Honor of Defiance
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Name: Jadyn. The last name's not really important, is it?

Interests: Music, reading, writing (mostly songs and poetry, but I write fics and stories when I feel like it), and camping/hiking/canoeing/kayaking/climbing etc. Outdoorsy stuff, y'know? Now I mostly specialize in jazz music though.

Relation to Azami: I was one of her friends from symphony and school. We used to go camping every now and then.

For those of you that haven't known, Azami and Aiko were the former holders of this account, when it was named Beloved and Defiance. There was a car accident shortly after Azami left the hospital from the first coma (she was hit in the head) and Aiko broke her arm. Azami sustained damage that was considerably more extensive, however, and she went back into a coma. She woke up for about four hours on January 22, 2009 before she went back to sleep. She never woke up. Aiko committed suicide six months later.

People, please drive safely. Think of the other people that get hurt in the accident - it won't always be just you.

I intend to keep writing, in her memory if nothing else. I only hope that I can be as good as she was.

I never did really understand her that well, but she was a blessing to everyone that knew her.

Regarding stories:

Updates will be sporadic, and they will happen whenever I've had time to write and post. Recently I've been preoccupied with other things like school and music, but I will try to find time somewhere to write something other than poems. Please bear with me.

Also, Chuushin is not mine. I will not make any changes to it whatsoever, nor will I take it down. It stays where it is, exactly as it is. And as a further note, no, you may not "borrow" the prologue or concept and yes, I will get more than a little annoyed if you do so. It's not yours, and as it is not mine either, I cannot and will not give you permission to use it for any reason.

I realize that I have not updated for a very long time, but I believe if you are looking for a reason then what is written above is reason enough. I am, however, trying to write again, so you may see some updates by the end of this summer. Thanks to everyone for their good intentions and well-wishes.

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