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Hi. Welcome to the profile of Jagabor. Thanks for coming.

I don't only write fanfiction, I also make TLK videos. I have a couple up, already. Here's the link to my profile.


Jagabor's thought of the whenever I feel like it: Hey, check out this Lion King survey Tearthgrrl and I collaborated to create! We would be honored if you'd fill it out and spread it around the internet!

The Lion King Meme

Favorite character?

Scar! There's really no one better. Seriously Completely Awesome Royal.

Least favorite character?

Uncle Max...I don't hate him, he just left less of an impression on me than ever other character.

Characters who never met but you wish had?

Mufasa and Timon & Pumbaa. I'd love to see how'd they'd interact, since they're all good guys but hold virtually opposite ideals.

Most likable character?

Gotta go with Rafiki on this one. He's funny, wise, and if it weren't for his involvement, none of the movies would have had a happy ending(think about it).

Character you wish got more development?

Vitani. She had a lot of potential, but it didn't really go anywhere. It's weird, I think she's awesome, but at the same time consider her to be the most pointless character in whole trilogy. There must be something, there.

Character you used to hate but now love

Zazu. I think it's hard for any kid to like him. Once you get older, it's easier to understand that there's a reason for his behavior.(And watch the Elephant Graveyard scene, but pay close attention to him and how he handles the situation. He's constantly putting himself between the hyenas and the cubs. Analyzing that made him instantly likable for me.

Characters you used to love but now hate,

There isn't really one, there's something I love about each of them. If anything, they've all become more enjoyable for me over the years.

Which TLK character do you relate to,

Timon. I'm full of one-liners, able to make a joke in any situation, and love playing the part of comic-relief. I don't conform to something just because it's the accepted norm or popular. I like to take things easy. It's very hard to get me worked-up over anything, but once I put my mind to something, you can be sure I'll see it through to the end. Friendship is very important to me. I'm happiest when with friends.

Favorite outside-the-movies character,

Technically Taka, but he doesn't count 'cause he's Scar. ;) I'll go with Kopa, from TLK 6 New Adventures. I like anyone who can learn from another's experiences.

Favorite deleted character,

Mheetu, Nala's little brother. Every storyline they had planned for him was compelling, I would have loved to see them put to screen.

Favorite deleted scene,

The original final battle between Simba and Scar. And not just because Scar "wins". I think it's great how his death was handed in the final product, but his death in the original version made much more sense, considering how obsessed he was with being king of Pride Rock. It's only natural that he would go down with it.

Favorite area in the movie,

The part of the Elephant Graveyard where Scar met with the hyenas. That place looks so cool. Colorful geysers, lava, rapidly rising platforms...I'd have so much fun there.

Favorite score

...If I had to choose, I'd say "To Die For". It's so epic, and ever note of it fits the scene taking place.

Favorite songs

All of them, but of course the clear winner is "Be Prepared".

Favorite quote,

"I'm surrounded by idiots!"

Favorite species,

Lions. So perfect, and magnificent, and majestic, and man are they AWWWWWESSSSSSOME

Favorite group (Pridelanders, outlanders, etc),

Pridelanders. In the end that's everyone but the hyenas and Zira, a sacrifice I'm willing to make if it gives me Scar, Rafiki, Timon, Pumbaa, Simba, Nala, etc, etc.

Favorite TLK videogame(besides the Pride Lands levels of KH)

The Lion King for Sega Genesis. I still play it all the time.

Funniest moment,

drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum*

If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat
Come on down and dine
On this tasty swine
All you have to do is get in line
Aaaare you achin'"
"Yup yup yup!"
Foooor some bacon?
"Yup yup yup!"
"Heeee's a big pig"
"Yup yup!"
"You could be a big pig too!

Saddest moment,

Mufasa's death, particularly what happens just after when Simba finds the body, tries to get him to wake up, and calls for help.

Scariest moment,

"YOU WON'T GET A SNIFF WITHOUT ME!"...But it's so awesome.

Happiest moment,

The ending of the first movie. Life returns, there's rejoicing, and the Circle of Life continues.

Which of the trilogy is your fav.

The Lion King

Do you consider the sequels and/or TLK6NA canon,

The movies were made by Disney, so I suppose they would be. TLK6NA was handled by someone else, but I'd like to think it is(at least most of it).

What do you think of the Kimba controversy,

Tezuka wanted to work with Disney to make a Kimba movie, since he and Walt were good friends before Walt's death(and Disney could promote the sh*t out of it). Production started, Tezuka decided he didn't like what they were doing with it and left to make the movie with another company, letting them do what they would with the work they had already done on it. And they did use it. I'm a big Tezuka fan, so if he was ripped off, I'd admit it. But he wasn't. His work was inspired by Disney, only natural that it went the other way around eventually. Besides, the plots of Kimba and TLK coudn't be much more different.

Pet peeves you have (one for each movie),

TLK 1) All the animals are drawn beautifully. They have cartoonish aspects, but they retain surprising realism, much more than Disney had ever done with animal characters...and then Zazu has teeth. A hornbill has human teeth...Why?

TLK 2) Nala's appearance...that's not Nala, don't try to tell me that's Nala, that looks nothing like Nala, that's not Nala.


Crack pairings you've heard of,

Scarzu...yep, you read that right, there are people who ship Scar with Zazu...WTF!

Do you want another sequel (if so, involving what)

Could they do it right? If so, sure. Just put Scar in it.

Could Scar really be Kovu's father,

No, the writers went out of their way to have it mentioned that he's not like every 2 seconds.

Could Vitani or Nuka be Scar's,

The could be. I don't think they are.

Is Kovu emo,

Yeah, but who wouldn't be if they lived his life? At least he actually does stuff.

Do you think Zazu is obnoxious,

Nope, not at all. I'd say his behavior is very appropriate given all the crap he's had to put up with. He does his job, he loves his job...what's to hate, here?

Do you believe the Timon/Pumbaa thing,

...Slimy yet satis-jk, no, I don't.

Was Simba too overprotective in the sequel,

Kinda, but it's understandable. There's a genuine reason to be concerned, and it's stated very clearly.

Is Kiara truly a ditz,

No. Geez, she never demonstrates ditzy behavior. At all. Does she mess up and do stupid things occasionally? Sure, but pretty much everyone does. A ditz has no common sense, which she clearly has(Need I remind you who it was who saw that the hatred between the Pridelanders and Outlanders was pointless?). I swear, people only hate her because she's blonde.

What do you think happened to the hyenas after LK 1?

They were probably kicked of the land and went far away. They couldn't all be dead, since Nuka states that they ran off at some point. I doubt they'd be living a very good life, though.

What did you think of the Timon and Pumbaa series,

I loved it, especially the episodes that took place in the Pridelands.

Do you believe in the Shenzi/Banzai theory?

What, that they're a couple? Yeah, I could see it(if they aren't related...seriously, Disney, just tell us already).

Do you think it could ever tie into other Disney movies (if so, which ones),

Not really.

What's up with Nala's eye color

They're green. Even when they look blue, they're green. Oh, and you know how they're light blue in the sequel? No you don't, because they're green.

Thing the makers changed that you wish they hadn't,

Zira's death. The suicide was so awesome, it fit her character perfectly.

Have you seen TLKoB (if so, did you like it),

Yes...the birth of my first child will pale in comparison.

Do you like anthro/human/AU's,

Not really. I want human characters as far away from TLK as possible.

Voice actors you loved,

All of them, but Jeremy Irons(Scar) and Jim Cummings(Ed) did so much for their characters.

Did you know Jim Cummings (voice of Ed) covered for Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar) at the end of "Be Prepared"?

Yep. And I love that.

Do you consider Scar/Zira to be an official pairing,

No, no, no, no, no, she is unworthy of His Epicness.

What do you think happened to Sarabi in the second movie,

I...don't know. I'd hate to think she died after the first movie, but it seems unlikely that she'd remain in the background, at least not without being visibly present.

Do you think Scar is Nala's father?

No...He could have been Mheetu's, though.

Do you think Ed is mentally challenged

No, he's the only one of the hyenas who was actually paying attention to their job rather than cracking jokes when their target(which, might I add, was like a fourth their size) was RIGHT THERE! Jury's out on the other two. ;)

Own any TLK merchandise?

Plenty. Action figures, cups, plushes, ornaments, etc.

Were the hyenas' actions justified?

No. You could argue that they were starving, but they couldn't have been that hungry if they decided to engage in a witty(and I use that term very, very loosely) dialogue rather than killing three helpless packs of meat on sight. Besides, it's clear that they enjoy what they're doing. This wasn't about food, at least not entirely. There was too much smiling and talking for the starvation excuse to work. Killing out of need is one thing, but dragging it out by taunting your target? That's sadism, plain and simple. Love 'em, find them funny, but their actions were not justified.

Were Scar's actions justified?

His actions? No. The anger behind them? Abso-f*cking-lutely. Anyway you look at it, royal protocol screwed him over.

Were Zira's actions justified?

...I'd like to say an emphatic no, as I'm sure most people would...but imagine that someone you loved was murdered, and their murderer took everything that once belonged to that person(keep in mind that as far as Zira knows, that's what happened). What would you do? Let it go? I highly doubt that. Through Zira's eyes, she's the protagonist, and she very well could have been considered so by others had the movie been told from a different perspective(namely, the Outlanders). It's not justified per se, but so many people would do something similar...however, all my sympathy for her goes down the drain since she threatened to kill her own daughter to attain her goals. That's where she took it too far. So no, but not a more blatant no than I have given the above two questions.

Why do you think the Outlanders were still loyal to Scar?

I dunno...an old friendship?...Stockholm syndrome?...Some mercy he showed to them(hey, it's not impossible. Let's not forget he was in charge of the hyenas. Maybe he stopped them from eating someone's cub, or something). Eh, who knows, but they are and that's how it is.

Crossovers you like?

Kingdom Hearts. That is all.

Do you find Timon and Pumbaa enjoyable or annoying?

Enjoyable. They were the mascot of my favorite breakfast cereal, after all. ;)

The best king or king-to-be.

In terms of ruling? Mufasa. He took care of business with his own two paws, and continued to watch over those he loved even after his death. That's a king.

The best queen or queen-to-be

Again, in terms of ruling? Sarabi. She didn't just stand in the background and smile, when she didn't like something, she made it known. She didn't suggest, either, she demanded. When a queen sees trouble, that's exactly what she should do.

Timon or Pumbaa?


Kiara or Kopa?


Scar or Mufasa?


Simba or Kovu?


Scar or Zira?


Simba or Zira?


Simba or Scar?


Kiara or Nala?


Mufasa or Simba?


Zazu or Gopher?


Shenzi or Banzai or Ed?


Ma or Uncle Max?


Sarabi or Sarafina?


Rafiki or Zazu?


Simba/Nala or Mufasa/Sarabi?


Shenzi/Banzai or Shenzi/Ed?

Shenzi/Banzai(Ed's too good for her)

Scar/Zira or Scar/Nala?

...Scar/Zira...but only as a one-night-stand

Sarafina/Scar or Shenzi/Scar?


Kovu/Kiara or Vitani/Kopa?

Kovu/Kiara(who are sssssooooo much more likable than Romeo and Juliet)

Describe the movie in three words

Greatest Movie Ever!

As per request, I'm going to put up some character descriptions(as to what some of my OC's look like, as well as how I picture other characters..) If you would like to know what a certain character looks like, just PM me and I'll add them.

Uru-brown fur, green eyes.

Ahadi-golden fir. green eyes. black mane.

Zalika-golden fur. blue eyes. covered in scars.

Mohatu-golden fur. green eyes, black mane.

Guedado-tan fur, hazel eyes, black mane.

Shakarri-tan fur with a light streak across her back. brown eyes.

Zhenga-tan fur, blue eyes, a light streak on her forehead.

Jengo-golden fur, brown eyes, brown mane.

Kitimiri-brown fur, black mane, hazel eyes. Larger than most lions.

Rahidi the Wise- grey fur, black mane, blue eyes.(Note on Rahidi: In of Kings and Trash Mufasa and Taka, Guedado mentions that Rahidi had a short reign as king. However, that is not true. Rahidi actually had a very long reign as king. It was simply th fact that Guedado was a cub when Rahidi died that made him think that Rahidi had a short reign-Shakarri took advantage of this and never told him the truth.)

Rahidi II- brown fur, black mane, brown eyes.

Faraji the Just- brown fur, black mane, green eyes.

Rai- light-brown fur, blue-green eyes.

Haini-dark-brown fur, yellow eyes.

Lion-brown fur, yellow eyes, redish-brown mane.

Ramu- bland fur, hazel eyes, brownish-red mane

Oh, and I thought that I'd add this. Just for fun! Note:Only people who read my work will know what I am talking about, here. And I put symbols next to the laws that Kivuli does not believe in, and the laws that he thinks should not be black and white. X=Kivuli hates this law. /=Kivuli thinks that this law should have more description and exceptions.

The Laws of The Bloody Shadows

Only wild dogs may rule the Bloody Shadows. X

If a female refuses to mate with a male, the male then has the right and obligation to rape her. If a male refuses to mate with a female, the female has the right and obligation to choose a new mate./

Majordomos are only to be assigned to a member of The Bloody Shadows family./

What you kill must always be eaten. Whether it be by you or someone else. There are no exceptions to this law.

One may only enter the Royal Chamber if they are accompanied by a wild dog. Any creature found in the Royal Chambers without a wild dog present(With the exception of Kivuli) shall be put to death. /

Assassins of the Bloody Shadows cannot accept a job that would betray their land. If the Jasisi Sheikh is given reason to believe that an assassin is planning anything along the lines of betrayal, he will deal with that traitor personally(Or send Kivuli to weaken them, before striking the final blow himself.)

Right and wrong depends on your point of view.

Always show respect to the Bloody Shadows Family. X

The punishment for mindless killing is death.

It is customary for slaves to speak only when spoken to./

Always clear the way for the Jasisi Sheikh to pass. None are worthy enough to even breathe the same air as him/her. X

We are alive to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Never wash the blood from your paws. If you were not willing to lick it off, you should not have killed in the first place.

Enter the Moto Genge at your own risk. The Jasisi Sheikh is not to be held responsible for the death of anyone foolish enough to wander into the "cave of flames."

One cannot accept a job before asking permission from a member of the Royal Family. X

Naming your cub "Edward" is strictly forbidden, for that bastard does not deserve to be remembered. X

Only the strong survive. It is none of the Jasisi Sheikh's concern if your cub is killed by a predator.

If you are not willing to put your life on the line for your Royal Family, than you are not truly a Bloody Shadow. X

Any and all residents of the Bloody Shadows who are suspected of being part of the Vivuli will be put to death. X

Do not let your personal feelings get in the way of your assignments. X

Death spares nobody, and neither should you.

All future assassins are to be trained in groups of three.

A Jasisi Sheikh may not show his or her face during formal gatherings.

If the Jasisi Sheikh is male, then his mate is to be killed after providing him with a cub. If the Jasisi Sheikh is female, then her mate is to be killed as soon as she is pregnant. The heir to the throne cannot be exposed to those who are lesser.X

All marriages are acceptable in these lands, whether they be same species, different species, same gender, different genders, or anything of the like. We cannot choose who we fall in love with.

Show respect to wards those who are favored by the Bloody Shadows Family.

All challenges within these lands are to be settled in the Arena.

An assassin of the Bloody Shadows may only acknowledge their first-born cub, as all others serve as nothing more than distractions. That cub shall be expected to relay the parent's teachings to its younger kin.X

We are a welcome home to criminals on the run. However, said criminals must obey the Jasisi Sheikh's every command, or face the threat of being turned in for a bounty.

(More to come)

Ideals of The Falme Kindakindaki

Lions are greater than lionesses. No lion shall ever be forced out of our kingdom. Each lion born here shall be cherished. Each lioness born here shall be punished.

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We Three Hyenas reviews
What better way to celebrate this holy time than with a song parody?
Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 480 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 5 - Published: 12/22/2007 - Complete