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I've been writing fanfic since the 1960s. I think my first story was for RAWHIDE, and I've no idea what happened to it, but I'm sure it was horrible. Most of my fanfic is for ST: TOS, SW, Elfquest, Pern, the Heralds of Valdemar and Jericho. A lot of it was published in fanzines, which is what we fans had before computers. I'm considering posting some of it here, but I'd have to do some massive re-writes. (I shudder to read my earlier stuff.)

I have aspirations to be a "real" writer when I grow up, but right now I lack the discipline needed for such an ambitious endeavor. I continuously strive to improve my writing skills, so I appreciate constructive criticism. I don't mind if a reader hates the story, as long as they tell me WHY. Otherwise, I'll never know what I need to work on--besides over use of commas! I try to always review stories I read, so it won't be a one-sided affair.

As for me . . . .

I'm older than I ever thought I'd be. (Sigh!) At the moment, I'm retired from the business world, and live quietly in a small, Oklahoma town not far from where the Doolin-Dalton Gang had a shoot out. I'm the proud owner of 9 cats, a very patient roommate and one very confused dog. My passions are word games, jigsaw puzzles, history and reading, not necessarily in that order. I'm an avid role-playing gamer and enjoy creating original characters. I wish I had something more clever to say, but the fact is I suck at writing bios as much as I suck at story summaries.

So, I'll end by paraphrasing one of my favorite authors: I have graying red hair, blue eyes and freckles. The rest is subject to change at a moment' notice.

That's it. Check below for info on my latest project. It'll be posted as soon as I figure out how--and work up the nerve. . . .


CAETERA DESUNT: The Rest is Wanting Someone's killing women in Shreveport. They all have one thing in common. The Sheriff of Area 5 wants it stopped. . .NOW! Please R&R. Eric/Sookie, OC/OC. Rated M for Language and Violence. COMPLETE

MEMENTO VIVERE: A Reminder of Life A Work In Progress. I'm actually having a bit of trouble getting this one started, so please be patient with me. RL is getting a little overwhelming at the moment. Blame the up-coming holidays, I guess. I'm working on the story, and when I get something done, it'll be posted. That's a promise.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Many, many kudos to Nox-Alatus, my incredible beta. She is The Awesome! This recent story wouldn't exist if not for her encouragement. :)

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