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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Evolution, Digimon, and Inuyasha.
You can call me Rachel Zoikoushi or Mikirea, Please give me as much input as possible. It's really important to me that you review, even e-mail me, if you don't wanna review! I encourage you to read my other stories for different topics, even if you don't know them.

You can see my writing in different sections. I have different types of writing styles, so some stories can be totally different, even with the same topic. So if you don't like one of my stories, don't think that the other ones are bad.
Some Topics and pairings:
X-men Evolution- Jean/Scott, Kitty/Lance, Kurt/Amanda, Roberto/Rahne
Digimon- Kari/T.K., Mimi/Matt, Sora/Tai, Ken/Yolei, Takuya/Zoey
Sonic the Hedgehog- Amy/Sonic, Knuckles/Rouge
Tenchi Muyo- Ayeka/Tenchi (Sakuya SUCKS!!!!)
Pokemon- Misty/Ash, Brock/Suzy, Melody/Tracey, Jessie/James
Final Fantasy- Yuna/Tidus, Wakka/Lulu, Cloud/Aerith
Kingdom Hearts- Kairi/Sora
Golden Sun- Sheba/Ivan, Garet/Jenna, Issac/Mia
Breath of Fire- Ryu/Nina
Evolution- Mag/Linear
Peach Girl- Momo/Toji
Mars- Kira/Rei
Miracle Girls- Toni/Jackson, Mika/Chris
Cardcaptors-Lei/Mei Lin
Marmalade Boy- Miki/Yuu, Ginta/Arimi, Meiko/Satoshi
Kodocha- Akito/Sana, Tsuyoshi/Aya, Naozumi/Fuka
Inu Yasha- Kagome/Inu Yasha,
Ranma 1/2- Ranma/Akane, Moose/Shampoo
YugiOh- Joey/Mai, Bakura^-^/OC, Yugi/OC
(The Majority is Anime)

Okay I use made up characters different shows/games. I write romance, action/adventure, drama and stuffs like that. Even if you don't like my writing, please tell other people about it. If you do thanx!

P.S. I'm doing a lot of Romances, but I write other tpyes too! Sorry about the accent marks in my writing... My stupid computer adds them into my fics and they can't be helped. I'm dreadfully sorry! Also, in some onf my stories I will introduce some of my alter egos/muses. There are many of them.. *teardrop* I need all of them.

Arimi- Me with Ginta?!?!?

Ryoko- U shouldn't complain! I'm not with Tenchi! Ayeka?!?!?!
What were U thinking!

Shampoo- ME NO WITH RANMA!!!!!

Chain- I think we should get back at her...

Ryoko and Arimi and a crazy mob of other upset people- Yah!

ME- I'll be leaving now...
(Everyone chases after me)

Amy- I like the pairs.

Sonic- I don't.

Amy- Son-chan you can't run away from destiney!

Sonic- I can!
(Sonic speeds away)

Amy- come back!
(Amy chases after him)

ME- I think I should be thanked by some... INSTEAD OF BEING KILLED!

Ayeka- Thank-you. (blushes)

Toni and Mika- I like it!

Brock- Suzy... (sigh)

ME- Well pleaze e-mail me! I'm not an insane freak so don't worry. All of them are (whispered)

Katt- GRRR! Wat did u say!?!?!(hold mallet above my head)

ME-Well... catcha on the flip side!

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