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Lynx Klaw

Welcome to my literary retreat!

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[H] About Me:

First off, I’m Lynx. (This message brought to you by Captain Obvious)
A bit about myself... I’m a cynical type of person, but no worries--I won’t bite your head off. Well, maybe not immediately. I’m a Vampire enthusiast and can usually find a way to slip Vampires into just about any topic. Scary, I know. I enjoy reading Wer and Vamp stories, but not so much Fantasy in the medieval settings. I prefer Contemporary fiction with Supernatural/Fantasy elements, but I’ll sometimes settle for Sci-Fi if it strikes my fancy.
I’ve got so many ideas rolling around in my head, I had to stash ‘em somewhere. Well, it’s been a long time in coming, but I’ve finally decided to put my stories up on after years of lurking. Heh.

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[I1] Book Interests:

The Sholan Alliance Novels by Lisanne Norman
The Blood Books by Tanya Huff
Kitty Norville Series by Carrie Vaughn
Jumper by Steven Gould
Blood: The Last Vampire by Mamoru Oshii
Chronicles Of The Necromancer Books by Gail Z. Martin

[I2] Comic/Graphic Novels/Manga Interests:

Blood: The Last Vampire
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Spawn Manga

[I3] Anime/Cartoon/TV Series Interests:

Armitage III: Poly-Matrix OAV
Armitage III: Dual-Matrix
Batman: The Animated Series

Batman Beyond
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who
Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z
Gundam Wing

Justice League/Justice League Unlimited
Samurai Champloo
Serial Experiments Lain

Stargate SG1
Swamp People
Teen Titans
The Walking Dead
X-Men: Evolution
Yu Yu Hakusho

[I4] Movie Interests:

A Few Good Men
A Man Apart

Blood: The Last Vampire
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
The Boondock Saints

The Bourne Series
The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black
The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
The Chronicles of Riddick
Con Air
The Dark Knight
Die Hard Series
District B13
Enemy of the State

The Fifth Element
Find Me Guilty
Huo Yuan Jia (Jet Li’s Fearless)
The Fugitive
The Illusionist
Interview with the Vampire

Kiss of the Dragon
Leon the Professional/The Professional
Mexico Trilogy (El Mariachi; Desperado; Once Upon a Time in Mexico)

Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Primal Fear

The Princess Bride
The Protector
Rambo Series
Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Romeo Must Die
Silence of the Lambs
Sleepy Hollow

Street Fighter Alpha
The Thirteenth Warrior

Underworld: Evolution
Unleashed/Danny the Dog
U.S. Marshals
The Usual Suspects

Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust
War/Rogue Assassin

[I5] Videogame Interests:

Armored Core Series
Assassin's Creed Series
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham City
Bioshock Series
Bloody Roar Series
Borderlands 2

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel
Burnout Series
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
Command and Conquer Series
Dark Souls
Dead Island
Dead Space Series

Tecmo’s Deception Series
Diablo II
Diablo III
Dungeon Defenders
Dungeons of Dredmor
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
FEAR series

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.
God of War Series
Half-Life Series

Halo Series
Killer Instinct Series
Killing Floor
King Arthur: The Role-Playing War Game
Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2
Legacy of Kain Series

Mario Series
Marvel vs. Capcom
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Metroid Series
Mortal Kombat Series
Orcs Must Die Series
Penumbra Series

Payday Series
Portal Series

Prince of Persia Series
Sid Meier's Civilization Series
Spider-Man (The Movie)

Spider-Man 2 (The Movie)
Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Soul Calibur Series

Street Fighter II
Super Street Fighter II
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Street Fighter Alpha
Team Fortress 2

Tekken Series
Torchlight Series

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
X-Men: Children of the Atom

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

[A1] Author Status:

NEWEST - 02-24-15
Alrighty! This is what I'm talking about! A true update. This leaves us with 5 more planned scenes in "Prey Mate!" We're closing in on the end! I hope you enjoy this addition. We're finally back in Jump City and this chapter in Jinx's life is summing itself up nicely. There's still a few, small dramatic bumps along the way, but they're just minor aftershocks. It's been a hell of a ride, so I hope you'll enjoy these last moments we share in "Prey Mate." Not, of course, that I expect these scenes to happen all that quickly or even be that short. See you in future updates!

EDIT 43: Full Circle... (9 pages)

"Prey Mate" now rests on a lofty 333 and 3/4 pages! Enjoy!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

NEWER - 02-02-15
Hey all! I made a stealth update on "Prey Mate"... Mostly just minor edits I made a while ago and forgot to upload. I've been busy writing out tons of ideas for my novel set in my self-made world called "Origin." I've actually been busy, and have written about 36 pages across 3 scenes (10, 20, and 6; with the 20-page one still ongoing). It's strange to write things in the middle of the novel, but it's helping me develop the characters and the plot by peeking into the "talking points" that will occur later in the plot. "Prey Mate" will soon become a focus as I aim to finish that so I can devote even more attention to Origin.

Origin's plot is coming together, as I cobble together various elements I wanted. It's a fun universe for me to explore and I hope I can bring that world to people, as well. Honestly, my biggest problem with sharing this work withe everyone is how it will impact the novel itself if I put it out for consumption. The idea to "build a novel" with fans by working on it on deviantArt and uploading "snapshots" and updates (much as I do with "Prey Mate") is one that really interests me, but I am also wary. There are those who would steal people's ideas or even their work--as much of an asshole thing that is--and I don't like the idea of someone putting out some novel using my ideas and doing things with it I don't like. Fanfiction is one thing; fanfiction doesn't mess with established canonical things. There's AU and Crackfic, to be sure, but no fanfic writer will deny that their stories are still based within the fandom. Someone hijacking the entire fandom I'm hoping to build? That would upset me.

So, too, are the unfortunate considerations of money. I don't write fanfiction for profit... but I do want any royalties that might come my way from my original works. If I just post my novel up on dA or something, then why would people pay to buy my books? Granted, they might out of support for the author, but the vast majority would just take what's freely given. It's good to write, but it's even better to receive rewards for your work, too. Labors of love are still labors. I don't expect payment for fanfiction... but this isn't fanfiction, it'll be my stories--my canon.

Yes, I'm possessive of my creations.

So yeah... I'm just on the fence about all this. Any input is welcome! PM me with your thoughts or ideas on the matter and I'll take these things into consideration. It is important to me what fans think. Regardless, I'm having lots of fun writing and I hope to never stop. I'll still be writing fanfiction--especially "Chronicle of Darkness" and "No Laughing Matter"--but I'm also going to be giving more focus to my original, publishable works after I finish up "Prey Mate."

Besides all of that, work is also keeping me pretty busy. Even so, I write wherever I can and whenever time permits and the mood strikes. So, anyway, that's what's happening in my neck of the woods. As always, I'll keep writing and I hope you'll keep enjoying what I put out there! For now, the typical links apply:

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

NEW - 12-25-14
Happy Merry Solstice, Chrismahanukwanzakah, Festivus, and New Year! I'm gonna keep this update short, but sweet. After a whole bunch of unfortunate events, busy days, and lots of lovely distractions, I'm finally getting back into the groove. Still, there's only six scenes left in Prey Mate! I'll try to get those out in a timely fashion.

For now, I have an update on "Prey Mate" as a present for this Christmas!

EDIT 42: We Will Go Home, We Will Go Home... (12 and 1/2 pages)

"Prey Mate" now rests on 325 pages. Not bad for two years of work. Hopefully I get more than 12 pages in the next 5 and a half months... Bleh. Sorry for the long wait, but I hope you'll find this small addition enjoyable! In the next installment of "Prey Mate": We're finally back in the United States and the summation of events that will close this chapter in Jinx's life.

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

OLD - 11-08-14
Everyone! I'm not dead! ...Well, sort of. My PC was dead. My video card decided to give up the ghost, and so the comp wouldn't boot properly (it would turn on, stay on for about 3 minutes, then shut down). I had to order a replacement card... now I'm rocking an NVidia Geforce GTX 780 Ti. It's so much better than my old ATI Radeon Sapphire 4850. While I was at it, I sprung for a new 24" HD monitor at a native 1920*1080 resolution, and have relegated my old one to a secondary monitor so I can dual-screen. It's friggin' awesome.

However, I have a white spot of dead pixels or something on the new monitor, so I sent in an RMA for a replacement. That'll be here soon--I hope--and I'll be less a monitor while the replacement is shipped. Still, at the end of the hassle, I'll get myself a nice monitor setup. Hopefully, this will be the end of my problems for a good chunk of time. This rig has seen me through for 6 years and has been enough to do all my stuff: reading, writing, and games galore. Hopefully, ol' Hellfire will stay with me for some years to come.

So... while the computer was down, obviously I didn't get much writing done, but I did a whole bunch of planning for my novels and stuff. Hopefully, once everything with my PC gets settled, I'll be more in the frame of mind to write. Having my "workspace" upset kind of puts me off writing. That's another reason I want my replacement monitor soon. Things are looking up, though, and I can still use the old monitor--it's not like it's dead or even bad; it's a 19" monitor (not HD, though) at a native 1440*900 resolution.

Also, my video card came with a free copy of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! I missed the Halloween special they did recently; hopefully they repeat it next year. I've been playing Borderlands 1 recently before BLPS came out and just finished main campaign, Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. I just recently started the Secret Armory of General Knoxx. I've done every DLC twice already; I have a Mordecai and a Lilith at max level with all DLCs completed. One of them even beat Crawmerax solo... but after that, I moved onto BL2. Now, I'm on a Brick and I'm going to stop after Knoxx's campaign (skipping Moxxi's, as it's just some arena battle stuff, before the Claptrap Robolution)... because, chronologically, I believe BLPS comes after Knoxx, but before Robolution...

So, yeah. I intend to try out Wilhelm in BLPS as my first character. His Wolf and Saint ability feels like it would be right up there with my play-style. I hope we get to hear more from Angel; her lore interests me.

Anyway! Enough of my gushing over the hardware and games; I just wanted to let everyone know why there's been no word from me recently. Thanks for your patience, as I'm sure some of you have been wondering where the Hell I was and what I was doing. Now you know--and knowing is half the battle! (The other half is shoujo-ai.)

And because I missed it: Happy Belated Samhain!!

OLDER - 07-11-14
Hey, there! Just finished a major series of events in "Prey Mate!" That is, this isn't a huge update or all of the major events... just a few more events in a string of very important ones. It took me a while to get this out and I'm not sure I'm entirely satisfied with it, but it'll do the job well enough. My mood wasn't proper for the scene I was writing and hopefully that doesn't show through too much. Anyhow, I'll let you guys decide what you think.

EDIT 41: One, Two, TREE! (11 and 3/4 pages)
11 and 3/4 pages added! The IMRO is finally gone--completely and utterly. In its place... hope. I still haven't gotten around to removing all the very bits... There's only one small scene left in India before I take our crew back Stateside! This time, I really do promise that we're closing in on the end of Prey Mate. Even though this has gone on quite a bit longer than I initially intended, there simply aren't that many scenes left. I won't say it's going to be a short thing, but the remaining planned scenes can be counted on one hand. I hope you enjoy this installment of "Prey Mate," which gifts us 312 full pages!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

OLDEST - 06-01-14 (through 06-04-14)
Hey, everyone! It's my birthday, and I felt like giving a present! Now... I date this as the first of June, but it's the day after. I really had meant to get a birthday update, but by the time I got home from celebrating with an absolutely awesome meal, I didn't have it in me to write much. Things kind of conspired against me today (the second), but I am finally back at the old Word document. I'm making some good headway! Stay tuned--today or tomorrow, I'll do my best to finish this scene up and update it. This won't be a large update, but it will be something! See you soon!

EDIT 40: HLS [TENT] (11 pages) - "I haven't the slightest idea."
A belated birthday update! Meant to get this to you on the first, but things weren't finished. Sorry! Includes HLS to make up for it! Humor and sexiness abound as our protagonists prepare to head home to the US.

Also, I've done some editing recently in an attempt to remove the word 'very' from my writing, as I feel it's a word that should be used sparingly and with intent. To that note, I've gone through the first 95 pages of "Prey Mate" and taken out the every 'very' that I didn't like. It's actually improved several areas of writing. You'll notice a sudden sparing use of very from now on, probably, as I hone my writing. This applies only to narration, not to dialogue; people use the word casually, and I'm not aiming to change that. I'll be going through Prey Mate to eliminate the rest of the unnecessary 'very' bits in time. I'll keep you updated on that front!

"Prey Mate" is shaping up and powering up, getting ready to show you its true form! Also, I've officially broken the 300 page mark! "Prey Mate" now resides at 300 and 2/3 pages! Enjoy!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 05-01-14
Okay, well... all I can say is sorry for the long silence. I got a bad case of writer's block and didn't write anything for a little while. I made several abortive attempts before I decided to wait it out until I felt better about writing. Eventually, I decided to power through and just bull my way through the writing. It worked and now I've got an addition for you guys. It's not enormous... kind of average, actually, but it's still something and I hope everyone enjoys it. I finally reached one of the biggest scenes yet in the story. This is the last of the "aftershocks" in the wave of the story's climax, culminating with the end of the IMRO. Soon, Jinx will be returning stateside. A few more jollies to be had back in good ol' Murica, then I'll bring "Prey Mate" to a close!

I've plans for what I'm going to be doing after I finish "Prey Mate," many of which involve writing original fiction that I can publish. It will be my first serious undertaking, but "Prey Mate" has put me into a state of mind where I feel as though I could put something out there that more than a few people would enjoy and even buy my book in support of my writing. I've not yet decided which of the various stories I would choose to turn into a novel, but we'll see. More on that will come later, though. "Prey Mate" isn't done yet.

So, without further ado, I'll link you and you can enjoy the new stuff. For those waiting for finished product, it's probably coming soon-ish. I've been working at this for about a year and a half and, in terms of 8.5 x 11 printer-paper pages, this sucker has reached an impressive 290 full pages! Most novels aren't that size, dimensionally speaking. So if I shrunk this down to say... 4 x 6 or the like and changed the font to 11 pt and single spaced it... I've no clue just how long that would be and how it compares to some of the novels I've read. Still, it doesn't seem like it would be doing too shabbily!

Anyway, here you are:

EDIT 39: BOOM. (13 and a half pages)
13 and a half pages added. Sorry for the long delay! Got some writer's block coupled with some potent distractions. That's mostly over now, and I've managed to get to the IMRO's end. There's been some edits throughout the whole of the document, recent scenes have been touched up a bit more, and the new stuff has been scrutinized a few times. Probably still some mistakes, but I'm confident enough in its quality to post this chunk of the story. Hope you enjoy this installment and thank you for your patience! The story stands at 290 full pages!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 01-28-14
Whew! Well, it's been really crazy this Christmas/New Years... I got really sick--probably a virus or food poisoning--and wound up vomiting several times an hour for about a day and a half straight. Yes, I'm sure you all wanted to know that, but it is what it is. Was heavily considering going to the ER, but I managed a fever on the second day and that burned through it. After that, it was a few days of light eating as I tried to get my weight back up and fill my stomach without another gastric revolt. Regardless, that's over... but it did take a toll on my ability to write, so that's why I'm mentioning it here.

Christmas came and went; I'd tried to get an update to "Prey Mate" done around then, but it just wasn't happening. There was too much I wanted to finish before I put out more to the masses. Same thing for New Years, but by then I was catching my writing stride... Then I took a moment to re-read all of Prey Mate; I do that from time to time, and other times I merely read pertinent sections. I do it both for my personal enjoyment, to check continuity, and when I'm proof-reading it. This time, it was more the latter two. With everything I've done in Prey Mate, I wanted to make sure I was consistent and to fix any errors I knew lingered even after so many proofs thus far. After that, however, it was back to writing.

I encountered quite a writing... glitch when I came upon Jinx's speaking Hindi... I'll explain in the EDIT note.

EDIT 38: Interview with the Mercenary, Episode 38: A New Hope (13 pages)
13 pages added. This is a fairly sizable update, even though it only adds 13 pages. I made minor edits throughout document, you probably will not notice them, as many of them are just small corrections or additions for the sake of consistency, clarity, or coherence. Reading through this whole thing takes time, so that's why it's taken me a while to get this out. Also note: I'm absolutely NO authority on Hindi or Sanskrit... so I'm asking anyone who has a clue what they're looking at and feels like helping for a proofing of the involved transliteration. I spent well over 12 hours across several days researching and I have yet to really settle on anything concrete. That said, I hope you don't mind my poor attempts too much... just as I also hope I didn't completely massacre the language. On the topic of plot, we're making lots of progress, even if it doesn't look like it. The time of the IMRO's existence is finally coming to a close--you'll see it in the next update!

"Prey Mate" now rests upon 276 and a quarter pages.

I actually feel this bears repeating, so I'll copy my note from deviantArt:

I do not speak Hindi, read or write Sanskrit, nor am I proficient in transliteration utilizing IAST, Kolkata romanization, or ISO 15919. After many hours spent across several days attempting something respectable, I've given my most accurate approximations. They are probably wrong. If you know better and would like to help me make this more authentic, feel absolutely free to contact me and help me improve Prey Mate!

And as always, links to my works and other material on dA:

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 12-07-13
Happy Merry Solstice, Chrismahanukwanzakah, Festivus, and New Year! I don't know if I'll get in another update before Christmas, so this might be your present. If I'm lucky, though, I MAY just finish things up. Yes, as in complete the story at long last. Don't hold your breath, but I will see if I can muster it! I won't rush it, though; I have a plan for the story and I'm not deviating even if it takes me a little longer! Enjoy!

"Prey Mate" now sits at 263 full pages.

EDIT 37: Evil beware... (12 and a half pages)
On the twelfth page of Christmas update, Lynx Klaw gave to you: waffles and a side of RaeJinx!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 11-28-13
HAPPY TURKEY MASSACRE MONTH! So, a Thanksgiving update! I recently got the Bioshock series. Yes, I know, it's the last thing I needed... but they were on sale for five bucks each! So yeah, working through the first Bioshock now.

As for Prey Mate... I've broken 250 pages! We now rest on 251 full pages! And here I thought this was going to be a short story.

EDIT 36: Going down the Lane. (6 and a half pages)
6 and a half pages added! HAPPY TURKEY MASSACRE MONTH! I have a tiny bit of stuff, swiftly closing in on the last of the scenes in India. Prey Mate should be returning States-side soon! Enjoy!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 10-31-13 (through 11-08-13)
HAPPY SAMHAIN! Today is a Halloween update. Games have been distracting me. I got myself Arkham Origins... and thus started played Arkham Asylum and I'm about 20% of the way through Arkham City. That's not to mention the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt that's going on this month... Sorry for the distraction, I'll try to get back to things when the gaming community isn't so busy. In the meantime, I have been working on a Diablo series story and I might post it up here for the Hell of it. Keep an eye out, I guess!

I might do that later tonight, if I get around to it with the various things I'm doing tonight. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a bit.

EDIT 33: The Long Halloween. (6 pages)
6 pages added! This one features more on Jessie; basically it spoils of a ton so stuff for "To Catch a Raven"'s sequel, "No Laughing Matter"... but it just sort of happened and it can't be helped. Unfortunately, I've got several games that have been distracting me, so I don't really have all that much to show.

EDIT 34: Diablo series story "Senri" to dA's scrap section. (26 pages)
Hey! Here's that Diablo story. I have another one that I started before this in even rougher draft than this one... but I'll upload that another time. For now, enjoy Senri and Niraphael's adventures. Title is obviously subject to change, it's just what my current file name is for this idea. (BTW, that's pronounced "Nee-rah-fayl"; I honestly didn't realize I had the name 'Raphael' as part of her name until about a week ago. Go figure. The pronunciations are completely different, so just kind of disregard my moment of ignorance. Heh.)

EDIT 35: Shut up, Batman! (4 pages)
4 more pages of "Prey Mate." Finally got out of Batman's talk. Man, can that guy go on and on! Now I understand why comic writers can have him angsting for 40 straight issues. It's not their fault, Batman just does not stop! Anyhow, I slipped in a veiled reference to "The Dark Knight Returns" comic. It felt somewhat appropriate. Heh. Oh, and what I have of that Diablo idea featuring Senri and Niraphael is up; you can check it out here: [link here]

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 09-15-13
A special update for the Friday the 13th's weekend update! "Prey Mate" now spans at 234 pages!

EDIT 32: It's your lucky day! (21 pages)
21 pages added! Welcome to the Friday the 13th weekend update! This lucky date features a special Jinx-heavy set of scenes! I hope you'll enjoy it, because we've got references and lots of tie-ins with the plot lines (some spanning others stories of mine)! It's a rather large update and I've had to proofread it several times and my Betas have looked it over about two or three times as well. There might still be mistakes, but it should look nice!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 08-31-13
Sorry, it's taken a while to get all the plot duckies in a row. Everything's good, now! As always, you can nab "Prey Mate"'s work-in-progress on my deviantArt profile's scraps section (link provided below). Prey Mate page count: 214.

EDIT 31: How about a magic trick? (10 pages)
It took me a little bit to get the scene right, but I wanted to cameo to work out without becoming long and involved especially when it's just a cameo and isn't actually part of the plot so much as part of the exposition/explanation for a lot of events. You may be wondering why I included Jessie and just how she explains a lot of things... well, that's coming up in a scene that pretty much happens right after this. Sooo, you'll see then. Now, as I included Jessie, this DOES somewhat spoil some things for "To Catch a Raven"'s sequel, "No Laughing Matter"... but at this point in the plot of "Prey Mate," she was necessary to the explanation. Hopefully this doesn't ruin anything for people still waiting for NLM (and yes, NLM is still on the back-burner). ...Okay, rant over. Hope you enjoy the latest installment! Prey Mate now rests at 214 pages!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 07-04-13 (through 07-29-13)
Okay, so life conspired against me and I hardly got any writing done in all of June. Even then, I got some writer's block for how I wanted to write the scenes that were in my head. I got through that, though, and I'm back in the groove! So now there's only ... I dunno, maybe 4 or 5 scenes (the lengths of which shall remain unknown) before I call "Prey Mate" finished. The story rests on 204 pages!

EDIT 28: Independence and Freedom, ho! (8 pages)
Happy Independence Day! 8 pages added. I figured getting those people out of their cells was fitting for today. 180 full pages! Yep, a whole lot longer than I expected. We're still not done, but we're closing in on it--tying up all those loose ends. Enjoy!

EDIT 29: Free at last! Free at last! Six and a half more pages, they are free at last! (I'm going to Hell.) (6 and a half pages)
Okay, I'm slowing down on my progress as I conclude this story, but it IS coming along! Finally, we're out of the dark stuff and on the road to recovery! It's all coolness and badassery and sapphic lovin' from here on! So, y'know, good times ahead. There's a kinda-sorta Bourne Ultimatum reference (if you squint) in the "Look at what they make you give." but tailored to suit my needs... so... not a direct quote or anything. We now sit at 186 full pages!

EDIT 30: Big Update! (17 and a half pages)
Yes, 17 and a half pages added! Damn, it feels good to get this part of the story out. I have had this in my head for SO LONG. I knew I had to make it awesome and, hopefully, my readers like it. One of my Betas looked it over and they think it's great; awaiting my other Beta to read it, but I decided to post it on one Beta's recommendation. Enjoy! This scene has been waiting to be written for quite some time, finally getting it out there feels great! We now sit at 204 pages!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 06-01-13
Today is a special day! Well, for me. And so, in the spirit of reciprocity, I give you more "Prey Mate!" Now sitting on 172 pages!

EDIT 27: Showing off - Raven does her thing. (4 pages)
Happy birthday to me! Since it is better to give than to receive, my gift to you is this: four more pages of "Prey Mate!" Finally, we get to see Raven's display of power. Some minor edits throughout the story, as well. We sit at 172 full pages. Enjoy, I'm goin' out for a nice dinner later today!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 05-04-13 (through 05-15-13)
Whew! This sucker's getting long and going strong! Prey Mate currently residing at 168 full pages!

EDIT 24: Story Climax. (8 pages)
Well, here we are. I've essentially just hit the climax of the story. The mass murder is over, now. This has been a good while coming. From here, it's all denouement. We're not done, yet!

EDIT 25: Sliding down the slope of denouement. (11 pages)
Significant additions, even though it's not really all that filled with epic stufff. I did mention this is the denouement, so... Yeah. This still needs a proofing, so I might do some "stealth updates" to fix minor errors and such. Regardless, there's still a bit to go! We're getting nice and close to ending this sucker, though. We now sit at 164 full pages!

EDIT 26: Tacking on a few more pages. (4 pages)
Just a little bit of filler. Remember that story Jinx began to tell Nin, Terry, and Darryl... but said, "Actually, you don't wanna hear that story"? Here's that story! A few other minor things leading up to Raven's moment of awesome. 168 pages, now!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 04-04-13 (through 04-27-13)
And yet more work done on this sucker! Prey Mate now sits at 145 full pages!

EDIT 21: Badassery inbound!! (5 pages)
Another five pages. Now with some tidbits from the League! Guest appearance from Superman! Really winding up on the end, here! However, there's still plenty to write! By the by (the by), as yet these latest five pages haven't been proofread with any scrutiny. Stuff here is subject to change.

EDIT 22: Distracted by Borderlands 2... (4 and a quarter pages)
A small addition. I'm verging on the end of this sucker. There's a bit more carnage, some resolution, and an epilogue-like thing to ensue. After that, I'm pretty much done with this story. So, yeah! Hope to have this done soon-ish!

Borderlands 2 has been distracting; but I've been having fun! After a few days of not writing, I decided just to put up whatever progress I had. That's why this update is so small. 9_9()

EDIT 23: Edits only, sorry.
No new content, this time. Just some minor additions and alterations for flow and coherency. You probably won't even notice them. Spent the past few days going over it. Borderlands 2 still a potent distraction. XD

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 03-01-13 (through 03-29-13)
I'm still working! I got about six more pages of "Prey Mate" written just today, but I'm not updating the dA file just yet. I wanna get through this scene before doing that. Even so, I'm currently sitting at a quarter of the way into page 108 in Word! I'm tickled with how this story is progressing. Update/Edits to follow here.

EDIT 17: Ever-expanding... (9 and a half pages)
Another good addition. The mission looms on the horizon... What will happen? Ooo, building suspense! We're now at a full 111 pages! ...This is a lot more involved than I had planned it to be. Heh.

EDIT 18: And so on, and so forth... (5 and a half pages)
A fair addition, this time. Yay for introductions between various characters! Sorry this one's not very big, but I've been distracted by games. On the other hand, I did start work on a future scene that I will blend into the story as I get to that part. So you can safely add 2 pages to this total, if you want... Total now sits at almost a full 117 pages!

EDIT 19: Getting there! (6 and a quarter pages)
Healthy addition of 6 and a quarter pages. More mixing with teh Friends and Teammates; cameo by Raven. Pretty sure I've got my scenes lined up and I'm about to send Jinx overseas to Biratnagar for that, soon... Total of 123 and a half pages!

EDIT 20: Nice update! (Just over 12 pages)
Nice addition, here: 12 more pages! Ooo, you feel that? We're closing in on the end, now. There's not much left but to see what happens with the IMRO and then the stunning (sapphic-filled) conclusion of "Prey Mate!"

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 02-14-13 (through 02-22-13)
Hey, all! I'm attempting to get some Prey Mate stuff done and update it for Valentines! I'm not sure I'm gonna make this deadline, as it's already 18:35... but I'll keep working at it! Keep an eye out for it!

EDIT 13: More RaeJinx (11 pages).
Okay, so it's a little late--it's now 1 AM, but at least I got an update for ya! Also, my estimate of 85 pages didn't pan out; no surprise. I've hit 86, so my new estimate is approximately 100 pages.

EDIT 14: This is probably a better place to leave off for the Valentines update. I like where this is stopped. I'll continue it later, once my writing energy has recharged. Also, I found a quote I like for the story! Its source is rather apt, too.

EDIT 15: More RaeJinx (5 pages)
Now the thing doesn't end directly after the mating, which I felt was really quite... abrupt. So here's five more pages for everyone! Half of the new material hasn't been checked out, so there may still be mistakes.

EDIT 16: The plot thickens. (7 pages)
Substantial addition, here. Entering a more serious part of the story. I really hadn't thought it would go on this long, but I'm not averse to this. It's coming along well!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

Also, I've updated my Games Interests section. In addition, I've tagged every section of this profile for quick-search. Hit the Home key to check those out, if you care enough. Heh.

HISTORY - 02-04-13
Okay, so I'm still at it! This is more of a continuing "edit" list than an actual update to the status or anything. So! Let's get right to it:

If you are interested in seeing the story as it develops, you can check my dA page!

Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

EDIT 12: Significant amount of text added (14 pages).
We're closing in on the end; about two scenes left in "Prey Mate"... though they'll be of fair size. Estimated maximum page-count: 80 - 85. This means it'll be slightly longer than "To Catch a Raven," which was about 78 pages.

HISTORY - 12-20-12 (through 01-21-13)
Happy Merry Solstice, Chrismahanukwanzakah, Festivus, and New Year! I have more stories and stuff uploaded to dA. I've been struggling with how to upload the stuff I have for No Laughing Matter. Yes--that one, the long-awaited To Catch a Raven. There's a LOT to it and I don't want to just... slather it all over in a mess of files. I need to organize them somehow, so I've been looking at them to see how I could do that. No answer's come to me, yet, but I'll get it there.

You may notice some other partial 'fics uploaded in the meantime--skipping the N's and breaking the semi-alphabetical order I was uploading things in. Regardless, I'm tinkering with the files and such to see how I can work them together.

Currently, however, I have my Portal story and its Plot Notes up; the plot notes I put up not 5 minutes ago. If you're wondering where I'm going with Mute Surrender, that should give you an idea.

In case anyone forgot or doesn't understand what I'm doing with posting these partial stories to dA, I'll say it again: SPOILERS!


These are unfinished works, many of them in a raw, script-skeleton format. Don't expect anything there to be pretty... or complete... in any sense of the word. But I don't doubt it will entertain, if you don't mind.

If you don't like spoilers, don't check the scraps page... but I also can't really say I have a lot of other things I've been doing other than uploading and writing on things that are unfinished. So sorry for those who don't want to see that stuff.

Anyhow... I'll keep listing updates for other stories I'm uploading in the meantime while I figure out the NLM problem.

EDIT 1: More stories are up on dA.
"Playing the Game" to dA's scrap section.
"Practices in Patience" to dA's Gallery - Teen Titans section.
"Prey Mate" to dA's scrap section.
"Prurient" to dA's scrap section.
"Slave to Fortune" to dA's scrap section.

EDIT 2: More stories are up on dA.
"Song and Dance" to dA's scrap section.
"Spurious" to dA's scrap section.
"Subversive" to dA's scrap section.
"To Catch a Raven" to dA's Gallery - Teen Titans section.
"Too Close for Comfort" to dA's scrap section.

EDIT 3: Finally uploaded all my TT fics! Will move onto uploading other fandoms after Christmas!
"Umbral Admiration" to dA's scrap section.
"What Jinxes Do" to dA's Gallery - Teen Titans section.
"How Jinxes Work" to dA's scrap section.
"When Opportunity Knocks" to dA's Gallery - Teen Titans section.

EDIT 4: The grind.
Additions made to "Prey Play" in dA's scrap section.

EDIT 5: Like a millstone!
More additions and edits to "Prey Play" in dA's scrap section.

EDIT 6: Grinding like two lesbians at a rave.
More scenes added to "Prey Play" in dA's scrap section.
EDIT 6A: Moar.
Added even more scenes. Follow protocol, citizen.

EDIT 7: 43 and 1/3 pages, now!
More scenes added to "Prey Play" in dA's scrap section.

EDIT 8: Sexy-Time Engage!
Another scene added to "Prey Play" in dA's scrap section. (This one is citrus-flavored.)

EDIT 9: 6 more pages; 49 page total.
Calling and end to my additions to "Prey Play" for the night, probably. Until I have a good bit more to share--no more minor updates on this enormous scene. (Sorry, I end on a teaser--but it's not intentional.)

EDIT 10: Lemon, ho!!
RaeJinx is officially in play in "Prey Play"! I may be adding to and tweaking this for a good part of today.

EDIT 11: Close to finished!
A good amount of text/scenes added, and I'm coming up on the end of this story. Really not that much left of it. Expect this one to be moved to the Titans Gallery and uploaded to FFnet, soon! (Now tagged with a Mature Content Warning.)

ENJOY! Scraps [link here] ... Teen Titans Gallery [link here]

HISTORY - 11-24-12
Okay! Here we go! I've started uploading random snippets and such to my Scrapbook on deviantArt! ...Unfortunately, just now, they're having a server backlog. I can't friggin' upload anything. So, it started well, but I'm already stalling. I am working my way through my Teen Titans stories alphabetically, and I got to "Cloaked and Clandestine"... now waiting for their servers to stop having a hissy-fit before CnC can go up. Still, I am getting the stories up. I put up Bluff on dA, and its description links to FFnet's Bluff for a bit of cross-compatibility; wherever you want to read the story, you can.

One of the differences with dA and fiction is that you can't upload Word documents. Took me a moment to realize that and I decided to upload PDFs. Many of my "script skeletons" as I call them use bold and color-coding to make it easy to distinguish dialogue. Raven is purple, Nightwing is dark blue, Starfire is Red, Cyborg is light blue, Gar is forest green, Gizmo is bright green, Jinx is a hot pink, and Mammoth is orange. Other characters are generally done in bold black.

PDFs allow me that freedom of color choice. You might also note several stories have a cobalt-blue text. That's what my text looks like when I ramble it in AIM to one of my beta readers. In other words, that's generally copy-paste from IMs; it's raw idea written in a flow of consciousness. It's usually unedited and raw--mistakes and all. So if you ever wanna see what rambles around in my head? That's it.

Until dA can get their junk together and free up their servers, I'm gonna be sitting here. I decided to update this in the meantime. Sorry to say I don't have a lot uploaded at this time. I have a few scraps up, and you're welcome to take a look at them. Maybe I'll sort them, eventually... but I'd like to get most of the TT stuff up before I try anything like that.

I said it before, but I'm going to say it again: WARNING.

These scraps contain unfinished work that may be altered, abandoned, mashed together, torn apart, or otherwise screwed with. They also contain SPOILERS. If you prefer not to see things in an unfinished state or know things you shouldn't... then don't go to the site I'm about to post!

You can find finished mirrors of my stories here over there... Unfinished stories can be found in the Scrapbook section. Those of you who want to see that stuff, enjoy!

EDIT: We're back and running! It's still a little slow, but at least I'm getting files in there instead of the "processing..." problem.

EDIT 2: Okay, I've got everything A's through H's for the Titans stories and scraps. I'll post more later. For now, that's all I'm gonna do! Now to go play some games...

EDIT 3: Put up a ChellDOS Portal fic scrap. Please proceed through the chamber lock to continue to the fanfiction.

EDIT 4: Today got really busy-ish, so I didn't have time to sit down an post a bunch more stories like I wanted. Instead, I posted one of my longer scraps. It's that one I've been talking about for Left 4 Dead: "A Mercy Killing." Hope you like what I have so far! Zoey/Witch goodness. (No Z/W so far in the story, sorry.)

EDIT 5: Put up "Key to Happiness." More to follow later, probably.

EDIT 6: Put up a spin-off idea from KtH. It's labeled under "Addie/Tara."

EDIT 7: Put up the Legacy of Kain fic, "The Librarian; Or, A Scholar's Tale."

EDIT 8: Back to Teen Titans! "Lucky Break" is up on dA!

HISTORY - 10-31-12
HAPPY SAMHAIN! Today is a Halloween update. The computer is up, running, and firing on all cylinders! File-sharing is working fine--which is good for me and my Betas sending documents back and forth! Also good for my research, as pictures load instead of corrupt, videos play more than 4 seconds, and Flash animations no longer freeze or simply fail to load! I am very, very happy about this. Heh.

Unfortunately, I have no new material to share. There's been... heaps... of writing. I can't really express how much I have written. I recently told someone who PMed me it was about... 350 pages? I don't even know if that's accurate, it's probably more. I do know that I have two stories sitting at around the 90 page mark, another hitting 50, another around 20... and that's just off the top of my head (saving you the math: approximately 250 pages right there from only four). I have even more story ideas written down, now. The sheer quantity of stuff I've typed sometimes boggles me, especially considering I haven't been writing the whole time.

I've had/have some health concerns--which seems typical of me--and dealing with that and changes to insurance and the like... that just makes for one joyful time. For a little bit in the past six months, I hadn't felt like writing. It took a back-burner position and I simply didn't have the will to do it. I had tons of ideas whirling in my head, but the actual writing became... difficult. Frustrated, I turned myself to my games. Borderlands 1 and 2 have been my recent vices. About the time I came up with a BL1 fanfic idea, I realized I had to do something.

So I finally reached a boiling point and started typing again. I've added material and made more edits to CoD, I've started several new 'fic ideas, plotted more scenes across the whole of everything... I'd say I'm getting back on track!

Here's the thing: You, the readers, don't see any of this. I know that, and I think that may frustrate some of you as you wait for my new chapters or the like. I understand that I took on a rather daunting challenge in CoD to write such a massive story and things like this are bound to happen as I work my way through it. So, I guess, I started thinking about that.

A lot of people have issues with spoilers. They don't want them, they just want to get to that point in the story and experience it for themselves. I'm like that; it's why I don't know about the BL2 ending and don't want to read anything about the new Pirate DLC. I'm happy just waiting until I reach it to find out what happens.

On the other hand, there are other people who simply don't care, and would probably just like to see something for all my talk about all this random writing I've been doing.

Well, here's my little apostrophe (epiphany / lightning has just struck my brain / that must have hurt; thank you Hook, you've ruined me)... I have a Photobucket account where I upload all my reference material. I also have a deviantArt account, which I don't really use it for anything at all. So I've been thinking... it has that whole "scraps" section I can put stuff in. So here's the question:

Would you, readers in general, like me to upload the little bits and pieces, scene ideas, dialogue script-skeletons, and general "story-stuff" across the various fandoms and genres? Yes, it will likely spoil the living Hell out of the various stories I'm entertaining at the moment. On the other hand, it also gives me a chance for feedback from a larger base. Some stories are technically written in full--dialogue, events, etc. All they lack is detail... the actual pretty-work done for making them fully fleshed-out, well-written stories. Others are just as the section might imply: scraps. They're one-scene drabbles or a few lines of dialogue and actions here or there. Others are actually unfinished works, like my L4D2 fic that gets about 80 pages in... but has yet to be finished. What's there is more than fair, though.

Obviously, the quality of this work--as well as whether or not I keep these stories or ideas is in flux. I've already stated that sometimes my stories merge, my interest dies, or I'm unhappy with the idea and sometimes scrap it. Even so, everything would be something I've put thought into... and therefore would be something someone might be interested in reading. Maybe it will inspire others, maybe it will spark discussion, maybe it'll just flood the internet with lesbian fiction. Whatever the case, I consider all these things positive. Heh.

Another reason for me to consider this is that, along with the feedback from fans on my works in progress, it will probably drive me more to complete the various stories. You know, getting the ideas out there where people can see them begins to build expectation. I'll be the first to admit I procrastinate, but having something of a half-way obligation might get me moving faster. I don't know; it's one of those things I'll only figure out once it's started and in action.

Of course, this doesn't help people who don't like or want spoilers... and this is still an idea I'm kicking around, but haven't committed to, yet. If anyone's interested in this idea, PM me and let me know! Regardless of the response (or lack thereof), I'll be discussing this with my friends and Betas. Depending on what the general response is, I may be posting a huge load of in-progress writing to dA in the near future.

So PM me if you feel like it with your thoughts and feelings on this! Thanks in advance! Regardless, I'll keep you updated on this idea/endeavor. See you in the next update.

HISTORY - 04-14-12
Hey! Everyone, I'm not dead--or maybe I'm undead (that'd be much better than my current state of affairs, I'd warrant)... The latter's unlikely, though. But I'm just fine, actually! Normally, I'd wait until either the end of the month or the beginning of a month to post an update. However, I feel that it's been far too long and I need to keep everyone in the loop!

You see, my computer was having some major troubles. Internet connections were apparently okay, but I couldn't download or upload anything without it corrupting. Youtube and other streaming video sites were failing to load their videos and often the video would stall and fail whenever it did manage to play--and that would happen repeatedly every few seconds, requiring me to refresh the page just to see a video. I couldn't manage file transfers on AIM without them failing (at 99%, no less! Gah!!).

In short, my computer was going FUBAR on teh internetz. It might have been my network card, it might have been the OS, or it coulda been any other number of things. Whatever the case, I needed to really fix it. So I spent a good, long while backing up all my files.

My PC is custom built, I should mention, and thusly there's no manufacturer I can simply ship it off to and make them fix it for me. So this was all on me. I wiped the machine down to the ground--wiped the OS, deleted the hard drive's partitions, even flashed the BIOS back to factory standard. I brainwashed the bitch.

So, I reloaded my clean Vista 64 onto it. Well... I went about updating the thing, but something went wrong again! An update kept failing... and then several more updates continued to fail. After my dad and I sat down with it for a full day trying to figure it out, we finally gave up. I wiped the PC ... again... And this time, when I reinstalled Windows, things appeared to be working just fine.

The updates went by fairly quickly and I'm enjoying my PC once more! However... it was utterly void of all my usual programs! So I've been reinstalling the programs, but some of them had updates to make to them. Newer versions were out on the net that I needed or wanted. That took time, too.

I still don't have all the programs I had before, sadly. I'm still striving for some of them. In addition, there's the matter of my games. I haven't installed as many games as I had last time. I don't want to drag my system down. For now, my saved games and other game installers are on the 500 gig external hard drive that I use as my back-up (my computer uses a 1 TB hdd).

Now... here's the bit that's important to you guys!

My stories are not currently transferred over to the PC, yet. All my writings are still on the external hard drive. I got Win Word loaded on here, but I've been holding off on transferring anything over. I wanted to wait and see if my PC could take everything I needed/wanted on it without any conflicts or problems. So far, it's been going swimmingly. File transfers work, streaming videos work, downloads work... Things are looking good! I have declared the testing phase is over and I now feel that my PC is stable enough to put things back on it without fear of it spontaneously crashing on me or necessitating me to wipe it and reinstall Windows a third time.

Even though I haven't been posting updates here on FFnet, I have still been working on my stories! Turns out that, in Chronicle of Darkness, Chapter 26 is done... and I'm looking at 27 and thinking it will be done soon, too. As 27 is reaching the 30-page mark, I'm thinking of splitting it into 27 and 28.

You may be asking... 'Why aren't I getting 26, then?! Post it, you OCD bastard!' ...Well, I've been thinking about it, honestly. I may just do that. 26-28 are looking to be a three-part ending to the Third Arc of my story. I should just finish up 27 and post those two... then settle for finishing up 28 as I go instead of waiting to post the whole three-part thing together. I'm going to look through things and see what it takes.

Here's the catch, though (I know, you were thinking you'd get away with everything, weren't you?)... I've got NEW content for many of the previous chapters. I'm pretty much done tweaking them (for now). I did all my editing in the Master Document. I type everything in one, big Word document (meaning that my .DOC file is about 460 pages long). I need to replace the old stuff in my individual Chapter documents. Then I'll be uploading those to FFnet.

Catch number two: this one's not on me! FFnet loves to butcher Word documents. I don't know why, I've never questioned them on it. I do know that I usually have to go through each of my chapters carefully and sort out any issues it has. Usually, that means taking out Curly Brackets ( {these things} ) and replacing them with Number Sign ( # )... which I think blows; my story looks much better with the curly brackets around Com-messages. Another thing that, in the past, it has hated with a passion is the em dash ( — )... and that meant replacing it with the less definitive double-dash (--). That grew old really fast. It's possible FFnet simply hates objects that are too long or too curvy; I've had issues with it deleting the tilde ( ) before. It also lacks any fondness whatsoever for centered text (I swear, it's just being finicky when I press the Center Text button); often, I've wondered if I couldn't just go into the HTML and fix it--I can and would do that... I'm fair with HTML.

By the way, if you don't see anything in parentheses, that's because FFnet sucks and it got rid of the example items I was speaking of. ...So at worst, you'll see exactly what I mean, and at best, it means FFnet hates me less than I thought... and possibly means less formatting for me! We'll see what happens when I press "Update Profile"

While I'm doing this, I do believe I will go through my master document and through my individual Chapter files as I replace them... and start adding in "--" or the like; because I've noticed just clicking the Horizontal Rule Button tends to have... adverse... effects on my story formatting. I've also been looking for an excuse to change my document to 12 pt space After Paragraphs. Things look neater that way. It's bound to make my CoD Master Document rather large... but it will be much more legible.

I type most of my Teen Titans stories with 12pt After Paragraphs, these days. CoD predated that tendency, so if I'm gonna go at this thing for its revamp, I might as well go the whole nine yards.

You know what I'd like? INDENTS. But I'll take what I can get. Just keep in mind that, with as much text as I have to go through, it will likely take me about two or three days to go through ALL my chapters and format them for FFnet.

And now... MOAR! I have a surprise for you. No, not a fake surprise--a real surprise, with tragic consequences! It's a new plot-bunny. A Portal 2 fic! It's ChellDOS (I'm guessing you're not surprised... but feel free to waddle your way over to the story when I finish it). I've named it "Mute Surrender." I must say, if you finished both Portal 1 and 2, then you must really, really love to Test. I'm sure you will enjoy this one. For science. You monsters.

Anyway... now you know what's going on with me and what everything's going to take. I'm gonna see what I can do about tying up 27 and shifting things over into 28... then post 26 and 27. I hope you'll bare through this with me. I'm just glad to have a working PC, now!

See everyone soon!

EDIT - Wow, somehow my profile got some weird editing copy-pasta junk from where I was editing CoD. Well, that's fixed. Carry on! I will update this profile yet again once I have all my file over on the PC's hard drive and I begin the whole CoD formatting. Right now, it's gonna be a waiting game as about 300 Gigs of data comes over USB from the external hard drive.

HISTORY - 12-31-11 / 01-01-12
Happy Merry Solstice, Chrismahanukwanzakah, Festivus, and New Years! I was really hoping to give everyone a Christmas Update for Chapter 27. Unfortunately, the more I write, the more I come up with things to add to the scenes. In a way, this is good, because it gives more substance to the chapter. However, by the same token, it's delaying my updating something awful. I'm trying to hone down on things and get everyone some new material.

That said, I am also the proud owner of the F.E.A.R. series, and recently got Batman: Arkham City. I've owned and beaten Arkham Asylum, I've plenty of games to keep me busy on the side. That said, when I first started Pandora, I'd no idea I would springboard into ideas for Hope while I was playing FEAR 1... And as I play through FEAR 2, I'm realizing that many of the ideas I had were darkly mirrored there. It's strange--right down to the psychic amplifier (or telesthetic amplifier, as the case may be in FEAR 2).

I haven't beaten FEAR 2, but I've been working at it. I'm close! I go for thorough exploration and completion. I am OCD about looking everything, discovering everything, drawing my own conclusions and conjecture... just running about in a world and finding explanations to questions I have that are not provided in the game. My friends and I have long discussions about such things. This is a game that easily provides plenty of material for discussion. So I look forward to playing it and discovering FEAR 3's stuff after I'm done...

Hope is an interesting character and I'm not sure where she would fit, if she would fit anywhere at all, in my fanfiction. I'm actually considering tossing her into The Vampire Spirit universe, my original Vampire story. I think both Pandora and Hope would find a nice home there. I just need a few fleshed out details... I might even be able to spin Senka in there. That trifecta will definitely suffice when I get Senka in good hands; she'll be the fulcrum upon which things turn, but isn't truly the most important character.

Senka is another character I created a while back. She's not nice or even all that good. She was raised from birth as an assassin for an ancient Arab, nomadic tribe leader--his name was Zulfiqar. Zulfiqar was a power-hungry bastard who was amassing said power fairly quickly, what with Senka eliminating competition in such a way that could not be linked to him. Senka was the silent string he could pull.

Zulfiqar's daughter, Saray, was not quite as power-hungry or conceited as her father. In fact, she was quite demure. It was fate's hand that brought the two women to meet. Saray knew nothing of Senka's profession or that she worked for her father, but they began consorting. Later, they became lovers. When Zulfiqar discovered this, and to allay fears of other tribes that the unknown assassin really was his agent, he sought to cover it up by ousting Senka as the assassin and condemning her to death.

Senka, in fits of rage at the betrayal, accused Zulfiqar of the treachery--herself being only the instrument. Zulfiqar put her through an Ordeal by Fire, to discover the truth--and even when a hot, branding knife cut her tongue, she continued to curse Zulfiqar. Fearing her words and her cursings might bring preternatural misfortune to him, Zulfiqar had his wisemen craft a cursed dagger... and stabbed her, trapping her soul within it.

Senka was tossed to the sands, so that the accursed object and its darkness would not linger in Zulfiqar's tribe. It was later found, as these stories go, and traded hands, was lost, and found again many times. Senka remains trapped in the dagger, freed only in total servitude to her masters throughout the millennia. She is bitter, and quite possibly insane by now. Many of her past wielders have died, usually by her conniving. Though consigned to servitude of those that wield the dagger, she is still capable of a staggering level of subterfuge.

Who can heal her mind and free her body? Perhaps no one, but her part to play in Fate is not yet over. While she has lost all faith and hope, Hope has not lost faith. With Pandora and Hope driving towards an event horizon, there's no telling what the end result will be. The world may only watch and pray that Hope does not become jaded, that Pandora not become a tyrant, and that Senka pulls herself from her hate.

I'm considering this to be a latter story arc that could take place after the major events of The Vampire Spirit; wherein Melphast, an Arch-Demon (though unlikely an Arch Lord), attempted to subjugate and corrupt the Mortal Realm's world of Earth. The book or books involved in this are going to be quite lengthy... but the universe I'm building has much to offer. And there's still the matter of various Wers and the Falkenrath family's story.

Yes, in my stories, Werewolves will be present--and there will be no fursplosions. All tastefully done; the good stuff you've come to like about Wers, with my personal signature twist of lore. I don't really want to go into too much detail--I'd be typing all day at that rate--but one of my main characters is a Japanese girl of 14 years who had a run-in with a rogue Werewolf. After being trampled and slicing her forearms on its open, panting maw, Amaya makes an astonishing recovery. Everything seems miraculous... until her first transformation.

After a panicking run, Amaya winds up in an entertainment district, where she is discovered by a nightclub called the Prowler's Den. It is no ordinary club, and Hitomi--its owner, a Wereleopard (more accurately, a half-Wereleopard)--takes her in until Amaya can change back. Afterward, Hitomi sits down with Amaya and her family to help them adjust... And, to keep an eye on her, provides Amaya with something of a job at the Prowler's Den. The P.D. is an exclusive club that allows supernaturals of all sorts, provided they don't cause a ruckus. Hitomi is not just the owner of the site; when her father (he's the Wereleopard) still owned the site, before passing it to her as he expanded the franchise into new locations around the world, she worked for her father as a bouncer. Hitomi, in her obvious position of leadership, and the other Wers (though not strictly Werewolves), make up an odd, mixed pack for Amaya as she deals with the changes in her life as she grows.

Enough on Amaya and Hitomi. On to the Falkenraths! The Falkenraths fit nicely into the "average" Vampire's world in The Vampire Spirit. While TVS itself deals with the elite of the Vampire's warriors, the Trackers, the Falkenrath storyline deals with a family--not entirely made of Vampires, mind you--of Vampires and their introduction to Allie. Allison Durant is an artist in your average city. She's fairly successful and life is good.

Well, it was before she found herself being chased by thug Vampires (unscrupulous Vampires known by upstanding Vampires as "dregs") for their amusement before the feed. They corner her in a cemetery, but lose her when she runs into the the Falkenrath Family cemetery, which adjoins the rest of the cemetery. This plot of land is off limits, the dregs well know, as the Falkenrath family is an esteemed and old family that does not put up with ruffians.

Allie winds up under the temporary care of the Falkenraths as she realizes she's been thrown into a world she's only perceived in books and movies. Vampires--real? Well, it seems so... and Corinna Falkenrath, who prefers the name 'Cory,' has taken it upon herself to befriend Allie. With the veil of the world peeled back a bit more, Allie will have to make some decisions about how to deal with the new elements that have taken interest in her life.

So... Hope, Pandora, and Senka; Amaya and Hitomi; and Allie and the Falkenraths. Tacking those three chunks of the world into TVS will make for a rather expanded universe, but that's fine with me.

What else is there? ...Ah, yes!

I've been looking over my Teen Titans stuff--most recently, the bits involving Jessie, Abigail, Mara, Falcon, and Sabi. These are all within the continuity of To Catch a Raven and No Laughing Matter. I've been making tweaks and additions to scenes here and there, fleshing out ideas, and just generally getting a better understanding of the world and the characters' interplays. I couldn't be bothered to list all the things I'm doing with the various story arcs. It's just progress made.

My first priority, however, is to finish CoD's Chapter 27. That remains the big thing, so I'll deal with other stuff afterward.

Anyhow, that's me for now. Sorry that I've been quiet, but things have been busy over here what with holidays, trying to finish this chapter, and getting tons of useful stuff from the FEAR series. I'll keep working, that's for sure!

EDIT - 01-12-12 - Just finished FEAR 3. ...Just... Wow, okay. That's a screwed up series. When I said they were a dark mirror of my ideas? I didn't quite mean that dark. This last game really dug for the gold of gruesome with Fettel's ending. Taking in the series as a whole, I'm pretty glad I went the way I did with Pandora and Hope--which is overall less depressing!

HISTORY - 11-15-11
Yes, yes, I know--it's late again. But seriously, I've been writing the Hell out of myself, recently. I've had ideas, scenes, characters--you name it! Well, I'll tell you this much, CoD fans... I've made some pretty big things for you. I've started writing a future scene that won't take place for god knows how many chapters; I can't tell you about it, but I can say that if you liked the tension and chaos brought about in Pitch Black, you're gonna be loving that scene. Furthermore, there's an upcoming series of fights in CoD, as well. I've been working on the details of those--and one fight scene in particular that is going to blow your minds! In addition, I'm steadily heading for the two final parts of Chapter 27.

When I finish that, it's going to be uploaded with 26. So you'll get not only the revamped chapters 1 through 25, but 26 AND 27 together. Not that I'm going to force anyone to read through all 400-something pages, but I would recommend going through the story just to see what's been added. I know it's been a damn long while since I've updated, but with so many stories and my Obsessive Compulsive attitude toward not posting what isn't finished and polished... that makes it difficult to actually put out stuff when I'm not done.

However, I've come up with two, maybe three RaeJinx stories, fleshed out some aforementioned ones, and even plotted out a few Kim Possible ideas. Yes, I know, I know nothing of the KP universe, but the ideas won't stop coming! I should really stop reading so much Kigo... but it's not going to happen.

My Diablo II idea has also gained yet another facet, with the whole Forgotten Tower quest; I've woven more history into the whole Countess thing and I feel it's compelling. Though the Countess is dead, the Tower's cellar levels remain inhabited by something. Our heroes--Dari, Heather, and Rajani--now find themselves in those very cellar floors. What awaits them down there, amidst the death and decay? Andariel isn't the only one back from the dead and causing a fuss, now!

I also came up with a new Hunter-Zoey mini-idea... but there's no real plot around it--just a scene; a particularly raunchy scene at that, so no dealing with that idea until it's beyond PWP. Speaking of L4D2, I've done some in-depth planning on A Mercy Killing, and now AMK is pretty much ready to finish whenever I get the zombie-writing-bug again.

Recently, I've been watching AMC's The Walking Dead--and it's wicked awesome! BTW, I hate Shane. Sorry fans, but he's a lying, selfish dick. On a scale of -10, 0, and 10... he's resting at about -7 or -8 for me. I'm so close to Shane-bashing it's not even funny. But you need some unlikable people to make the drama happen--and let me tell you, the drama is absolutely wicked! It's realistic and doesn't feel slapstick. The number one reason I hate dramas is because I can never get into them; they always seem fake. This feels like a true take on zombie apocalypse. McZombies, I'm lovin' it. ZomWay--Eat Flesh! Okay, okay--stopping, now.

On a side note... I got the FEAR collection. Oh, my God, the ideas I've been having. I've revamped one of my characters--a villain of mine I've had for ages in the role-playing setting--and decided to use her as a springboard for another character. Pandora (yes, she's a character in CoD, but CoD's Pandora is nothing like Pandora DeMikke) is a supernatural creature that has the power to emit a black, viral smoke whenever she uses her voice. Anything she drinks becomes pitch black and contaminated. The smoke has a limited range of about 15 yards, and after that its effects (even in water) become inert. What does this viral smoke do? Well, it enslaves the will anyone who inhales, imbibes, or has it contact open wounds... and they become willing servants of hers.

Pandora isn't the same Pandora of Greek mythology, but she is looking for the fabled "Pandora's Box"--which is really a jar. This Pandora of mysterious origins has taken it upon herself to right the wrongs of mankind (what the Greeks attributed to the ancient Pandora). The jar holds great power... and thus is just what she needs to fix things. And yes, she is altruistic in her endeavors--but enslaving mankind to do it kind of defeats the purpose. But hey, she's a villain character...

After her capture by the International Paranormal Agency, and subsequently her escape... and then her recapture... (Yes, she was a nuisance.) Normally, there wouldn't have been a recapture; I usually RP her having escaped. However, for the sake of my new idea, they finally catch her and just locked her away. She was too dangerous to let her gather another will-enslaved force. This is where FEAR spawned ideas. I continued down this line and had the IPA suffer the loss of its Chairperson. The Board of Directors subsequently appointed a new Chairperson--and she decided to open a new project. It would utilize a clone of Pandora--a controllable asset where Pandora could not be cowed.

Project Hope was a stunning success, with a powerful psionic girl. Hope was helpful and relatively innocent. Things were going well... Or, they were, until Pandora sent a telepathic 'Hello' to Hope. For a while, nothing came of it--but then Hope decided to say 'Goodbye' to the IPA. Now Hope is lost--literally and possibly figuratively if the worst should happen. Will Hope become another Pandora? Will Hope free Pandora? Nobody knows exactly what Hope's goal is... and it terrifies them.

Okay! That's enough of Pan and Hope. I've rambled pages of this to my betas already and... yeah. But hey! If you wanna hear more about any of the topics in these status updates, just PM me!

I'm actually going to tackle more of Chapter 27, now. I was hoping to have it done for a Halloween update, but it didn't happen. I'm aiming for a Thanksgiving or Christmas update, now. We'll see what happens!

HISTORY - 10-03-11
My utmost and sincerest apologies for the silence of late, but I hit a hard patch of life and it's been screwing with my ability to keep up with my hobbies. I'm not quite in the best of moods as I write this, mostly because I haven't been able to keep up with the things I've wanted to. Namely, writing on CoD and numerous other things. Most of the time, when I finally get a break from things, I don't feel like writing. I've been mentally exhausted for quite some time.

I filled most of my free time with distracting games and talking about my stories with betas and fellow writers. My stories are never far from my mind, if not constantly at the forefront. There's lot of interesting stuff rolling around in my head, but I only work on one focal point at a time, which makes the plethora of ideas I usually have quite difficult to manage.

I came up with a new a couple new idea for stories, but I haven't been capable of doing too much with them--either in getting the ideas down or anything. Nevertheless, I'll give you a quick rundown of them so that they aren't coming out of the blue or the like.

The first idea is based on Diablo II (and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction). It features one of the young Rogues from the Rogue Encampment and Andariel, who--by great Necromantic power--has been bound into a physical body and soul. Though not Human, Andariel has been granted an existence no longer linked with the Burning Hells. However, the destruction of the World Stone has brought back the unimaginable, and the Three Prime Evils have been resurrected. To protect her new life, Andariel will have to oppose the very Hells with which she was once aligned. With no memory of her past life as the Maiden of Anguish, how can young 'Dari' triumph over such odds?

The second idea is another RaeJinx. It involves a classy gentleman's club, wherein one of their dancers has disappeared due to some form of Demonic abduction. Nobody saw anything and the electronic surveillance didn't pick up any clues, either. How? And why is this happening? To answer that and find the missing girls, Raven is called in to deal with the Demonic problem. To do this, Raven makes an astonishing decision: she's going under cover.

So... those ideas and CoD have been rattling around. To my minuscule credit, I now only have one scene left to complete before the latest chapters of CoD are uploaded. I'm looking forward to bringing it to you, but my ability to write is mostly depending upon outside influences. I'm doing my best to mitigate that, but I refuse to simply ramble out some half-ass script. As always, I'll endeavor to bring everyone quality writing. I don't really care how long that takes me, but it's coming along as best I can manage.

I'll try to keep up with my profile entries more, as I really hate that I went 'off radar' for a few months with no warning. Anyway, that's me for now. Maybe in time my mood will improve. I'm sorry that this isn't a longer note or with much awaited news of updates or the like, but that's the way life works, sometimes. Until next update.

HISTORY - 07-04-11
I was going to post at the end of the month, but then I realized it was close to Independence Day. So... HAPPY BOOM-BOOM DAY!

With that done, it’s update time! I’ve got some really good news!

The latest chapter of CoD is (truly) nearing completion. It’s likely going to be chopped up, because as of now it’s 34 pages and has only two—that’s right, two—more scenes left before I’m done! I’ve been writing on the latest stuff recently, trying to get everyone a new chapter or two so that they can see I’m actually doing something... heh. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. I’ll keep going at it and I think you’ll enjoy where it’s going.

In addition, I’ve come up with two or three more future scenes for CoD. There’s a ton of fleshing out of future arcs going on, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

I had a small bit of scene added to a little Kim Possible plot bunny. I’ve never watched the show, but the fanfics have spawned ideas in my head so... yeah, best to at least get something out of it. Tentatively titled “Old Wounds.” That one’s not likely to see light of day anytime soon... but it’s fun to think about every now and then.

My friend got me Terraria out of the blue and now he’s got me addicted to both that and Minecraft—I swear, he wants me driven to total distraction with videogames. Heh. Even so, I’m buckling down and getting into the meat of things, now.

Also, I have a bunch of reviews to answer for Practices in Patience—I haven’t forgotten about my reviewers! I’ve just been preoccupied writing and gaming, but your reviews are very much appreciated! I’ll be sending out more personalized responses to my reviews soon, as I like to keep up relations with my readers.

Well, I’d best get writing if I want to get things done. I’ll keep everyone informed!

HISTORY - 06-07-11
Okay, okay! I have no excuse, I’m super late on the update and it’s because my birthday rolled around. I got some wicked Sennheiser headphones that are absolutely monster. Gotta love quality sound! I also got Portal 2 and King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame’s complete set... and then there’s Minecraft, which I grow more addicted to every day, it seems. Between that and the zombie-goodness of Left 4 Dead 2, I’ve been finding myself very, very distracted.

But fear not, I have not been idle! “Key to Happiness” has grown some, and is nearing the latter end of its plot. While I haven’t made much headway with Chapter 26 of “Chronicle of Darkness,” that’s actually not because of the games! My mind’s been stuck in the future, recently. Last time I mentioned I had two scenes written for the future of CoD; happening in future arcs. Well... that’s changed. I now have one scene all skeletoned out with lots and lots of dialogue for the Sixth Arc. That one’s gonna rock! I won’t say much, but I will say that it has everyone’s favorite, creepy Doctor—Sorin cel Rau!

Furthermore, those two scenes I’ve mentioned in the last update? I’ve titled them part of a “Loose Ends” series. That’s a part of the stories where I’m tying up the plot and ending the story. I’ve added yet a third to this group. The Loose Ends scenes take place in the Ninth Arc—so very end of the story.

Lastly, I have recently come up with five—that’s right—five scenes for the Necromonger Arc (that’s the Seventh Arc).

I know this is frustrating for readers, but my mind’s been all over the place and I figure if I’m going to write randomly, I might as well write within the story I already have down.

Okay, last thing on the list right now is the newest story. It’s just a short thing, under 1,000 words (total: 765) that struck me. The idea hit me and I knew it was short. The thing is actually a challenge sort of thing... not a major challenge, just something I wanted to try. It turned out pretty well, in my opinion. It’s a RaeJinx and contains something of a departure from my usual writing style. That’s okay, though—that was the point.

I’ve gotta add this tiny sucker to the list of stories. It’s complete and a oneshot, so there won’t be any further chapters or the like from that. It was merely a slight veering from my focus on other things. Anyhow, that’s it for now. I’ll probably put up another update at the end of this month just so I don’t foul up my updates’ spacing anymore than usual. Heh.

HISTORY - 04-30-11
Well, I’ve made a lot of strange progress. That is, I have at least two scenes written for the future of CoD... which are not part of Chapter 26, because they happen in other Arcs. They kept bugging me and I had to put them to paper. As for Chapter 26... I’m not entirely sure where I stand with that. I have 28 pages of it—that’s enough for a chapter, obviously. But right smack dab in the middle of said chapter are two or three scenes that are not written. These are the very last scenes left to write and they may well take up another 10 to 15 pages. I would not be surprised to see Chapter 26 hit 40 pages. If that occurs, I will be splitting Chapter 26 into two... in which case, I will be giving everyone Chapter 26, Chapter 27 and the Chapter 26 & 27 Glossary (which will be posted as Chapter 28, and then replaced with Chapter 28 story as usual, with 29 becoming the Glossary... and so on and so on).

If you look at it that way, CoD 26 is either 75 percent finished... or 150 percent finished (putting me a good ways into 27). Take your pick.

I know lots of people have been waiting for this and it has been a year since my last update. There’s simply been so much going on with the plot—ideas springing up, details being hammered out—that Chapter 26 itself has been sidelined a LOT. Include in all this my other ideas—the various plots for Teen Titans and... Hell, everything—look at my Writing Status section to see what I mean! I have tons of story ideas in mind and I can only write where my current interest lies.

That being said, I have been making slow progress with 26; every time I tell people that I’m working on it, I am. A paragraph here, a page or two there... It’s slow, but sometimes the best I can do. The past two months have been best for me. That is not only because of the wealth of ideas I’ve come up with for other stories, but for the sheer fact that I’ve written about 15 pages of material over the past two months in CoD alone. Comparatively, I’ve probably written about 40 pages of skeleton material.

I needn’t tell anyone about the 90-page skeleton outline I have for “Slave to Fortune,” I’ve mentioned it often enough. So if you count things like that in my total, I’ve probably written a good 200 pages since I put CoD’s Chapter 25 out.

Then there’s that whole thing with “Key to Happiness” and the language, which I’m enjoying. Follow that with Minecraft and Left 4 Dead 2... potent, addictive distractions they are.

And to sum everything up, I have my “Chronicle of Darkness Playlist.” I now have 41 songs... though I don’t know where I’m gonna fit the latest song. Amusingly, I’ve decided that I want one more song to complete my playlist. That’s right; I want 42 songs comprising the CoD Playlist.

I am doing my best to work through my writer’s block and usually writer’s block only provides me with other story ideas. That’s why I have so many. You can be sure that 26 is in progress. I never forget about it or set it aside, either. The Chapter 26 document is ALWAYS open on my task bar. It, the CoD master document, and usually two other stories (sometimes three or four) constitute my usual Word files. Currently, the documents I have open are CoD master, CoD 26, a future scene for CoD, Key to Happiness, and a document that will likely become the basis of Abigail Torres and Mara Roth’s story (I mentioned them as characters in a sequel to the unwritten “No Laughing Matter”).

Hm... So my focus currently seems to be in the Riddick and DC universe. I’m okay with that!

Anyhow, that’s me for this month. I hope everyone can be a little patient with me. I’m trying to complete so many things, I’m not quite sure how I’m even making progress... but I am, even if you’re not seeing it. I plan to keeping working until I can show everyone the fruits of my labor. Thanks to everyone who’s been sticking with me!

HISTORY - 03-27-11
Okay, so this update should be short, for all I’ve been doing recently. I’m gonna try to keep this short and simple. Heh.

First thing first: made a bit of progress with Chronicle of Darkness’ Chapter 26, but I’ve not found that flow necessary to write with it for the current scene. I need that mood for it, which is actually hampering things just a tad. Eventually, I expect to just sit down, start writing, and see what comes of it. I’m kind of annoyed with just waiting around for the flow; I’m gonna go out and find it, methinks.

Second, I’ve been making more songs with my trial version of FL Studio. Granted, my songs are nothing super special, but I feel they carry the mood well. My songs are simple and, as I am using a synthesizer program and don’t have all the bells and whistles (or experience with their utilities), mostly techno with undertones of rock or classical music. My betas have responded positively to most of the songs, despite my novice hand at music.

I’ve got about 48 songs, but so far, only 35 of them have made it to the CoD soundtrack. Some of them just don’t really fit. My latest two songs I’ve not added to the sound track... not because they wouldn’t fit, but because I can’t think of an appropriate area to put them in relation to my plot. Every track in the CoD soundtrack relates to a part of the story... so my recent stuff might not make it in, if I can’t think of a character, place, or event that they seem to fit.

Nevertheless... Currently, the soundtrack is currently 35 tracks, which amount to 4h 5m 18s of music. The tracks vary in length from 2:44 (the shortest, but my favorite) to 17:08. The longer tracks aren’t common, but neither are the short ones. Most of my stuff rests in the 3 to 8 minute range. I hope you’ll enjoy it when I get around to posting.

Third, I forgot to add one of my stories. “Huntress”—tentatively titled—is a Left 4 Dead story featuring Zoey. For more information, you can check out January’s post (01-21-11) below, in the fifth and sixth paragraphs. I’m going to add that to my Writing Status section.

Lastly, I’ve been playing Minecraft a lot and I hit a point where I needed to break from it. Therefore, I picked up Left 4 Dead 2 again and I’ve been enjoying No Mercy and the new Cold Stream Beta! Even though it’s still in beta, it’s awesome. I applaud his use of motion physics with water, lighting, and slow motion. Very cinematic! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

So anyway, that’s me for this month.

HISTORY - 02-28-11
So sorry that I missed this month’s deadline. It’s currently March 5th... I had everything set up and I really thought I had posted! When scrolling down to check out some of my favorite stories, I noticed my last post was still January! Eck. Well, here it is—better late than never. It’s kinda like Valve Time, I guess? I’ll give you what I had prepared for last month and a little bit extra.

I’m writing on Chronicle of Darkness again! That’s right! Chapter 26 is underway! I’ve got the writing bug back for this particular story and I’m making headway as best I can. It’s slow, mostly because I’m writing from an awkward series of POVs. I suppose it’s not a spoiler to say who features in the chapter, but I won’t give you specifics on the scenes. For that, you’ll just have to wait. I was writing from Zimmy, Kristen Rileigh (that’s Rach’s mom, if you didn’t remember), Terry Chen (one of Zimmy’s mercs; formerly of Toombs’ team), and Vincent Tachygnic (Jack’s therapist). Barring Zimmy, these are not POVs that I normally write. The ‘camera angle’ felt weird. But I got through those!

I’m now heading into the main character chunk of my story—and a major event that I’ve had planned for almost three years. I hope you like it, it’s gonna be wild. I’ll grant, it’s not super important in the overall scheme of things. Certainly, it’s action packed... and it will lead to many other things, however it’s not one of those ‘ZOMG’ revealing moments. Just some action that I’ve put down in my head. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it.

I’ve got skeleton and finished product for a large portion of the chapter. There’s not much left but to connect the dots between scenes. Zimmy, Kristen, Terry, and Vincent’s scenes are final product, but Jack, Riddick, and Rach’s scenes are all skeleton and loosely defined. Regardless, I’m plugging away and I’m finally happy with CoD’s previous chapters. All I have to do is chop the revised master document into individual chapters... When I am finished with 26, everything gets replaced. So if you see an update soon telling you of a new chapter and Glossary for CoD... and you wanna reread stuff to get back into the story? There’s new stuff! Enjoy!

I’ve been talking with my betas and there’s a lot of new stuff going on with CoD; I’ve rethought previous plots—they’ve gained depth and detail. The future of the story is very well charted at this point, it’s just going to take time to get there. The things I’ve been discussing are way far ahead... things concerning Necromongers, things concerning the last Main Character, things surrounding events in Arcs 6 and beyond. To note, We’ve just finished the third Arc—and each Arc is roughly 150 pages. So figure the things I’ve been talking about with my betas are somewhere between 300 and 450 pages in the future.

Next up, I’ve added more stuff to Slave to Fortune. It’s a pet project that I’m slowly tweaking to perfection. There’s also Key to Happiness. I do stuff here and there on them for breaks during CoD.

Recently? I’m addicted to Minecraft!! Being quite OCD... something that gives me a perfectly square world to build and dig and craft to my heart’s content? Dear God, they shouldn’t have. It’s still in beta, but it’s fun as all Hell! So if I’m not writing... you can probably blame Minecraft.

Next change... let’s see... I’ve decided to give a full year of updates in the Author Status here. I may not even delete old posts anymore—I’m not sure. I like the old posts; sometimes they remind me of things I’ve forgotten. Regardless, I’m gonna stop deleting these things and just let the updates scroll... my profile page is gonna get long.

After this, I’ve also decided to finally update my WOMP and Writing Status sections. You’ll notice that there are a ton more stories in the Writing Status section. That’s because I finally got around to listing all the stories I’m working on (both actively and those on hold). So now you’ll finally get to see the descriptions of stories I’ve been talking about here in the Author Status section! Also, the Writing Status section is going to change in order. Nothing major; just alphabetizing the stories.

This post isn’t as long as the others before it, but that’s okay... I’ve been busy with other things, namely writing. I’m sure everyone would prefer I write more rather than post these long updates. Heh.

Well, that’s all from me for now, check out the sections, you’ll see what’s new!

HISTORY - 01-21-11
Okay, so I missed December’s update. This message will probably make up for that, so strap in—it’s a long one.

Happy Merry Belated Solstice, Chrismahanukwanzakah, Festivus, and New Years! A lot has been happening, lately. My personal life took a very busy and involved spin these past two months and I’ve found myself alternately rushed and lethargic. I’ve had a bunch of doctor’s appointments... ophthalmologists, neurologists, dermatologists... Eck. And that’s on top of everything else. On the topic of doctors, I just recently had a minor surgery. It was only a small excision just to the upper right of my right shoulder blade. It’s stitched up and moving my arm is a pain, both literally and figuratively. I get the stitches out next Thursday (the 27th). I am not a happy writer/gamer at the moment, because pain distracts me from using the keyboard and mouse. God, I’m sore. I haven’t heard back from the doc about whether or not the thing was cancerous, either. It’s another wonderful thing I have to worry about. Even so, I’m continuing to write.

I’ve been kind of scattered these past two months, and my writing reflects that. I got a random story idea and ran with it. It’s a RaeJinx idea, and it’s coming along nicely. CoD has been hard to write because I haven’t been able to focus on it with everything always throwing me off. I just want some time to look at my story, recap it briefly, and get written what I want written! They’re not complicated scenes, but I’ve created so many characters for so many stories, that when I don’t get a chance to immerse myself in the story, the scenes sometimes feel forced and fake. I need time to slip back into “Riddick-mode” to write. Obviously, I’ve been in a very odd place, stuck between “Left 4 Dead” and “Teen Titans” gears...

To that end, I have written a good chunk for my stories “A Mercy Killing” and “Slave to Fortune.” The new story I mentioned? It’s not really new, it’s just now getting written, though. It was previously known as RaeJinx idea 5... but now it’s titled “Key to Happiness.” I have 25 pages of KtH. Slave is at 89 pages, though most of it is skeleton description and dialogue. AMK is at 80 pages. Currently KtH and AMK are the ones that are growing, as I’ve had several ideas and such for both and I have the flow to write them.

I hate getting distracted like this, especially when I prefer to focus on other things, but I can only write as the muse provides the desire to write. CoD isn’t being abandoned—I want to write it, but my frame of mind has to be right for it. Typically that means I just plan out the scenes more and more. I’ve been doing research on fights and the various fights with Jack and Riddick are steadily growing and becoming more detailed and choreographed. So I’m not being idle with the story in any sense of the word.

On a related note to distractions, I actually came up with a second story for Left 4 Dead. I won’t say much about it, because I’ve only spoken about it with one of my Betas. There’s nothing written down on it, but I’ve spun out a few scene-ideas here and there in conversation... The story features two characters as the main story, but the other original survivors (Bill, Francis, Louis) remain heavily involved with everything. The two main characters are Zoey and Chicago TED! Now, I know there’s not much said about Chicago Ted, save the things you can see scrawled on walls. I read a ... ballad or something about him on a wall of a fan-map. It gave me ideas. The main plot of the story deals with one concept: Hunter-Zoey. No, that’s not a pairing! Yes, I’m aware that Zoey is considered an immune/carrier/whatever. But I’ve talked with my Beta long enough that I’m sure I can easily swing it. The pairing is Zoey/Ted... and it’s yuri. Ted is a guy, you might say... but I’ve an answer for that, too. No, I won’t ramble it all here. If you’re really interested, give me a PM and we can talk about it! Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait on this one.

Anyhow, I did consider a Witch-Zoey as her special infected status, but I already have a Witch in “A Mercy Killing.” I read some Hunter/Zoey pairings here on FFnet and found a few to my liking. Those, in combination with my interest in a Hunter-Zoey, spawned this idea. I thought of a title for this, and I decided to go with the stereotypical title... mostly because it fits the whole of the story—TED, Zoey, and plot. I’m tentatively calling it “Huntress.” Unfortunately, since I don’t have anything written down, I can’t even give you an idea of how much plot there is—it’s all in my head.

Okay, so let’s backtrack a bit.

Have you ever read one of those “love-witch” stories? If you don’t know what I mean, I’ll explain. You have an obvious (typically anime) OTP, but they’re oblivious to one another or too stubborn to get together. For example: Inu-Yasha and Kagome. The sexual tension between these two could burn down Inu-Yasha’s forest. Anyhow, things get to a point where you just want to... to throw them together and make them get together. Cue the “love-witch.” This is typically a mystical person who is making some kind of virgin sacrifice... To this end, the love-witch captures the OTP and holds them in a cell or dungeon... something like that, as the virgin (usually female) is the chosen sacrifice. Normally there’s a time limit on it—like the spell that will kill the virgin will be cast at dawn. So the chivalrous person (usually male) offers a solution: if the virgin is no longer a virgin, the spell will be broken!

You see where this is going?

Yeah, I’ve read a bunch of these in my time lurking across places like MediaMiner, FFnet, AFFnet, and other random fanfiction sites. I always thought it was contrived... It is, too; it’s one of the easiest ways to add a little plot to a PWP lemon. It gives the illusion of plot, when really it’s just an excuse. As I am wont to do, I like setting the “typical” on its ear. I work sideways to a plan or theory. If someone says, “That doesn’t work!” I look at it and find a way to make it work. It’s as much about making a mind-fuck as it is deriving my own amusement from making such a thing.

Welcome to “Key to Happiness.” This story took the “love-witch” idea and twisted it. Paper-thin plot? From me? Hah, I don’t think so. I actually sat down and thought up an involved plot and reason for everything. Furthermore, I used it as a springboard for other ideas. As some of you know—if you’ve checked my WOMP section—I have a few novels in the works. I have a Demonic element to one of them; there are summonings, deals, powers, magic... all that good stuff.

Well, “Key to Happiness” is a RaeJinx, as I said. I’ve tossed Jinx and Raven into a room with no escape. But then I thought—one room? Screw that! I’m gonna make sixteen. Then I realized I was going to be going heavily into magic. If anyone ever wondered about how I view magic working in my stories (the things Jinx and Raven do, typically)... that’s why I said KtH was a springboard. I used it as a speaker-piece for my magic system. No, it’s not just a boring exposition on magic... I made sure that there’s plenty of yuri and plot to keep the story interesting.

Wanna know something funny? Because this story involves Demons, I thought of a scene that has the Demonic language. This gave me pause—I don’t have a Demonic language. ...So I made one. Do you have any idea how involved it is to make verbs and tenses? Screwy gerunds and infinitives and modal verbs. Gah! Well, I’ve gotten a pretty good head start and I have the grammar down for this! This language mixes Latin, Spanish, English, and a bit of random personal likes regarding grammar and sentence structure.

Why, you may ask, would I do this for a simple fanfiction? That’s easy, I told you this was partially a springboard story. While providing everyone with delicious yuri and an amusing plot, I will also be furthering my research for my novels. By the end of this, I’ll have a language for the Demons in “The Vampire Spirit” and a reasonable and believable magical system. I dislike making magic a science, but I think there should be some particulars! So “Key to Happiness” will give you a glimpse of how I put things together... all to a backdrop of a lesbian get-together! Honestly, could it get any better?

Well, it does! I mentioned sixteen rooms, right? Yes, yes, I did. This “love-witch” dungeon thing has three rooms and a main chamber awaiting Jinx and Raven. ...But what about the other twelve rooms? Heh, well, that would be for the other people! That’s right, it’s more complicated than just one pairing. I’ve been able to make not one, not two, not three... but FIVE pairings for this story. Actually, there’s six, but that’s getting ahead of myself. With five pairings, even if I finish this RaeJinx part of the story... I can always go back and add in more story—tell the same story from another POV, another pairing. If you’re wondering: Yes, I already decided on the five pairings. I won’t tell you what the others are besides RaeJinx, but I will tell you it doesn’t just take all the Titans and pair them up. I felt that would be too obvious.

Hmm, I’ve rambled on quite a bit about KtH. Well, it is what’s on my mind. So there.

Finally, I have another bit of news for you. I’m sure everyone who read “To Catch a Raven” knows about my planned sequel, “No Laughing Matter.” Well, I’ve also thought a lot about it. I’ve also come up with three characters. Their names are Marcus, Mare, and Abigail. Now, I know I haven’t told people much about NLM in the first place, and that’s done on purpose. Here’s what I can tell you, though:

“No Laughing Matter” was long and involved. There was a lot of plot to deal with. It got to the point where I was slightly overwhelmed. In NLM, I introduce a character named Jessie. I can’t say much about her without spoiling a good chunk of NLM. Needless to say, Jessie plays a big part in NLM. Unfortunately, the more details I wrote down, the more I realized that there was no way I could fit this into a reasonable story. I’m honestly not trying to make NLM into another “Chronicle of Darkness.”

As I was writing NLM, I came up with Marcus, Mare, and Abigail. They started their own little arcs in the story. However, the more their arcs grew, the more I realized that they were pretty much all their own stories! So I stopped planning NLM, in a way. Now I have something like three stories. So the continuity will look something like “To Catch a Raven,” “No Laughing Matter,” Marcus’ story, then a story with Mare and Abigail.

A little bit of exposition on the characters, now...

Jessie, well... I already told you that I can’t really tell you much about her without spoiling this or that. She occasionally suffers from Fridge Brilliance and is probably best described as Malkavian, at times. Uh... I’ve probably said too much already. Heh. Moving on!

Marcus. Ah, he’s an interesting character and unashamedly random. You see, he’s a Satyr. I’m not going to pretend to explain it to you, I haven’t figured it out myself. I just had a Satyr named Marcus, all of the sudden... and he was doing stuff in Gotham. Things got involved. So there you go. There’s a whole big story about him making his life in Gotham and the complications that entails when you’re not... normal. There are gangs, mafias, Batman, drama, and spaghetti! Yes, there’s lots of spaghetti.

Mara Roth, a.k.a. Mare. Mara was a good girl, but she was a Metahuman. She lived a relatively quiet life and things seemed to be going well for her. Unfortunately, her powers messed with her nice little family life. After that, it was off to the foster home. Nobody really wanted to take in an obvious Metahuman... but that all changed one day, when a man said he would like to help. His name was Jonathan Crane—things didn’t end well. Mara now resides in Arkham Asylum. She’s in the minimum security section, because she’s a good girl. The story is about her life in and outside the asylum, as well as her explorations of Arkham.

Abigail Torres... Hm, what can I say? She’s an engineer. She’s always liked tinkering with things. She didn’t have much of a social life; she always spent all her days in her family’s apartment or in the complex’s pool. Abby wouldn’t even go out onto the street—into public. She was home schooled, and eventually got her Master of Engineering degree... She somehow managed to get a job, even if she did worry about being in public. Then her apartment burned down; her parents are still alive, but they’re in the hospital. Responsible for their care-taking and now without a home, she has to do the best she can with what she has. By the way... do you like reptiles?

Mara and Abigail’s stories intertwine. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that Mara and Abigail’s story doesn’t occur at the exact same time as Marcus’ story. Regardless, they’ll be two different stories. So that puts the TCaR universe’s continuity at four stories. Obviously, the last two stories—involving Marcus, Abby, and Mara—are more in the realm of Batman than Teen Titans.

...So to give the fans what they want, there’s always Falcon and SABI. What do you mean, “I’m losing you?” Look at the August 2010 post! ...You can’t be bothered? Oh, very well. Falcon is a superheroine in her own city; she’s not part of the Justice League and really has nothing to do with the Titans or Batman. Falcon has a problem, as a superheroine, namely Sabi. What is the SABI Unit? It’s a technological marvel; its name stands for “Self Aware Bio-Droid Interfacing Unit.” Fortunately or unfortunately, Sabi is the least of Falcon’s crime-fighting worries. There are other villains to put down in her city... and when those villains start showing up in Jump City, it attracts the attention of the Titans. The Titans send a small group to Falcon’s “jurisdiction” to see what’s up with this seemingly quiet, little city. The group consists of Raven, Jinx, and Changeling. What will they discover and how will things go when they meet not just the fellow crime-fighter, Falcon, but the (in)famous SABI Unit?

If you want to know more, then you’ll have to check out August’s post.

Now, if you include Falcon and Sabi in all of this... then there’s five stories. See why I decided to chop up NLM into bits? So... yeah. That’s pretty much everything that’s been running through my head, lately. There’s just a ton of ideas flowing and intermingling. I hope you’ll enjoy these things when I get around to writing them. In the meantime, I need more Tylenol... my shoulder is utterly distracting me with its sharp twinges and dull aches.

I really don’t feel up to updating the WOMP and Writing Status sections, right now. I might when I’m feeling better. Sorry for the outdated stuff. Anyway, this update is four and a half pages long. I think I’ll end it here.

EDIT - 01-23-11 - Just removed the bandage for the first time. They sure took a nice piece of me; the cut is 2 inches long and has 11 stitches. ...And holy Hell does it itch! Carefully scratching doesn’t seem to stop the itching, it just comes back a few minutes later. Daaamniiit. T_T

HISTORY - 11-29-10
HAPPY TURKEY MASSACRE MONTH! Okay, so my reviewing is DONE!!! My story has been proofed and tweaked and added to and improved as much as I care to do anymore. There have been a galore of Level 3 and Level 4 edits throughout CoD... and even more Level 1 and Level 2 edits. I can’t even remember how many edits I made, but that’s over. I am writing again! Yes, I am writing Chapter 26 of Chronicle of Darkness! This chapter... Hell, I dunno how long it’s gonna be. The thing might wind up needing to be split into two chapters... I won’t say it will, just that it might. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the next couple scenes that could very well take up half the chapter or more. Regardless, I’ll be plugging away.

As far as progress goes? I have 10 pages written across two scenes. The first one is 8 pages, the second scene is a short one at two pages... but it leads directly and seamlessly into another scene that will be longer... The two scenes are split by a group of 3 scenes I have not yet written—those three scenes will be the major chunk of this chapter. I’m estimating between 15 and 30 pages of story to come off of those scenes. So tack that onto a chapter already 10 pages long with more to go... that could well breach the 40-page mark. If it does? I’ll split it and you’ll get two chapters back-to-back. However, I DO have my preferred length. So if the second part only reaches 10 or 15 pages, I might want to put 5 more pages on there before sending it off... in which case, they might not happen so back-to-back.

I know, it’s a little fuzzy. I just don’t like putting up 30-page chapters; I prefer 20-page ones. I accept 15 and 25 pages. However, I refuse to post anything less than 12 pages and try not to post anything over 30... So that’s why all the “chapter math.”

I should mention that not everything I’m writing in CoD is in Chapter 26. I have been writing other future scenes as well. Everyone seems to enjoy the fighting scenes; they like the choreography and such that I put up. I’ve been told that my story was slowing down, because I was building a lot of preface plot for future arcs. The building is done and the action is here. It won’t be cooling down for a while. So about those fights? I have fights for both Jack and Riddick planned. Lots of fights. Jack has 17 fights written; there are two or three more fights... yes, I just told you that Jack has almost 20 fights! Imagine that, huh? Hope you like that... because that’s just half the equation! I haven’t even started on Riddick’s fights!

But just what am I talking about? How did they manage to get into so many fights? Well, I can’t tell you. That’d be a spoiler. But I do have fights to show you! These scenes aren’t coming up immediately, though. Soon, I promise... but not in Chapter 26. Right now, however, there’s another chunk of action. Are you tired of reading about fights with fists and melee weapons? ... I didn’t think so, but how would you like to mix it up a bit? I’ve got some new styles of violence for CoD, fights you haven’t seen but I’m sure you’ve thought about.

Really sorry for being so vague, but I don’t wanna spoil anything. Heh.

Okay, next thing on the agenda: What do you think of Vincent Tachygnic? He’s with the Riddick posse now and it looks like he’ll be there for a while. It’s time to see what this guy’s really made of. How does a therapist work in the face of adversity? I’ll tell you this much: he’s no Paris P. Ogilvie. I hope you’ll enjoy his presence aboard The Gift of Nyx!

My other stories have also gotten a few edits to them, but I’m more focus on CoD than I am uploading all those chapters with edits. Most of it is minor stuff, anyhow. Mercy Killing and Slave to Fortune remain strong interests... but it’s high time I put some more Riddick out there for public consumption! You’ve no idea how much I’ve talked to my betas about various stories and CoD in particular. I’ve found problems with character backgrounds, flaws in plots, and various other things... I’ve fixed a ton of stuff that, unfortunately, you’ll probably never read or hear about. I’ve added quite a bit to the history—going as far back as 27 to 33 years ago. What happened back then? ...I’m not saying just yet!

Yes, yes... I know I’m teasing you with this stuff, but at least I’m also cluing you into some backstory yet to be told!

In the end, here is the plan: Chapter 26 (26 and 27, if I reach the max page cap) may be finished for a while before it’s posted. Why? I want to post the revised chapters along with Chapter 26. I want this to be something of a “grand re-opening” of CoD. So... I’ll be writing. Hope to see you all there!

HISTORY - 10-31-10
HAPPY SAMHAIN! I’m sorry I’m late (I know it’s actually September 2nd), but I haven’t been feeling well recently and this was one of the things that didn’t get in until late. This was meant to go up on Sunday, but whenever I felt good enough to do anything, it continually slipped my mind. So, without further delay, here it is:

This month has been mostly about proofing “A Mercy Killing.” I’ve played a lot of Left 4 Dead 2; a lot of No Mercy and a lot of The Sacrifice campaigns, versus, scavenge, etc. By the way, I love the new mutation “Bleed Out Versus.” It really sets a frantic pace for things and makes you feel appropriately worried about zombies. It’s mad fun. Sooo... yeah; playing games has been a means of research. I’ve been through AMK a few times, and I’m on a deep read-through right now. I’m almost to the end. I need to get more of the uncommon commons in the story to fit the L4D2 No Mercy port... that means CEDA agents in the hospital and, in the upper construction floors, some Construction Workers. It’s just another layer of realism I want to put in there and until just a few minutes ago, I’d forgotten about the CEDA agents... that’ll put some minor additions here and there.

I am also going through “Chronicle of Darkness” more, too. I have made yet more edits and minor additions through my reading. If you wanna know where I am? I just finished Riddick’s first talk with Urchin—the one where he first ‘hires’ Urchin as a good eye. I really don’t have a lot to say about CoD, honestly. I’m just plugging away. There are noticeably fewer edits that need to be made as I approach the end of my story and the unfinished Chapter 26 section. Once I get there, I’ll be back into the writing phase!

Also, I’ve mentioned in the past that I enjoy my stories as much as my readers. I love writing them, but I also enjoy reading them. It may sound narcissistic, but it’s not—well, not entirely. The stories are exactly the way I like things; I write the stories mostly because nobody else has written them exactly the way I want to see it done. I read “To Catch a Raven,” “Bluff,” and “When Opportunity Knocks” somewhat regularly. Sometimes it’s just a scene here or there, sometimes the whole thing. It’s the same with my unfinished ideas, as well. Regardless, I read them and sometimes I find mistakes or things I think could have been done better. Because they’re my stories, I can do something about it—not just leave a note in a review. I can fix things; so I do.

Yes, that means that there are edits to TCaR, Bluff, and WoK. I’ll eventually get around to uploading the changes. Most of them are nit-picking minor things—grammar, spelling, clarity, etc. So for everyone who loved the stories the way they were, nothing has changed. It’s just literary improvement.

Next to mention is “Slave to Fortune.” I continue to proof and add and tweak here and there. It’s a growing story, but I don’t think I’ll be throwing in other scenes into it. I’m pretty happy with it and I just want to write it. I’m still working out the particulars of my vague start. I have the antagonists down, but I need more of a back story—as only the main antagonist, Miles, has one. Furthermore, I need to figure out the events/action that leads to the Titans being captured... since that’s where my story starts. Beyond that, a good chunk of it is in my present tense style of skeleton writing. All of it needs to be changed to past tense and expanded into full story mode. Thankfully, some scenes are already in past tense and fully expanded, dialogue and all. Those ones are just something I won’t have to bother with later, thankfully. Not much else to say on that.

So... that’s progress and improvement on six stories! I’m pretty glad to see these things shoring up and solidifying. It’s slow progress, especially when I split my attention, but I feel like I’m making progress. When you throw L4D2 into the mix... well, honestly it’s easier and the rewards are quicker to kill some zombies than writing a story, which is time consuming but the effects are longer lasting. Games are a capable distraction, I know, and I’m trying to re-balance them with my writing else I’ll never get anything done. Heh.

For those paying attention, you’ll note that I’ve added another heading to the Author Status. It used to be only four panels: Newest, New, Old, Older. It’s now six panels, giving you a full half-year run down of my activity. I figure people would like to know what I’ve been doing in nice little half-year chunks. It also satisfies my OCD in having a Newest, Newer, New, Old, Older, Oldest listing—three in each. At this time, I am not going to update the WOMP section. The edits I’ve been doing have not been anything dramatic and I really don’t feel like going through my stories and checking word counts. It gets tedious and I’d rather save that for when I’ve actually added substance to my works, not check for an additional 12 words across 400 pages or something.

Also realized that I never put Lain up as an anime interest... it’s been added in the list of interests above. Portal has been added to the games list! (Now you’re thinking with Portals!)

Well, there you have it: October’s activity. See you next month, where there will be cake! No lie, my brother’s birthday is coming up. The cake is totally not a lie... Think about it, have I lied to you—in this update, at least? For those interested in cake, please assume the party escort submission position. I hope you will join us, [Subject Name Here]. If you don’t, you will be... missed.

HISTORY - 09-24-10
Okay, so this month, I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit. It looks to be that “Slave to Fortune” is nearing a skeletal completion. It doesn’t really seem like it should take me that long to complete a story comparable to “To Catch A Raven,” but there’s a lot to it—nuances and little things that, when you finally read it, you probably won’t notice. I research stuff; anyone who read the author’s note from “When Opportunity Knocks” knows this. The skeletons I write are often in present tense... I don’t know why, it just happens that way when I’m typing stuff out in IMs or as a flow of consciousness. To turn a skeleton into a full fledged story-form, I have to change all the tenses to past tense (yes, this is a pain) and add in appropriate description. A lot of the time, I don’t bother doing that and just... look at what I wrote and rewrite that paragraph using the skeletal one as a guide. Some skeleton paragraphs can give me up to three paragraphs of material. I also write with script-form dialogue in my skeletons. e.g. Kamala: “What do you mean the story’s not finished yet?” That also takes a bit of time to put it into proper dialogue form, but that’s the easy part!

The story itself, though still not complete, is over 80 pages. Now, today—right after I finish this update—I am going to add in a chunk of dialogue I wrote and continue writing on it, since I now have an idea on how to work the whole of the scene. It was just a substantial chunk of speech and I didn’t exactly have a place for it or means of making it fit without seeming non sequitur. I’m writing this now to get it out of the way so I can focus on writing parts of the story. The word count for “Slave to Fortune” will change in the WOMP section, if you’re reading this moments after I updated (it’s about 17:00 EST as I type this), after I add in that scene. So, for those that actually watch my stories grow there, that will change soon; you might not even see the “before” word count—depending on when you check the WOMP.

I’ve been talking to my betas about a few things with CoD, as well. I have something worked out and I’m happy. Minor problem/concern is now fixed with my story. The only bigger problem is this: there’s another Riddick movie coming out. I’ve known this for a while, but let me explain the problem. Even though I’m basically rewriting the TCoR movie with the expanded universe I wanted (so much so that we haven’t even reached Crematoria or brought in the Necromongers yet), I hear that the Riddick movie will deal with Underverse. I had already planned out Chronicle of Darkness clear to its end—and that included my own take on Underverse.

I am all about continuity; as I was writing CoD, they put out Assault on Dark Athena. I got the game, played it, and found interest in it. The problem it presented was that it happened BEFORE my story; that added a chunk of history into my story that I didn’t even know about! So I had to go through my story and check it for anything that Dark Athena might have contradicted. Well, it did change some things with Johns and Riddick in the history, but nothing to really screw with it. Afterward, I was like... “There are a wealth of characters in this game!” So I now have people like Revas and Lynn and Dacker and Jaylor and Sad Eyes... Most of them are dead—so that relieved me of having to figure out if they have anything to do with current plot.

So what is my problem? I like to incorporate and stick close to canon as much as possible. Granted, with TCoR, many things change... but the layout of Crematoria and the history of the Necromongers that you see in the TCoR novel? I use that stuff! I pay attention to the layout of areas so I can write better. I watch the movies and pause them so I can look at the scene and then go talk with my betas about it. We theorize and figure out how to swing it and make it realistic and logical. If my Underverse doesn’t jive with the upcoming movie, some things might change in my story. Nothing major, I’m pretty sure. Granted, this movie comes after TCoR and thus has a whole “already retconned” status kind of attached to it... However, just like TCoR, I’m going to watch it and tear it apart for all its good bits. If there’s more information on Furyans or planet Furya or Furya the Killer of Men or... anything, really? I’m going to use that to add to the lore of the Riddick universe in my story.

I just hope it doesn’t quite contradict too much. I DO have an Arc of story dedicated to the Necromongers, after all.

Likewise, I should mention, is that Valve is putting out more Left 4 Dead content. This one is the Sacrifice. Leading up to it, they’re also giving a web-comic (downloadable in PDF, bless them!) with backstory on our lovely four survivors! What’s the problem with this as it relates to “Mercy Killing”? Yes! You’re correct, I did give some backstory on Zoey. Well, Zoey and a bit with Francis—but Francis’ stuff is the least of my worries. Zoey’s backstory came out in Part 2 of the comic, and I’m looking at that and going “Oh... yeah, I’m gonna have to change some stuff there.” The good news is that it makes Zoey tougher; a scrapper and a crackshot with a rifle. The bad part is that her parents weren’t as I envisioned them. For one, Zoey’s dad is apparently a cop or guard. Likely a cop. And he was pretty cool about Zoey dropping out. It was her mother that was all... y’know. Furthermore, they lived in an apartment and that was where Zoey watched zombie movies (likely with her Dad sometimes)—not in a dorm room (with other students).

All in all, the L4D comic content for Zoey isn’t really a big, huge dent in my story. I have maybe four lines of dialogue dealing with her backstory and I can just... rewrite the dialogue. The core of the idea hasn’t changed, so I’ll be fine. What might make a dent? They went to this military compound called Millhaven. It has soldiers with gas masks and junk... and you learn more about the infection and “carriers.” That threw a whole new dimension on my story. The survivors in my story reached a safety zone. Only, to look at it in the comic, they didn’t quite get there... and moreover they can’t go there because they’re carriers. No worries, though... I’ve already fixed most of this!

The main problem is that they’re adding in The Sacrifice campaign! Now, someone dies in there—you get to choose, I heard. Now, since all four of my survivors made it to this safety zone... Obviously, I’m going to have to change a few things if I include The Sacrifice into the lore of Mercy Killing. I’ve already worked the comic’s Millhaven thing in there. I’m pretty sure I can swing one more campaign no matter the difficulty.

Beyond those three stories, I have another story called “What Jinxes Do.” A few days ago, I had an idea for another RaeJinx idea... So I started rambling it out in an IM to one of my betas. The plot bunny got hopping and soon I was crossing it over—using “What Jinxes Do” as a premise, a backstory. So it became the sequel to WJD and I decided to label it “How Jinxes Work.” I was pleased. Check the WOMP for this new story’s stats!

What else? Hm... I’ve been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead 2. I’m extremely enthusiastic for the new campaign. They’re porting No Mercy to Left 4 Dead 2! I hope you get to play the original survivors on it, too. L4D1 characters are deeper, I feel. Their emotions are more realistic—and I like the voice acting better. They sound appropriately scared and use humor to lighten the mood appropriately. In L4D2, it sometimes seems like they’re just joking through the whole thing. I can’t really take the characters seriously; it kinda screws immersion.

Meh, whatever.

Alrighty... I’m gonna update the WOMP, now. Check back later for an update on the new length of “Slave to Fortune.”

EDIT - My apologies! I got to writing, then I got to playing Left 4 Dead 2... I completely forgot to update the WOMP! It’s fixed. “Slave to Fortune” now sits at 35,417 words; that’s 86 and a quarter pages. Now, it’s a quarter past 3 AM and I’m heading to bed. Heh.

HISTORY - 08-27-10
I’ve been reading a lot of late. I’m surprised at just how much, really. I’ve probably read about 1,200 pages recently. Sometimes the urge just hits me and I need a lot of plot input. I’m about three quarters of the way through my CoD and I’ve been making changes here and there. I should stop reading, but I’m kind of addicted to a few fics at the moment. I’m trying to steer myself back to CoD and finish my edits. New stories from authors on my watch list have been distracting. Sorry for all the delays, but everyone knows by now that I am synonymous with preoccupation.

I came up with a few scenes for Slave to Fortune and No Laughing Matter. I’ve saved them away, for when I’ll write them. Also, I came up with a great start for a new TT fic idea, but it still needs a middle and ending. It’s a RaeX story.

I also have a lot going on in my life at the moment, so that’s intruding on my proofing and writing. Bleh. It sucks. Moving on from that...

I came up with another original yuri story. It could work in the DC Universe... and I have considered a Titans crossover into it—to the point of making it a side-story for No Laughing Matter. I’m not sure if I will. It’s a strange romance between a super-heroine named Falcon and a Self Aware Bio-droid Interfacing unit... also known as “Sabi.” Sabi, with cold, logical fact and a budding personality matrix, feels that the city (and much of humanity) is broken; these “biologics” are not fulfilling their primary function. Instead, they sabotage the system. Sabi’s a bit overbearing and feels that she should correct this mistake. However, her means are typically totalitarian overlord style.

At the same time, Sabi admires Falcon for a biologic unit functioning within normal ranges, even within the corrupt system that produced her. She cannot bring herself to kill Falcon, even though the super-heroine has stopped her from forcefully “fixing” the system and the city it governs. Rather than fight intensely, Falcon reasons with Sabi. Reason is something Sabi can admire, and Falcon uses logic against the android to halt what most people consider her “evil plans.” Sabi has too much respect for Falcon and not enough data to counter the super-heroine’s arguments. Sabi doesn’t understand this irrational, illogical “human choice” and it vexes her. Sabi embarks on a mission to understand Falcon’s insistence that any solution to “fix” the system never remove human choice.

Her mission, her journey will bring her closer to understanding humans and—she hopes—bring her closer Falcon. In this story, the SABI unit faces such questions as: What is human choice? How does it work? What is the proper balance between free will and maintaining order? How do emotions influence human choice? What is love? What does it mean to be in love? ...Can a machine love?

I typed out a very vague run-down of this story. It wasn’t in any kind of real story form or even a rough draft. It was just a series of events; “This happens. Then this happens.” The sentences were short, to the point, and more of a cliff-notes version for the plot. And yet, there was a lot to this sucker. The paragraphs began to amass... and the document is 24 pages long! If I made a skeleton of this thing, it could possibly go past 100 pages. Pft, the thing could be a novel.

I’m not quite sure I’d want a novel out of the FalconSABI story. I think it’s a tad overdone as a topic; the whole “I, Robot” thing. Mleh. Nevertheless, it’s an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. I don’t have a title for it... so I’m going to tentatively label it “The Eye of Horus.” It’s now listed in the What’s On My Plate section.

The WOMP needs to be updated again, I think... but right now, I don’t have the energy to go through all my stories and see which Word Counts have changed. Also, I probably should put up that new RaeX idea I had, but I still need to put it in a document and see how long it is and... yeah, don’t feel up to it at the moment.

Of a random note: DeviantArt has made me a Kigo fan. Some of the stories I mentioned taking up my time are Kim Possible stories of Kigo pairing. I like them... despite never having watched a single episode of Kim Possible. Normally, I don’t read stories if I know nothing about the fandom. I just can’t stand not knowing. But I also have no desire to watch Kim Possible... ... but I do so love the Kigo pairing. Hmn. Ah well. What can you do? It’s yuri! You can’t just... just ignore it!

Okay... that’s what’s going on with me this month. So... yeah.

HISTORY - 07-31-10
Okay, I’m slow to update. We all know this by now. Apologies again that it’s taken me so long to get this up.

So... here it is. I have been carefully reading through Chronicle of Darkness. You all know this from previous posts. I’m now just after Daedalus; they’re heading to Nemaeus 4, now. The Daedalus Arc had some fixes, including more logic bombs—one of the characters once again walked through The Gift of Nyx in a way that was impossible due to its layout. That was fixed. Some minor errors in grammar and spelling have been made. Some clarifications on some vague sentences will help readers when I post the fixed chapters. It’s really just tedious, but I’m also enjoying reading through my story again, getting inspiration and remembering things I wanted to do with it and things I had almost forgotten about. I’m around two-thirds of the way through my story, so this proofing will be over soon (relatively speaking) and I’ll have redone chapters!

Also, I’ve been expounding upon “Slave to Fortune,” lately. It’s grown and the skeleton is looking more and more complete. I am very pleased with this. Slave to Fortune is becoming a favorite of mine. It kind of came in stealth, under the radar and surprised me with how interested I am in its somewhat unique plot. It’s almost finished, in terms of scenes I want and the flow. Soon all that will be left to do, as with many of my ideas and skeletons, is to turn it into a full-blown story.

Recently, I watched The Illusionist. I’ve seen it before, but I’ve been meaning to watch it again. I enjoyed the movie and Edward Norton’s performance in it. While watching it, with thoughts of “Slave” and CoD in my mind, I somehow came up with a new idea. I thought, for a moment, that I would never be able to focus on yet another idea... But I said, “Screw it, I’m just gonna sit down and do it.” And I did. In a few hours, I wrote 15 pages, revised it to 18. The dialogue was done in skeleton form—nothing else was. That meant I could just write everything in full detail, breeze through dialogue without slowing down, and finish. It was nice and when I turned the dialogue into story-format, it finished at 24 pages.

The new story is called “When Opportunity Knocks.” It’s a short but sweet RaeJinx story, like most of my little plot-bunnies. It’s done right now and I’ll be attempting to post it sometimes today—probably in the evening, though. I’m dead tired and plan on sleeping most of the day away. I updated the What’s On My Plate and Writing Status sections with updated lists and word-counts and all that good junk. I’m making progress, so never fear! I’m not idle, I haven’t forgotten about the stories, and I’m not giving up on them. I hope that “Opportunity” will keep you entertained while I toil at these projects!

Eh, on a smaller note, I got an idea for a Gargoyles story a bit ago; it’s untitled, but the OC is “Andraste.” It’s a Demona-centric fic. I’m still working at it; toying with it in my head. I don’t have much, but it’s in the WOMP section, anyhow. If anything comes of it, I’ll let you know.

But that’s not all! I came up with some more ideas/scenes for “No Laughing Matter” over the time. Not forgotten, either... it’s just growing and amassing itself. I’ve been doing lots of research into the Batman, Batgirl, and Titans comics, so I’m getting a better picture of how I want to do things. As TCaR and NLM are set in a sort of hybrid world between the Teen Titans cartoon and the Comics (which I haven’t read), getting an accurate view and figuring out what I want to include and how I can include it. It’s not exactly easy. By the time I’m done, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a good idea of where I rest with it.

Furthermore, I came up with a Rae/Gar idea. Yes, you must be shocked—me? not writing yuri? I promise, it’s not the end of the world. This one’s titled “Prurient.” It’s in a rough idea format, not even a skeleton... but it’s something I tossed around in my head, then I told one of my betas about it. He said it sounded interesting. We both agreed that it needed more work to stand on its own as a story, but we both liked the idea.

Also, I went through TCaR a bit ago. I read it often, honestly. I find mistakes here and there, sometimes. I’ve made some minor fixes to it. Eventually, I’ll get around to posting the fixed chapters. Almost all my fanfics have changed in size due to me having read most of them again and finding mistakes and the like. I guess my stories will just continue to improve until I just can’t make them any better. It’s my perfectionist side.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to throw a monkey into the gears. Sorry, I couldn’t find a wrench—but that’s just as good, right? Well, a little messy, but so’s this! A while back—months (maybe a year) ago, now... I came up with two fanfic ideas for the Bible. I hadn’t really thought much about them ‘til I was doing my word-count check for all my stories and noticed them just... sitting there so innocuously. Heh. One is a Lilith/Serpent romance idea that features them as outcasts and the parents of all supernaturals upon the earth. The other actually deals with the Anti-Christ; it’s a story that portrays the AC himself as a victim of fate, doomed to begin the end times—sucks to be him. I was pretty much cackling throughout both sacrilegious ideas. ...I’m not going to do anything with them unless they somehow become part of other stories. I’m just going to let them sit there and amuse me—and probably enrage some extremist televangelists.

Other than the writing stuff and watching The Illusionist, I have also been playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the Ultimate Sith Edition. I haven’t beaten it yet, probably ‘cause I spent a lot of time leveling. I maxed myself out with runs through Raxus Prime and Felucia. Is it wrong that I enjoy throwing Shaak Ti around by her head tentacles? Meh, whatever.

I think up a lot of stuff all the time. My mind never stops working out new things. I used to role play a lot; I have tons of characters I used to play in AOL chat rooms. To this day, I still make up new characters from time to time even though I don’t really have any place to play them. Sometimes they work their way into my stories. One’s already going to debut in No Laughing Matter... in fact, is the co-star of NLM! But enough about her. I’m going to tell you about a couple characters and their stories. You might see them in a future story. As we speak, I’ve almost half-way managed to fit them into No Laughing Matter. Dunno if I will, though. I might just make a side story for the both of them.

The first character is Mara Roth (no relation to Raven as Rachel Roth, though). Mara is a young woman who is disturbed by a series of events in her life. The most notable two events are the cause of her parents’ psychological breakdowns and her abduction by Scarecrow from her foster home. Mara is a Metahuman, capable of secreting chemicals from her body for a variety of effects (hence Scarcrow’s interest in her). When Mara escaped from Scarecrow, she came out of the event a bit... off. She now resides in the low-security wing at Arkham Asylum; she is not considered a criminal or villain, but too disturbed to function well in society.

Her story involves her exploration of Arkham and the discoveries she makes... and about her rarely successful attempts to leave the asylum for one reason or another. She’s a nice girl, at least, if not sane.

The second character is Marcus; I’ve yet to decide on a last name. He... is a Satyr. Where did he come from? What’s he doing in Gotham? Well, these are questions not easily answered. God knows Marcus would love to know! The young boy is found by a small family in the Bowery and raised by them. He helped out in their family restaurant—out of sight, of course. It wouldn’t be safe for a Satyr, knowing the general opinion of Metahumans and non-”normals.” Now he’s 20 years old; he’s a full grown Satyr and life has gone well.

All he wants is to be left alone and happy with his family. But in Gotham, that’s no easy feat. With gangs, the mafia, super-villains, and the Batman... how can Marcus keep himself hidden away? The answer, quite simply, is that he can’t.

Beyond those two, I’ve been picking at a few ideas for Star Wars, heavily inspired by the Star Wars: Force Unleashed game. I’ve got two or three characters and a good bit of history on them. I’ve linked them together into one big plot. Caedra Duskai is a young Twi’lek and a Force user from thousands of years ago, frozen in carbonite in a series of strange events. When she is rescued, she will see the advancement of the galaxy in ways she had never imagined. She will soon have to ally with two women from the present day; another Twi’lek Force user—self-proclaimed a Grey Jedi in exile—and her lover, a young female Jedi Knight who “pulled a Bindo” and joined the Grey in her exile. These unlikely three have a destiny together; the Jedi Council—what is left of it, anyhow—has need of them. However, their very presence tests the limits of Jedi philosophy... When the cards are down, will they be more aid or hindrance?

Alrighty, then! Enough teasers for that stuff. This has just become a rant, so I’ll end it here. That’s a good chunk of what I’ve been doing with my time. If you have questions or comments, feel free to PM me! I’ll talk your ear off, if you let me. Heh.

EDIT - There ya go! “When Opportunity Knocks” is now posted! Enjoy!

[A2] Editing Levels:

Level 1 - grammar/spelling changes.
Level 2 - changes in wording to improve legibility and flow.
Level 3 - minor additions to a scene to improve legibility and flow.
Level 4 - minor edits that change the composition/meaning/main idea of a scene or scenes.
Level 5 - large edits that change the composition/meaning/main idea of a scene or scenes.
Level 6 - (RARE) major edits to several scenes that change the composition/meaning/main idea of an entire chapter (a rewrite).

Any changes made at Level 3 or above will be given a short description.

[A3] Writing Status:


Barbara Wayne finds herself in a power struggle against Ivy and her own desires.
Main Pairing:
AU. Barbara Wayne, daughter of the deceased Thomas and Martha Wayne, is Batwoman. She fights crime in Gotham. Soon, however, she finds herself snared in nature’s grasp. What will become of her at Ivy’s hands?
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
To be listed...

Harley and Ivy... true mad love.
Main Pairing:
Harley is finally ready to quit the Joker. Will Ivy be willing to help Harley find her independence?
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
To be listed...

Chronicles of Riddick Series:

“Chronicle of Darkness”
Events after Dark Fury, totally rewritten; TCoR my way.
Main Pairing:
Jack remained on Helion, starting a new life. After five years, Riddick returns... this sets a series of events in motion that neither could have foreseen.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Alcohol Reference, Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Tobacco Reference, Use of Drugs, Use of Alcohol, Use of Tobacco, Violent References. (Is that all? O_O)


Chapter 1 through 25 uploaded. (04-04-10)
GLOSSARY (Ch. 25) uploaded. (04-04-10)
Chapter 26 in progress. (2 percent as of 07-31-10)
Chapter 26 in progress. (75 to 150 percent as of 04-30-11)
Chapter 26 in progress. (90 to 180 percent as of 07-04-11)

Level 1 edits made to Chapters 1, 5, 9, 13, and 14. (08-30-08)
Level 2 edits made to Chapter 10, 16, and 17. (08-30-08)
Added some terms to the Glossary that I forgot to put in. (04-03-09)
Level 1 edits made to Chapter 15 and Glossary; concerning Lesser Evil. (05-06-09)
Level 1 edits made to Glossary; minor mistakes fixed in Hasan, Suleiman, and Helion Prime entries. (04-04-10)

Reference Material:
Chronicle of Darkness

Fairy Tales:

“Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood”
Since it seems so popular, this is my version of Little Red Riding Hood. The story of a girl whose life is not very happy. She runs to the forest after her mother and runs into a helpful wolf-girl. It was inspired by a flash I saw on Newgrounds. (Shoujo-ai!)
Main Pairing:
The story of a girl whose life is not very happy. She runs to the forest after her mother and runs into a helpful wolf-girl. (Shoujo-ai!)
Rating and Tags:
Rated T.
Suggestive Themes and Violent References.


FINISHED! (03-11-10)

Level 1 edits. (03-11-10)

Reference Material:
Red Riding Hood by Granfaloon


Andraste comes to New York and becomes the personal assistant to one Dominique Destine.
Main Pairing:
A Fey, once renowned as a Goddess, takes interest in the mortal world... and a certain immortal gargoyle. What fun, what mischief to be had?
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
To be listed...


“Styrian Countess”
Integra visits a countess of a country steeped in the old world. A strange series of events ensue.
Main Pairing:
Integra receives an invitation from a Styrian countess. Just what is going on, and how is it linked to that strange dream she had recently? Things are rarely what they seem...
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
To be listed...

Left 4 Dead:

“A Mercy Killing”
None of the survivors thought that they would leave the Safety Zone after all their trials to reach it. Life is crazy, and so are they.
Main Pairing:
Sometimes life works strangely. Melanie thought there was no escape. The survivors thought they would never leave the Safety Zone. Assumptions can be a bad thing.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Alcohol Reference, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Tobacco Reference, Use of Alcohol, Use of Tobacco, Violent References.


In progress. (60 percent as of 11-29-09)
In progress. (66 percent as of 12-03-09)
In progress. (70 percent as of 12-19-09)
In progress. (65 or 70 percent as of 09-24-10)

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Left 4 Dead (gameplay and in-game exploration)
Left 4 Dead 2 (gameplay and in-game exploration)

Left 4 Dead Comic
Left 4 Dead Wiki

Human, Carrier, Infected... For Zoey, those neat, little lines separating them begin to dissolve. She must hunt for the meaning of Humanity.
Main Pairing:
Zoey/Chicago Ted
Is being infected worse than being dead? And what does that say of carriers? When the line blurs between infected and carrier, the survivors find themselves in a quandary. Each must decide what being “Human” means.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Alcohol Reference, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Tobacco Reference, Use of Alcohol, Use of Tobacco, Violent References.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Left 4 Dead (gameplay and in-game exploration)
Left 4 Dead 2 (gameplay and in-game exploration)
Left 4 Dead Comic
Left 4 Dead Wiki

Legacy of Kain Series:

“The Librarian; Or, A Scholar’s Tale”
The story of Renata and events going through pre-Soul Reaver era and following Defiance with Kain’s return to post-Empire times.
Main Pairing:
Renata is the librarian of Avernus’ silenced cathedral, Zephon’s keep, at the height of Kain’s Empire. She is a quiet and dutiful girl. This loyal human has a part to play in history, but she’ll never find it among those books. It’s a good thing her Lord noticed her...
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.

Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
To be listed...

Teen Titans:

“Alternative Solutions”
Raven finds herself accidentally transported through time, space, and dimension... Things are different, but not bad. Now she just needs to get home.
Main Pairing:
Raven/Jinx (Raven/Jinx/Raven?)
When Raven winds up stranded on a parallel Earth that’s seen war with Apokalips, she discovers that the boundaries between ruler and criminal; hero and villain; good and bad; and order and chaos have been blurred. How will she get home? And who will she meet along her journey?
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.

Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

Jinx comes up with a plan to nab herself a relationship with Raven.
Main Pairing:
Jinx wants a relationship with a Titan. Raven is her best candidate, but the odds are stacked against her. When you can’t win honestly, sometimes you have to bluff.
Rating and Tags:
Rated T.
Nudity, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Violent References.


FINISHED! (04-18-10)

Level 1 edits to Chapter 1 (very minor). (04-18-10)

Reference Material:
Too much to list...

“Demon’s Curse”
Raven enters her first heat as an mature demi-Demon. Who is going to help her during this troubling period in her life?
Main Pairing:
Raven has finally matured into an adult by Demon standards. Her very first heat is upon her. Oh, this is going to get interesting...
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

A visitor from the 8th comes to Jump. Raven deals with this new arrival as best she can.
Main Pairing:
Trigon ruled the 8th, which now belongs to Raven. It’s too bad she doesn’t know this, or she would have known about the random dimensional wormholes. Such portals lead to unintended arrivals, like Erkala.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


This work is old and likely going to be cannibalized or entirely rewritten.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“Hard Luck”
Jinx supports a small group of children, but finds herself struggling to make ends meet. Can she move beyond her past and accept Raven’s offer of aid?
Main Pairing:
Life isn’t easy, but Jinx won’t complain. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her little ones are safe and happy, including steal and fight. With what seems the world working against her, will she be able to find happiness for herself?
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“How Jinxes Work”
The HIVE Five need to be stopped. Raven goes undercover. Can she bring the Metahuman team to justice, or will she get lost in the role? (Sequel to “What Jinxes Do.”)
Main Pairing:
We know what jinxes do, now. But just how do they do it? The inner workings of a jinx are complicated. This is how jinxes work... (Sequel to “What Jinxes Do.”)
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“How to Steal a Girlfriend”
Jinx abducts herself a girlfriend.
Main Pairing:
Jinx wants Raven to be her girlfriend, but they’re technically on opposite sides of the law. Raven’s always with her team, so how can Jinx ask her out? Well, a skilled thief would just steal what they want...
Rating and Tags:
Rated T.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“Just My Luck”
Blood is back and crazier than ever. With his newly upgraded body and his mind consumed with madness, he’s far more dangerous than ever. There are no bounds he will not cross; nothing is sacred... He must be stopped.
Main Pairing:
Brother Blood has returned with a vengeance. His madness threatens everyone. The HIVE Five must recover from his rampage and help the Titans stop him before he unleashes something far worse than himself.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“Key to Happiness”
Trapped in a room, Raven and Jinx must escape... and maybe thwart their captor? Well, we’ll see.
Main Pairing:
A cage with no bars, a door with no lock. They have their key to freedom... but is the price too high? Will they find their key to happiness? Nothing is ever simple with Demons.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“Lucky Break”
After a bitter breakup, Jinx must move on. She finds help in an old flame who never knew.
Main Pairing:
Cold of heart and hand, Arctic broke Jinx’s heart. Who could Jinx trust, now? She needs time to mend and warmth to thaw her depressive numbness. Who better than the patient healer; who better than the daughter of a fiery, red Demon?
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“No Laughing Matter”
They were together and happy. What else was there to tell? (Sequel to “To Catch a Raven.”)
Main Pairing:
Why do we sometimes laugh when we’re sad? Why do we laugh even when we’re happy? For that matter... why do we laugh at all? Sometimes, the answer isn’t one we like. In fact, it’s no laughing matter. (Sequel to “To Catch a Raven.”)
Rating and Tags:
Rating Pending.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Pft. I’m not even addressing this, yet.

Reference Material:
My God, don’t even ask...

“Playing the Game”
A series of encounters lead down a path of games with high stakes.
Main Pairing:
Red-X. He was relentless... a cool, calculating machine. Raven has been added to his long list of obsessions. The game begins, already stacked in his favor. What should she do? ...What can she do?
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Not even close to starting this process yet.

Reference Material:

“Practices in Patience”
A short self-challenge plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone. It's a drabble less than 1,000 words. Old-style feel and heavy on descriptors, but fun nonetheless!
Main Pairing:
A daring drabble of short shoujo-ai, showing shameless but refined RaeJinx. Ripped out and wrapped up, posted and presented to the patient public. Herein a joyful, jaunting Jinx jumps the gun to rile Raven, the rare and radiant maiden. Enjoy!
Rating and Tags:
Rated T.
Language, Suggestive Themes.


FINISHED! (06-07-11)


Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

Raven’s father was a Demon of Wrath. Raven is a demi-Demon of Lust. She and Gar explore the definition and dynamic of a relationship in their endeavors to feed her Demonic side.
Main Pairing:
When lust becomes a necessity, so does trust. Fearful of weakening and wasting away, she needs that intangible emotion of desire. Who can Raven trust to sate her Demonic hunger? Probably someone who can control their animal side...
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“Slave to Fortune”
A dangerous situation forces Jinx and Raven into an strange (and strangely pleasant) relationship.
Main Pairing:
An unlikely and dangerous situation throws Raven and Jinx together, but on opposing sides. Work and play merge; pleasure and pain fuse. They must stand tall in the face of adversity if they want to keep each other.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

A Succubus’ love spell leads to some heavy drama.
Main Pairing:
It was a love spell. It wasn’t right. It shouldn’t have been real... It was forced; did that make it any less real? Did he have the right to stop them? Damn that Succubus for starting all this... and damn him for ending it.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

Jinx’s diary falls into Robin’s hands. He attempts to use his newfound information to stop the HIVE Five’s crime spree and benefit everyone involved. Maybe luck will be with him.
Main Pairing:
Manipulation is a delicate thing. With the proper insight, you can do a lot to a person. It was a low blow, psychologically speaking. It was insidious, underhanded, and subversive. Thank the gods it worked!
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“To Catch a Raven”
A twelve-step plan on how to catch a Raven, written by Jinx.
Main Pairing:
How do you catch a Raven? Well, if you don’t know, then Jinx does. It helps if you have a plan. Let’s see how Jinx did it...
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Alcohol Reference, Drug Reference, Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violent References.


Chapter 1 and 2 are up! (09-27-08)
Chapter 3 is up! (09-28-09)
Chapter 4 is up! (09-30-08)
Chapter 5 is up! That’s all! See you in the sequel! (10-01-08)

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Reference Material:
See above.

“Too Close for Comfort”
Jinx’s obsession with Raven reaches a breaking point.
Main Pairing:
Obsession is a difficult thing to manage. This is especially true when that obsession comes with temptation. Oscar Wilde said the only way to get rid of temptation was to yield to it. It would seem he was correct.
Rating and Tags:
Rated T.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“Umbral Admiration”
Raven finds herself with an unexpected guest in her room while she sleeps.
Main Pairing:
Raven finds herself with a nightly visitor. The shadow-shape comes back every night, and she is no longer sure if she should tell it to stop. It’s in her room--without her permission, at that! She can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, anymore...
Rating and Tags:
Rated T.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“What Jinxes Do”
Jinx gets her day in court and finally gets to have her say. With a chance to make her point, what will she do? It’s going to be one Hell of a ride.
Main Pairing:
A descent into the deep, dark recesses of Jinx’s mind. Everyone knows what a jinx is. The methods of jinxes are tricky, sometimes a little zany. There is no simple explanation to them. Here, we’ll explore what jinxes do.
Rating and Tags:
Rated M.
Tags Pending.


Work in Progress.

Work in Progress.

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

“When Opportunity Knocks”
Jinx needs to deliver a message to Raven.
Main Pairing:
It has been five years since the Titans formed. Jinx has decided to let Raven know how she feels; all she has to do is walk up and knock on Raven’s door. That should be easy, right?
Rating and Tags:
Rated T.
Alcohol Reference, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence, Violent References.


FINISHED! (07-31-10)

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Level 1 edits to Chatper 1. (08-07-10)

Reference Material:
Same as the other TT fics.

[A4] What’s On My Plate:

This is absolutely everything I am doing at the moment. Sometimes an idea strikes me, but then merges with another. Other times, I just give up on the idea. Then there are times when things pester me so badly that I have to write out a rough outline for the story. These rough outlines can be of any size; it depends on the length of the idea and the detail I give its outline. In short, NOTHING in the “in progress” sections should be taken for absolute. If an item disappears from one of the “in progress” headings, do not be surprised or angry, because I will not care.


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