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Update: My Opinion on Critical Reviews Vs Flames

Dear, Fanfiction Authors! I get PMs all the time asking about my views on this, I've posted it on my most recent story Forever the Faithful fan in a few author's notes but I figured I should have this opinion somewhere more permanent.

Don't write for anyone but you. It's your story, your writing, YOUR idea. It's important to expect negative feedback, helpful or not, because you are posting your writing on a public forum where people can and will review. However, in saying that, stay positive.

Recognize that there IS a difference between a helpful fan who loves your story who only wants to see it improve, and a Flamer.

There will be the off 'holier than thou' person who will point out every single flaw, accuse you of self-inserts (which are fine, by the way) and ridicule your inked up baby, but don't worry. These people either care enough to give you a review (which is a good thing, most who don't like it won't bother) or get their kicks trying to 'clean up' fanfiction and make little girls cry. These people cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be pleased. They have expectations of you and your writing and truly believe every flame they post is for your own good. They are the definition of keyboard warriors and unfortunately have nothing better to do with their time.

Focus on your real fans who overlook the occasional gramatical error or character flaw. It's about the BIG picture and improving YOURSELF, on your own time, while enjoying the wonderful world and characters you've created. Fanfiction is a beautiful place where people who genuinely care enough about an anime/book/tv show etc spend hours of their free time writing about it and can come together, share and create. You're all awesome, mary sues or no mary sues, OCs or no OCs, self-inserts or no self-inserts, spelling mistakes or no spelling mistakes.

From a Fellow Fanfictioner,


End of Update

Hey, decided to update my profile at two am in the morning. What's up interwebs?

I'll keep this short, I have LOTS of ideas, so many that sometimes it's hard to contain all of them. SO, thus my fanfiction account. I can't HELP but stick my nose in other people's work, trying to reimagine them for my own personal, twisted reasons. I'm still growing and changing and learning, but I've improved exponentially in my writing since I was a little kid. It’s my passion, my love, and one of the few things that makes me happy. One day I hope to be a famous authoress and meet all of you at a book signing (and then we can all go out for drinks after and party like the fangirls we are, WOOT WOOT).

Some fanfic ideas I have?

1. SCREW the plot twist that a CERTAIN character dies half way through Death Note. I call bull on that. In my glorious, fangirl hellfire rage at the injustice, I came up with a very long, complex, detailed idea to save said character. Which is my whole motivation for my DN fanfic. (I have spent the last few years carefully constructing a method to rescue a FICTIONAL person -- yes, I have NO life).

2. It's 100 years after Harry Potter takes place, and a single witch has a dream of bringing muggle technology and magic together. War, talking dragons, plants that turn into people bla bla bla. (I should say something to JK). Sort of tried out a pilot for it, but nothing serious yet.

3. ZukoxOC romance with a non-bending Earth Kingdom girl from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Only in my head, never written...yet.

4. Mustang has an estranged daughter from FMA with mysteriously acquired burns on her arms, a missing mom and a pissed off cliche 'teen' attitude. This was holds a special place in my heart, FMA was the first anime I ever watched and introduced me to the genre. Thought up this one a LONG time ago, but maybe I'll write it eventually.

5. Tenth Doctor (I love you Matt, but David wins every time) runs into a girl possessed by an alien presence, that literally changes her gender when it takes over and turns her into a sarcastic, bad ass ram-god, complete with horns and blood lust. Adventures ensue.

AMAZING original ideas I will one day sell to you for the very reasonable price of X amount of dollars.

1. The Grim Society


‘Mal stared at the oddly dressed boy and felt the back of his neck tingle, tiny sparks of electricity that dived into his spine, setting all his instinctual warning bells off at once. He hadn't felt that way since Atlantis, directly after the high priests developed the technology to portal jump between worlds (forgot to install the proper barriers, morons, sucked themselves and their continent directly into the void). There was a dark energy surrounding the boy, a cloud of vibrant, flashing purple plasma that was so thick it choked his senses and made his eyes water. The boy was downright radioactive! Mal realized the odd surges of energy he had noticed earlier were not a leviathan or a dragon (of which every Reaper fresh from the Academy knows is best to avoid if you want to live) but this scrawny...KID. Mal checked him again with his palm pilot, the boy was definitely human, that much he was certain of. Yet somehow he embodied all the power of a fiend on its first day out of Hell. How one of the angels hadn't found him and eaten him yet was an absolute miracle. Mal had a feeling the fate of the human realm, and perhaps all realms, rested on the decisions of this human.

In the middle of Mal's (very profound) thought process, the boy adjusted his miniskirt, checked his wig in a pocket mirror and sneezed in a very disruptive manner. He quickly hastened to wipe away any snot lest the other students notice on his blouse.

Mal sighed. We're all doomed.’

Summary: Once a week, every week, for as long as he can remember and without fail, Danny Circus dies.

A strange boy with a strange affliction, wishing nothing more than to please his famous father, renown Hollywood star Robert Circus, finds himself on the bad side of a runaway Grim Reaper – keeper of dead souls. Daniel wants to be normal, well, as normal as an occasional cross dressing wannabe teen actor can be. He has a best friend (a frat boy with a narcissist party boy attitude), and a wiener dog named orange juice (she turns out to be a hellhound, more on that later) and makes friends with all the employees who work at his hotel like the blind, old elevator operator (dragon in disguise), OCDed front desk lady (one of three harpy sisters) and the cook (he’s human, no really, well, he’s undead, but that counts). Malakai is a cast away Grim Reaper with a big mouth and an ‘I’m more handsome than you’ complex. A mystery is brewing in Daniel’s city, and when Malakai finds out the ‘Fallen’, cannibalistic angels, are gathering in LA, an investigation ensues. Two unlikely characters are thrust together in a race against supernatural forces, and neither heaven nor hell will be enough to stop them.

Notes: This one was actually inspired a bit by that terrible DGMan fic I did. Hoping to turn it into a trilogy. The first revolving around LA, the second is about portals to the underworld opening up around the planet and both Daniel and Malakai are sucked into helping stop hell’s creatures that pop out of them, and the third is centered in the underworld itself, where Daniel has three days to escape or die for real. I enjoy the gruesome side of writing sometimes, and this feeds my need to describe horrific death sequences with my signature satire. My main character cross dresses (I know it’s different) because of the role he’s playing at school, because there are no girls in the drama department to take it and he’s the most feminine looking one there. He takes it very seriously.

PM me if you’d read this! _

2. Sage

Finn Castle is convinced (almost delusionally so) that she is the greatest Sage to ever live, and won't hesitate to let people know it. But everyone: Including her faithful, golden-eyed companion Dakota of the Red Sands, the thieving infant elf and her pet firebreathing lizard that follows them, her ultimate rival Serena who is guarded day and night by a grizzly bear, Stanley who was trapped as an inkblot in a magical map by a hedgewitch, Ralph -- the tea drinking, well-groomed blonde who finds most of his amusement from making Finn angry with carefully worded insinuations on his successes and her failings, her aged teacher/inventor Geoffrey and his magical transporting shop, and even her enemies: the Evil Prince (enough description there), Lark -- Ralph's cruel, shapeshifting twin sister, and Tyco -- the smooth talking, sexy pirate who tricks her on multiple occasions and supports magic’s replacement with technology and science: won't take her seriously. Constantly screwing up simple potions and spells, Finn finds her master plans to be noticed by the Guild constantly backfiring, usually ending up with her almost being eaten. She makes up for it with a loud mouth and dreams of greatness, but her licence to practice earth magic is on the line.

Now, with the discovery of unusual purple seeds that plague the land with evil and a plot to destroy the Guild of Sages forever, our big-talking heroin finds herself in a much grander test than she ever dreamed of. It will take nothing less than the greatest Sage in all the lands of Meare to save the realm, but can Finn rise to the occasion?

Notes: This one’s my baby. I even have a prequel centering around a mute girl named Rhinwyn. I pretty much have poured every fantasy indulgence in this. There are fairies, elementals, shapeshifters, dragons, nymphs, brownies, floating cities, giant bugs, giant plants, giant bear/wolf things, giant trolls (and giants, can’t forget those), spirits, talking animals, underwater secret civilizations, hydrabats (bats made of water), glowing fish, a forest where seasons never change, a singing pumpkin patch, an armoured kraken, fire breathing scorpions, weeping rocks, a man trapped in a map, elves, a steam-punk-esque pirate society and pretty much anything else you can think of. I have a personal connection towards Finn, and my character Sydney from my DN fanfic is loosely based off of her. To be fair, Sydney is more intelligent, and Finn is LOUD and easily angered, but their self-esteem and kick ass attitude is shared. I also always imagined this in anime format, though that's just me.

3. The L.I.M.I.T

Harlequin is an oddball in the special transfer class from earth to a space settlement. Never seen without her homemade rocketboard, the magnetic screwdriver behind her ear or a bottle of mustard on her hip, she stands out as the only female construction worker on Planet X (of the Xeta Quadrant, a human habitat and also dump zone for illegal mutants). Her job? To keep maintenance of the settlement on a seemingly barren planet. The people of Planet X live like any other city -- they eat their computer simulated breakfast from their delivery tubes, ride their sonic trains to work and school, message their families on earth with their sub-universal video watches and sleep in air conditioned tech-pods at night. There is only ONE rule: never leave the LIMIT. It is an orange force-field that protects its inhabitants from the waste of wilderness beyond their borders, nothing gets in or out except the daily crafts that carry the trash to the government controlled garbage sight. But when kids start disappearing from her class and Harlequin survives an impossible fall from a building, she starts asking questions. Why does she never dream? Where do the lost students go? Is she even human? Her investigation leads her in and out of an underground robot fighting ring, the mayor’s office and pursued across the dangerous first class speedway. Harlequin discovers the truth of why the transfer class was moved and raised on Planet X but no one wants to believe her, not her genius hacker of a little brother Nicco or her glamorous plastic-surgery-experimenting roommate Trixie or her cowboy-hat wearing, southern accented crush Avery ‘Ace’ Adams.

Things start to reach a boiling point as the mutants, failed government experiments of human splicing with animals shipped to Planet X and widely considered trash by the other citizens, become bolder with their riots and crimes. When a full out attack breaks the LIMIT for a few seconds, Harlequin has a taste of fresh air and sees blue sky for the first time. Events lead her to joining an underground unit of mutants, men and robots that lead them beyond the city and into the wild of Planet X. Harlequin’s abilities will be tested to their limit after the discovery that Planet X is not as uninhabited as they thought. Flesh eating plants, blood sucking humanoids, giants creatures of tooth wing and scale, ancient alien ruins and an entire society living under the cruel rule of Ra’vic, a monster of a man obsessed with the search for immortality. The rebel group mainly consists of the tall, dark and handsome leader Demetri, his nervous second in command and medic Quirb, the inseparable duo Ginger and Gonsolvez, the green haired fox Seela and the silent sunglass-wearing getaway driver Pedro. All carry their own secrets, and all want nothing more than the fall of the System itself and the liberation of all species, whether artificial or not.

Harlequin can no longer turn away from the truth about her past and origin, and now only has one more question to answer.

What does it mean to be human?

Notes: You like? Do you? Would you pay money to know more? (I have to EAT people, jeesh.) But I’m happy to hear your thoughts. Didn’t touch anywhere NEAR the complexity of this one, this story has evolved and changed so many times I don’t know if it will stay like this, but thought you should get a taste at least.

4. The Tower of Babel

Does an old western starring the quiet bad ass character as a humanoid lizard gunslinger (complete with tail), a doctor obsessed with curing his disease that causes his body to turn into a robotic shell of gears and wires, a giant cast away from a skinny race of beauty and prosperity because he was ugly (who can sometimes turn invisible) and a fairly stupid yet ridiculously hot ginger who speaks in a language no one has ever heard of wearing a swimsuit sound like a good time to you? This is the untold story of four unexpected comrades in the desperate search for answers at the mythical Tower of Babel. They travel into the depths of space, dodging the pursuit of an obsessed robotic rebel militia bent on the freedom of slavery (and will blow up innocent planets to do it) called the DOGs, handle the cryptic past of the red-headed simpleton and battle their own inner motivations, whether it be greed or hope or boredom, to find the Tower. They will navigate through rings of iceshields, survive a crash to the ‘Planet of Mud’ and even taken prisoner by the DOGs before reaching their journey’s end. Prepare to be rocked with the power of bro-mance, old fashioned gun fights, and enough saloon/tech crossovers to make your brain explode from awesome.

Notes: Fairly new in development, was it obvious this one was inspired by Firefly?

THANKS for reading, and feel free to PM me any of your comments on my story ideas, or fanfics, or anything really. One day, I’ll be able to quit this dead end job and write full time. Maybe I’ll do a kickstarter or something, what do you think? You think I’ve got what it takes to be up there with the famous? Eoin Colfer? J.K Rowling? Jonathan Stroud? Cornelia Funke? Tamora Pierce? Christopher Paolini? If you do (or don’t, sniff, I can take criticism) then let me know! I always appreciate support. It keeps me going.

Love you guys! Power to the Fans!


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