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Author has written 14 stories for xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Transformers/Beast Wars.

Update September 13th, 2013: After almost a month, my computer is back!!!! I've confirmed that the update to the Long Road Home is intact so all I need to do is finish le smut and type up the bit I wrote in my notebook and edit the chapter.

When will I update? I'm working on these last details now. Depending on how I can work writing and editing around my suddenly insane work schedule. Hopefully in a day or two. :)


For the new fic, and the new verse I will be using Cybertronian time. While the glossary of time will be in each fic, I am posting it in here for convenience sake.

Klik: One Minute, 1.2 minutes

Joor: One Hour, not giving it a specific length, suffice it to say that Cybertron does not share the same orbit or rotation as Earth, an hour, a day would be different lengths from ours

Mega-cycle: One Day, 93 hours/ joors

Orn: One Week, 13 mega-cycles

Quartex: One Month, 4 orns

Stellar Cycle: One Year, 7.5 quartexes

Vorn: Length of Sparklinghood and Younglinghood: 83 stellar cycles.

Also to be noted for the purpose of Many Shades of Black and its verse, hereby called the Shades verse, THAT movie NEVER happened.

Pairings I love:

Twins/Ratchet, OTP, smuttiness ahoy!

Starscream/ Skyfire, in that order, other OTP, the violent lunatic and the gentle giant. Heart melting goodness.

Jazz/ Prowl, cuteness beyond words.

Optimus/ Ironhide, Optimus needs someone how can take care of him, not the other way around.

Skywarp/ Thundercracker/ Hound, Skywarp makes a hilarious top.

Mirage/ Cliffjumper, the noble with the soldier, utterly romantic.

Pairings I Hate:

Megatron/ Starscream, romance with this is creepy and Starscream as a broken, weak mech is not cute.

Wheeljack/ Ratchet, it's like two brothers with no chemistry going at it.

Twins/ Bluestreak, Bluestreak has no backbone and would be eaten alive.

About me

I am a 27yrs old Canadian living on the west coast. My biggest passion, bigger than any fandom, is soap making. My politics are left wing, and I'm insane.

Fandom things I love

I adore romance, hurt comfort and fluff. Sparklings who have a real purpose to the fic. Reverse!Pairings where it just makes sense that way. Strong characters who can suffer trauma and still come out on top.

Fandom things I hate

In regards to what I hate, Mary-Sues, and human Transformers. I also hate death fics, cliches, and total lack of logic.

Want to talk about writing fics, betaing, whatever. Drop me a pm. I promise I'm friendly.

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