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Hi guys, SAga4000 here!

First let me just say sorry for not updating any of my previous stories! Let me just say a lot of things happened that caused the delay, one of which was the computer I was using to write the stories with had a burnt out hard-drive (which had to be replaced). And I'm not in my home country anymore peeps!

UPDATE: I'm not studying Multimedia anymore and I'm in the process of changing colleges as well as majors! This time I'm going for creative writing! Wish me luck peeps! Creative writing is something I have been wanting to do for a long, long time now.


And for those who you don't know (which many of you would've known already) Final Fantasy VII IS getting a REMAKE! So let's give a big

shout out to Square-Enix for making all Final Fantasy VII fans' dreams come true!


And guys I've finally gotten around to using my Tumblr again! Just look up SAga4000 on Tumblr if you have any questions or just want to drop by for a chat! Believe me, there's nothing I'd love more than to actually get to know my readers lol!

First off, I'm sorry but I don't think that I will be doing a rewrite of FFVII: NG, as much as I personally love the story, I have no idea how to start it and till everything's figured out, I won't be starting on anything...

Second off, I have another fanfic idea, in mind (and it is another NG fic) but it'll relate more to humanitarian issues, such as acceptance, love, forgiveness, etc.

There will different types of genres and other literature devices.

That's all I'll say for now.

And to all the reviewers that commented on my story Final Fantasy VII: Next Generation and it's prequel, thank you so much for your kind words and advice, it's been a great help to hear from you guys!

So to all my old reviewers, thank you for taking time to comment on my old stories!


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Latest news:

As stated above you guys, I am in college now, which means I won't be on as much as I would love to! I miss writing fanfics! I miss reading them! Once again From You, Through You and it's unpublished sequel "To You" is still in the works you guys! But I have unfortunately lost all the files to the story thanks to computer problems last year! Which means I have to start everything from scratch! And that alone is fine, I enjoyed writing Cloud and Tifa's dynamic relationship and Solas' complex relationship with his father! (Don't be fool you guys, he is a daddy's boy deep down!)

Hey guys! I'm still alive! Sorry I haven't been letting you know what's been going on the past three years, a lot has been going, one of which involves the fanfic From You. My hard-drive, the one that had all the files for this story, became corrupt, and had to erase everything, including this story. Now, I'm moving on to new things, so From You and it's sequels and prequel will be on hiatus till then.

Older news:

Hey guys, and for those of you who actually read my profile (it doesn't really matter if people read this or not) but sorry I haven't on for while, due to personal life issues, and the fact that I'm preparing for college. Which unfortunately is the main reason why most my fanfics haven't been the main focus to my life right now. But I'm very much alive! And I hope to get back to writing fanfics once again.

In other news: I've deactivated my twitter account, because...well frankly I hardly use it. So I decided instead of actually having one (and knowing that it's highly unlikely that I would post any tweets) the decision was made that it would be better to shut it down. Perhaps in the near future, I would come back to twitter and actually find something to tweet about (though it's highly unlikely) but who knows?

Anyway that's all the news today, till next time guys! XD

Fanfics on hold:

Through You.

To You (still in the writing process, and has yet to be posted)


Untitled (X-men Fanfic)

FFVII: NG and its sequels! (If anyone of you want to adopt this story as your own, feel free to use all the characters, with the exception of JASMINE. Okay, she's not my OC, she belongs to my friend, who was kind enough to let me borrow her for this story when my ideas were running dry)

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