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Hi Everyone!

My name is Misti, and my friend Sarah invited me to this site. My birthday is on February 12, so in a few months i'll be turning 20. I am now enrolled at Collin County Community College, and am really busy with school work. Eventually i want to be able to run my own cafe /bakery since i love any form of cooking, but it wont be for another few years, so i'll be able to write more fan fics until then. I dont really have the time to work on fan fics anymore, but me and sarah have alot of chapters from our shared fan fic, which when either of us update it on here will first be called Sesshomaru's Life, then the Sequel will be Mara's Life. If i had a list of all the anime's ive seen, i would put them all up, but i cant remember all of them so i'll have to update that later. But right now i have to go work on our fan fic before i can put it on here, so laters:P

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