thriller Bark, Infiltration! Thousand Sunny!, Spa Island, Little East Blue, Strong World, 3D Straw Hat Chase, 3D! Trap Coaster, Sabaody, Amazon Lily, Impel Down, Marineford, Post-War, 3D2Y special (with Premier show 2010/Spring 2014(retelling 2010) & 2011 as a dream Luffy has, because he met Doflamingo during the war & saw his power & that's the only reason the pre-time skip Strawhats & Ace would be trying to rescue Hancock from being sold at Doflamingo's auction house & Hancock & Ivankov joining the pre-time skip Strawhats for a party aboard the Sunny), Return to Sabaody, Fishman Island, Episode of Luffy, Z's Ambition, Episode of Merry, Glorious Island, Film Z, Adventure of Nebulandia, Premier Show 2012, Premier Show 2013, Punk Hazard, Premier Show Summer 2014, Caesar's Retrieval Arc, The Great Tongari Island Treasure, One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour, One Piece Live Attraction 2, Dressrosa, Silver Mine, Zou, Marine Rookie, Whole Cake Island, Levely, Wano, until the Strawhats regroup, Premier Show 2015 (Nami's kidnapped & the grand fleet & all of the Strawhats & Sabo rescues her), Adventure in Digital Ar Island (Strawhats & Sabo), PS 2016 (Luffy fights Clones of Magellan & Doflamingo with his entire crew), PS '17 (the entire crew team ups with a WB crew mate to fight someone that worships BB as a god), One Piece Live Attraction: Phantom, PS '18 (All of the Strawhats rescue the Levely, because Igaram's nephew asked them to, from the Bounty Pirates), One Piece Water Spectacle 2, One Piece Dramatic Stage THE METAL ~Marineford_of_Remembrance~, PS '19 (All Strawhats & Bentham vs a Vice Admiral), One Piece Live Attraction: Marionette, Heart of Gold, Film Gold episode 0 (because of the sumo match it must be after Luffy meets Urashima & the crew could leave Wano to avoid being noticed & returned later), Film Gold, Cidre Guild, Stampede, PS '21 (Original Wano Tale set for Summer '21, was Summer '20 but delayed due to Covid-19), One Piece X Kyoto (eventful 3-4 days for everything from PS '15 to X Kyoto to take place in), Wano fire festival onward.

57. If you can fit the games into the story, please do.


1. The Anime Crew post-Skypiea, pre-G-8, Garp, Koby, Helmeppo, Garp, Kuzan, Sengoku, Whitebeard & his commanders, Shanks, Yasopp, Benn, Lucky Roo, Dragon & his commanders, Sabo, Kuma, Ivankov, Hancock, Jinbe, Iceburg, Brook, Lola, Smoker, Tashigi, Kaya, Merry(Butler), Kureha, Dalton, Nojiko, Genzo, Buggy, Alvida, Makino, Zeff, Koza, Rebecca, Shirahoshi, Fukaboshi, Nekomamushi & the Whale Forrest Guardians, Inuarashi & His Musketeer Squad, Denjiro, Kikunojo, Ashura, Kawamatsu, Hiyori, Tama, Hitetsu, Shinobu, Tsuru (both) & Yamato are teleported to a movie theatre pocket dimension where the Author makes them watch the 4kids & Odex dubs, including the Funimation dub that follows 4kids continuity, comparing them episode by episode before showing them the true Funimation dub starting with G-8 onward.


1. Ichigo & Uryu knows the truth about their origins, Aizen, Gin, Ginjou, Tokinada, etc. from the start & Ichigo has Bankai, Fullbring & Hollow Mask, but can't use Kido or Quincy reishi manipulation w/o an Asauchi. 2. Gallows is the unknown 4th branch of the stealth force that comes between the Detention Unit & Inner Court Trooper, while the rest of Wing Bind are Divisions of the Kido Corps, with the Divisions that operates the Senkaimon & Coin/Phone gates & Sokyoku as the last 2 divisions of the Kido Corps. REMEMBER: the 5 commanders of the Stealth Force are the top 5 officers of squad 2. 3. Komamura & all Werewolves come from Reverse London & are Dragons, as the Worlds of Bleach are based on Buddhism & Reverse London is the Beast Realm. 4. Ichigo's friends get more development. 5. Tatsuki develops power due to being around Ichigo for so long & becomes roughly equal to Aizen in terms of power before the Time-skip & relative to Mugetsu Ichigo After.

6. Ginjou at full power is stronger than Aizen, but still nothing to Ichigo. 7. Light Novel, Filler, OVA, Movie & Game events occur with Baishin as the 6th Kenpachi, Bansui Amatsuki as the captain of the 12th division before Hirio & Seigen Suzunami was the 3rd seat of squad 5 that was promoted for 2 years in the middle of the 9 years of Turn Back the Pendulum, because Shinji fell in a coma. 8. Aizen forces Granz to make himself into the 0 Espada again through that residue he used to create Cien Granz, so to keep his brother separate from him. 9. Picaro appears with the rest of the Privaron Espada. 10. Kenpachi Kuruyashiki faked his death at the hands of his successor to join the Royal guard as the 4.5th member as he fell into a coma not long after.

11. Before the military became the Gotei 13 Oetsu was the Commander of it, with Ichibei heading the Kido Corps(only character to know the Secret Hado) & Senjumaru being the Stealth Force Commander In Chief(her followers are dressed like Stealth Force soldiers)! Tenjiro was the original Captain of Squad 4, after the previous 3 left to create the Royal guard(he’s the healer of the Royal guard) & Yamamoto took over! 12. Beginning series Ichigo is at Post-Fullbring arc powers, so is equal to Vasto Lorde & Mugetsu Ichigo in Bankai & Dangai Ichigo in Shikai. 13. Yoruichi returns as the Captain of Squad 2 & Commander in Chief of the Stealth Force, with the 5 division commanders keeping their divisions & staying as the top 5 seats in squad 2 with everyone being demoted 1 rank, except with Wolfgang & Inner Court Troop commander sharing the 5th seat.

14. A part of Arturo escaped the Sokyoku & was imprisoned in the mirror, to explain the differences between games, & the combined form rivals Prime Yamamoto. 15. Ichigo with his Quincy powers Activated mastered, including the Alphabet powers (Almighty being the 26 combined, not counting Vanish & Viability), looks like 2019 New Years Ichigo from Brave Souls, while his bankai before getting an Asauchi, but boosted by his hollow & Full-bring powers is 5th Anniversary, while his Fullbring arc Shikai & Bankai are his pre-time skip forms with Full-bring on top, while Dangai's bankai is just hollow. He gets his original Hollow form as his Resureccion(keeping his clothing) & 2nd as his Segunda Etapa, with the one from Bleach Brave Souls being a dream. Ichigo's Quincy Zanpakuto will function as a Cross Medallion(can steal 1 bankai). His Vollständig is Quincy Tensa's coat, which can unfold into wings. 16. Ichigo's entire family on both sides will interact more. 17. Karin & Yuzu will have the Same powers as their brother, but a different Zanpakuto.

18. All Zanpakuto with similar names have similar powers, so Ichigo will learn how to create Illusions without the need to see his release & Aizen can use Getsugas. 19. After he gets an Asauchi & Uniform from Senjumaru, his Quincy powers will warp around the clothes when actively changing him from TYBW Ichigo with Kido Cloak in appearance to 2019 New Years. 20. Ichigo will have already beaten & pacified Ginjou without killing him by telling him the truth about Tokinada before he meets Rukia. 21. Oetsu will reforge Yoruichi's bankai & Tsukishima will restore the old one giving her two. Yoruichi's Zanpakuto is a Lightning type that lets her turn into cats as long as she's absorbed their reishi before, her 2 bankais summoning a pride of cats & giving herself a cat-themed uniform with Metal Claws. 1 Metal Claw as her Shikai.

22. Ichigo's sealed form after he gets Asauchi will be a sword of adjustable size & length, as it is implied by Isshin that a Shinigami can adjust the size of their sealed forms at will, & a Quincy Cross(small reishi, as it is implied that the small ones are created by the user's power & goes away, when they die.) 23. Ichigo will use his mother's Big Cross for his full-bring in human form, looks the same as the canon one regardless. 24. Ichigo, Karin & Yuzu can summon up replicas of everyone they killed/purified & were a part of White with all of their powers & abilities at their peak in life, after getting Asauchi, due to White's nature of being a hollow created from thousands of Soul Reapers.

25. Since Grimmjow was 12 before becoming an Espada, Barrigan was probably 19, 21, 23, or 28, due to his Fraccion being around that number, like Grimmjow is with his. That means Nel is 40 or 43, Tia is 53 or 57, Gilga is 49 or 51. Assuming all the Espada, except Starrk were Numeros, that means there's roughly 42 Unknown Numeros out there! That would imply that Asguiaro, Luders & Yin & Yang were made by Aizen! Them & The Hammerhead Arrancar brings it down to 37! Szayelaporro & his at least 11 Fraccion should be between 62 & 76. He can't be younger than Wonderweiss, #77, as he was created after Grimmjow demotion! He definitely wasn't an Arrancar, when he was number 0,because his brother, who was still a part of him as 0, became an Arrancar before him! Hammerhead was before Halibel, so 51-53! Yin & Yang would've been made at the same time, so 28-32, 36-40, 43-9, 51-3, 57-60, 62-76, or 78-99, because DDR takes place after Aizen's defeat, because Uryu has his powers back, since Ichigo asked him to track Hitsugaya, & Ichigo knows about Arrancars!

26. Ichigo gets the Shiba clan back as the 5th noble clan & becomes the Grand Kido Chief & invokes the Clan Restoration Act to start a harem of Shinigami & Arrancar to revive the Shiba clan & Quincy & humans to revive the Kurosaki clan. 27. All the Espada, Privaron included, except Aaron & Picaro, will get Segundas through training. It'll be the ones from Brave Souls, including Ulquiorra's being mastered his Segunda Etapa, while the one used against Ichigo was incomplete. 28. The Privaron Espada’s numbers are their Espada numbers plus 100, or 110 if the number repeats. 29. Picaro, Dordoni & Cirucci were Barrigan’s Espada 2nd, 3rd & 5th, before the Espada were Arrancars.

30. All the Espada, Privaron included, will introduce themselves with both their Espada & Numeros number, if applicable. 31. Grimmjow will be addressed as Privaron Espada 117 during his demotion, because with Szayelaporro’s promotion, everyone gets knocked down a number, before Grimmjow is kicked out. 32. Every hollow has 1 of the 10 aspects of death, but there can only be 1 in the Espada per aspect, which is why Luppi was promoted straight to 6th, as he was stronger than Zommari. 33. When Tia is Queen, Nel will be 0(Sacrifice/Lamentation), Starrk will be 1, Ulquiorra 2, Grimmjow 3, Dordoni 4(Greed), Cirucci 5(Despair; similar sadism to Gilga), Gantenbainne 6(Intoxication; just as religious as Zommari), Tres Bestias: Apacci (Rage), Mila Rose (madness; rivals Granz in dry wit), Sung-Sun (Aging; as calm & quiet as Barrigan) & the remaining Numeros get Segunda Etapa & Espada techniques, like Cero Metralleta.

34. Cero Oscuras is a more powerful Cero, not mixed with blood that is slower than the regular & Gran Rey. Ichigo is the first to think of creating a Gran Rey Cero Oscuras, or Gran Rey Cero Oscuras Metralleta. 35. Aura will be equal to Aizen in power, but seduced by Ichigo during the Time-skip & serve as a double agent. 36. Gremmy will be defeated by Unbound Rangiku's bankai during the Time-skip, giving the brain to Aura to use. 37. Ryo has a leg of the Soul King. 38. All those that had a piece of the Soul King will become relative to Aizen in power. 39. Rangiku's piece was the Stomach & intestines & her bankai will be related to the environment of Hell. 40. Urahara will dismantle the Hogyoku & return the Pieces to the Soul King's body. 41. Ichigo has the same powers as the Soul King pieces & will use that to take back Mimihagi while healing Ukitake & returning it, his leg & Soul chain to the Soul King.

42. Giselle revives all the seated officers, 20th seat & up, the Stealth Force Commanders & Grand & Vice Kido Chief, Wing Bind Directors, the dead Espada & Numeros as part of her army. 43. We see the original 13 Captains, the original 5 Stealth Force Commander, as they were divided into divisions around the same time. 44. Wolfgang is equal in power to Yamamoto, with Ichibei, Senjumaru & Oetsu being stronger than both of them in their prime combined as individuals. 45. The Schutzstaffel are significantly weaker than the big 3 of the Royal Guard, breaking even with Tenjiro, but the Auswählen TEMPORARILY made them able to One-Shot Tenjiro & Kirio & Tag Team Oetsu & Senjumaru.

46. The Soul King will be restored completely, with Rangiku, Ichigo, Ginjou, Aura, Tatsuki & Ryo will take turns being the Soul King for 24 hours until Karin, Yuzu & Hikone are old enough to join. 47. The Soul King, thus Yhwach by definition, is a 3-way hybrid like Ichigo. 48. Damage Empowerment & Hope Infusing are the Schrift Miracle, while Probability Manipulation is the Soul King Power. 49. Shuhei & Aura get joint custody of Hikone, due to Shuhei monitoring him. 50. Squire clan being what the Kuchiki's are called in London, with the 5 clans having different names in London to blend in with the humans. Bangnyfe being the 5th noble house that created the Gates of Hell.

51. Ichigo X Harem: Human: Orihime(before series begins), Riruka(before series begins), Jackie, Yoshi(cured of infertility), Aura; Soul reapers: Rangiku, Isane, Unohana, Yoruichi(before series begins), Lisa(before series begins), Nanao, Sui-Feng, Ririn(given powers by Urahara), Senna, Kirio, Senjumaru, Torue; Arrancar: Loly, Menoly, Tia, Tres Bestias, Nel, Yin, Yang; Quincy: Meninas, Bambietta, Candice, Giselle. 52. Uryu X Nemu X Ran'Tao X Cirucci X Yoshino. 53. Lemons & Org&*s. 54. Kon X Nozomi.

55. Nayura will be a regular. 56. Those with a similar enough soul to have the same Shikai can be absorbed into the other’s soul upon death if the other is near by becoming their Zanpakuto granting 2 bankais, as no 2 people have the same bankai. 57. Katen is Shunsui's dead lover trapped in their Zanpakuto. 58. Urozakuro is Soya's dead sister.

59. Suzumushi is Kaname's dead friend. 60. There are only 3 types of Souls, as Soul Reapers & Humans are the same at the end of the day, only ones still alive & the others not.

61. Kido numbered 90 & above are illegal to use, due to their effect on the surrounding area, and 100 through 105 exists as secrets only the Grand Kido Chief & Royal Guard know about, thus dubbed "Secret Kido 0-5". 62. Modified Kido is a kido spell altered by the user. 63. Ichigo & Yoruichi recruit from the lower districts & has their mean due laps around all 4 80th districts to build up speed & Stamina to boost their response times in events of crises, as having Spies, Assassins & Wizards being fast is desirable. Squad 4 & 11 join later, as having the primary combat Squad & medical Squad being able to arrive to a battle field quickly is necessary in a war.

D.C. Comics:

All of them:

1. All of the Bat & Super families exist, including Athanasia al Ghul, Helena Wayne & Carrie Kelley. 2. There are 2 Giovanni Zataras & Zatannas, the younger Zatara is a cousin of the older Zatanna & father of the younger Zatanna. 3. Those that had a White Power ring or Element X armor still have them, but Bruce refuses to use either out of fear of corruption & non-gods refuse to use the Element X armor unless absolutely necessary. 4. Barry Allen can still use the Negative Speed Force, Strength Force & Still Force.

5. Diana is still the goddess of Truth, War, Courage & Magic & is a Lord of Chaos. 6. Steve Trevor is from WWII. 7. There were multiple generations of Batmen starting with Batninja before it went to Bruce Wayne in England in the 1880s, then a distant cousin also Bruce Wayne in WWII, then a distant cousin of his during the cold war, then another distant cousin in the modern Bruce Wayne. 8. The same with Catninja, Selina Kyle WWII, then her distant cousin modern Selina Kyle. 9. 2 Cassandra Sandsmarks, 1 daughter of Zeus, 1 Grand daughter. 10. Donna Troy is still the goddess of the moon, has her Troia powers & is the Fate of the Gods. She still has her Darkstar armor, though it doesn’t’ve the manipulation of the controllers anymore. 11. Aquaman still has a connection to both the Life Force & the Clear/Blue.

12. Everyone who was once a Darkstar still has the armor. 13. Everyone who was a lord of Chaos or Order still is. 14. Mera still has the red ring & the Tear of Extinction.

15. Tefé Holland & Alba Garcia are the avatars of both the Green & the Red. 16. Amazonium/Feminum, Shazamium, Sivanium, Marvelium & other metals will appear.

17. Diana, without her bracelets, is confirmed to be faster than Mercury & Stronger than Hercules, but neither Superman nor the Flash are, so Billy is faster & stronger than both of them. Though with her Bracelets, she’s slightly weaker & slower than Clark. 18. The Speed force, & the other forces, exist in the Bleed between universes.

19. Phantom Zone is in the Underworld. 20. There’s 7200 sectors in the universe & each has 2 lanterns of each color, mostly.

Captain Marvel (DC):

21. Billy will be addressed as Captain Marvel until he earns the title of Shazam. 22. Mary Batson is revealed to have been raised by distant relatives of his adopted sister, Mary Brohmfield, & she will join the council as the 7th member. 23. Darla's Father is Dudley H. Dudley's younger brother & she's mixed. 24. Kid Eternity, Tawky Tawny & the Lieutenant Marvels appear as supporting cast. 25. Ibac, Sabbac(Timothy Karnes), Oggar & Zazzo will be major villains. 26. Billy will travel through the Rock of Eternity & learn everything he can from the Library there & learn magic. 27. As the Rock of Eternity is in the center of the multiverse, Each section of the rock is connected to each of the 52 matter & 52 Antimatter universe.

28. Rock of Finality is the mirror of the Rock of Eternity & where the evil gods are imprisoned, while Monsterlands only holds non-Divine beings. 29. The Hall of Heroes the Flash enters is between the 2 rocks. 30. Mamaragan is the head of the multiversal council, while Jebediah was the head of Earth 0 council before Adam & Billy. 31. All of the Acronyms & their gods will appear. 32. Circe will lose a bet with Billy & become his prisoner & servant until he decides she reformed & frees her. 33. Sivana will empower his children with his scientific word. 34. When Billy is fully grown naturally, Circe, Blaze, Sabina, Beautia & Courtney fall in love with him, and Freddie & Mary Batson get married.

35. Hercules is forced to empower Billy as part of his punishment for the rape of the amazons & not by choice. 36. Billy will ask his multiversal counterparts to find gods on the mortal plain & their divine realms and recruit them, namely Astarte(Ishtar) & Mictlantecuhtli/Ahpuch.


21. Modern Bruce X Selina Kyle X Diana X Eiko Hasigawa X Sasha Bordeaux X Catherine Majik X Charlotte Rivers X Vesper Fairchild X Victoria Vale X Silver St. Cloud X Marcia Monroe X Natalia Knight X Jaina Hudson X Harleen Quinzel X Pamela Isley. 22. Tim Drake X Cassandra II X Stephanie Brown. 23. Dick Grayson X Kori X Barb X Zatanna II X Donna X Kara Zor-El. 24. Lemons & Orgies. 25. Bruce & Selina have retired from active combat now only doing mission control, with Dick & Barbara taking over. 26. Tim & his harem left to study the multiverse. 27. Bruce is actually the 3rd greatest detective after Detective Chimp & Vic Sage, 5th best melee fighter with Diana as 1st, 2nd smartest person after Lex Luthor & 5th greatest strategist after John Constantine & the 3 Jokers, but Tim isn’t far behind him in all of them.

28. The original Joker, The Criminal, predates Batman but not by much & found the Batcave not long after he became Batman. He is Punchline’s father. The Clown doesn’t use guns & knives, due to being unoriginal. He is Lonnie Machin’s father & the man that killed Jason Todd. The Comedian is William Distal, the one Batman created himself by dropping into chemicals. He is the one that seduced & abused Harley & paralyzed Barbara. 29. Duela Dent is the result of Harvey Dent having a one night stand with Liam Distal’s sister. 30. Katrina Moldoff, Kathleen Duquesne, Sonia Alcana & Roxanne "Rocky" Ballantine appear. 31. Movie & Tv show exclusive rogues appear.


21. Tim Drake X Cassandra II X Stephanie Brown. 22. Dick Grayson X Kori X Barb X Zatanna II X Donna X Kara Zor-El. 23. Conner X Rose X Cassandra I X M'gann M'orzz.

24. Wally X Artemis. 25. Garfield X Raven. 26. Lemons & Orgies. 27. Dick is Batman & Barbara is Catwoman. 28. Tim & his harem left to study the multiverse. 29. There’s the main branch with Titans Tower, East branch in New York City, West branch in Los Angeles, along with a North & South branch. 30. Young Justice & the Outsiders are the black ops investigative teams that don’t officially exist. 31. The Light has the Brotherhood of Evil working for them. 32. Brother Blood works for the HIVE, but is secretly loyal to Trigon. He is obsessed with the Red and Beast boy by extension. 33. Deathstroke starts off as the leader of his own group but later joins the Light, because his ex-wife is a part of HIVE.

34. HIVE has students that uphold their 5 pillars called the HIVE 5, or Fearsome 5. 35. Artemis Crock is Jinx & the new Giganta. 36. Merlin & Etrigan are Raven’s nephews.

37. Kara is a Red Lantern training under Guy, who has 10 red rings & many more he wears as chains on his biker outfit & his Vuldarian powers. 38. Both the Hall & Granger twins are Hawks & Doves.

Green Lantern:

21. Kyle X Jade X Soranik. 22. Hal X Carol X Jillian X Olivia X Ghia'ta. 23. John X Fatality X Katma Tui X Vixen. 24. Guy X Ice X R'amey. 25. Lemons & Orgies. 26. Phantom ring was a prototype White ring that was abandoned. 27. Radio, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Gamma & either Micro or X-ray energies are born from Black. 28. Kara is a Red Lantern training under Guy, who has 10 red rings & many more he wears as chains on his biker outfit & his Vuldarian powers. 29. Guy heads the Red Lantern Corps. 30. The other 7 corps directly answer to the White Lantern Corps, with its members functioning as the new Guardians.

Justice League Dark:

21. Captain Marvel is a member. 22. John X Zatanna I X Epiphany. 23. Lemons & Threesomes. 24. Dr. Mist is a member. 25. Vic Sage was inspired to become the question via rumors of the Trinity of Sin member.

Yu-Gi-Oh: (5 different ones):

All of them:

1. Crimson Dragon, The Signer Dragons & Earthbound Immortals are the highest Divine Hierarchy(9 & 10), below them is the Gentle Darkness of creation, Light of Destruction, Neo-space, Chaos & Order/Shining/Zexal(7), then Divine Neos & Yubel(5), then comes the god cards beneath them.

2. Black Rose Dragon created the laws of reality and Ancient Fairy created life. 3. The positive & negative energy of the SD & EI & the Gentle Darkness of creation, Light of Destruction, Neo-space, Chaos & Order/Shining/Zexal predate everything else.

4. The 12 Dimensions in GX are: Earthly Realm(created by The Numeron Dragon), Shadow-realm(created by Zorc), Nightshroud's realm, DM spirit realm, Astral World, Barian World & others, but the Ocean of Worlds is the space between Astral & Earth, not a separate dimension. Netherworld & Heaven can be a part of the 12 or be outside them.

5. Nightshroud is Holactie's equal & the father of Zorc & the Grandfather of Darknite/Nitemare & Manawyddan fab Llyr.

6. GX is 10 years after DM ended, 5D's is 20 years after GX, Zexal starts about 60 years after 5D's epilogue, Arc-V about 80 years after Zexal, Vrains about 30 years after that & Sevens about 70 years after that, it adds up to the roughly 248 years(epilogue is 8 years after the end of 5D's), so the approximately 200 number Z-one gave still stands! That way Yuma & the Zexal cast die of old age before Zarc loses it & explains why Yusei didn't help with the Barians. Yusaku dealt with everything faster than Yuya could be notified so that fits.

7. When they go to the DM Spirit World, they never encounter Dark Magician, or any counterparts that're implied to be him, only Dark Sage. Same for every group of cards implied to be 1 person. One Utopia, One of each Signer Dragon, One Neos, One Kuriboh, etc. 8. Duel Spirits can use any summoning mechanic regardless if it has been introduced yet, except Pendulum, because Zarc created it when he caused his catastrophe. 9. Duel Spirits can also use Rose Duelist Rules, Bandai Rules, Duelist Kingdom Rules, or any combination of Duel Monster Rules they want. 10. Duel Spirits & other characters will play Dungeon Dice Monsters & Capsule Monsters.

11. Mahad/Torunka X Cosmo Queen.

A. Yu-Gi-Oh GX:

12. Jaden never got rid of Yubel. 13. Follows the Anime with manga mixed in. 14. Jaden has the Wicked Gods, including the Holactie's counterpart, going into DA, get the Sacred Beasts after season 1(Hamon being Divine Hierarchy 2) & gets Ra from Franz & the other 2 from Pegasus. 15. Mr. Ryuga duels Jaden in the beginning of Season 1 after Jaden arrives at DA. Seika appears in season 1 too. 16. Jaden doesn't carry everyone to victory, because they keep losing.

17. Everyone uses both their Manga & Anime decks, including Evil Heroes & Jaden using Yubel's deck & the Ultimate Fusion God. 18. West Academy & American Academy are the same thing. 19. Most of the Manga replaces season 3, with them still traveling through the dimensions at one point. Viper & MacKenzie hiring some of the Card Professors from R.

20. Pegasus's 4 sons appear in season 2. 21. Nitemare & Llyr appear in season 4. 22. Wicked God counterpart to Holactie & Armityle appears. 23. I want to see Jaden Summon Lava Golem & Torch Golem to the opponent's side to deal massive damage with Yubel. 24. Jaden uses HERO Flash!! to go into Electrum. 25. Chazz getting DE monsters, FGH equip spell, like STU, & completing the A to Z cards, with the type of cards being mirrored over m & n. Chazz getting Ojama red, blue, orange, purple & White; indigo, grey & brown being optional. Pink being Red after he contracted a disease.

26. Makoto Inotsume use Amplifier, Makyura the Destructor & Original Pre-Errata: Temple of the Kings in his Jinzo Deck to only lock his opponents out of Traps, while spamming them himself!

27. Yugi, Joey & Seto vs Jaden, Alexis & Atticus: Black Skull Dragon, Dark Flare Knight, Blue Flame Swordsman, Dragon Master Knight, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon & the 3 knights of Atlantis(as they're the knights' reincarnated they should be able to summon the cards easy) vs Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Black Skull Dragon & Meteor Black Dragon, Pluto, Terra Firma & more at once. 28. Syrus get Cyber Darks & Magician Girls between Seasons 1 & 2 & duel his brother when he tries to claim it.

29. Yugi having a duel with both Valkyrion & Stronghold on the field together, Royal Straight Slasher & Arcana Joker on the field together at different times than the last 2 & lastly, Black Luster Soldier & Magician of Black Chaos on the field at once.

30. There will be a spell that will let Kaiba fusion summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon & Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon on his 1st turn using 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Blue-Eyes Solid Dragons & Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragons in his deck as material, so he can bust out Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon & Dragon Master Knight on his 1st turn, then use the 3rd as Ritual material for Blue Eyes Chaos Dragon, which would be used as Ritual Material for Blue Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, so on his next turn he can ritual summon Paladin of White Dragon & activate a spell that sends it, 3 Dragon Spirit of Whites, 3 Deep of Blue-Eyes, 3 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragons & Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon from his Deck/Extra Deck to the grave.

31. Ma'at is Isis's Ka. 32. Jaden X Yubel X Alexis X Jasmine X Mindy X Camula X Fonda X Seika X Reggie X Lady Heat X Poison Rose X Shadow Mist X Burstinatrix X Inferno Wing X Missy. 33. Rose(student) will become a major character after her debut as seeing spirits is rare. 34. Axel X Maiden. 35. The Light of Destruction reviving the Seal of Orichalcos & Pyramid of light cards to use. 36. Jasmine, Mindy & Seika will duel regularly. 37. Lemons & Or*ies 38. Jaden has 12 decks numbered 1 through 12 in skill, with 9 being Exodia with Final Countdown, Destiny Board & Dark Sanctuary, 10 being heroes, 11 being the Sacred Beast/Egyptian/Wicked Gods & 12 being Yubel's final deck from the Anime. His child deck will be 4 or less, and the cards he got from the satellite & base Yubel appearing in 10-12, with Ultimate Fusion God being in 11-12. Lumis & Umbra's Masks will be one, too.

B. Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: (a sequel to the previous)

39. The Ultimate God be Scar Red Nova’s Dark Synchro servant, like Zeman is to Cusillu. It takes the form of the crimson dragon to lead people down the path of temptation & sin.

40. There’s between 70 & 80 Nazca line animals, or animal like images & only 7 were made into Earthbound Immortals despite all of them being EIs sealed away in the canon of the show. We need: 2 other Whales that looked nothing like the one shown, Wing, 2 Unidentified Birds, A 3rd possible bird that in my opinion looks nothing like a bird too, Tree (Don’t see why it is listed under animal Nazca lines), Hands, Flower, Dog, Pelican, Llama, 2 different fish, Alga, Trident (I understand why it is listed under animal Nazca lines even less), Parrot, Iguana, Shells, Macaw, 2 different Cats, Fox, 3 different humanoids, different from the Giant, Mouse, Human Head, Heron/Flamingo, Snake (Scar Red Nova). That’s 30, added to the previous 7, to get 37, which is about half, though some appear more than once like the hummingbird.

41. The Manga events be mixed in with season 2. The Dark Signers using the tournament to further their goals. 42. The 4 Signer Dragons, except Ancient Fairy, tell them what’s going on & where Blackwing Dragon is. 43. Sherry’s rivalry with Akiza overlapping with her preparing to take on Yliaster. 44. Yusei X Akiza X Sherry X Misty X Mei X Sakura (Mei & Sakura are basically the Jasmine & Mindy of 5d's, only manga exclusive).

45. Sherry or Carly being the Signer of the body, from the Video Game. 46. Jack X Carly. 47. No Trudge X Mina, because she’s closer to Jack’s age & he’s about 51. 48. Akiza gets her licenses after the fall of Arcadia for the tournament. 49. Yusei knows Lawton & his wife from the Satellite & tricks them, not the other way around. 50. Mei & Sakura duel regularly. 51. Yugi gives Luna Dark Sage. 52. All the Characters from DM & GX are shown fighting the King of the Netherworld's creatures. 53. Lemons & Or*ies.

54. Arcadia returns between the Dark Signers defeat & Ghost appearing & Akiza defeats Sayer. 55. Dark Signers will've multiple Immortals, with Rex having Scar Red Nova & the King. 56. The EI being redeemed by the end & becoming allies & security guards of the Netherworld.

C. Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal:

12. Yuma X Tori X Cathy X Anna X Lotus(can't waste a character with a rare power & is basically a Zexal version of Seika). 13. E’rah being someone Astral & Don Thousand banished from Astral World, before the split.

14. Dr. Faker Tenjo digitized himself before death, like Gozaburo Kaiba, & has been keeping his deal with Vector, as a computer & Android w/o Heartland knowing, thinking Faker is dead. 15. Don Thousand releases 108-999 to his soldiers. 16. Yuma creating an Infinity counterpart to Future King Hope, like History Queen Love. 17. Yuma’s harem creating XX: Utopic Dark Infinity. 18. Shining/Zexal representing Order, consistence & Teamwork, as opposed to Chaos representing change. 19. Don Thousand having a base 1000.

20. More imaginary number cards, like Numeronius Numeronia. 21. Barians having Chaos equivalent to Zexal Weapons. 22. A shining chaos number, or Harmonic if you will, will appear.

23. Being based on both the Manga & Anime. 24. Lemons & Or*ies. 25. Kite X Dextra. 26. Yuma becomes smarter as the story progress & sees through Vector's scheme & has Cathy keep an eye on him through her cats. 27. No Romance for the Emperors, because they'll stay in Astral-Barian after everything is resolved. 28. Dog will become a reoccurring character.

D. Yugioh Vrains:

12. Yusaku X Aoi X Miyu X Emma. 13. Queen suffers & SOL Techs crimes are brought to light. 14. Yusaku's child deck was dark fiend-zombie themed with "Despair from the Dark" in it. 15. Aqua & Earth prevent Lightning from corrupting Windy. 16. Windy's partner appears & is named. 17. Gore never falls into despair working for SOL, instead joining Playmaker for regular rematches, thus Earth isn't captured. 18. Skye & Emma win more. 19. SOL is the finale villain, instead of Ai. 20. None of the Ignis get deleted.

21. Yusaku tries to recruit Skye after dueling her brother, due to her relationship with Miyu. 22. Roboppy's upgrade is stabilized without downsides & he becomes an ally of Yusaku. 23. Yusaku uses his original deck on occasion, then Bohman's after his defeat. 24. Yusaku uses 6 monsters to summon The Arrival Cyberse, then with a full field, has it at 11K atk monster. 25. Yusaku summons Firewall eXceed Dragon linked to Arrival & 2 link 5s, & fusion summons Clock Dragon using Arrival & 5 Link 5s, Wyvern in hand.

26. Lemons, Threesomes & Foursomes.

E. Yugioh Sevens:

12. Takes place at least 5 years later. 13. Yuga X Romin X Asana X Tiger X Ranze. 14. Menzaboru X Sushiko X Sorako. 15. More Legend cards, not Neo-Spacians or Yubel, & Maximums appear. 16. Lemons & Or*ies.

17. Yuga creates an inverse of Rush duels, that’s a modified master duel with the pendulum zones separate from the spell & trap zones and the need of Link monsters to pendulum summon is removed. Where you can have an extra deck of 15 per summoning mechanic, excluding Pendulums, and only monster’s printed names count to the 3 card limit (Harpie, Umi & Fusion users would really like that). Where you can draw on turn 1 and ignition priority exists. Where simultaneously effects occur simultaneously, without a chain and the limit on trigger effects is removed. Where you can’t miss timing, because as long as what triggers it happened during the chain, it can resolve. Where there's a 3rd Field Zone between the 2 Extra Monster Zones and an optional Deck Master Zone behind the Spell & Trap Zone. Where Ritual & Nomi/Semi-Nomi monsters must be properly summoned before they can be used for special or normal summons.

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Persona Series - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 176,728 - Reviews: 880 - Favs: 1,678 - Follows: 1,972 - Updated: 8/27 - Published: 1/7/2020 - [Akira K./Ren A./The Trickster/Joker, Ann T./Panther, Lavenza] Morgana
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Fire Force/炎炎ノ消防隊 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 840 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 132 - Follows: 126 - Published: 9/1/2019 - [Shinra K., Princess Hibana]
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High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 35,355 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 437 - Follows: 482 - Updated: 8/17/2019 - Published: 10/26/2018 - [H. Issei, Rias G., A. Asia, H. Akeno]
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Fairy Tail - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,309 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 97 - Follows: 69 - Published: 6/19/2018 - [Natsu D., Erza S.] Happy, E.N.D. - Complete
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