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A little about my story.

What can I say, I like Ranma and decided to write a story about him, or her, or whatever. I like the idea of the Planeswalkers, Individuals who move from reality to reality, and have magical super powers to boot. I could play with Ranma's character or pretty much whoever I want. Have him fight the senshi or solve a mystery with the leaf ninjas of Konoha. He could take on a corrupted Karn. Or lock horns with the new planeswalkers of Lorwyn. Have a chat with the Firemind of Ravnica. Visit the cybernetic world of Mirrodin. Of course if all that gets boring, he can always have a knock down drag out fight with his ol' "buddy" Ryoga.

There's also a ton of possibilities for new fiancees as well. Maybe Ranma frees the love sick goddess Serra from the black hole she was supposedly killed in. There's Chandra, a redheaded firebrand who wanders the planes looking for techniques to steal. How bout a lesbian dark elf who's parents won't take "no children" for an answer. What if some of Ranma's old fiancees left the plane looking for him?

A little about me.

I'm a Johnny/Spike and my colors (my personality, not the colors I play.) are Blue and Green. I've been playing Magic since Ice Age, though I took a break between Urza's Destiny and Ravnica. It just got too expensive. I like martial arts, which might be apparent as the story goes on, as I take pride in my fight scenes :D

A little on the next chapter.

Noirrie is a world forever shrouded in darkness. Another planet sits directly between it and the sun. As a result, Noirrie is populated with creatures out of our deepest nightmares. Vampires and Werewolves forever wage war with each other. When needed they recruit humans to their respective ranks. The most beautiful girls are almost always fought over, and it is in this environment that Ranma makes her entrance, falling smack into a local lake. How will this play out? Hehehe.

For those who think there wasn't enough gender angst in the first three chapters, this one's for you.

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