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This is 10 percent luck,

20 percent skill,

15 percent concentrated power of will,

5 percent pleasure,

50 percent pain,

And 100 percent reason to:

Remember the name


Lace168 here. Proud Twilight addict and fangirl, and newly a Harry Potter fanatic. My Beta, Quil Explodes, is wicked, and a good person to obsess over the hotness of book/movie characters. Boo182 and Spack272 are my partners in crime. I am a proud stalker of one Braden Downing, more commenly known as the Monkey Lord. I am desperatly in love with Jacob Black, Jasper Hale, Fred Weasley, Harry Potter, and Murtagh. There are probably more, but I have a life and don't wish to list them all. So, yeah. Read my profile, and if you disagree with anything, go right a head and stick it in your juice box and SUCK IT! PM me.


Let's begin, shall we? Er... I COMMAND THEE RANTING ABOUT CEDRIC DIGGORY TO BEGIN! Thus, poor Lace, seemed unable to deny such a direct request and began her animated dicussion, labled: Cedric Diggory: Not Dead

Cedric Diggory is not dead, and I say this with the upmost certianty, for I have proof. See? See here? -holds up copy of Twilight- Edward Cullen. Different names, but the same people. Do you see a difference in their faces? No. Do girls adore both of them? Are they both mindless, cocky gits? Yes. They. Are. The. Same. People. Carve it into your heads and know this to be true: Cedric Diggory lives on, and not just in our hearts as we sob over Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book and movie. No, he lives on as Edward Cullen.

Cedric is a vampire. Voldemort's curse did not kill him, for he was already dead. It was an act, people. How would it have looked if her survived the Killing Curse? Downright terrifying, might I say!

Now, uh... -points in the opposite direction- LOOK! THAT LITTLE BOY JUST FELL OVER! MOCK HIM! -runs away-

Little Bit of Crap About Me

Likes: stalking Braden, IM, Barnes and Noble, bothering Francis, reading, listening to music, mocking stuff, shiney stuff, really hot boys, coffee, energy drinks, gum, thunderstorms, 1:00 A.M., fire

Dislikes: cocky gits, bubble gum, Braden when he doesn't check his email, pen that doesn't come off your skin, sunlight

Favorite Books: much too long a list

Favorite Music: diddo the books

Favorite Movies/T.V. Shows: diddo the top two

People I Love at Fan Fiction: Spack and Boo!! -hugs self- I loooooooooooooooooooove you guys!!

Read Twilight: 27

Read New Moon: 24

Read Eclipse: 18


"Who put crack in my Cocopuffs!" -Me to Boo in the morning inspection my cereal like a mad woman

"OH MY CARLISLE! GIANT NINJA MONKEYS IN PAJAMAS!" -Me in front of my locker just being a moron

"I win! Even if you think that you win you don't because I do in my super awesome power!" -Braden being Braden

"See, I'm weird, which is normal for me but being normal for me is weird which I am normally meaning that technically I'm normal because that's weird for me and I am weird. Get it?" -Me trying to explain to people (Not Boo or Braden) that I am a normal person

"Yeah? Well... I don't have a comeback!" -Me talking to some girl who I really hate but trying to ease things up... didn't work

"EMO GUYS ARE HOT!" -Me walking around Boo's town being a moron

"Hi car!" -Boo randomly waving at a Honda

"So God created people. People say oh my God. I get that. But Carlisle did not create me, some random vampire did. So don't I say oh my random vampire? OMRV! It sooooooo makes sense!" -Me telling Boo that OMC and OMJ are not working for me

"I am a human advertisment for the MONKEY LORD!" -Me during gym

"You know what? I think that emo gay guys are really hot and when they kiss..." -Some girl on my bus

"Mmmm hmmm..." -Me not really pating attention

"I don't know you anymore..." -My friend Francis after I obsessed after this cute guy at my school... NO NAMES!

"I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU SO MUCH CRAP FOR THAT BRADEN DOWNING!" -Me screaming down the hall after he scarred the crap outta me

"Oh, well crap... Hey! Look! A cookie!" -Me on my bus being idiotic to some gay guy named Brandon not to be confused with Braden Downing

"I SUPPORT THE SOUTH CUZ THAT'S WHERE THE CUTE VAMPIRE GUYS ARE!" -Me at lunch talking to this girl who everone calls Fagley who I'm trying to make ammends with because she's letting me sit at her table to get away from this girl

"I find vandilism refreshing, you know." Me talking to somebody or other on the phone

"Ooh! Braden!" -Me when he was walking down the hall

"Holy crap! Edward's gone mad! Save the whales from his abuse!" -On my old bus talking to this guy named Eddie's (short for Edward) brother who had no idea what I was talking about -cough- Edward Cullen. -cough-

"SAVE THE SQUIRRELS!" -Me outside my mother's friends house with her eight year old son

"ROCK ABUSE! ROCK ABUSE! ROCK ABUSE! I SPOT A ROCK ABUSER!" -Me running around in circles outside my old house when some guy walked by


"Mental woman." -Me muttering under my breath about this real annoying teacher who just gets on my nerves.

"That guy runs really retarded..." -Boo when we were watching this animated movie for social studies

"RUN GAY BOYS! RUN!" -Me during gym watching the boys excersizing while I sat out because I was unprepared like the wonderful person I am

"You know, Bella (Liz), why don't you go kiss Jake (Braden)? You know you want to..." -Me talking to an Edward addict in my gym class about kissing Braden who looks just like Jacob Black

"Just suck it up!" -Me on various occasions

"Whoa. I knew that beating up that kid would catch up to me! Look at that bruise!" -Me being stupid to my mom's friend's son

"You know what? Sense Braden wasn't here today he could soooooo be turning into a werewolf! That means that when he comes back to school I'm gonna follow him everywhere because he's obvliously a werewolf now and is attracking vampires who will change me into one of them so I can get a jump on the whole finding Jasper thing!" -Me talking to Boo about Braden

"Yeah! That makes SO much sense! Especially since we have deluded ourselves into thinking that vampires and werewolve are real!"- Boo replying to my comment about Braden turning into a werewolf.

"ASAP is fun to say. It's all ASAP real fast and that's just... VOOM! Fastness. But it's amusing. Like dental floss and fried chicken wings, you know? VOOM!" -Me talking to Liz (Bella)

"Oh, I'm a happy dagger yeah! I'm a happy dagger, yeah! Such a happy dagger yeah! Happy, happy, dagger, dagger, YEAH!" -Boo and I being morons together

"Braden looks sad." -Me

"Yeah." -Boo

"And you know what?" -Me

"What?" -Boo

"I'm gonna go hit him over the head!" -Me

"I think that dude is breaking into Bradens house"- Boo when Boo and I were walking around Braden's house, being stalkers when we saw a guy in black go in

"Daddy, when you win the lottery, can I have a pony?"- Boo asking for a pony she doesn't want

"OW!"- Braden after he was hit on the head by me

"I'm sorry I hit you so hard Lace. But Look! Your ceiling got payback for you by bonking me on the head! Ow!"- Boo after she hit me and then ran into her ceiling, which is a slopey one the you can bump your head on

"Oh, hey, LOOK! That boy just fell over!" -Me pointing at some elementary boy who tripped and fell flat on his face to Boo when I was grabbing a ride with her for no reason whatsoever

"Psst... Braden's hair flows in the wind..." -Me just being stupid

"Guess what? I'm talking to you in my closet!" -Me

"No fair! I wish I had a closet..." -Braden

"I feel like we're being watched..." -Me

"Well we're not." -Boo


"Stalkers!" -Braden and Payne

"Told ya so." -Me

"Go away. I hate you. Everyone hates you. You have no friends." -Braden talking to some kid

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