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Just an FYI to everyone - November is Nation Novel Writing Month! So head on over to and join me among many other people across the nation in writing a novel in ONE MONTH!! So try it out! It's gonna be a blast!

Hey! I'm a MAJOR Twilight fan. I've read it around twenty times (I've got TWO copies of each book). I took all of my copies to a signing, and when Stephenie saw the tattered paperback copy, she KNEW that I'd read it that many times. I've looked at many Twilight obsession lists, and so far over half of them apply to me. My obsession went as far as putting an EDWARD tattoo from the New Moon: Special Edition on my arm before we went to the beach. When I tanned, and the tattoo came off, Edward's name was still white...Then I got sunburnt, and peeled. -sob-

I'm definitely Team-Edward. I find myself judging every guy I meet by what I call "My Edward Standards". Basically, if they're not cold, hard, or sparkle in sunlight they're out. JUST KIDDING!! But I do find myself suddenly loving crooked smiles.

I haven't tried to write any HUMOROUS fanfictions for Twilight, but I'll try. But don't be too harsh if it's not funny. I try, but usually the only thing that makes my friends laugh is when I trip over my own feet or slip on a wet floor and end up with Icee all over me. See - you're laughing already. I can tell.

I've been writing a book that's NOT related to Twilight. I haven't let anyone read it yet. I'm writing like Stephenie says she writes. She sets up a chapter outline, then writes her favorite chapters first. Then, by the time she got to the boring chapters, she already has 300 pages. Mine isn't that long...yet.

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