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Hey, sorry I haven't been updating recently, or well, for rather a long time.

To be completely honest with you, this account has been inactive since I began my GCSE exams almost four years ago (In 2009). I most likely wont be coming back, perhaps in the future I'll want to rewrite some episodes, but not now. I think I've outgrown this site, although it was almost essential in my growth as a writer and I wouldn't be as confident about my ability if it wasn't for the welcoming community of writers I found here, a few who I am still good friends with. Fanfiction allowed me to hone my skills, and if you're new here I hope the same can be done for you. Good Luck and Happy Writing!

If you'd like to see what I'm up to now, feel free to read my blog here.

Completed or ongoing Episodes STORM HAWKS


Episode 1- Crystal Heart- The Storm Hawks meet Lypix not to mention an old friend of hers. TO BE REWRITTEN

Episode 2- Journey into the unknown- The Storm Hawks travel to Lypix's home Terra to find the Wisdom Stone, unfortunately things are still there to haunt her. TO BE REWRITTEN

Episode 3- Skymas- Its Skymas in the Atmos and its time to reflect on the past for the Crystal Angels. TO BE REWRITTEN

Episode 4 - Chaos- The Storm Hawks find themselves crashed on a hostile Terra. Will it be enough for Lypix to return, or will they fall into the cruel hands of Cyclonions?

Episode 5 - Plague - Piper falls fatally ill and the Storm Hawks rush to find a cure. TO BE REWRITTEN

Episode 6 - Green-eyed Monster- Starling drops in to find Lypix in her place. They go to rescue Lypix's friend, Kit.

Episode 7 - Forgotten Angel -Lypix and Piper experiment with the blue crystal that Eci and Nonte gave them and end up going to the future.

Episode 8 - Dead Crystal - The Storm Hawks land on an unknown Terra which cancels out Crystal power.

Episode 9 - Destiny- The Dark Ace finally captures Lypix for a wedding... with a very bad consequence.

Planned Episodes

Episode 11 - Fate Setters - An episode explaining everything that has happened. From Selena's death to the reason the Dark Ace betrayed the original Storm Hawks.

Episode 12 - Silence with Secrets - Aerrow finds something he's been looking for, but it's not what he expected.

Episode 13 - For Her - Everything is falling into place now, and Storm Hawks will be there to fight against Cyclonia


Episode 14 - Differences - Aerrow uses the blue crystal Lypix had, to change things.

Episode 15 - Fear Clouds - Stork has finally met his match. Terra Nightmaris.

Episode 16 - Dreams - A freak Crystal explosion on board the Condor, ends up with everyone exploring each others minds. Can they trust each other to respect their privacy?

Episode 17 - Blood Roots - When a mysterious figure requests to see leaders of all Terra's it becomes more of a question about hierarchies than freedom.

Episode 18 - Freefall -The Storm Hawks enter a freefalling race, but it puts a strain upon their relationships.

Episode 19 - The Zombieman - A superhero suddenly appears in the Atmos, beating the Storm Hawks to every rescue. Who are they? And is it such a coincidence?

Episode 20 - The Cycle -This is the end. Lypix was trying to deny what was inevitable, but it would happen eventually.

My special writers! (whom I have decided to put links to as they are so good!)

MissDedodakes(owner of Rondana)-I love Miss Dedodakes because she reviews LOADS and because shes named me one of the best writers on this site :) (gets up and hugs her so tightly her eyes almost fall out :)) Thank you!! Its awesome to know someone loves your work and I have to say she's a pretty awesome writer herself! Miss Dedodakes has more stories every time I come on here! God she's one busy girl. Go round and read some, they're awesome! and she's always rewriting them and listening to criticism!

ShadowQueen25 (owner of Shadow) - Shadow is an amazing character! Has a fair share of woe, but still comes out fighting!

DEfILer-NoX (Owner of Aelric)-Another writer I'm quite a fan of, (though I don't think he suspects it =) I think his stories are fantastic and I have to admit the city that Lypix went to in Plague was based on a city one of his stories was in.

Jazzy Pony (owner of Jay) -Jay is a good character, and the relationships in this story (not just pairings) work extremely well, a must read!

defectivebrainstorm (Owner of Wing) - All I can say is defectivebrainstorm has style, the style to do what keeps readers interested and shocked. What, you ask? Go read some the fanfics!

PinkPanther9.7 (owner of Tyrannis) - I love Tyrannis, he's like a lively grandpa... who likes crashing into things.

Go forth and read from the words of my fellow writers, and discover true awsomeness!

Once again, read some of my stuff and review if you can!

DiscardedAngel - DA

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Destiny reviews
YES! That very special episode before I disappear for five months! READ! It is important! Although if you haven't read the others it could be confusing. / The DA manages to finally kidnap Lypix, but will the consequences be good? Or much, much worse...
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