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Welcome to my profile!

I'm just someone who likes to write as a hobby. My updates are rare, though, so please be patient with me.

I'm usually busy with life, games, and my other projects. Also, English is not my first language, so I often struggle to find a fitting phrase or a word. Consequently, writing takes me some time. I do like a flowery writing, though I'm also trying to be more "to the point" lately. I like my characters to struggle, nothing pleases me more than a good drama, but deep down I just want them to be happy (that doesn't mean they will get a happy ending in a story, though...). I also have an odd sense of humour, which I sprinkle here and there, because I can't stay serious for too long.

If you like my stories, do leave a review! It always warms my heart and keeps me motivated.

Thank you!

朝霧 -Asagiri-


It has never even crossed my mind that such a thing could have ever happened, but... my story got a fan art! That's just too awesome! I still can't believe it! Seriously! :D Many thanks to Teenager who drew it for me!! So, I have the pleasure to present you the very first (hopefully not the last ;D) fan art to my story!
= The Frozen Whisper

Mufu Tsunayoshi made an Ulquiorra x Rukia wallpaper! Woot! Isn't it awesome? I'm just so happy I don't really know what to say ヾ(@o@)ノ Just check it for yourselves!
= UlquiRuki Wallpaper
And here's another one! Isn't it great? ;3 Can't wait to see more of her works! :3
= UlquiRuki Wallpaper2


Review replies for The Frozen Whisper: chapter 27

@Kirke (Aug 20, 2023) — Thank you very much for your review! Nope, I’m still writing this story :D I do wonder what was the ending you supposedly read ;) But I’m glad you came back, and I hope you’ll stick until the very end! It’s not that far off! All the best! Bye!

@snoringsnorlax (Apr 5, 2023) – Thank you so much for you review! I do read reviews and I even respond to them ;) I’m pretty close to finishing the story, so do stay with it for a bit longer! I hope you’ll like the conclusion! All the best!

@Guest (Feb 7, 2022) — Thank you so much for your review and sorry for the delay! I hope you’ll enjoy the next chapter! Take care!

@Guest (Jan 31, 2022) – Thank you very much for your review! I’m glad you like this chapter! I might take some liberties for dramatic purposes, lol. But if I was to justify it, then I guess Byakuya wasn’t too determined to defeat Ichigo. On the surface, he wanted to execute Rukia, but deep down he wanted his sister to be saved, but he couldn’t do it himself. Too conflicted, he subconsciously let himself to be defeated to save her. And now, after a couple of months of training, he’s really determined to kill the man that hurt his sister :) Hope that’s enough an explanation for you ;) Take care and I hope you’ll like the next chapter!

@Guest (Jan 12, 2022) — Thank you so much for your review! And I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but everything takes time, unfortunately. I’m not super fast at writing (English isn’t my first language, so sometimes I struggle to find the words and be happy with a sentence), and the story, too, needs some space to breathe to be more impactful, imho. But we’re slowly getting to the end! Cheers!

Review replies for The Frozen Whisper: chapter 26

@fede00bey (Nov 17, 2021) — Thank you so much for your long review! I’m actually blushing at all the praises… I do try to write as neatly as possible, adding a flourish here and there :D I’m glad it gets noticed! But since English isn’t my first language, sometimes it takes a while for me to find suitable words. That’s one of the reasons behind my rare updates… I love me some slow burn, too! I wanted to develop their relationship properly, so it felt believable. Crack pairing or not, I want it to make sense and seem genuine in the presented circumstances :) Hints of Grimmjow x Nel just came naturally, I haven’t planned it in the beginning, but when they started interacting more, I couldn’t help but make them more buddy-buddy with each other. Even more so, when I saw them together in manga during the Thousand-Year Blood War arc. I so wish we got more of them interacting with each other! I’m not saying no for a side story, but it’s more likely that I’ll add something about them in the epilogue. I have a couple of ideas, and don’t know what to choose for them yet. BTW, you sure have a peculiar taste in pairings. AizenxRukia? xD It would never even cross my mind, haha… Thank you again! Lots of love!

@c (Aug 4, 2020) — Thank you very much for your review! I know, things are happening! And slowly we're getting to the end! I hope you'll like new chapters! Cheers!

@Weddingdress (May 4, 2020) — Thank you very much for your review! I'm so glad you liked that chapter, and I hope you'll stick with my story until the end, we're almost there! Take care and until then!

@Natasha Sheikh (Apr 23, 2020) — Thank you very much for your review! I know, and I'm really sorry for my rare updates. But I will definitely finish this story. Hopefully in 2024! So wish me luck, and I hope you'll like the ending! All the best!

@Nikette (Apr 13, 2020) — Thank you so much for your lovely review! I’m glad I have brightened your day then, and know that you have brightened mine! I’m always super stressed just after posting a new chapter, and seeing your review – a first one, too! – so heart-warming, was like a balm to my nerves. After two years I still remember thinking to myself then that everything’s going to be fine. I hope that after the first confusing months of pandemic, things got better for you, and you’re now somewhere there in the world, happy and fulfilled. I’d give you a hug, if I could! I wish you all the best in 2024, may it bring you some great opportunities and satisfying outcomes! Lots of love!

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The Frozen Whisper reviews
When it became clear that Orihime Inoue would be successfully rescued, Ulquiorra decided to capture Rukia Kuchiki for a prospective scheme to get her back. He didn't foresee, however, just how much this decision would affect his life. Rukia, too, would have never expected that she would find something this meaningful in Hueco Mundo. AU-ish from around chapter 297. Ulquiorra x Rukia
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ON HIATUS For Rukia 3 A.M. was an ungodly hour when absolutely nothing happened, the world just slept. However that belief changed when she met him and suddenly 3 A.M. became something more than just an hour of psychopaths. AU Ulquiorra x Rukia x Ichigo
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,535 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 5/10/2009 - Published: 4/14/2009 - Ulquiorra, Rukia K.
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