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Author has written 12 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

"Yo how u doing? I'm Yami Zelgadis. Now for some boring facts about me."

Oh look I updated some new stuff in woot!

I am 22 years old and male, I have a huge intrest in Anime and Games espically The Slayers and the Legend of Zelda. I was born in Berlin Germany but I am fully British since my parents are also British.I have an intrest in sports like swimming and basketball plus I would also like to know how to fence. I'm now done with Uni but I rarely update.

stupid/weirdest questions I have been asked.

ME: "Oh boy saying that is like saying is the Pope Chatholic!"

Daz (My best friend): "is he really?"

ME: Slaps forehead hard "Yes Daz he is."

Some guy down at the Yu-Gi-Oh Hobby League: "If you were to sleep with any Duel Monsters which one would it be?"

Me: "What the fuck kind of question is that?"

Daz: "It's Dark Magician Girl that the one he would sleep with."

Me: Blushing "Thanks a lot douchbag" Runs after Daz in murderous rage

Some girl at school who shall remain nameless. "Hey are you Mr Bean because you sound like him?"

Me: "No for the love of God!"

"Hey can you go to the Toilet for me?"

Me: "No because I don't think that is possible.

My favourite Animes are in the top five order.

1, Sword Art Online

2, The Slayers

3, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's the Japanese version only

4, Outlaw Star

5, Yu-Gi-Oh DM and GX again Japanese only

I am a hardcore Nintendo fan since I have nearly owned ever console they have launched. Minus the NES and SNES I was too young at that point. My favourite games are these in the top ten order redone.

1, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Final Fantasy VII

2, GoldenEye N64

3, Majora's Mask

4, Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance

5, Ninja Gaiden

6, A Link to The Past

7, Project Diva F

8, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

9, Another Code R Journey Into Lost Memories

10, Diddy Kong Racing (My first game).

Top 10 most underrated game (My opinion)

1. Another Code/Trace Memory series: Ok seriously I'm very sad this series will probably never get any more added to it. The compelling story of a young girl wishes to be reunited with her estrange father, is a compelling masterpiece at one that I'm sad to say we may never see again due to Cing going bankrupt. Fair well Another Code/Trace Memory you will be sorely missed.

2. Beyond Good and Evil (It ain't Zelda but it is a damn fine adventure game.)

3. Wheelie Breakers (Ok sure the steering is pretty crappy and it isn't proper YGO but who cares? This is a great spin off game with a lot of replayabilty. GIVE IT A CHANCE!

4. Super Mario Bros 2 (Yeah it isn't a real Mario game and it is a bit shallow at times, still throwing a turnip in a frog's mouth to make it croak is AWESOME!)

5. Zelda 2 The Adventures of Link (Ok this game isn't the best Zelda game, but it was an intresting twist. Underrated but not forgotten!)

6. Wario Ware Smooth Moves (NO MULTIPLAYER bah, I know it isn't good but it is still hillarious and good fun this game.)

7. Banjo Kazooie (Probably one hugely underrated game, this masterpiece is awesome. Just as good as the sequel.

8. Diddy Kong Racing (MK64 and Mario Kart that. In my opinion the Little Kong is better.)

9. Valkyria Chronicles (A good little RPG which deserves more praise then it deserves.)

10. Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles (Maybe not as underrated as believed. Still most hated this game because it was on rails. I don't care though blowing zombies up is the same regardless. Great Fun!

Top Ten OVERRATED games.

1. Grand Theft Auto Series (Hey look I can be a thug! OH JOY what a great game, this is sarcasum at its very best.)

2. HALO Series (Seriously people I mean ok it isn't bad, but it is the same old sci fi blaster and it is boring after a while. I really didn't care for this game.)

3. Pokemon series (Seriously people this scene is getting old)

4. Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker (This was so badly hyped up, not to mention it was TOO EASY. Plus I hate those Triforce Charts!)

5. Half Life (Same old song and dance shooter)

6. Metroid (Like ever other Sci Fi shooter only good thing is the female lead character.)

7. The Sims (Life sims are alright and this is the best one of the lot, but it is still overrated.)

8. Kingdom Hearts (A good friend of mine is going to kill me for this lol! Anyway it isn't a bad bunch of games but lets be honest anyone who had to suffer through those gummi ship parts in number 1 will understand what I mean. Overhyped for a fairly decent game but not one I scream about.)

9. Tomb Raider (Only thing saving this is sexy Lara Croft)

10. Sonic CD (Ok don't get me wrong it was a good game however, it lacks something with those stupid bonus rounds.

Favourite game series:

1, Zelda

2, Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden

3, Final Fantasy

4, Resident Evil/Fire Emblem

5, Mario/Another Code

Oh I would like to point out anyone who reads this profile. Yes I know I'm a Slayers fan and you probably wonder why I am not making a Slayers fic. Well I find it harder then the Yu-Gi-Oh one so that is my best one so far. I was originally doing THREE Slayers fics but ran out of ideas so there.

Some of my fav quotes and scenes from anything really.

"I see many ways out for me. None for you!"
Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood

"Oh how cruel fate can be. I would never have imagined I would be reborn in your shade. Shadow the Hedgehog"
Mephiles the Dark in Sonic 06

"Even if the world turns against you, always know that I will be by your side. Remember that."
"I will"
Rouge and Shadow in Sonic 06

"Yusei...you came to rescue me?"
Aki episode 40 YGO 5D's

Yusei, y'like this 'Aki-chan" girl , don't cha?"
"No, you got it wr-"
"No, need to be shy now! Get out there 'n nab your future wife"
"No wait a minute Martha"
Martha and Yusei episode 40 YGO 5D's (lol! Got to love Martha for that)

"Cloud say something"
Yuffie and Cloud Final Fantasy 7

"I feel lighter, maybe I lost weight. From all that dilly dallying."
Cloud Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

"Mother schmother. It's Jenova's friggin' head!" Reno Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

"I'm a Banana, I'm a Banana. Peel the Banana, Peel the banana. Now GO BANANAS GO GO BANANAS"
Glen Quagmire Family Guy (that always cracks me up.)

"The right to become God, that right is now MINE!"
Albert Wesker Resident Evil 5

"And give Yuffie this message for me: this is my phone. She has no right to call it."
Vincent Valentine FF7 AC Feature

"I don't care what you are doing, so much as the idiotic way that you are doing it."
Vincent Valentine FF7 Advent Children

"That Cloud sure is a pain in the butt!"
"Cloud is Cloud"
Yuffie and Tifa FF7 Advent Children

"You've already beaten him once, didn't you? This should be a cinch"
Zack to Cloud FF7 Advent Children Complete

"Now go back into my memories"
"I will...never be a memory"
Cloud and Sephiroth FF7 Advent Children

"The light doesn't suit you"
Sephiroth Kingdom Hearts 2

"Tell me, what is it you cherish most? So I can take it away from you."
"I pity you. You just don't get it at all...there is not a thing I don't cherish"
Sephiroth and Cloud FF7 Advent Children

"It's good to see you Cloud"
Sephiroth FF7 Advent Children

"This can't be real"
"Do not worry. Soon the girl will become part of the planets energy."
"All that is left is to go North. The Promised Land waits for me over the snowy fields."
"There I will become a new being by uniting with the plan. As will the girl..."
"...Shut up!"
"The Cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing."
"Aerith is gone. Aerith will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry...or get angry..."
"What about us...what are WE supposed to do? What about my pain?"
"My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My ears are burning!"
"What are you saying? Are you telling me you have feelings too?"
"Of course! Who do you think I am!?"
"Ha, ha, ha... Stop acting like you are sad. There is no need to act like you're angry either."
"Because, Cloud. You are..."
"Because, you are...a puppet."
"I'm...a puppet?"
Cloud, Sephiroth and Jenova Final Fantasy 7 Aerith's Death Scene (Wow that scene is emotional. *sniff*)

More to come soon.

Oh I forgot about my music taste. I love Rock n Roll and Metal but I like pretty much all music. Except Dance and Rap GRRRRR.

Top ten favourite songs.

1, Bat out of Hell (Meatloaf)

2, Through the Fire and the Flames (Dragonforce)

3, Wish I had an Angel (Nightwish)

4, Forgiven (Within Temptation)

5, DemonHeart (Luca Truill)

6, Never meant to be so Cold (Crossfade)

7, I don't want to miss a thing (AeroSmith)

8, Gone Forever (Three Days Grace)

9, Sweet Child of Mine (Guns N Roses)

10, Our Solemn Hour (Within Temptation)

Top 10 favourite Anime characters

1, Zelgadis Greywords (Slayers) He is a 'heartless mystical swordsman' whats not to like?

2, Asuna/Kirito/Yui (Sword Art Online) The lovely family from SAO all three characters are awesome, Kirito for being Badass, Asuna for being powerful, cute and hot and Yui for being stupidly adorable.

3, Lucy/Nya (Elfin Lied) Creepy deadly and yet cute and innocent this split personality character is very well crafty and ultimately one of the best characters to exist in anime.

4, Yusei Fudo (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's) He is just one of the coolest character's around. Plus he isn't always as predictable like the other main character's of Yu-Gi-Oh.

5, Aki (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's) Aki is a girl who can kick some ass and I don't know why but I just love the cold look of her. My all time fav Yu-Gi-Oh girl she is hot!

6, Lina Inverse (Slayers) Knocked down a bit from number 2. Like Aki she can kick ass plus she is still the flat-chested firecracker all Slayers fans know and love.

7, Misaki Tokura (Cardfight Vanguard) A girl with an incrediable memory, tragic past and looks that could kill Misaki is just amazing.

8, Xellos (Slayers) Why do I like him? Well that is a secret.

9, Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star) Again one of the coolest main characters EVER!


Top ten Favourite Bands/Artists

1, Nightwish

2, Meatloaf

3, DragonForce

4, Within Temptation

5, Luca Truill

6, Aerosmith

7, Nickelback

8, Queen

9, Guns N Roses

10, Three Days Grace.

Fanfics Completed:

Dreams of an Absolution

Let's Play a Game of Twister

All is fair in Love and Duelling

My Last Breath

Time for your Checkup

Why is our love illegal?

Summer Loving?

My Sanctuary

For my Friends!

Other Fanfics to Come by Me

The End of Time - Paradox's Revenge

Story set after the new YGO movie. Yugi, Judai and Yusei thought the nightmare was over however, it has only just begun. This time they will need all there friends help from the different time periods, as they jump through time and space. In order to stop the evil Paradox, there will blood, sweat, tears and also love. This is the big Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover to date.

Anzu X Yugi/Atem Asuka X Judai and Aki X Yusei

Chapter 3 out now, Chapter 4 coming soon!

Can't Cook Won't Cook

The Signers get a chance to go on a cooking programme, which they accept. However, things will brew into chaos during the live show. How will thier friendship hold, plus is there some sort of odd love brewing in this steaming pot.

Aki X Yusei

In production

Lost in Emotion

How can you tell someone you love them, when they simply won't listen? That is the one question that plagues her mind, can she find out the answer and more before it is too late?
Final Fantasy VII fanfiction
Tifa X Cloud

In production

Cancelled Fics

YGO Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood

Reason: Not enough reviews plus overall a poor idea as a fic. I decided to cut my losses and go.

Seasonal Love!

I know a lot of people are going to be upset by this but hear me out. I WILL reupload this for next christmas and complete it, the reason it is cancelled for now is it is wayyy out of date now. Sorry guys but I was very busy over the x-mas period but I promise this year it will be completed for next christmas.

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