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Author has written 19 stories for Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師, Good Omens, and Doctor Who.

Lore-whore: the word that perfectly describes me as a writer. =9
A lore-whore is the kind of writer that doesn't primarily obsess with characters but with universes: the world itself, its flora and fauna, its history, its cultures and customs, its technology, its beliefs, its laws of nature, etc. I'm a worldbuilder, in short, so expect lots of that when I write. Oh don't worry, I have characters in my fics: it's just that I don't find them as interesting as, say, that boulder over there with that ancient, half illegible inscription. c:

The End of the Beginning is my primary contribution to the world of fanfiction.

It's getting very long, so for the sake of orientation I thought I'd provide a table of contents. =)

Front cover, with links to close-ups
solacebeneathsilence . deviantart . com / art / Take-on-me-379326453

  1. Terra: After 18 years as a regular inhabitant of a regular world with regular humans, Shiro meets Sir Mephisto Pheles and regular becomes a word of the past. (52 chapters)
  2. Inferno: Knowing the King of Time adds many complications to Shiro's life as he grows from his late teens into his early twenties; on the other hand, the talented young exorcist shows a remarkable knack for complicating the life of Prince Samael as well. (84 chapters and counting; author's winged guess says it might go up towards 200 chapters)
  3. Purgatorio: When scales once tipped return to balance it's too late for regrets: there are debts that must be paid, truths that must be faced, and doors closed that will reopen. (oh I don't know - around 100 chapters? I'm very bad at guessing, just so you know)
  4. Paradiso: Shiro never considered himself parent material. He never considered himself Paladin material either. It's true as they say, though: you never know until you've tried. (no idea - 50 to 70 chapters?)

The End of the Beginning is also progressively translated to German by the incredibly sweet Zeitdieb/Time-King. Danke schön! =3
animexx-en . onlinewelten . com / fanfiction / 298322 /

Confess to me is a short douji I made that is technically a chapter in Between the End and the Beginning.
solacebeneathsilence . deviantart . com / art / Confess-to-me-478463095

Emergency gift for Phoenix is a very short comic set in the TEotB universe - uh, I think. n_n' It's a hastily concocted birthday gift for a friend.
solacebeneathsilence . deviantart . com / art / Emergency-gift-for-Phoenix-516127088

Planned companion stories to The End of the Beginning!

  • Memoriae: Samael has been around for a long, long time, as evidenced by the many names he has been given by humans in different cultures and ages. Those humans and cultures are now long gone. But for Samael, the memories remain. (A collection of short stories à la Bildungsroman from Samael's long life: humour, tragedy, hostility, romance, philosophy, cryptohistory, lore lore and more lore, and worldbuilding.)
  • After the End, Before the Beginning: There's no end to time. But there might have been a beginning? (To be published after Shiro's death: humour galore, because you (and I) will need that after he dies.)
  • Kairos: (This will be a surprise, and I don't want to ruin surprises. C:)

  • The fic Smoke and mirrors was an idea I had but didn't have the time to write myself. It has been adopted by two different writers (thank you guys!) whose works I will post links to here.

    The Illusionist
    by cheesypuffsin

    [work yet unpublished] by Zy

    Pet peeves, or How to Annoy Dimwit
    A pet peeve is a particular something that annoys a particular person particularly much. I didn't think I had any, at first, but after a few years in fanfiction I know better. -w-' Though I really don't know why people list them. It is a little like handing out instruction manuals for how to annoy (or not annoy) you, isn't it? I annoy people all the time with my plots and slow updates, so if you want to annoy me back here's a list of particular spots you can poke. =P

    This is actually quite funny, in small doses, because it's so bizarre. It's like writing a character OoC except you only warp their looks: somebody who isn't portrayed as particularly attractive in canon suddenly transforms into the paragon of beauty. Silky hair, lush pink lips, flawless porcelain skin without a trace of hair, etc. Oftentimes they end up looking younger, too - in their 20s, mostly. Sometimes bishiefication can work, and sometimes it's just so far from the original character that it becomes unintentionally humorous - like when Mephisto Pheles (Blue Exorcist) is made out to look like he's in his 20s and has pale porcelain skin. (No, he does not look like a man in his 20s, and while his skin is pale it isn't the attractive kind of pale: canon description is that it's the kind of sickly pale where you can see every single blood vessel shine through.)

    Now, what peeves me with bishiefication is how shallow and discriminating it is. It's media and beauty industry ideals seeping into fiction like decomposition juices leaking out of a trash can. I get sad as much as I get annoyed when I see characters shoehorned into a generic template of beauty instead of being allowed to be as individual and diverse in age and looks as they were in canon.

    Wardrobe inventories
    I always wonder if this one partly has to do with my legendary disinterest in clothes. ô.ô Be that as it may, many fanfiction writers are at the other end of the spectrum and spend whole paragraphs on describing what a character is wearing, the exact shades of the garments, materials, patterns, etc. Me being the pragmatic oaf I am I always wonder if all that is really relevant to the story. If the character in question has fashionista inclinations, then I could see how it's relevant; if that coat that was so intricately described contains magic sigils that create warding barriers, then I could see how it's relevant; if that hair pin was a memento from an old friend/lover, then I could see how it's relevant. Outside that? Chunks of wardrobe description just make me lose momentum and connection with the story, so I'm guilty of very much skimming when I come upon wardrobe inventories. 0u0'

    And, the point where they get really annoying: the times when wardrobe inventories beyond any doubt are misplaced and ruin the scene. Fight scenes (read crime scene witnesses' testimonies of what they register in stress situations/assaults: not what pattern the fiend has on hir pants, that's for sure), tragic scenes (don't you dare let the character's eye/shirt colour steal attention away from the death of a comrade), romantic scenes (if your attention is more on the pattern of your lover's clothes than your lover then you're not really attracted to that person), etc.

    Torture torment
    I do see the humour in being a dentist and being interested in torture. x) So you don't need hold back those jokes you were thinking of making. It's pure coincidence, I assure you, and my interest is only in the theory of torture: torture put into practice is awful and should not exist.

    The peeve here concerns poorly written torture scenes, because professional torture - as well as its cousin, execution - is a trade and an art form. It requires knowledge, precision, and skill, often basing itself on medicine and anatomy. Few things make me cringe like reading descriptions of how some character is being tortured by receiving random cuts on arms/legs/torso/other body parts. Oh yes, it does hurt and it does inflict damage, but it's like comparing your cutting of a T-bone steak with a butcher's stripping of the flesh from a whole cow: remotely similar, but completely different levels of knowledge and skill.

    Emotionally monochromatic blushing
    Anybody who blushes does so because they're romantically interested in a person, just like anybody who cries does so out of joy. Except that's not how it works. =P People can cry out of joy, anger, or sadness, and sometimes you have to look at the context to determine which one it is (because it's real damn important to know which it is). Similarly, blushing can and does indicate a whole range of emotional states - excitement, embarrassment, discomfort, insecurity, attraction, etc. To equate all blushing with romantic interest is like having a person tell you "If I want to date you, I'll say so" and only choose to hear "I want to date you" because that was the part that agreed with your own wishes and expectations.

    The pet peeve here might have more to do with how people interpret blushing in fiction/fanfiction, which then steers how they employ it in said fanfiction. Because sometimes I see shippers claim that two characters have canonical feelings for each other because "s/he blushed, so s/he must have been interested!" and then point to a scene where it's evident that character X (usually a girl) blushed because s/he was discomforted by character Y's infringement upon X's personal space. This bothers me because it is very similar to real-life situations where people (often males) interpret somebody's (often females') reactions according to what they want/expect to hear, not bothering with what the person actually feels (see "I want to date you" example above). And this is dangerous. Interpreting people's signals according to what's convenient for yourself is dangerous - try putting the line "she blushed, so she must have been interested" in the context of a sexual offense court trial and you'll know what I mean. I know this is fiction, I do. I know nobody is directly harmed by this. But the mentality, man. That mentality makes me very, very uncomfortable, and I'd like people to be aware of what they're doing when they make those interpretations. Don't misunderstand: I'm not trying to tell people what to ship and what not to ship - ship anything you like, it's not my business. Just don't claim that your ship is canon based on scenes where somebody is blushing and you choose to see that as romantic because it's what you want to see.

    This is, ultimately, a question of one's motivation to write fanfiction. I won't say anyone's motivation to write is wrong, or that some motivations are better than others, because that's just preposterous. What I do find iffy is when authors demand reviews to continue their writing: holding their stories hostage, essentially. I understand their motivation: feedback is fun, getting appreciation for your work is fun - obviously, that's reason enough to write. It's just that sometimes it gets strange, you know? I came upon a story the other day where the author demanded reviews on each chapter or else se wouldn't post the next one. Se also stated that se had spent two years writing this fic, and if se didn't get feedback on it there was no point in posting it. That puzzled me, it really did. It gave me that tightness of discomfort in my gut. It's... If you spend two years doing someone a favour, then of course you're entitled to gratitude for it. But if nobody ever asked you to do that favour, to write that fic... can you really demand of them to compensate you for your effort? And if you've already spent those two years writing, if you've already completed the whole thing... wasn't that rewarding in itself? Didn't you have fun writing your story? Does there really need to be appreciation from reviewers for there to be a "point" in having written it?
    I guess this discomforts me because it's so at odds with my motivation to write. I write for the story itself and for my own entertainment, because I love telling stories and playing with language. I write comparatively unusual stories for comparatively non-popular characters, and I don't expect a whole lot of people to like what I do; if they happen to do so and give feedback on it it's a huge bonus. I could never hold a story hostage and place a ransom for reviews, because... this is a love affair. There's a deep and intimate relationship between me and my stories, and exploiting my beloved for the sake of outside acknowledgement would be a stain on that passion. It would feel so wrong. It would feel like I was spitting on the joy and the value I find in my stories and seeing them only as a way of obtaining others' approval.

    So I guess that, for me, begging/hostage-taking is a pet peeve - though more hurtful than annoying, really - because to me stories are something very precious, and treating them like they're just a means for me to gain attention and praise feels disrespectful to writing as an art form. (Wepp lots of purple prose on this topic! I think that happens to most nerds if you ask them about their passion, but... Yeah. n_n')

    *Hall of Fame*

    The "wallpaper", with a big thanks to everyone who made their own art based on my stories!
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    Only the fool follows the clown by YFanGirl1613 / XxAlysxX
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    Shiro and Mephisto Cosplaying I by Time-King / Zeitdieb
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    Shiro and Mephisto Cosplaying II by Time-King / Zeitdieb
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    Condemned memory by SkyHearts / Skyshow
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    Kasumi from tEotB by Midorchi-chan / midorchi
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    Ganbatte ne by Fox Populi, Queen of Douchy Succubi
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    Good doggie? by SteelPorcelainMXIV / Amyr-Talleigh
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    Rose Metaphores by darkmickyangel
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    Helter-skelter by wildkurofang

    Serving You, Serving Me! by Time-King / Zeitdieb

    The morning after by Fox Populi

    Planes del Futuro by luzmela1

    The Staff by The Toe of Sauron


    The Sorrows of Young Hohenzollern by Time-King / Zeitdieb
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    Cosplay photos of pure awesomeness!
    (omg just look at them, they're perfect! QwQ)

    Prodigy Dragoon and Honorary Knight by Time-King / Zeitdieb & XxAbigailxX
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    Holy Water Tea by Time-King / Zeitdieb & XxAbigailxX
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    (but WOW!)

    tEotB on TV tropes by YFanGirl1613 / XxAlysxX
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    Blue Exorcist tribute (Kyoto 2013)
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    I'm the only Blue Exorcist fan in the group, but I convinced the others to do this for me. x) Thank you guys!

    Blue Exorcist group picture with Kazue Kato (Leipziger Buchmesse 2014)
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    That scalp you see at the bottom of the picture, below the adorable Kuro? That's Kato.

    That grinning idiot cosplaying fem!Bon to the left? That's me. I kept that smile all the way back to Sweden. =9

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    Unraveled by chibi.tantei reviews
    When Shura dragged Yukio from his dorm room one snowy night, she also dragged the truth out of him. The barrier of secrets and lies he had woven around his heart unraveled just in time, for the Illuminati's plan is starting to fall into place. Yukio may be ready to start down a new path, but the fate set up for him sixteen years ago won't let go that easily. Manga canon
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    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Drama/Horror - Chapters: 24 - Words: 44,801 - Reviews: 190 - Favs: 72 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/23/2002 - Published: 1/25/2002
    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    Finns det några stygga barn? reviews
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    "The third wheel." English translation exists. Another doodle that came to mind, this time with thoughts on what it's like to be Konekomaru. (Spoilers from chapter 43!)
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    This is the little brother of The End of the Beginning. :) All things don't make it into the main fic: these are the moments in between, born spontaneously or through inspiration from readers. So it's... a ficlet? Doodle collection? Something along those lines. (The genre is more like what kind of span this has: most is just comedy, but there's tragic stuff too.)
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    What you are, we once were; what we are you will become.
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